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Too Faced

I think they’ve committed to their aesthetic, which is always admirable. They have some good products, but I feel like they can spend too much time on packaging/themes and seemingly, not enough time on quality when it comes to LE releases, palettes, sets, etc.

— Christine

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They are getting so much better overall, this was a brand where the cute eyeshadows where always their biggest sellers but I’m loving their new permanent product range they currently have (even though they need to expand their concealer shades range……)

Again I’m not buying any of their LE stuff simple because it’s LE, I’d like to see them bring back their single shadow line in a more reasonable priced range ($16US per pan), because they can do wonderful shadows.

Raves: Their products make really good gifts, and their packaging is some of my favorite in the makeup world (though I know it’s not for everyone!). I genuinely love pulling out the Chocolate Bar and PB&J palettes, and they can cheer me up and inspire me if I’m sleepy. My first non-drugstore eyeshadows were the Romantic Eyes palette, and their little tutorial cards make it easy for makeup beginners to pull together a look. I also like how they collaborate with other names, like Vegas Nay, Nikkitutorials, and Kat Von D. And their CF stance is very admirable.
Rant: Their shade selections in their foundation and concealer range are dodgy (I own Snow, and it’s not a great match for me, and there’s no way I can wear any of their concealers), and some of the pigmentation can be hit or miss in their palettes.

Romantic Eyes was my first “luxury” brand palette, too! I was so sad when I realized they were discontinuing it. I kept hoping TF was going to re-release it with the updated tin packaging like they did with the Neutral Eyes palette. If they ever do, I would repurchase it in a heartbeat, half because of nostalgia and half because I hit pan on at least 3 of the shades. I used the top 3 shades almost every day when I first bought it.

I have to say their VERY FAIR Concealer was laughable. It was like an NW25….. nothing fair about it, I returned it and for me I rarely return items just pass them along, but I wanted to get the point across I was not pleased with that false shade name. >___>

You know how one can have a very uneducated opinion? That’s me re Too Faced. Won’t stop me from expressing my thoughts, however! 🙂

I have ZERO interest in Too Faced. Are they the chocolate smelling makeup? If so, double my zero interest (which, I know, is still zero).

I’ve swatched a few things in the store, but there is absolutely nothing that draws me to that line. Maybe it’s the teeny-bopper aesthetic that doesn’t even register as a display to walk towards. For someone my age, their image, branding, and that choco-smell speaks of low quality and cheapness, not elegance and quality. I can’t even imagine they would have anything unique enough to draw me in, so I don’t even check it out. Hence, the uneducated opinion, Maybe I’ve swatched a thing or two, but I remember none of it, really.

OTOH, KVD is far from my aesthetic as well. But what she puts forward has a sense of quality and thought to it that at least has me check it out.

Re Too Faced, I think it might be as simple as I am not close to the demographic they’re looking for.

I dislike that they go rid of so many excellent single products to focus on palettes. They used to have some amazing single and split pan duo shadows and their blush, La Vie en Rose, is one of the nicest ones I’ve ever owned but these are all gone now. I’ve had some superb Holiday, 9-pan and “chocolate” palettes from them, however, so I forgive them! Oh, another gripe – the stupidity of putting the chocolate scent in eyeshadows. I’ve 2 of the palettes and love them but so many people are troubled by scent and so many companies like to make “hay” of the fact that their stuff is fragrance free. This just seems very backward thinking.

I have some Too faced palettes that are old and discountinued and I love them with their big boxy packaging. The new stuff I really don’t even give a second glance. I can not stand their teeny bopper packaging. I actually love the colors in the bon bon palette but I will not be using a pastel pink barbie looking palette ever.

The other thing that I can not deal with is that all their palettes lately have pretty much the same color scheme. Vegas Nay, pb&j, Nikki and one of their holiday palettes are basically the same shades renamed give or take one or too.

And lets not forget that their foundation line pretty much ends at tan. Well I guess they are not concerned about darker skine tones so I will keep it moving.

