Rant & Rave: Eyebrows

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my answer: I know they’re sisters, not twins, but man, it can be a challenge getting them to look similar enough that it isn’t too noticeable! They can also be a pain to maintain, depending on your method, and just are always an item on the to-do list, lol! They really do frame the face, though, and once you find the right shape and thickness for your face, they do wonders!

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I can’t get mine to be similar, at all. One half of my face is raised higher than the other and one brow is curved while the other is straight. Unless I had plastic surgery to move my brow half an inch higher, it’s not gonna happen lol

That is my favourite beauty saying of all time lol eyebrows are sisters not twins. I love how my brows look when they are filled in perfectly! I rarely leave the house without my brows filled in because it’s such a dramatic difference and adds so much to your face! But I hate tweezing ( I refuse to pay for waxing) hate how sparse my natural brows are and when you have those days that they just don’t look right!

I use to struggle with my crazy brows. I was born with thick brows but I went to get them threaded about a 2 years ago and the lady left them too thin. So now they are slowly growing back and finally fount the best product to tamed my crazy eyebrow hairs. No joke I have to use eyebrow wacl before hand then use my DipBrow Pomade (which is my holy grail) then oever with brow gel then again with wax. It’s a good 20 mintue procces. Definitely worth it in my opinion.

I hate that my eyebrows are black, since the hair on my head is medium brown. Just looks so strange. Also maintaining them – plucking them every few days, threading every week or two… It’s a hassle. Then they don’t even want to stay in place! I need a good eyebrow gel! However, I do love what my eyebrows do for my face. Because they are so strong I can wear super bold lips and it works.

Rant: OMG eyebrows have been a huge work in progress for me for what feels like forever. Never one to be blessed with nice full natural brows, I finally feel I’m really freaking close to achieving the goal: filling them in just enough to create nice shape, but still maintaining a mostly natural look. I went through a rather scousey stage–yeah never that bad where they looked like your sharpie pen variety–but definitely a couple of years back where my brows were super sparse due to my illnesses and the drugs I was taking, and I was definitely working too hard at it. I was creating too sharp a beginning and filling in with products too dark even though my hair is quite dark itself.

Rave: Anastasia brow pencil in Medium ash and Brunette. Thank you for saving me from myself. Oh, and thank goodness also for Anastasia brow powder duo in Medium Brown. They are taupe and so pull perfectly neutral taupe on me..neither golden, nor reddish..yay!

Agreed completely. It’s so annoying when they just can’t look the same and also when you find the perfect shape, fall a little behind on maintenance, and the whole shape is gone and difficult to recreate. Love the way they make me look beautiful when shaped perfectly, or at least that’s how i feel, haha.

I can definitely not hat eyebrows.. thats what structures our faces.. but I hate bothering about them too much because its very easy to go overboard and look made up!

-Eyebrows can really change the way someone’s face looks. When properly shaped, trimmed, brushed, and filled as needed they are the frame of the eyes!

-They are so high maintenence for most of us. I envy those people with naturally beautiful brows!
-It annoys me that mine are not sisters, they’re not even cousins. I have a very ROUND one and a very SQUARE one, so I usually have to pluck and fill the round one to make them both look somewhat similar. They usually end up looking severely straight.
-I strongly dislike the overly plucked, darkly filled/concealer countoured eyebrows ubiquitous on Instagram and Youtube. Never bought into that look.

One of mine is very easy, but the other always refuses to maintain shape. I also hate the upkeep. But I often get compliments on my brows, when I do get them like I want. I think it really is an important feature. Luckily, I look good with a fuller brow, so less maintenance than it could have been.

I know the pain of mismatched eyebrows. Everyone says “sisters not twins” but come on! I have one super arched eyebrow and one ever so slightly curved one. I constantly look like I’m doing The Rock’s eyebrow thing.

So I’ve in the past year, gotten really into doing my eyebrows. I don’t pluck mine because I like that mine are somewhat thick, and have a nice arch to them. I just like to add brow powder or eyeshadow, to emphasize them a bit more, and I just apply it with whatever brush is on hand, but usually an angled liner brush. Question: Would a flat definer brush work for applying brow powder?

