Rant & Rave: Repromotes

This Week’s Topic: REPROMOTES!

Your Mission: Tell us what you love, hate, or are otherwise indifferent to about repromotes. What drives you bananas? What makes them necessary?

my answer: It’s a great opportunity to pick up a product you may have missed, but if a “new” collection is full of them, then it feels like it’s a lazy/poorly thought out launch. On the other hand, it means less potential money spent!

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I agree with you, Christine. I missed out on MAC’s Venomous Villains collection, so when they re-promoted Innocence, Beware!, I was excited! However, when a collection is entirely re-promotes, especially of permanent products, I get annoyed.

I think it’s good for the most part, since you get a second chance to pick up something you might have missed (I was SO happy when Dior Saint-Tropez came out this summer for example). But true, if a collection is filled with repromoted/permanent pieces then it feels poorly put-together. Definitely missing the exciting aspect in that case.

Sometimes, I find that the repromote product is not that good in quality compared to the original product that was launched months/years ago.

I like repromotes when it was a product that was really popular or sold out quickly once before. I don’t like repromotes when companies put it out when it had just been released. However, what I hate the most is when companies rerelease a product under another name when it is essentially an old product shade repackaged, especially if it wasn’t reformulated.

i want them to repromote the iris apfel collection.  wanna p/u party parrot and scarlet ibis.  other than that, i don’t really care cos i have enf makeup and if i miss something i just let it go. 

I like repromotes for the oppurtunity it gives me to purchase something I missed out on. It does strike me as lazy for a company to do a collection where the majority of items are repromotes. Also I don’t like it when a company just renames a previous color, and acts like it’s a new item. 

I love them for the opportunity to pick up an item I missed first time ’round but what often happens with repromotes is that MAC (okay, I’m thinking of MAC on this one) still doesn’t make enough of whatever it was to meet the consumer frenzy.  I know MAC had this whole “vote on the product you want to see repromoted” campaign a few months ago and Moth Brown was one of the eye shadow candidates. I would love to get Moth Brown but I fear they will make such a limited # of them that some of those who want it still won’t be able to get it.

 @Mariella I agree! I believe that if a product like Stereo Rose MSF were repromoted, there would still not be enough for everyone who wants it!

If it’s a beloved item I mostly feel annoyed. Since if I want even the chance of purchasing it I need to stalk websites for the moment it becomes available and who has time for that? I rarely do. 

I like the idea of repromotes especially if it’s an item that sold out first time around, or which wasn’t available in many places for whatever reason – i.e. an online exclusive or something. But like you, I think a collection that’s all repromotes shows lack of creativity and thought.

Repromotes are a bit annoying ( I bought Chanel Coco lipstick in magnolia this spring and I didn’t know it was a repromote ), but when a beauty/makeup item is worth purchasing I totally agree with that. I love magnolia, I also love Musky amethyst or Runaway red from M.A.C hoping both will be launched again. When I say annoying it’s purely from a artistic point of vieuw. Musky amethyst is a gorgeous colour, I wonder why M.A.C didn’t decide it would be a permanent lipstick ! Some colours are not so subtle or pretty. Soft Sable from the Glitter and Ice collection is wonderful, many people stared as I wore it. Why is it not permanent ? Such shades deserve to have a 2nd or even 3rd chance, it’s the same for blushes, powders, quads ( I am thinking of Lady Grey ).  If repromoting item is a sign of poor artistic creativity ( ok let’s repromote this, it’s easy and it will sell anyway ), I say no, if it’s because the product was good indeed I say yes !

I would literally give my right arm to have NARS repromote Strawberry Fields haha… as far as a whole collection, while it can seem lazy, it can be seen as giving the customers what they actually want. My company recently discontinued a product, got a backlash from the customers and we’re bringing the product back because of it!

I like the idea of re promotes, I missed out on the 226 brush and finally purchased one, the last time it went on sale, but I’m disappointed in the brush its hard and prickly.  But still love the idea of re promotes

I pretty much only appreciate when MAC or NARS does it, since a lot of their limited edition items sell out so fast. If I miss it, I miss it…and it’s always great to get a second try at a product I just wasn’t fast enough to grab the first time. On the other hand, I feel like there’s a lack of innovation if launches are totally full of repromotes. Guess there’s a fine line, huh?

@annedreshfield NARS actually keeps alot of their LE stock up on their site for a pretty long time, which is one of the reasons I’m such a fan. I *really* wanted Arabian Nights, but everywhere I looked was sold out almost immediately. About 6 months later, i took a chance and found it on their site, and as of a week ago it was *still* there, along with many other LE items no longer available at counters.