Too Faced is a total pass for me.

Nyx, I too have issues with TF’s lack of foundation shade range. It’s truly unforgivable that it is so limited, especially in this day and age! They seriously need to expand their shade selection.

I’m probably the minority, but I dislike their packaging. It’s a huge turn-off for me. I prefer sleek/minimalistic packaging. I also dislike my makeup smelling like something edible. I want to eat cocoa, not put it on my face. My opinion only!!

I absolutely agree with you – I find the packaging either too cutsey or over the top. Ultimately you are just going to throw it out. And I don’t want to smell of peanut butter, chocolate or jelly beans – whatever, anyway. I have perfume that smells way better.

I used to love TF eye shadow palettes, especially the ones that came in the little cardboard boxes (like the Smoky Eyes palette) and then little tins (like the PB&J palette). Even though I’m a matte finish lover, I used to like TF so much I’d overlook the ubiquitous glittery shades.

But I find myself having more dislikes than likes with the brand, particularly because I hate the wasteful packaging, cheap manufacturing (i.e. China) for the holiday sets, and I truly don’t get the need to scent cosmetics. Although I admit, I have all the Chocolate Bar palettes and Sweet Peach palette and I really I do like those.

But one biggie rave: TF makes my absolute favorite eye pencil — Perfect Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner.

I love their lip line. The tubes are different but the colors are nice and the quality is good. The liquid lipsticks have become a fav for me and the design is great as well.
Their shadows are unique but I agree with you that sometimes they put too much into the packaging and not enough into the quality.
Overall, since starting my makeup journey, Too Faced has been a brand I frequent. Even with their inconsistencies or flaws, they area a brand worth owning a few items a year from.

I second (or third, fourth, fifth?) the comments about the kid packaging. I’m definitely more drawn to the Kat Von D’s, NARS, Marc Jacobs, Urban Decay and Hourglass’ of the makeup world in terms of packaging, and it has made me pass on things like the love flush blushes and even bronzers for this reason.

I did buy the holiday grand palais last year and returned it – the pigmentation of the shadows was so disappointing.

However, judging by how many “ride or die” videos naming the chocolate bar palette as their pick of most loved eyeshadow palette, they are definitely doing something right there. And I love my teddy bear hear eye brush set from a few years back, my favorite brushes to use.

While it seems like 80%+ of naked, nude, neutral offerings look muddy or sickly on my particular coloring, 80% of TF shades are great on me. I am sad it looks like Snow Glow BB is being discontinued; between my allergies and coloring, it’s the only foundation I have found that works for me. I usually hate fragrance in health and beauty products, but I don’t mind TF scents. I am a depotter, so I appreciate the cardboard packaging.
Yes, I wish the quality was a little better, the releases were less repetitive, and there was never any chunky glitter.
I have to add how much I am adoring the story behind the TF & KVD collaboration. It will probably be my first KVD purchase.

I love too faced but it will be good if their creativity for packaging was the same for the shades ( everytime is neutral brown, a cherry cola, a weird shimmery bleu, un frosty lilac, a frosty pink and a yellow gold ) i can’t .

Like: I happen to like the scented products, but I am a very scent-oriented person. Fortunately the scents they have are things I love, like chocolate, peaches, and now coffee in one of the new holiday sets. Speaking of which, I like how their holiday sets look very festive. I like that they have some small eye shadow palettes that are all matte.

Don’t like: things that are too cutesy. That palette recently that came with stickers? Puh-leze. We’re not five years old. I hate how they stick Better Than Sex Mascara into almost every set. I loathe that mascara and it’s the most flake-tastic mascara I’ve ever tried.

I agree, I think Too Faced has a certain aesthetic and caters well to the demographic that they aim for. I never got into their full range. Even though I feel I’ve ‘outgrown’ their brand, I still go to them for two things – bronzers and primers. They are consistent in those areas for sure!

