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Rant & Rave: Lip Scrubs

This Week’s Topic: LIP SCRUBS!

Your Mission: Tell us what you love, hate, or are otherwise indifferent to about lip scrubs.  Do you use them all the time?  What are your favorites (or least favorites)?


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amelia Avatar

I do a lip scrub before I put on lipstick, and also when they’re looking really flaky. I use a home-made scrub of sugar and whatever oil I have on hand (jojoba or olive, usually), and it works just fine for me. I don’t understand why they’re sold for so much in stores! I would never pay upwards of $10 for something I can make for less than a dollar.

Chanel Avatar

I’ve heard of people making their own lip scrubs. I was always afraid the the sugar would not be fine enough and be rough on the lips. Do you just uses regular sugar for your scrub?

Angela Avatar

I have only tried one lip scrub; it was from bath & body works by c.e. bigelow (i believe that’s the name of the company) and I do not feel it worked very well. it is a sugar scrub; i actually added some sugar to it b/c i didn’t get enough “scrub” effect from what was in the tube. i used it b/c i wanted to have nice smooth lips when i wear lipstick. it didn’t seem to help much for smoothness. that is why I don’t end up wearing lipstick much; i hate having crudded up looking lips when wearing it. Does anyone have advice on how to get smooth lips or can anyone recommend a good lip scrub? I would love to own one!

Rachel K Avatar

I tried that CO Bigelow scrub too, and didn’t care much for it. I just gently run my wet toothbrush over my lips after brushing my teeth and it works perfectly. If you have one of those tongue scrapers on the back of your toothbrush (like on the Oral B Pro Health brushes) it works really well for gently removing flakes.

Dollymix8 Avatar

I love lush lip scrubs! I have the Bubblegum and Lip Dip, I prefer the Lip Dip because it has smaller bits and is easier to pick up on your finger. They smell great and make my lips super soft!

Ani_BEE Avatar

I’ve been using Tarte’s FRXtion sugar-based lip exfoliant and lip balm stick for the past 3 years and is an HG product for me. It comes with a mirror you can take is with you I your purse so their is not excuse about not being able to use it. It’s the only lip product I can guaranty to work thorough in a years time and the balm side if perfect for anyone to use right after exfoliating.

I’ve tried Sally Hansen knock off of this product and it awful and a waste of money. I don’t think they even make it anymore.

Ana Avatar

I like lip scrubs, I don’t do it often because I wear balm all the time, but when I go out for a night on the town and wear bold lip color, I need to smooth lips, so I do the lip scrub treatment.

My favorite has to be the sugar scrub from Victoria Secret (it also comes with the balm). And its affordable.

monika-luiza Avatar

one of the most useless things in the world! just made to get our money, haven’t met any scrub that worked better than sugar mixt with olive oil, a damp toothbrush and lipbalm or a q-tip and lipbalm.

So why should I pay for a product that I can “mix” myself in my kitchen. the ingredients on all the “fancy” lipscrubs are very basic so I really don’t get why I should spend my money on it

FlutistEmeritus Avatar

I do like Lip Scrubs especially in the colder months. Although you can do it at home, I need something to put in my purse when I’m not at home! I went ahead and bought Lush’s Sweet Lips b/c I like anything with that kind of smell and I already adore Honey Trap! I’ve recently discovered Chagrin Valley’s lip products- natural and perfect!

MissChels Avatar

I love LUSH lip scrubs. I use Bubblegum and Mint Julips scrubs. I do not care for the Bon Bon scrub, I don’t feel like it exfoliated my lips at all. But I use the other two once or twice a day. Sometimes more if I want to freshen my breathy without chewing gum or eating an over powering mint.

Chrissye Avatar

I agree with amelia, I dont understand why i would waste my time going to the store paying an insane amount of money on something that i can make at my home with things that I need from my local heb!

Cassy Avatar

I use Sweet Lips/Mint Julips from Lush. I like them and think they’re worth the money because I like them, but I am not opposed to mixing some sugar and olive oil should I not have my Lush kind on hand. I just prefer not having to mix it myself. The one thing I -don’t- like is that Lush encourages you to lick the yummy sugar off your lips (and it is yummy) but it contains all that scrubbed off lip gunk… icky!

Cici Avatar

I have lip scrubbers is a waist of money you can easily run ur tooth brush at the end of every brush for 20 sec and it work as well or better that a lip scrubber!

Elizabeth Avatar

i actually just got into lip scrubs. I’ve used it twice so far, like once a week. annndd i love them! it makes my lips feel so smooth and soft for the whole week! i just make it myself with sugar and olive oil. works perfectly 🙂

Ashley Sarah Avatar

I have never tried it. I would love to try a Lush one. I’ve never tried Lush at all and have been dying too! I could definitely use it from time to time.

Lauren Avatar

I don’t use them. I just use a toothbrush/washcloth and I don’t have a problem with it. I tried making one with sugar and olive oil–I’m never doing that again! I hate the feeling of it on my lips :S

Lucie Avatar

Lip scrubs are essential for my flakey lips. I love the convenience of my lush lip scrubs, but in a pinch you can just mix a little olive oil and sugar and you get the same product basically.

