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I’ve been really disappointed with their eyeshadows for the last year or two, and it doesn’t seem like the quality is changing (it’s only getting worse). They are still strong when it comes to lip products, and I love their Bi-Facil for removing makeup!

— Christine

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This year was my year to figure out some new eye shadow choices for myself. I am NO expert by a long shot, but every time I would test the Audacity palettes (which I was drawn to) I would second guess myself. Could they really be this dry and chalky? Could the pigment really be this non-existent? Is it the sample left open in the store? I walked away every time. If I were Lisa Eldridge, I’d be pretty upset at having my name and reputation linked to those products.

I like their mascaras just fine. I have a Crayon Kohl eyeliner, which is fine too. Other than that, those shadows have put me off Lancome for the time being. I thought their shake lipstick gimmick was not their best moment either.

I hate their eyeshadows. I’ve only swatched their audacity palette and it was terrible. However, I love their foundation particularly the teint idole and their stick foundation.

Lancome is very hit or miss for me. I do have some eye shadows that I really love and a couple of lipsticks. I also love their eye lash primer and use it almost daily. I hear that their mascara’s are good but I only use the primer and follow with my Cover Girl mascara. I have a couple of the Juicy Shakers and I like them for what they do but they aren’t stellar. I was hoping that Lisa Eldridge taking over as creative director would pump some new life into the brand but either they are not listening to her or her aesthetic isn’t working with their products. I know she prefers a minimalist approach to makeup. I still look at Lancome every time I go shopping for makeup but haven’t purchased anything except the Cils Booster for over two years.

Having not even owned any Lancôme in many years, except 2 beautiful lipsticks a close friend gifted me about 17 years ago, I have nothing recent to praise or critique going on personal experience. However, judging by what I’ve seen in reviews of late, I feel that their quality has seriously slipped. As a late teen/early 20’s owner of some Lancôme way back in ’76-83-wish, they were truly excellent back then! Currently? Not so much.

Right. Their stuff hasn’t appealed to me in decades. Not even in the Lancôme version of CCO. I could be tempted by mascara, as a brown one has lasted forever w/o going bad. Now that Sephora has Lancôme (which I really don’t understand. There’s better use of their shelf space than on dept store brands that are 3 doors down….) might swatch some. My friend who has a zero makeup quotient uses L plum blush and plum l/s, masc, and an occ tad of upper liner only. Oh, well, it’s her look, her face. I keep wanting to give her Rapture, but don’t have any success dislodging her from her faves of anything, even rave products,…and not just makeup. I’d be bored to tears, with same old/same old every day…. Aplum has been around for 30-40 years! Oy, vay. Well, she sure doesn’t spend the makeup money that we all do!

Oh dear, I have a friend like that, too! She only wears: black winged liner on upper lid only, false lashes, powder foundation, and red lipstick. The same, exact tube of lipstick. Every. Single. Day.
Although, if she’s being “daring” she will put a little bit of gold eyeshadow on her inner corners! Yikes, I would DIE of boredom! ?

Think how it would be to spend the same time on makeup that you do brushing your teeth! But my friend colors and perms her hair…I can’t be bothered with either. At least your friend has a more ambitious, albeit repetitive, signature look. Looking forward to your bite trials. How shades lean on different skintones is so fascinating, as is what constitutes one’s comfort zone..and where one will go deliberately outside the comfort zone. Pink/coral season is nearly upon us, and the yellowed tones look pretty poor on me, except when they get real deep. My wallet can breathe better this, and most, springs. About time.

I’v only really used their eye shadows and mascaras.

I don’t really like their eye shadow formula, it’s very powdery and sheer and FADES so so quickly on my super oily hooded eyes!! But I love the shade Kitten Heel (I’v had it for years, But it wasn’t until I saw Katherine T Talking about it I brought it back out!)

I like the mascaras/mascara primer i’v tried from the brand. They didn’t smudge or flake, and they were wet enough for my super curly lashes!!!!

I’v tried some of their skin care in samples/deluxe sizes. But It was just eh.

I forgot about Kitten Heal. I love that shadow and haven’t used it in a while. I will have to dig it out. It is a beautiful shadow. Thanks for reminding me, Shannon.

The only products that I use (and swear by) from Lancôme are Renergie foundation, Renergie moisturizer, and Genefique serum. I’ve also tried other products from their skincare line and it’s all wonderful. Their Hypnose mascara is awesome too. 🙂 I’m not a big fan of their color cosmetics, however.

