Rant & Rave: Nail Files

This Week’s Topic: NAIL FILES!

Your Mission: Tell us what you love, hate, or are otherwise indifferent to about nail files. What drives you bananas? What makes them necessary?

my answer: I’m absolutely in LOVE with glass nail files! One of the better new-to-me tools I’ve come across in the past few years. I bought my first one maybe two or three years ago, and I love how it lasts and lasts.

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I won’t use anything but glass nail files (because I’m lazy and like the ability to go back and forth) and cringe whenever I’m getting my nails done and they use a regular old nail file. I’m totally a nail file snob.

I love glass nail files too! So awesome! Much smoother and gentler…and more hygienic than traditional files. I accidentally broke one though, good thing they’re cheap enough that I can afford to have backups on hand^^ 

I’m a fan of glass nail files! My nails are very very fragile, so if I use anything else it makes things worse. I’ve owned mine for a couple of years now, but I don’t think I’ll need a new one anytime soon!

I love using glass files as well.  Last much longer than regular cardboard files and they give such a good finish to the nail edge.  One gripe: I can never get them completely clean after the first usage.  Any tips on keeping glass files in tip-top-shape?

I have heard a lot about glass nail files. My nails have been peeling for the past couple months. Will a glass nail file stop this problem? Is a metal nail file any better or worse?

I love my Diamon Deb File it’s stainless steel with a fine grit. I love that it’s super thin and can get under the edge of the nail and it washes up nice with soap and water. Mine’s really old (30 yrs maybe?!) and it still files great. This past year I saw that they are still made and they’re at Sally Beauty. I should get a few more next time I’m in. 

If I had to go to a deserted island and could take only one item with me, I would bring a nail file. It’s one of the beauty tools that I just can’t live without. I don’t have problem nails, they rarely break (maybe 2-3 times a year), but I can’t stand nails that are uneven in any way, and prefer to file them down instead of cutting.
My go-to file is the For Pro 400/600 (one kept in purse, one on night stand and one by the computer) and I use the 220/320 for filing down and shaping. I really like that they are washable and sanitizable.
I HATE metal files and glass files. I have thick nails and whenever I use my Essie glass file I end up with uneven, scratchy nails that always get caught on fabric. I have never been able to get my nails smooth with these types of nail files.

Christine…do you mind sharing the brand of glass nail file you use?   I love the idea of lasting glass files that can be sanitized but the only one I tried (Revlon) did not seem to do anything while I was using it…I could not even tell I had just filed that nail.  I have weak nails that I have to keep short and VERY smooth after a major injury but I just can’t find the right tools. I’ve very excited to learn from other posts!

Yes, I LOVE glass files! I usually get better results when I’m using a glass file, too. One rant I have is for all of the clear polishes that are supposed to make you stop biting your nails…those never worked for me! Also — there are so many cuticle oils/creams on the market, and I’ve only ever found one that works and isn’t amazingly greasy: Burt’s Bees Cuticle Cream. I was pleasantly surprised by it! 

I also really love glass files. They are sturdier than emery boards, and gentler than metal nail files. Also, you can wash it with soap and water to maintain cleanliness. Try washing/wiping the nail dust off an emery board. Ick! The only downside for me is that they can break if you drop them. I’ve broken so many, but now Sephora sells glass files with a case. I picked one up a few weeks ago, and so far so good.
I do have to say that not all glass files are created equally. I love Sephora glass files, but they can be pricey. I tried a cheaper $2-3 no-name version from the Christmas Tree Shop, and the filing surface eventually wore away from my nails rubbing on it. The Christmas Tree Shop nail file wore away to reveal a smooth surface that was useless for filing. I think the filing surface on the Xmas files are applied or overlayed rather than etched in like on a Sephora glass file.

