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Color Correctors

I haven’t used these extensively, and less so in the last year or so. I think the only noticeable area that could benefit from it on me is my redder cheeks, but liquid foundation is usually enough for me, so the extra step of color correcting doesn’t appeal to me as much. I’m glad they exist, as they are useful for some!

— Christine

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Inglot cosmetics consealers. Great quality without breaking the bank. I need that since I am broke as hell these days.

I have a lot of redness in my cheeks/nose and the rest of my face gets sallow, so I love green primer and purple setting powder 🙂

The MAC Studio Conceal & Correct Duo in pale pink/pale yellow, and it has been a game changer for me. I use a pinkish/purplish color on my undereye area and it brings that area to my regular skin color, then the yellowish color on my cheeks to get rid of sunspots. On top of this I use foundation, concealer, and setting powder. Before, a little of my undereye circles would always come through, or I would have to apply NARS concealer very thickly and there would be a texture issue. It really helps to brighten my eyes!

I also bought a MUFE five camouflage cream palette in No. 5 to do makeup at my friend’s wedding and found it to be really not useful — thick and sort of waxy in texture. I’ll leave that one to the makeup artist professionals who know better than me.

I’m super pale, and I find that a salmon pink color corrector works much better on my under eye circles than just a pale toned concealer, which can be hard to match and often makes my face look flat. I almost always use a color corrector instead of concealer, and only layer for special occasions or really bad days.

I’m skipping this whole color correcting trend. Back in the ’80s/90s when I first started wearing makeup, most foundations were orange/pink based, so I tried a few of these color correctors to “correct” my yellow undertones, but it never looked right. Turns out it was the foundation that needs to be “corrected” to be more yellow-based, not my skin. Now, I’m wearing a yellow- based foundation shade, and it’s full coverage enough to correct/neutralize any uneven or sallow areas, so no need to fiddle with additional color correctors. If I need additional brightening, blush and lipstick work better than these color correctors.

I find that I really like the orange based correctors for some veining that I’ve gotten on my face as I’ve gotten older. It also works for the very dark parts of the circles under my eyes. (I don’t think it would look right on me to use the orange everywhere under the eyes.)

The best one I found for veins is the Smashbox lighter orange pencil–it’s the perfect consistency for quick application. I use the Jane Iredale orange corrector for spider veins near nostrils and the darker parts of the under-eye circles. In both cases, I apply a thin layer of concealer on top of the orange corrector.

I have some redness from rosacea but not enough to warrant using a green corrector. When I’ve used green corrector there in the past, it looked odd. A matte concealer to match my skin color works great for my redness.

I find that you can still see the colors on my skin after they neutralize whatever they are supposed to. I can get away with peach under the eyes, but that’s about it.

I think they can be useful but the current trends of using very bright, deeper colors (such as red or orange) is misleading. Those colors do NOT work for everyone, despite brands trying to convince us otherwise. A deep orange for example is a good shade to correct dark undereyes for people with medium to deep skin tones, not people with light skin tones. And red only works for people with the deepest complexion.
I feel like there’s an “extreme color-correcting” trend just like there was an extreme contouring trend. Hopefully it will die off too and we can get back to the moderate, subtle form of color correction that actually works, you know, without having to layer a full-coverage foundation to hide the green, purple and orange you have all-over your face…
Rant mode off.
I do enjoy Bobbi Brown Corrector for my undereye circles, it really makes a difference, and I also use products to correct the rather severe redness on my cheeks. I actually feel like yellow works better than green for that purpose, it just looks more natural. The point of color correction, imo, is that you can use a lighter foundation and still get the problem areas erased, instead of having to rely on a heavy full-coverage base. My redness is not covered by even medium foundation so it’s really helpful.

The only color corrector I have ever found any benefit from is something along the lines of Benefit Erase Paste. That peachy/salmon tone works a lot better for me at neutralizing dark areas under and around my eyes than any regular skin-toned concealer, and I’m a big fan. But any other “color correcting” I’ve tried to do (yellow, green, lavender, etc) has just made me look kind of… weird. I’ve thought maybe I’m just a klutz at it. But I think it’s more that the older I get, the less patience I have with gimmicks, and the worse my skin looks with extra layers of product.

I have hereditary eye bags with dark circles under them. A peach/apricot colour corrector is the only thing that hides the blue circles, so I am grateful they exist. My peeve is that almost all of them brighten up the under eye area so the bags are more visible. Bobbi Brown makes a dark peach one that works for me.

I like peach ones for under my eyes. I find that companies aren’t entirely honest about the other types though: it’s not a very natural look, but this type of stage-y makeup isn’t supposed to be.