I used to love their eye shadow from their permanent line (i.e., the quints) but I haven’t tried them in recent years so I don’t know if they’ve changed (for the worse) since I’ve tried them last.

It does disappointed me that their LE large palettes were so terrible in quality. I was drawn to the Audacity in London’s color scheme but never bought it because the reviews were so universally terrible.

I have a soft spot for Lancôme though. My mom used to give me her GWPs as a kid so that was all that was in my teen/early 20s make-up bag when I didn’t have any $$ of my own yet.

All their powder products seem off too me. I used to like one other their bases but they seemed to change the formula and now it breaks me out. I like some of the recent innovations in lip products. Other than that I just don’t connect with them as a brand.

Rave: about 4-5 years ago, their eye shadow quints were great – I think I have mentioned in past posts how good Jade Fever is – it is still one of the best green hued quints ever made. But that’s in the past now.
Rant: Quite frankly, their eye shadows suck now. They are well and truly overpriced for what you get and even Colour Pop, Colour Raine etc can do a better job for a fraction of the price.
Their skincare is also overpriced for the active ingredients that you get and I haven’t tried any of their lipsticks because their shades don’t suit me and I wouldn’t because these are too expensive as well.
This brand has lost its reputation as far as I am concerned. Something is going really wrong at the top in this organisation.

As a general rule I’m not a fan. I love the Juicy Shakers, but aside from that the brand has been really disappointing. I was hoping things would change with Eldridge on board, but aside from the aforementioned Juicy Shakers everything has been a dud. Even their skincare is a no-go for me as it has faaaar too much fragrance for my skin so it always causes a reaction. I’ve heard good things about their mascaras, but I have so many sample sized ones to get though and there are plenty of good mascaras around so I doubt I’ll try any unless I get a sample. Their eyeshadows are universally crap, and I probably won’t ever try one again.

Lancome makes my favorite lipstick Absolu Rouge. It’s just so comfortable to wear and I don’t mind reapplying throughout the day. I’m more of a traditional lipstick (bullet) lover anyway. I also love their Bi-facil and several of their mascaras including Definicils and Hypnose Drama. One of my favorite blush formulas is a Lancome product too.

On the down side is their eyeshadows. They used to be so nice. I’m not sure what has happened, but the quality has dropped terribly. I know Lancome isn’t one of the most adventurous brands, but they used to be great for those of us who are more conservative in our makeup choices.

Something else…I love their Visionairre serum. I’ve seen a dramatic difference in my pigmentation from sun damage. I’ve tried several of their face and eye creams. They’ve all been very nice, except for the scent. Why do these cosmetics companies insist on strong fragrance in their products? I can deal with most, but I know a lot of people have a terrible time with it. Their Teint Idole is very nice, but it tends to oxidize on me.

Expensive department store brands almost always add fragrance to make the products more appealing to consumers. They also like to use glass instead of plastic packing to create this luxe feel. Nevertheless, I happen to love Lancôme’s scents, makes me really enjoy my skincare routine…

RAVE: I am in love with their Teint Idole 24H Long Wear Foundation for when I need full coverage. They have a color match for me (Ivoire 140 N in summer; I mix some white with it for winter even though the do carry lighter shades), and it doesn’t oxidize on me. It gives amazing coverage for even my worst cystic acne, while still feeling lightweight.

RANT: I don’t own a lot of Lancome, and frankly they’re not much on my radar. Their eyeshadows really suck, which is one of the reasons why. That, and I just don’t find most of their color cosmetics very exciting. I’ve tried some of their skincare, and while it wasn’t bad, it wasn’t good enough to justify the price for me.

I’m loving the new Teint Idole cushion foundation and I like the stick foundation as well. I also love my Juice Shaker. I don’t like their powder products (shadows/blush…)

Lancome was the first makeup brand that inspired me to wear makeup during the eighties when Isabella Rosselini was their figurehead. It is still the only brand that produces foundations in my strangely cool skin tone and I’ve been using their Photogenic and Teint Miracle (Lys Rosé) foundations for years. I have very dry skin and don’t have problems with the formula. Their l’Absolu Rouge nr. 11 (Rose nature) has been the staple of my stash for twenty years. My all-time favourite shade was also from this line, but it was discontinued years ago. Their mascaras are not exemplary, but not bad either. The eyeliners I owned were as hard as steel rods and I had to get rid of them. All in all, it’s a brand I like because it doesn’t disregard very cool toned skins like other brands (sick of yellow foundations), but they need to improve their formulas.