I have unruly eyebrows, and it is so so so difficult to wrangle them into acceptable shapes. I’d like to have straighter eyebrows (ala Korean style) — but so far, all I’ve managed to do is to make them look bushy. And when filling them in with brow products, it is so easy to pass into the overdone territory. For me, it’s an on-going lesson.

rant- I have a scar running through the middle of one of my brows-so they always look slightly different, even when I fill them in
rave-I am finally beginning to embrace my slightly thicker brows. I have never plucked them, and as I approach older age, they look very youthful.

I have pretty thick black brows, but they can be patchy. Mac Copperplate is the best and most natural fill I’ve found.

Mine are close enough in shape that the differences don’t bother me too much. My biggest issue is that the hairs are so long and tend to misbehave. Illamasqua is the only brow gel I’ve found that even remotely holds them in place (and it’s so hard to find!). I have all these pics of me before I discovered it where I look otherwise great but my brow hairs have migrated down my browbone.

I used to wax (and sometimes thread) but haven’t in years. It was too hard to get a consistent shape and I hated the growback period. So I try to maintain myself with tweezers. I think I do a decent job.

Oh, and to follow up, I don’t reshape my brows with color/pencil/powder. They’re way too dark and strong for that. I see people on youtube deciding their “brow look” all the time based on what kind of makeup look they’re doing, because they have such fine sparse brows that they can basically cover over them. Not me. My brows are what they are. I just fill in the holes. Given a choice between that and having to draw them on every morning I’m ok with it.

I have a severe hate/hate relationship with my brows, or I should say, lack of brows. Ever since I over plucked them in high school they have never grown back. And it’s been DECADES since high school. Sometimes I wonder if I should just get them tattooed. I was weary about it before, but I was told they changed their method in that they tattoo each hair strand rather than filling it all solid so that it looks more natural.. thinking it might be cheaper in the long run as I wouldn’t have to keep buying pencils/shadow/brushes etc and would be time-saving..

I too spent many years over plucking, trying to even out my arches. On recommendation from a friend (who had beautiful brows which I didn’t know were tattooed) I too had mine done by a permanent tattoo MUA. Personally, best decision I ever made, and certainly cuts down on prep time. Anyone considering it I would highly recommend doing your research. I had photos taken during the process to make sure that they looked great both in pictures and in real life, and choose someone who takes their time and walks you through the process, has the proper and hygienic equipment and doesn’t pressure you. Yes, it does hurt, but sometimes beauty is painful :p One month after, you will go back for a touch up. Scabbing does occur, but apply the topical cream provided and you are still okay to go out in public. Very happy to say good bye to eyebrow pencils and the constant trial and error I went through with shaping, colour, etc.

Yes! I can’t fix my eyebrows in less than 10 mins because they’re never quite even enough for me. Then half the time I try to fix a mistake, and then it’s worse, and then I start over again! I so wish for naturally full eyebrows.

i love how they look right after a fresh wax/threading session, not the redness of course, but
the polished face framing look…
i hate how fast mine grow back…and the thick unruly texture

My ole lady…..Foo Man Chew…..hope I don’t end up looking like that…..brow tattoo
Fades away. Turns red-brown. When she does them…not even …not even on the arch.
Wished I never pluck mine when I was young.

Rants: When the little hairs start to grow back but I can’t yet get them with the tweezers – it drives me crazy. I’m sure looking into the 8x magnifying mirror doesn’t help 😉 Also, I have some white hairs that show up in my dark brows and I want to pluck them out, but I’m afraid they might not grow back.

Raves: They’ve always been pretty nice, and brow grooming is optional. I don’t usually want them too look perfect, so I usually just do a little light filling in.

I love how much they add to the finish look but I hate how much maintenance they are. It’s a lot of work to keep them looking nice and structured. I hate it sometimes lol

Gotta <3 eyebrows. For me, they even trump any type of foundation- or concealer-type product, with the exception of sunscreen of course. Gosh darn you sun!

And I guess I'm the odd one of the bunch, but I like to make my brows look pretty much identical. People always say they're sisters or brothers, but I like to think of them as twin sisters or brothers. 😉 And not fraternal ones, mind you.

Symmetry just looks more pleasant and frames the face even better.

