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Luxury Brands

Some of it is just so over-the-top in price but am not sure that you’re getting anywhere near the quality you should for the price or the packaging doesn’t strike me as “worth it” for that price. I also feel like sometimes you get less pigmentation (but I think it is intentional) without the brand making that clear (Cle de Peau comes to mind), more often with this tier.

— Christine

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I agree, also the brand is not consistent, that is Dior for me. I really feel Dior has slipped in quality of their make-up. I think when brands are under the umbrella of a large company, the same product is found across the board, think Loreal / Lancôme.

WOW!!!! I’ve been thinking the same thing Maria Ginger with Dior. I really loved their products, then POOF, they started slipping up. Make-up doesn’t have the same quality it used to have. Very disappointing.

I rarely ever buy from LUXURY (aka Designer) brands. The included clothes as well as makeup. These prestige brands are banking on people with cash to burn to buy their products because of the sense of prestige it offers them. Quality usually has nothing to do with the price they charge. This stuff is for the Elites or the people that want to feel elite.

Last luxury item I got was the Dior NUDE highlighter, it expensive to the point of cringe-worthy in CAN dollars but it works and it’s glorious.

All I care about is does this work! Or in the case of clothing how the quality of the fabric will hold up. lol

Rave: This is shallow and not relevant to the product within but I usually really love the packaging/presentation of luxury brands. They look beautiful on your vanity. It seems when they are good products they are very, very good.

Rant: I agree with you Christine. It is hard to see any difference in many of the products as they relate to cheaper drugstore brands. They tend to have hidden “bad” ingredients. I think they feel that since they are so expensive and many people with large amounts of money aren’t going to question the ingredients. They tend to have strong scents which sometimes I don’t mind but if given a choice I would prefer unscented.

Rant: I rarely buy luxury brands. I think they’re usually way-overpriced for what they are. Usually the eyeshadows suck.

Rave: Their perfumes/fragrances are usually better. The luxe packaging is pretty.

I think often you get more in terms of packaging when you buy luxury brands, but you have to see for yourself if this is worth it for you. I don´t usually splurge when it comes to makeup, I am not that much into packaging.

LOVE: When they get it right, they do one heckeva job! As in TF Seadragon lipstick or Chanel Empriente du Desert. I’ll add that brand new purple Dior quint to that list, too! (Magnify???)

HATE: That far, far too often the product falls very short of my expections for a HE or luxury product. And with the considerably higher price, that seems like a cold harsh slap in the face for the potential buyer! I’m not into buying something simply for its label or designer name. No. It must have great quality and be something unlike anything else I own.

Often times I think the packaging is super gorgeous, but I agree, the quality is often really not aligned with the price tag. Luxury brands seem to rely on the fact that people will buy the products for the name alone, but that’s not really my style. I’d rather get more bang for my buck. The only luxury brand I can’t help but love is Marc Jacobs! I’m sure there are quality dupes out there, but the luxury factor of using the couple things I have is so fun…!

Rave: Usually really nice packaging.
Rant: It’s WAY too expensive. If brands like Colourpop, Nyx, Makeup Geek, etc. can churn out beautiful, quality products at affordable prices, why can’t luxury brands? It just feels like you’re paying more for a name and (usually) packaging than you are for the product. The ONLY exception MIGHT be face products like foundation, which COULD have better ingredients and formulas. Overall, I don’t personally see the appeal. To each their own, but it’s not for me.

Rant…I am so over being taken advantage of by these companies and paying outrageous amounts for a product that can 9 out of 10x’s be duplicated in the DS! I am done…so done with paying for “pretty packaging” and so so product. Lol, can anyone tell I have not been “wowed” by a product in some time? Also, is it me or are high end perfumes loosing their staying power? Maybe it’s just me but I’ve noticed this more and more in the past several years. Quality thrown out the window to turn a profit. The only way it’ll stop is if the consumers start putting their foot down on the nonsense…in my own humble opinion anyway. I used to only buy high end products and am embarassed to say that I turned my nose up at DS products. DS products have come such a long way. What really made me appreciate DS brands is when my budget only allowed makeup purchases from the DS. Alot of high end cosmetics ingredients are exactly the same as DS brands. I cannot see how high end brands can justify the prices that they charge. Okay I’m done ranting lol.