Rant: I dislike their current marketing approach! I thought they were better 10 years ago when I thought they appealed to both younger and older women. I worked at Ulta at the time and I applied their makeup on a wide variety of age groups. Older women would actually ask me about their products. Although I haven’t worked at Ulta for years, I can’t imagine that being the case now with products such as the Totally Cute palette you get to decorate with stickers, and the PB&J palette that allegedly smells like PB&J. And partnering with people like Nikki Tutorials? Have you watched her channel? I don’t think she’s a good role model AT ALL.

Rave: they have a pretty good bronzer for fair skin, the milk chocolate soleil.

You nailed it. They spend way too much time on their packaging and not on product performance. Literally nothing from their holiday collection interests me. The original Chocolate Bar palette is my favorite eyeshadow palette of all time, though.

Rave: I am totally in love with their La Creme lipstick formula! Believe it or not, I also love some of their silly, cutesy-pie palettes like Totally Cute and that slurry formula one from last year, even though I haven’t bought either one. But I still may!

Rant: Sodium Saccharin in their chocolate/peach/ peanut butter palettes. Aaarrrggghhhh!!! Why, Too Faced, WHY???? This is a very serious allergen to those of us who have sulfa allergies. It does NOT belong in cosmetics! There are other less toxic/allergenic sweeteners that could be incorporated instead. I do hope Too Faced is reading this.

Neither rant nor rave from me because I haven’t tried anything from this brand, yet. I am put off a little by the aesthetic, being middle aged as I am, and because I haven’t been pulled in by some or another standout product. Also it is often near Benefit in stores, and they kind of look alike to me anyway, with pink, white and girlie. I have my eye on Wham lipstick, so will see how it goes.

Too Faced knows the niche it fits in, however so many colors are the same or similar within every palette released (that’s why I jumped on Sweet Peach unlike PBJ, Nikki since it was different). It has been YEARS since TF had singles. Style them like macaroons and make a customization palette for a dozen (like doughnuts) and they could make a killing and I could get the colors I want and not eight versions of brown/taupe/fawn.

I purchased the Romantic Eyes palette many, many years ago. It remains one of my favorite palettes. I have hit pan on almost all of the shades and never fail to receive compliments when I wear it. I also purchased the chocolate bar palette for my daughter who loves it and both of us got the PB &J. I have the light shade in the chocolate contour palette but honestly don’t reach for it much. I think the packaging is a little too cutesy for someone my age but I know young women, my daughters age, who really love it and like displaying it on their vanities. I think TF remains true to their customer but I wish they would do other more mature products with more opulent packaging. I don’t really pay attention to them anymore unless my daughter mentions something to me.

I have tried Too Faced. Their pallets swatch very nicely but I have yet to own one personally. I feel like the demographic they cater to, is very young teenagers. I’m not into the gawdy packaging, and the scented products. They feel gimmicky.

The eyeshadow base was awful. It smelled metallic. Maybe I got a bad one.

Better than sex mascara (non and waterproof versions) the waterproof version is alright but the regular version flaked horribly. The wand is awful for small eyes.

Creme lipstick was fine but nothing amazing.

Milk chocolate bronzer is fine but I prefer benefit hoola.

Overall this isn’t a brand that I am loyal to. Of the products I have tried, they are subpar.

I checked out the chocolate lip colors but never expected them to taste like chocolate! It was actually a turn-off for me b/c it reminded me of Bonne Bell lip smackers, not a higher-end product. The colors were nice but I couldn’t bring myself to actually buy one. I LOOOOOOVE (real) chocolate but definitely did not want my lip stuff tasting like chocolate. It freaked me out! 😮

I never knew about Too Faced before the Melted Lipsticks came out. Melted Ruby became my favorite red and I quickly purchased others. Then the Chocolate Bar, and the RX Hangover Primer. When I heard about the Cocoa Powder Foundation I really wanted to try it. I looked it up and saw their darkest shade was Tan. Tan? I’m slightly darker than Mac NC45 and Tan would just be a No.

They don’t even attempt to bother bringing out darker shades, so I no longer bother giving them my money.