Rave: When they work, they’re great. I mostly use green, because my fair skin sometimes gets red around the nose and cheeks, and I occasionally get acne. I really like yellow correctors and eyeshadow primers for those times when insomnia or illness give me dark rings around my eyes. (Too Faced Shadow Insurance in Lemon Drop is awesome for this.)

Rant: I think they’re being over-hyped and unnecessarily used lately. I find most greens are really terrible, and don’t do anything. It’s really annoying! I finally found and liked Nyx CC Cream in Green (I wear the Light to Medium), and the Algenist REVEAL Concentrated Color Correcting Drops in Green are really good.

I definitely think they’re over-hyped as plenty of people don’t need them and it’s another product to buy. For people like you and me with redness the green ones are great but that doesn’t mean we NEED them. I think the hype puts pressures on people (particularly the younger set that a: don’t need them and b: tend to have even worse body image issues) and makes them feel worse. Though I do like that better formulas have come out as I was sick of my Japonesque crayon and happy to find the Urban Decay one.

It’s the same formula as their new concealer, which I also like, and I’d definitely recommend it. I swatched ALL the green color correctors they had at Sephora and that one was not too thick but not too thin, not too opaque but not too sheer, and the right undertone of green for best covering redness with the least product possible.

The discovery of a good salmon concealer changed my make up routine and the result I could obtain while concealing my purple dark circles. Like always I find that this new trend is overdone. No one needs to use every color on a daily basis… And of course with color correcting, less is more!

Yeah, I use the Tarte CC undereye one for my undereyes after bad nights. Definitely helps. I tend to throw on a brightening concealer after as well which makes people think I am totally awake and can actually remember what they just said XD

Exactly! Recently I’ve been said that I always looked really fresh, glowy and healthy… while I was saying I had been sick for months because of an hectic pregnancy lol

Yeah, color correctors have really helped me for the last 4 years while I’ve been dealing with health stuff. People always comment on how great my skin is but underneath they don’t realize I look dead XD. Also hella skincare helps.

As someone with a case of major red cheeks, I’ve used green color correctors for ages, and I’m glad they’re coming out with better formulas now (my new go-to is the UD one). As for the pink/peach/muted yellowish ones, I don’t really see why they call that a color corrector when you get concealer shades exactly like them. I save the term color corrector for the purples, greens and super yellows. I’m weird like that.

I use a lavender primer from givenchy every day to lighten my foundation and take away the yellow.
Recently I have tried the stila primer with the swirl with Different colours to correct (Green, lavender, Rose) and I Love it very much.

Rave: I. Live. By. These. My face is super discolored and uneven between blemishes, dark circles, ashiness, and an overall zombie look…if zombies had acne scars. I take green on my cheeks and peach under my eyes and around my mouth–I used to use a lot of lavender but my sallow areas are livening up a bit recently. It saves me so much in foundation use!
Rant: CONSISTENCY. Some of the color correcting concealers out there (loving the NYX ones right now) can be really fluid and blendable. Heck, even cream products can blend beautifully. But somehow on my skin, maybe because the texture is uneven in places, so many “higher coverage” formulas that are thicker and stiffer don’t blend at alllllllll. It’s kind of useless to have red bumps and green valleys on my cheeks. I wanted a normal face, not a sad Christmas wreath.

Haha! I didn’t think of adding this rant in my own comment. Love your metaphor! I would not have described it better!

I’m quite glad color correcting is all the rage right now, actually. It means we have brands improving formulas, more variety in shades & textures -so everyone who wants to experiment with it should be able to find something. I remember when all I had was the old green Maybelline concealer that looks like a lipstick gone bad. It was greasy & too pigmented.

I have some veins & redness around the nose that makes me look perpetually ill. Rather than correcting people all day who assume I’ve come down with something contagious, it’s far easier to color correct my skin. The new(ish?) color correctors from UD have quickly become a favorite. It sets dry very quickly & I can put foundation on over it without it smearing all over.

Love! I have been using peach for years under my eyes. I recently bought the Becca correct order in red, peac, & purple. Awesome! I use the peach and red interchangeably. So, you don’t need both. I just reach for red if my circles are darker. I like the purple because I tend to get sallow from the olive tones in my skin. I don’t use that one much. I love that I can use way les foundation & concealer. Just looks less caked on. It’s time consuming though.

I love the Becca Peach. It has a tacky consistency but works nicely under concealor. I also really like the Sephora brand correctors, but they’re a little too thin of a consistency for dark-circle erasing.

They can be too sheer or too opaque and if you don’t have the right formula of foundation or concealer to top it off it can be ghastly. I prefer sheer correctors from BB and Becca.

