Rant & Rave: Scented Skincare

This Week’s Topic: SCENTED SKINCARE!

Your Mission: Tell us what you love, hate, or are otherwise indifferent to about skincare with fragrance in it.  Do you find it appealing?  Annoying?  What are your favorite (or least favorite) fragrances used?

Thanks to CeeBee for this week’s topic!

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I don’t mind mildly scented skincare, as long as it doesn’t smell like makeup. I once had a cleanser that smelled like MAC lipsticks and it really put me off. I like a clean scent, nothing fruity or too floral and definitely not sweet smelling. Skincare should smell like skincare, not food or makeup.

I see no point in making scented skin care products. A skin care product is supposed to improve the quality of your skin! All the scenty/perfumey stuff does is irritate my skin. Unnecessary additive.

I don’t mind scented skincare as long as it isn’t strong. I prefer it to be light and something that will fade. Obviously, I don’t buy skincare cause it smells nice. Products that have bad scents in my opinion though will turn me off right away. I do have pretty sensitive skin so I do need to be careful with things.

I don’t need scented facial skincare products, but it is nice when they have really fresh scents. I love how my Murad Vitamin C toner smells a little like oranges.

Now for body skincare, I do love them scented. Shower gels and lotions…gimmie some nom-tastic baked scents!

Most of the time, I prefer my skincare and bodycare products to be UNSCENTED. Not only can it be irritating, I just prefer to let my perfume (should I choose to wear it) do it’s job.

I don’t mind it have the scent of it’s ingredients but adding something for fragrance/perfume is a nono for me most time. H20+ Body Balms are the exception for me.

Normally a ‘nay’ from me unless it’s very lightly scented and smells “clean” (no vanilla or musk, please!). There are some skin products that I wish did have a fragrance to them, though, if only to mask the natural odor *coughPhilosophyHopeInAJarcough*

I love scented body care items when I want them, like the Philosophy shower gels, but I really don’t like scented anything for my face. I also want the unscented option because I have days where my allergies or asthma act up and I want to avoid anything that would further aggravate that. Other times I want unscented because, as Shannon said, I want my perfume to be my scent, not a strange mishmash of every product I’ve touched. I have a hand cream I love and should wear more often because it has SPF, but the scent clashes with other things I WANT to smell like. They don’t (yet) make an unscented version of the hand cream.

As far as facial care goes, there’s no need for fragrance, I don’t get why companies do it. I have eczema, so anything with fragrance in it flares me up and irritates my skin. I use all unscented products. However, I can see why people who don’t have sensitive skin like mine would want scented body washes and lotions.

I’m completely against perfume smells for skincare.

However, if a product has a scent because it’s made from something that has a scent, then that’s usually fine with me (unless it’s a really yucky scent). For example, the Liz Earle cleanser has Eucalyptus oil in it, among other things, and I think it smells wonderful… very light and clean. If something is a Vitamin C thing, I would expect some orange or citrus-type scent to it if it’s made from organic ingredients. Usually, these scents don’t tend to linger long on the skin, either, which means I don’t get sick of smelling it all day.

I bought some of the new Benefit skincare range and I have to say I really like the scent they have put into everything – it’s just I use acne products like benzol peroxides, differin, duac blah blah blah and they either don’t smell or smell a bit odd, so something smelling nice on my face is a nice change.

Now this, I do find appealing. The reason I buy Biore products (cleanser, astringent) is because they work but also because they smell great to me!

For my face I always choose fragrance-free products from Clinque or La Roche Posay. I find scented products annoying since they’re so close to my nose, and oftentimes scented facial products irritate my skin. There is absolutely no point to fragranced facial products, the fragrance doesn’t do anything but prevent consumers with sensitive skin from the product.

HATE it especially for the face. Fragrance is the #1 proven skin irritant (worse than alcohol!). I dont need my face to smell like roses thankyouverymuch. the body i don’t mind as much because the skin there isn’t as sensitive but I’d rather leave it out all together.