I totally agree. DS brands are becoming so much better, why spend my hard earned money on some hyped up product that doesn’t deliver. I’m getting very jaded, I hope people wake up and stop throwing their money away.

I think super high-end products are nothing but name and packaging. That’s what you’re paying for, not the actual product. If that floats your boat and you can afford it, go for it, but I sure won’t.

Rant: I can’t always find the products that I want to try. Lots of brands aren’t available to swatch locally and I have to order and then return If I don’t like it.

Rave: I love that they often aren’t overly pigmented. I like subtle classic makeup looks and luxury brands are easier for me to work with. I am older and I think the finishes just end up looking better on my skin. I like heavier packaging. I’ll pay more for a nice case or compact which I enjoy using more than lower priced products.

I think that brands are putting out sheer products on purpose for a more natural or buildable look but most brands seem afraid to actually call it what it is.

That’s what I assumed you meant. I’m not sure why the companies who have sheer, natural-looking products would be hesitant to bill them as such — it’s surely better than claiming high pigmentation then finding the internet flooded with disappointed reviews.

I spent a large chunk of my 20’s buying mostly high end – Chanel Glossimers, Guerlain Rouge G’s, Dior eyeshadow quints, etc and while I can’t say I regret it or think it was a waste of time and money (because they did bring me a lot of joy) I think it’s telling that now I’m in my 30’s and actually have financial stability and more discretionary income to play with, I tend to favour NYX, Colourpop and other “drugstore” brands.

Part of that is because they have increased in quality and availability and there are a few more mid-range/niche brands coming into the market so competition is a bit more intense.

I love that their R&D budget often allows them to come up with excellent products. I hate that their prestige and “name” allows them to get away with overcharging for crummy products (*cough* Dior quints *cough*).

HE products are sometimes better (love!) but not usually 10x better than drugstore — despite being 10x the cost (hate).

Rant: Price, products are often unnecessarily scented, quality can be inconsistent.
Rave: Luxe packaging (I’m a sucker for luxe packaging), some items can be worth it if the quality is there.

Been wearing makeup for decades and most time’s I have bought very high end I was always disappointed and never repurchased. I could care less about the packaging, I care about the quality only and does it work. I usually wear medium price make-up only and some drugstore!

Rant: prices can reach ridiculous levels, I’m thinking Tom Ford, Louboutin, Serge Lutens, etc. Sometimes high end brands release mediocre products and for the price, it’s just not okay! I also feel like luxury brands should do a better job at explaining who they are, what they do and who they cater to, so people wouldn’t be upset by what they perceive as poorly pigmented eyeshadows or blush, for example (while those brands never intended to be used to create bold looks).

Rave: generally you get what you pay for in terms of packaging, and it’s very important to me. Makeup is not purely utilitarian for me, and using beautiful products is part of what makes it enjoyable. While I agree with other commenters that you can find some great products at the drugstore, you can also find a lot of abysmal products there. I’d say that the average quality of high-end products is considerably better than the average quality of drugstore products (and it should, considering the price tags!). If you’re demanding in terms of texture and aesthetics, high-end products generally fare much better, even when the end result looks fairly similar on the skin.

Lighter colors (not necessarily less-pigmented) are typical of Cle de Peau, Chantecaille, La Prairie, Sisley and other long-existing European brands. I figured this out searching for a high-end foundation. There are few shade options and I couldn’t find any matching my very yellow-based, medium complexion. Sticking with my NARS Tinted Moisturizer in St. Moritz.

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