ITA this was definitely a turning point for TF and myself. After they blatantly forgot about us I have been determined not to give them a penny.

I’m not sure I’ve bought enough to give a strong opinion – I’ve returned the one item I’ve purchased from them, but here goes…I like the look of some colors in the chocolate bar and bonbon palette, but the packaging is definitely not my esthetic. I can overlook that, since really who is going to see it apart from my husband. I don’t think I’m anti-scent for the shadows, but I don’t see the point or consider it a selling point. I also find the shadows to be really small and I think that’s what stops me from buying a palette in the end. I haven’t compared product size specifically; just how it comes across and it makes me think it’ll be annoying to maneuver a brush in each shadow freely. Combine these together and I just tend to stay away. I did try the matte melted lipstick, but found it was too dry looking for my taste.

I am afraid I couldn’t rant nor rave. I have never been drawn to this brand. I’m a makeup lover and collector, But nothing about Too Faced attracts me enough to buy their stuff.

Gah! You are 100% correct ! Garbage in my book. I spent hundreds on garbage products the past few Holidays. I’m NOT doing it this year!
No TF Holiday palettes or Tarte for that !
I’m being very selective. I did cave and get the Mega 3 and the blush set that matched. Pure love.
Waiting on the Anastasia palette to hit my local Ulta and the Becca blush palette. I can’t wait.

I can’t say a ton, since I’ve only tried a few products. I love Better than Sex mascara, but it’s pricey, so I only buy it once in a while. I also like the Hangover primer, but it felt just like a regular moisturizer, so not sure it’s necessarily worth the price tag.

I agree with you, though, Christine. Based on yours and others’ reviews, it seems that the limited holiday products are lower quality than their permanent stuff. I like cute packaging, but it’s ultimately not super important compared to the quality of the product.

It’s personally not my aesthetic. I liked their Primed & Poreless pressed powder, but with the new bulkier packaging I will stick to my Bourjois Healthy Balance one. I also like their Hangover primer as I have dry skin. Otherwise, not a big fan of their bulky packaging on their eyeshadow sets and such, so I don’t tend to look for the brand when I shop. It’s the same with brands like Benefit. Maybe if I was in middle school, but they both look like kids play-set makeup to me so they’re a no-go except for certain items.

Rave: They have some really great products, such as the Chocolate Bar Palettes, the Le Creme lipsticks, the Melted Lipsticks, and their bronzers (Milk Chocolate Soleil is the best fair skin-friendly matte bronzer out there IMHO). Their packaging is really cute and whimsical, which I like.

Rant: My biggest rant is the over-hyping and false scarcity issues surrounding the Sweet Peach release. Their collab with Kat von D is boring. It seems they’re getting more and more gimmicky and less innovative, and more concerned with influensters and YouTube gurus. They repeat eyeshadow colors too much. Their foundations and concealers are not very fair skin-friendly.

Actually I think that Too Faced’s aesthetic has changed tremendously in the past 10 years. Anyone old enough to remember their Quickie Chronicles? They were my first introduction to makeup palettes, and I have a small collection of them (that I don’t use anymore considering how old they are). At that time Too Faced’s universe was sexy and even a little risqué, with pinups on their packaging and suggestive names such The Man-eater or The Sex Kitten (and these little palettes had a “hot” story on the back).
Nowadays they have slices of toast or peaches with eyes and a smile on their palettes… What happened that made them turn to such a regressive visual identity, with everything painted pink? Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate the cute aspect of their packaging, but it’s such a change from what they were doing a while back! And it’s just a little TOO pink and girly for my taste at this point.