Rave: Lancôme always has so many good deals and gifts, and is constantly joining my local store’s 30% discount.
I’ve purchased their Tresor and Tresor in love perfume years ago.
Really love the miracle cushion from last year, still want to try the teint idole ultra cushion.
Love their blush subtil formula, and one of their blush palette with highlight and contour, had the most natural and suitable colors for me, before contouring and highlighting were even a thing.
Their lipstick L’Absolue Rouge is the typical luxury lipstick that every department store has. It is very nice. I have two of their lip liners too.
I think I’ll always repurchase Lancôme mascaras when I don’t know what to buy.
I actually also use a lot of Lancôme skincare too, due to the fact they’re so easily accessible and constantly on sale. I’ve repurchased the Genifique serum and eyecream again and again, and my newest moisturizer obsession is the Visionnaire cream in rich. I’ve used their bi facil for years before switching to Chanel’s. Their cleansers feel very pleasant and they have many different formulas for different skin types. To me Lancôme is jus that classic department store brand that always smells and feels luxurious. They’re also not one to avoid alcohol and fragrance like plague though, so it might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

I’ve never been drawn to their eyeshadows, and they swatch kind of horribly.
Gimmicks. This is what I’m most annoyed with, especially with these new releases of the juicy shakers and grandiose eyeliner. I’ve always hated the Lancôme juicy tubes that every high school girl constantly takes out and reapply, like up until 5 years ago; when Lancôme was releasing the juicy shakers, I was like oh no!! Even cheaper feeling and even more gimmicky!
I’ve not changed my mind, even after seeing many many people rave about it. My friend had three and let me play with them, my initial thoughts of “why would you want to look like you haven’t wiped your mouth after eating” still didn’t change. The scent, the cocktail shaker design, and the fact that it really has no pigment or staying power, makes me just so ….urgggg. (my opinions are just my strong personal preferences, don’t be offended if you really like it).

Rant & Rave: I used to love Hypnose Star Mascara, but the tube always seemed to dry up after just 2 or 3 weeks. I have a Lancome lipstick that I love, an eyeshadow that I never use, a cute makeup bag, and that’s about it. I don’t know much about them.

The last two eyeshadow minis my mom gave me from their bonus gifts were pretty bad. The colors were so lovely, but the formulas were such a miss! And I know everyone loves Bi-Facil remover, but it leaves a film on my eyes, unlike other removers I’ve tried. I like their mascaras, but for some reason they just don’t last on me. Most of their products are a miss for me because of their rampant use of fragrance.

My mom likes some of their products, mostly the eye cream and the two things in the tall blue and pink containers (I think one is a tinted moisturizer?) as well as the lipsticks.

I really do love their foundations (especially their color ranges – they really do cater to WOC). Lisa Eldridge has brought on some more innovative products for the brand (e.g. Highlighters and the cushion blushers) but the eyeshadows look like they continue to disappoint..

I actually like their blushes. I have a peach one with a highlighter/bronzer (I use as shadow) and a very light subtle pink blush for days I need to be more conservative in my look. Its lasts on my skin and I’ve been pretty happy with the way the peach looks on me. I also love love love Definicils and their lipsticks.

That’s about it for me though – just their lipsticks and blush. I’m not a fan of their other makeup or skincare. I love Lisa Eldridge and her approach to makeup, I just wish they had some more innovative products.

Their eye shadows are terrible. But they are very strong when it comes to their skincare and their foundation. Especially the color range of their foundation. I’m very impressed with how deep the shades go.

I actually really love Lancome. Their tient idole foundation is amazing,both the stick and liquid, they have a really nice pressed powder and a concealer in a tube, I believe it’s called the effacernes that is amazing. Their blush subtil formula is one of the best blushes on the market in my opinion but for some reason nobody speaks about them. The bi facil makeup remover and the generifique toner is also quite stellar. The rouge in love lipstick formula is excellent and forgiving on the lips and their mascaras for me are consistent across the board. Hypnose Drama is my fave. They do the best mascaras imo. and this is coming from a 25 year old who fell in love with makeup at 18 and who buys wayyyy too much. But for some reason they don’t attract a younger audience. Judging by the comments it would seem that they haven’t done too many new things in recent times. Perhaps they need to reinvent their image and make themselves more relevant, something along the lines of what Estee Lauder did with KJ and Estee Edit. But yes their eyeshadows are quite disappointing

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