I like colour correctors and have a purpose for peach, and light yellow. I find light yellow combats my redness enough that I do not have to reach for green. I think my red is ruddier, not bright red. Plus, I find my face looks more natural with makeup if I do not cancel all the tones out. Peach I always use a thin film under my eyes to combat bruise like colour, but then I have to follow up again with light yellow for brownish shadows cast by the deeper grooves. It’s a one two punch that seems to be working well. I set with a mini beauty blender and light yellow Hourglass in that area. Big difference.

I’m on an aging rant these days: I love correctors to combat aging issues, but it’s a fine balance to walk.. finding the coverage you need as you age without committing to a higher levels of coverage which look more mask like and less appealing in natural daylight… where I spend the majority of my time. It’s tricky.

I use to use a green concealer for my cheeks in the past, but I found that it made my foundation look & feel heavy. I just make sure I moisturise a lot, use a primer and a good, medium foundation and that does the trick.
I think a lot of these colour correcting palettes can be a waste of money.

About the only type I use are the peach-toned ones used to conceal dark undereye circles. But I haven’t bothered with those multi-toned face palettes that have the peach, green, lavender and yellow, though. Green *could* help with some reddened areas I get.

I have a serious question. QE2is about 90 plus, or minus. Her skin looks like a 20 yr olds. Anybody have a clue as to how she has that maintained?
I am American of many many years descent, family choice not mine. I just want to know about skin. What does she use and is it really that good? Some one pls help me.

My face is always redder and a bit darker than the rest of my (very yellow) body so I can definitely use a color corrector that hides the redness. But I don’t always use one. It just kind of goes in phases with me and depends on how much time I am willing to invest in my make-up routine. At the moment I don’t use any.

I use color corrector for my undereye circles and I notice that it covers a lot better. However, I have a lot of redness in my cheeks and I don’t feel green color correctors do a good job with them.

Years and years ago, I tried a green colour corrector from MAC (I think it was Select Cover – it’s the one that came in the small squeezey tube). I was hoping it would cover my redness/broken capillaries, which it did but when I blended it, as you have to do, it gave less coverage but just made me look ghostly. I was hoping I could wear just it with no foundation over top but that was not possible – you needed a foundation to cover the ghostly cast/green tinge. I tried a stick one from Physicians Formula and it was horrible! Oddly enough, a green correcting base from PUR Minerals was the BEST green toned redness corrector I’ve ever tried although I have pretty much given up on them now – just too much trouble and there is a limit to the layers of “stuff” I want to put on my face. I think too many layers – serums, moisturizers, primer, sunscreen, colour corrector, foundation – is just BAD for the skin. One product I do find amazing is Bye Bye Redness from IT Cosmetics. It only comes in one beige shade which just so happens to suit me perfectly. The tiniest pin dot of this will cover redness in my cheeks and look natural and last all day and I don’t need anything (powder or foundation or anything) on top of it. I don’t use it all that often but I find the BB/CC creams and the foundations I have do a good enough job of covering my “issues” so I’ve got in the habit of using them pretty much daily.

Love: They help with my bruise-like dark circles underneath my eyes, the redness/broken capillaries around my nose, and the multitude of acne scars i have dotting my face. I don’t necessarily like the feeling of full-coverage foundation, and all these show through pretty clearly when I’m wearing light or medium coverage foundation, so color correctors make my life full-coverage free.

Hate: The current trend of “””color correcting”””. How come girls who are as white as snow are using dark orange and red concealers??? I don’t understand. The point is to neutralize, not to have to layer concealer and foundation over a DIFFERENT color to cover it up. And people with flawless, smooth, even skin color correcting? What is there that they are correcting and what do they think they’re teaching people? IDK. Color correcting has a place in makeup, and it is not where it’s at now… I think it’s ridiculous and annoying that people are doing it wrong but insisting that they are makeup artists who know what they’re doing. Clearly some people have never learned color theory. This is more about my annoyance with people using color correcting wrong/trendily rather than color correctors themselves, I guess.

I’m so pleased colour correctors are becoming more popular! When I first started getting into makeup, I remember the counter people would suggest using red lipstick under my eyes to counteract the darkness because colour correcting really wasn’t a thing in mainstream, and they didn’t sell products specifically for the purpose. I also distinctly remember walking away from laura mercier with the worlds cake-iest undereyes and being super embarrassed/ feeling like I would never be able to hide my genetically dark undereyes. Now correctors are becoming popular I hope it pushes brands to improve their formulations and also that it trickles down to the drugstore so people can colour correct without price being a limiting issue!

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