I prefer unscented skincare products – I love Clinique because of that! However, if I did choose a scented product, I would prefer it to be citrusy, not sweet.

I dont mind a mild scented skincare item as long as it is not like parfum or overly so..I love Chanel Skincare but i dont use it everyday bc of the scent..geez some of their creams are heavy though..whewwwww….I prefer the natural route with the Shea Terra Organics stuff…

Anything skincare product with a sweet smell makes me feel like I’m putting jelly, melted candy or syrup on my face. I don’t mind products that don’t have any scent, but I do love those cream, toners, or anything with a fresh scent to it. Although the scent adds nothing to the effectiveness of the product, it makes me feel refreshed.

As long as it’s not too strong I don’t mind. I think scents are put into skin care products to offset any strange smell it may contain, and to make the product more appealing. To me, the scent doesn’t have to be put in. I just want the product to work for me.

I love them except when the scent over powers the entire room like Bath and beyond’s Forever Sunshine…everytime I put it on my entire office smells for the next hour, I can’t even smell my own perfume LOL

I think that if a skin care product is going to have a scent, it should be a clean one, nothing overpowering. I really like the pomegranate scent of Murad Energizing Pomegranate Moisturizer. I also think Origins skin care products have nice, clean scents that are very appealing.

There’s no perfume in my cleanser, but it smells distinctly of my organic chemistry lab (and lo and behold, benzoic acid is an ingredient). Doesn’t bother me at all because it goes away very fast though. None of my moisturizers have a distinctive smell which is good because I have sensitive skin and some perfume allergies.

I like Yes To Carrots because it smells clean and beachy… not like coconutty or anything, but like a clean hotel smell, idk. Their cucumber eye cream smells like cucumbers, and the facial wipes I have smell nicely of blueberries. Other than that, I use Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen every day in the summer and it smells like your typical sunblock. 🙂

Skincare better has some kind of perfume! I used some fragrance free products.. One smelled like metal, the other one – uhm, well – like dirty underwear. Ugh! 🙁

I recently got some unscented facewipes from Johnson and Johnson as they were on offer to promote the launch. I really love the way they remove make-up and they’re quite softening so I want to love them, but they smell like some kind of plastic. It’s quite overpowering for me, but I am persevering because I won’t waste them and I like their affect. I have to hold my breath when I get near my nose and mouth! x

i don’t mind if its a very gentle scent. i like light florals like lavender or rose. i also don’t mind a very light fruity scent like a light citrus or peach.

Overall I don’t mind it, though I can see why folks who are sensitive would find it off putting. I love Olay moisturizers and they work exceptionally well on my skin but they all seem to smell like shampoo to me, which is a little odd.
Anything with manuka honey in it smells divine though, sorta spicy cinnamon vanilla-ry goodness, yum!

I would rather have a lightly fragranced product than one that smells chemically or unpleasant because of the ingredients though.

My ski. Prefers perfumed skincre as long as there isnt much alcohol on my clients who hav sensitive skin dnt like it so its half n half x

I really dislike strongly scented lotions. The problem is that the smell seems to stick around. I end up getting a headache and sometimes a stuffy nose. Recently I tried Yes to Carrot’s night cream. It got so bad that I had to wash my face.

I like my skincare to have a nice, fresh smell to it. Nothing too perfumey, just clean. I’m currently using a Tee Tree face lotion from the Body Shop, and it has a very strong tee tree smell, which I’m not really sure if I like… But it doesn’t linger for long and it feels fresh and cooling. I sometimes alternate it with a thicker moisturizer which has a really nice clean scent. Almost smells like… cucumber! I know that probably sounds weird but it’s a clean and soothing scent 🙂

I usually would say no, but I got a sample of the Ole Henriksen African Red Tea serum, and wow, it smells SO GOOD that it was a really pleasurable experience to put on my face. So, I think I can enjoy certain scented skincare if it is a natural scent.