They’re the one thing I feel I have to do every day because it’s has the single greatest impact on framing my face. Though it took quite a while before I found the right products for me. It needed to suit my soft black hair and brows while obviously not being stark black. Which I suppose was the thing I disliked. Finding products that would look natural enough. Also, finding a great brow gel. Without the Illamasqua one, my brows just seem to go whatever way they damn choose.

I like how they really frame the face, but I hate how easy it is to overdo shaping them or filling them in! I care a bit less about how my brows aren’t even because my eyelids aren’t even, either (one is more hooded than the other, and it really shows).

That’s what confidence and side-swept bangs are for. 😉

My left brow almost always looks better IMO than my right one, which is odd since I’m right handed so it takes more contortion to do the left brow. Idk what it is but my right one almost never looks as good. :p Also my brows annoy me because the outer parts grow in so sparsely. The hairs never hold a shape which is why I shave off after the arch and draw them on.

I’m an Esthetician and eyebrows are a lot of fun to do. Everyone has one brow that is more arched, and one that is more round, they don’t have to be exactly perfect. They are a lot of maintenance, but do wonders for your face. I’m not a fan of super thin or full on bushy eyebrows, but my pet peeve is what I call the “Nike swoosh” shape, where the beginning is full, and the end is super skinny. I constantly stare at eyebrows..lol.

I hate that i get hate comments for my eyebrows on my blog 🙁 and to that extent that i have lost my confidence …
trust me , why arent people bother about their life ? there are so many good things to do in life apart from MY EYEBROWS 🙁
i am not bothered how they look , good or bad !

wish i had some. thank god they’re blond, bec. i simply cannot deal. i don’t see why i don’t flunk the thyroid tests. i cover ’em up with glasses. if i get brave, i’ll have sephora do ’em w/ dipbrow. when my bestie was on the Lauder counter @ bloomie’s, she put on brow gel + i thought i was going to jump out of my skin. maybe just better left neglected. distract with bold lipstick!

My eyebrows are my favorite part of my face! They’re naturally thick and dark (but not too dark for my hair) and they have a wonderful natural arch. I don’t even fill them in anymore! I tweeze every so often. I used to get them waxed but a waxing incident about 2 years ago left them way too thin for my liking, and growing them out was such a pain. Now I figure why mess with a good thing!

Yep, whenever I fill them in I swear one is always darker, and whenever I pluck/tidy the edges one is always a slightly different shape. I think I have almost made my peace with it now 😉

I, too, love how the eyebrows frame the face, and can really help out a bold lipstick when you don’t want to do a full eye makeup look – just make sure you’ve got some mascara and softly filled brows and you’re good to go!

Three words…Anastasia Brow Pomade. It’s seriously changed my eyebrows and how I feel about maintaining them. It shapes them, keeps them in place..looks super natural…its pretty amazing. When I lived in India I used ot get them threaded all the time but in Canada it’s been hard to find a good “threader” and I don’t like to wax them so I just tweeze and trim them on my own to keep the shape and the brow pomade does the rest:)

I love that thicker brows are back in style; over-plucking isn’t cute.
I hate that people with naturally thin brows are feeling the need to overdraw their own to get false thickness. It doesn’t look natural. It’s like drawing way outside your own lip line. Work with what you have! Lol Just my non-professional opinion though. 😉

Being a redhead I have extremely pale eyebrows (hairs range from blonde/transparent to light red) so anytime I don’t fill them in for any reason my face looks so….wrong? Also they are pretty naturally shapeless so shaping them is tough, add to that my transparent hairs are so DIFFICULT to pluck because they are so thin. But boy do they show up under some foundation! UGH

I hate how my natural brows are so blonde naturally you can’t even see them! I call them my invisibrows. But, I really, really love a good eyebrow and so I focus the most on them 🙂

eyebrow’s are my thing, like… i’m really sad to say but i judge on eyebrows lol i cannot leave the house without them looking anything less than perfect. maybe it’s because mine are basically non-existent (super white blonde that never got darker with my hair and i’ve also never had to pluck/wax/etc them either) so i’ve always been really self-conscious about them. if one eyebrow is off or slightly different, it’s very noticeable! (re: story from yesterday actually- my allergies got so bad my right eye swelled and puffed up so much it actually made one eyebrow higher than the other. worst. day. ever. i dreaded going to work because i couldn’t make them even until the swelling went down… oh, about five hours later.)

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