 @xamyx  @annedreshfield Definitely! NARS seems to be really thoughtful about picking and choosing which LE items are repromoted, and having stock available even if it isn’t in the stores anymore. I get so anxious with MAC because if I like a collection, I worry that I’ll have to be at my computer the second it drops, otherwise everything will sell out! :/ And I hate buying makeup without swatching and testing it on my skin first…sigh.

I would honestly rather see three to four collections a year with the collection being made available for long enough and with enough quantities that everyone who wants one can get it.

I think it can be great for people who either love a certain shade and want to repurchase it or who never got a chance to try it the first time around, especially if it was something that sold out quickly and had a high demand.  It’s also nice to see things added to the permanent line if they are well performing perennial favourites (like MAC’s Pearlglide pencils) or a completely new formula or product type (sometimes I don’t understand why companies bother creating new products only for one limited edition collection).  I’d much rather something be added to the permanent lineup than be repromoted in several collections close together, not only because the demand is clearly there but also because that means there is likely one less new product in the collection!  Repromotes of permanent shades/products seem like a waste to me though, and sometimes irritating in something like an eye palette.

I *love* repromotes! Even if a collection is full of them, I don’t necessarily think it’s “lazy” or “uninspired”. When I think of “collections”, I think of a group of products that fall into a theme, are cohesive, and on trend in terms of both color and season. If a new product or shade is added, that’s great, but even if everything is somethin “old”, it can still be beneficial in that it can allow either someone new to the brand to get it, or someone who missed it can have a chance to pick it up. There’s also the opportunity to pick up a spare, should you run out or lose it. That said, if a brand keeps putting out *literally* the same shades & giving the collection a new name, that’s different, but I’ve never seen that happen. Also, giving new names to shades is awful, as you’ll end up with dupes-if a brand at least includes the original name, then it’s okay to change it up to fit a theme, as UD did with the Alice in Wonderland palette.

The only repromote that I ever bought is MAC 226 brush.  I bought three of them.  There is something about that brush that I absolutely love.  I dont miss repromotes.  I wish the brands would put back some of the products that had 20 years ago for an indefinite time though….

It’s just another way for them to make money!  But it does give you a chance to pick up something you wanted before but was not in your budget.  

I’ll say that repromotes are great as long as the product being repromoted is something that was hard to get one’s hands on- Watch Me simmer lipstick from shop/cook mac and then a few months later for reel sexy.  For me this was ideal, didn’t get it the first time around and was super happy to get it in time for summer brights 🙂  However, in most cases I’d want to see repromotes of cult products (some of the older/harder to get MSFs would be great), and I’d like to see repromotes spaced out slightly (the Watch me simmer was perfect for summer, but usually seeing the same product a couple months apart would be annoying).

For some odd reason, every blush, shadow, or lipstick that works absolutely perfect with my skin tone ends up being a limited edition.  I actually thought for a moment, maybe they are my favorites because they are LE.  Nope, that’s not it, they are just good colors.   I absolutely love Nanogold, Modest Tone,  Rich Flesh, Dark Edge eyeshadows from the N collection, Hipness blush, lipsticks in Myself, Cut-A-Caper (which I missed online sold-out), Everhip, Made With Love, Innocence Beware!  I mean come on….Everhip should be a permanent by now!!!

I don’t actually have a problem with repromotes. It gives buyers a chance to pick up something that might have been sold out or for some other reason they didn’t have a chance to get their hands on. What does bother me is that Urban Decay likes to put Half Baked in nearly all of their palettes. How many of that shade do I need?! Nars seems to be putting Orgasm in their new blush palettes as well but what can you do. Obviously they are high sellers if they’re being placed in palettes.

I think it’s good when a company recognizes that a limited edition item was popular and gives people who missed it another chance to get it. I thought it was weird that Lightscapade was repromoted in two different collections so close together this year. I wish MAC would come out with fewer collections every year and make enough that things wouldn’t sell out in the blink of an eye.I don’t mind collections made up entirely of repromotes, but I think they should be marketed as such, like the collection MAC is letting people vote on or doing a “most popular” collection. 

I think repromotes is a super great idea! All cosmetic companies should repromote sucessful limited edition products and this will avoid the highway robbery prices we see in Ebay. That needs to stop. After falling victim to it a few times I finally decided to either look for a dupe or wait for a repromote.

I don’t really mind them if it’s a super popular product that sold out quickly and suits all skin tones, otherwise it can get a bit annoying, clogging up collections and such. With collections I like to see mainly new products, with maybe 3 at most repromotes that suit the theme of the collection as well.

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