Even though I love some scents, fragrances really have no place in skincare. They are irritating, and really just there to boost product appeal. I’ll stick to perfume for my fragrance needs.

I don’t have a perfume allergy, so I would prefer my skincare smell like something lovely than an off smell from its ingredients. It is nice when the scent comes from a logical place, like a daytime moisturizer with a citrus or other fruit smell since you’re likely to use that in the morning, and I dislike heavy, old-fashioned florals, but I would take any scent over the scent of sunscreen!

I once thought that I prefer unscented products for face but then I found it’s really varies from product to product. The YSL foundation has quite a strong smell when applying but I found it’s pleasing to smell that. Good thing is that it fades in several minutes. But the smell of Dr Hauschka always makes me suspect. It’s way too strong and the performances are just about the average (or even below).

In a cleanser? Fine. In a moisturizer? hate hate hate. Like that Garnier gel moisturizer. I loved the texture but absolutely had to stop using it due to the smell. It felt like I was putting perfume on my face! ugh.

I don’t like it at all…i have sensitive skin and i don’t need extra things in there to irritate it even more..well…unless the product smelled like rotten eggs or something without the scent then i guess it’d be ok..usually scent is a no-no

To me, strongly scented skincare evokes ‘cheap’ and I break out from all the unnecessary ingredients. I prefer unscented or a very light scent, like Olay.

Mind scents are OK with me – esp if they are natural to the products in the skin care item itself. But typically I don’t want any added scent to anything. I really hate to have flavors added to my lip products other than to lip balms on rare occasion. I have one skin care line that has a distinct fragrance unique to their line. It’s Prai. For some reason, I really do like the scent of that line. However, I won’t buy more of it – it was a one time trial on a ‘good deal.’ I am using up the rich cream as a neck cream right now. I will be donating the serum most likely and sell the next one I have coming on AD (I forgot to cancel) on eBAy.

Though I have somewhat sensitive skin, I really am drawn to products with a nice scent. When I buy something scent free, I don’t experience the same satisfaction for some reason. I detest products that smell medicinal however. I purchased a mask that smelled like rotten eggs even after I rinsed it off! Disgusting! I think it had sulfur in it. I’ll take fresh fruity, floral anyday.

I kinda like scented skincare, and if it’s actually a scent I love, I would wake up earlier to wash for face, because I’m looking forward to the scent. I love Jurlique cleansers, because they have that lavender scent, which makes you feel calmer while you wake up and it doesn’t harm sensitive skin!
The only thing I don’t like about scented skincare is if the moisturiser is strongly scent of something that smells TERRIBLE and it lingers for the whole day. But in general, most moisturisers do fade in smell after about 15 minutes, and cleanser scents always wash off during the rinse off, so I guess I don’t mind it.

SCENT all the way! provided it is mild, flowery and/or fresh citrusy. I also appreciate organic stuff that is naturally scented by its natural oils.
What I hate is artificial, plasticky or strong berry (see strawberry) scented makeup , let alone skincare.

lip treatment and for shampoo, i must say, that im obsessed with anything mint. On my lips i find it adds a cooling and tasty touch and in my hair, i find it to relax me or wake me up 🙂
on my face i prefer non scented products, just because i find it to be annoying if i smell it for several hours after i put it on, but nothing really disturbes me, unless the scent is super strong and overdone 🙂

Skincare doesn’t need scent… it’s bad for your skin… actually when I take a shower my soap must be neutral that’s what my dermatologist told me.

I would prefer an unscented skincare product and that includes masking fragrances. I have a skin type that is prone to breakouts.

I don’t want it to smell gross (I once had a face cleanser that literally smelled like cole slaw… not good), but no scent at all is better than a bad chemical smell. My ideal scent for a skincare product is a light, fresh scent, not chemical or synthetic smelling at all.

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