**Rave -I’m going to be 50 in a few years, and I love sleek elegant packaging (Becca, Tom Ford) as well as ridiculously cute girly packaging like Too Faced and (gasp!) Hello Kitty. Yep, gimme a heart shaped blush with bunnies embossed on them, because it makes me smile looking at it. Gimme chocolate scented lipsticks, b/c that means you can eat chocolate all day long and no calories! Heck gimme 2 of those b/c I love chocolate. And let’s not forget their Honey Bear lipstick, too bad it doesn’t taste like honey. Don’t know how they missed THAT opportunity LOL Their holiday packaging always puts me into a happy Christmas mood, even if it’s launching in like September.
**Rant- I already have the Too Faced Everything Nice holiday palette, which is a mixed bag but it’s sure fun to play with, but I feel like all of their palettes have the same colors, just different names. And the quality of some products ( PBJ, Sweet Peach) just doesn’t match the hype.

Wow, you hit the nail on the head! Definitely an overreliance on packaging and themes rather than quality of product. I admire that they try to do something different with their brand, as most makeup companies use a lot of the same packaging (suppliers?). But, in many cases, their efforts feel misguided. Lots of products end up being bulky, hard to store, or needlessly juvenile. And when the actual makeup itself is an average or sub-par performer, I find it hard to justify the cost. Though they seem to know what they are doing with some “staple” items like mascara, eyeliner, and primer.

Rant: All the eyeshadows and cheek products in the holiday and LE palettes look mostly the same, and while I’m all for cute packaging and have nothing against the scents of any Too Faced products, I think more attention needs to be paid to variety and quality in their LE products. Also, Better Than Sex mascara is, to put it mildly, NOT.

More importantly, Too Faced needs to expand their foundation shade range. This may not personally affect me, but there’s no reason why any major beauty company should exclude darker skin tones.

Rave: Too Faced has a lot of my go-to products in their permanent line. The Chocolate Bar palettes are some of my favorites, and their Love Flush blushes work really well for me. Shadow Insurance is my HG eyeshadow primer – a lot of people say it’s too thin, but thicker primers sometimes add unwanted texture to my eyelids.

Rave: Too Faced is my favorite brand, and I’m drawn to their cutesy packaging like a moth to a flame. I can’t help it! A few years ago I got the Matte Eye pallette, and got a lot of use out of it. Aside from that I was using Mary Kay and ds makeup. Now I stick to Sephora and Ulta and I have lots of Too Faced. My current favorite pallette is Merry Macarons, and I use other stuff on a daily basis- BTW concealer and foundation, setting powder, melted lipsticks and la creme lipsticks, Love Flush blush. Although I have a lot of their pallettes, I don’t use them very often. Rant: I have to agree that some Too Faced eyeshadows are terrible and simply unwearable. I agree that they need to work on quality. The Christmas pallette at Sephora- the eyeshadows just looked cheap. I can say NO to a lot of their products now. NO to Nikki, ugly PB& J, Totally Cute. The Better Than Sex mascara is the worst mascara I’ve ever used (both formulas); its just a clumpy mess. Just my opinion.

I have the Chocolate Bon Bon’s Palette, Peach Beach, two lip cremes, Melted Fig, a sample of their Chocolate bronzer, and a few other things I forgot. I so far love them all. Their Melted Liquid Lipsticks are the most comfortable liquid lipsticks I’ve tried. Chocolate Bon Bon’s has the best crease/transition colors.

Misses- Nikkie Tutorials palette. I don’t want to bash her. I know it is not her fault the palette didn’t come out as pigmented as she made the swatches appear to be (Stephanie Nicole on YT swatched it live-wink wink). $56 is too much for her collab. I think it is extra because it has her name w/additional items. I know Too Faced is doing a collab with Kat von D which also looks disappointing. It is so strange, and I don’t know if I am the only one who noticed this- the bigger palettes ($42) have better pigment and better quality eye shadows than their smaller palettes. I swatched their smaller palettes in the store, and I noticed their eye shadows look a little patchy and separate. I also don’t understand the yellow undertone in the Born This Way Concealer and Foundation.

Not everything in their line is good. They remind me of MAC with a very limited selection of products I actually like using.

Future products I want to try- Sketch Markers, Flush blush, Melted Metals, and Glitter Glue.

Too Faced is a hit/miss line. They can improve with pigments. I think they are overall worth it.

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