Gina Avatar

I use Laura Geller’s lip scrub. I love it, and most scrubs I’ve used for that matter. My lips are always chapped, especially during winter!

Katie Avatar

I love Lush lip scrubs!! I got one as a gift and adore it but I don’t know if i’ll buy it again because I feel like I can make a good one myself with sugar and jojoba oil. Has anyone made one for more than just a one-time use, like kept it in a container? If so, what parts oil and sugar should I use? And what is better-plain or brown sugar?

Starla Avatar

The only one I’ve ever liked was a sugar scrub by Smashbox. It had a bit of minty-ness to it as well. I don’t normally like to exfoliate my lips because it leaves them drier than before I started!

Chynna Avatar

They’re a nice to have over a need to have, but I think I feel that way about a lot of things. I like lip scrubs because they’re convenient and feel more pampering than using my toothbrush or a washcloth; they’re a nice treat. I like the Lush ones and have also used my Fresh Sugar Face Polish to double as a lip scrub. One of my favorites is the Mary Kay Satin Lips scrub. It doesn’t taste or smell as nice as others, but it’s really effective.

Jae Avatar

i was given the mary kay satin lips and satin hands set years before and they are a staple for me! love how my lips and hands feel afterward!! =)

ange Avatar

waste of money IMO! i have tried several lips scrubs but have found nothing that works better than my toothbrush! i just give my lips a quick scrub after brushing my teeth and slap on some balm right after, and always have soft smooth lips.

Lisa Avatar

I have used the lip scuff from The Body Shop, and more recently Bubblegum lip scrub from Lush.
I love lip scrubs and my lip stick goes on alot smoother if i have scrubbed my lips.

Niki Avatar

I don’t think you need to buy a separate lip scrub as along as you have sugar, sweet almond, jojoba, olive, grapeseed or any oil on hand — for this combo is the BEST lip scrub ever!

Annabella Freeman Avatar

I love Sara Happ and I’ve reviewed 3 of hers on my website including the limited edition one for the Japanese market ‘Honey Apple’.

I also like Malia J peppermint lip scrub. I know people say that you can just use a toothbrush to exfoliate your lips but you could say that about anything in beauty. Some people use cheap drugstore only and some people choose MAC. I prefer luxury when I scrub my lips.

Nunuiviet Avatar

Never use a lip scrub, coz not so many cosmetic brands do it except for lush, body shop? We don’t have lush in Thailand and the bodyshop, I find their lipscrub kind of weird so never bother buying it.lately my lips have became more moisturized thanks to lmac lip conditioner SPF 15, so moisturizing, the right texture, not too oily, not too waxy, I love it so much, whished I had tried it a long time before!

heidi Avatar

Never have I ever owned a lip scrub. I don’t usually have lip troubles. I use balm sometimes and ever once in a blue moon a toothbrush but generally its unessiscary

Farah Avatar

I use baviphat (korean brand if i’m not wrong) apple jelly lip scrub and love it! It smells amazing and is very moisturizing. Plus the packaging comes in a cute apple-shaped tub which is just so adorable!

JenT Avatar

I have Sarah Happ Lip Scrub in Brown Sugar and I think it works really great. I also have LUSh lip scrub in Mint Julips. I like the LUSH scrub because you can lick it off and it tastes great. But I think the Sarah Happ scrub works better – though it leaves an oily residue that I don’t care for.

anonymous Avatar

I stick to using my facecloth for lips because the only time I ever feel the need to exfoliate flakes is when they’re tender/chapped from a cold or something & friction will make that worse. better solution for flakes is something like carmex to speed up cell turnover so they come off themselves. I try to hit them with balm or butter as soon as I feel roughness so I don’t lick (saliva causes dryness). fortunately my lips seem to do best if I just leave them alone to breath when I don’t have makeup on but I keep an eye on scrubs in case I need them someday

Caryn Avatar

I use the Lush lip scrub, personally I don’t like it. It’s really dry, so dry that more product is falling off while I try to ‘scrub’. I use it when I forgot to brush my lips while I brush my teeth (it has the same effect).

Sofia Avatar

Practically useless for me. I can just use some sugar and a little bit of powdered juice and I’m good! And I use a toothbrush every 2 days to exfoliate my lips and works perfectly fine.

Miranda Avatar

i used the chocolate flavored one by lush and it was great but i rarely use it now because every time i would use it i would end up just sitting there eating it. not good

Miss Dust Avatar

i’m totally addicted to them! i use them every time i put on lipstick or gloss, but at least once a week. my current favorite is from the body shop b/c it comes as a stick & has lots of oils it it that make my lips super soft.

MJ Avatar

My first and last lip scrub was Sara Happ. It was so great that I never had any desire to try another brand, just a different flavor. The Brown Sugar which was the first one I bought is still my fave, but she makes so many flavors, there’s something for everyone! Creme Bruleé anyone ?

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