I’ve also bought my first glass/crystal nail file last year (it’s the OPI crystal nail file btw) and i think it was one of the best beauty purchases i’ve ever made. It’s washable, lasts a long time, mine is still as good as new, I believe it isn’t as damaging as metal or cardboard files (im not aware of other materials that they’re made in). Before I used cardboard ones and it was always a pain to file my nails. Now i look forward to it! I don’t use any other tools to cut or shape my nails, fingers and toes (I wash the file in between with water and gentle soap). Mine was pricey, aroud 21 euros (i’m from Portugal) but it was well worth it, I take care of it and it can last years. I’ve never used metal ones but cardboard ones just wear off so easily, I believe I spent a lot more than 21 euros on them over time.

TOTALLY glass nail files are the way to go. The ones at sephora are on sale for $3 right now and I just bought a bunch!!  one for home, one for the office, one for my purse…

Loving glass files myself.  Anything else I’ve tried rips apart my thin with a tendency to peel nails. Glass leaves my nails smooth and snag-free- especially important as I knit!

It’s a necessity – it’s the best way to make your nails grow. It sounds like polishing the nails with a file would make them shorter, but if you don’t file them they will break and chip. 

I have a glass file as well, it works great and closes my nails free edge without making rough, scratchy or tearing the layers open of my nail.I use to use the horrid carboard/harsh files on my nails all the time and yet wonder why my nails looked awful. Now I know why and no longer even bother buying those types of files anymore.

I love my glass files…except when I drop them and they break.  ^_^;;  They work well, last forever, and don’t make that HORRIBLE scratching sound like emery boards.  *shudder*

I will ONLY use glass nail files now – I have them stashed all over (house, car, purses) so I am not caught without one. Everything else tears my nails which have enough problems half the time on their own without tools adding to it.

I’m definitely a fan of glass files. I get a smoother edge than with other types, with which I typically have to go over with a finer grain file. I can also file my nails if necessary when I’m wearing polish, and it doesn’t disturb the finish. The only downside is I keep breaking them.

I have gel enhancements on my nails so I don’t file them myself except when I get a chip, and I have a $2 file I bought at Ulta that’s coarse enough for the gel I keep in my purse. I’m not sure a glass nail file would be helpful to me, due to the gel, but if anyone knows one way or the other I’d love to know for certain.

Totally off subject but I love that you have now included your answer on this rant and rave stuff too. I always like that you ask us questions but I always wondered what your answer would be. I love that you are always constantly improving your blog. Great Job (in case you didnt already know!)

Read this post with interest as I’ve had the same old boards for ages.. professional grade, but I’m quite certain not glass.  Thanks for everyone’s posts and the helpful info.  I have no problems with growing my toenails, but I have a very difficult time with my fingernails as I live on a farm.  I tend to trim my nails down very low and file and paint and I like the looks of short fingernails on me anyway, but I still get breakage *sigh*..  

Files are a MUST have for me in every room, car, purse, etc. I just started using glass ones a month ago and I wish I had realized their benefits earlier I will NEVER go back!!

I’ve tried glass nail files, but I don’t understand why so many people are raving about them. On me, they barely file, so I have to push really hard. Also, they pull hard on my nails, so they kinda hurt. Maybe I used them wrong, but how can you use a nail file wrong? 
For now, I prefer to stick to the old fashioned ones: they get the job done faster, better, and easier.

I LOVE my Herome glass nail file – it files my nails super fast and my nails don’t peel anymore. However, I do not like my other glass nail file, as it barely files my nails, so I guess it depends on the file.
I just wish metal nail files didn’t exist, as I see one too many friends with it.

Glass nail fines are pretty ah-mazing. I lost the one i had and have to look into buying another one.

I love the glass nail files! They do their job so well and they’re usually really reasonably priced so it’s definitely a cult beauty product.

I got a crystal file from Sally’s, and what I like about it is that it’s got a really rough side and a smoother side. If I really want to file my nails down, the rough side does it without peeling everything away, and the not quite as rough side smooths out the edges very nicely. I do like it better than emery boards because they wear out so quickly.

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