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Bite Beauty

Not enough new colors??? Is that really a valid complaint?? I’d love to see the Prismatic gloss range expanded, and I’m desperate for a more shimmery take on the Amuse Bouche formula! I could also see the brand rocking a more semi-sheer/medium coverage formula.

— Christine


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Aline Avatar

I love their extensive shade range, but they go rancid so quickly. I’ve had lipsticks turn in year which sucks because they discontinued my Holy Grail lipstick and buying backups was futile.

Dianne Avatar

I’ve had some lipsticks grow mold on me as short as 2 months and maybe even less than that. Next time I purchased I put them on airtight containers with desiccants but they still grew mold within half a year or less. The matte crayon had a bit more longevity and the liquid lipsticks I’m just not sure since you can’t really see everything in there but I do worry. I’ve just given up at this point especially since I’m not really into too creamy products and the crayons are the only ones I truly loved.

Nancy T Avatar

Rave: Their Prismatic Pearl lipglosses are one of the BEST lipgloss formulas in existence, I believe! I’m also a fan of their regular lines of lipsticks, both the current Amuse Bouche and the previous formula, too. And I LOVE their lemon scent more than the standard issue vanilla!

Rant: The bizarre launch of a gazillion lip pencils, mostly looking far too similar. Then they finally added shades we had hoped for in the original launch, but then DC’d the entire line shortly thereafter! Same with the Liquified Lipsticks. Here today, gone tomorrow. Those only had one miss for me, Mauvember 2017. Otherwise, they’re really nice, so why DC them?

Lesley Avatar

I’m so, so sad about their lip pencils! I really love them. And just when I fell in love with them, they disappeared! And this is coming from someone who almost never lines their lips. I use them as a full lip cover.

They used to have good lip gloss, too and they discontinued that. They seem to discontinue things that they really need to keep!

Ana Maria Avatar

I never tried anything from the brand, but I really do have a good opinion of the brand. They are doing some things I wish other (bigger) brands would do.

First, like that the brand makes a lipstick formula `good-enough-to-eat`. I know one should not eat lipstick, but it’s on our lips… no matter how hard we try, we ingest lipstick somehow and I love that brand thinks of this.
Second, I like that they offer the custom lip color option in their labs / specific locations.

Heather Avatar

My complaint is that the changed the formula on their original lip balm. It was my holly grail lip balm and now I only have one tube left. ????

Cameron Avatar

Rave: I love Bite. Their lipsticks have a great selection of colours and are hydrating. I also love their lip masks and the new lip balm that everybody seems to hate.

Rant: Smell. I dislike the smell of the lipstick, I wish it didn’t smell like anything. I also wish they wouldn’t melt so easily. I avoid ordering them during the summer months because I’ve had more than a few arrive sweating and tilted because of the heat.

Natalie Avatar

I really love the fruit taste/flavor of their products- it avoids being chemically tasting. I also like how the line is actually made to be safe for ingestion because I think so many lip products have concerning ingredients considering how much a daily wearer is actually consuming them! I wish they would come out with some sheerer formulas, maybe bring back their colored glosses or do sheer shiny lipsticks.

Sarah Avatar

Love them. The Amuse Bouche line is very comfortable on the lips and fades gracefully to a pretty stain (with the colors I’ve tried at least). The Matte Crème line is very comfortable as well, and I wouldn’t mind seeing more shades there. Their shimmery glosses/lip crayons are super pretty and sparkly. Finally, I generally like the formulas of their products, and I appreciate the effort to not use polyethylene in their lipsticks (which is surprisingly rare these days..)

Sarah Avatar

Oh, I guess to add a critique…I think they could expand their “neutral” pink/beige/tan/brown shades. I think they’ve got brights mostly covered, but I’d like to see them test out different undertones and depths in those neutral shades.

Also, a line of tinted lip balms would be nice too. I know they already have the Agave line, but a balm in stick form would be more convenient for on-the-go

Deborah S. Avatar

I have to admit that I haven’t followed the history of Bite Beauty so likely don’t have enough information to answer this question. I have pretty much loved everything that I have purchased from them. I do wish that a couple of the shades in the Multistick’s were just straight up lipsticks. I love the shades and I use them but they don’t perform as well on the lips as a regular lippie would.

Leigh Avatar

They used to take posts from creators or makeup artists using their product on IG and post them with the shopping bag on them. That really turned me off as a consumer.

Seraphine Avatar

I’m in the tiny minority of people who don’t love my Bite Beauty lipsticks. I only have two (Virgo and Rhubarb). My rant is that they are too slippery and cause feathering, and the smell/taste is cloying after awhile. On the rave side, the shades are truly beautiful.

AJ Avatar

Rave: I am generally really pleased with their products, which offer good pigmentation and comfortable wear.

Rant: I really think they did a great job with Kale and Squid Ink, so I’d love to see them offer more unusual colors, and include some fun colors in their holiday mini tins. I’d like to see them do more metallics, too.

Lucie Avatar

1. I love love love the formula of the lipstick, lip gloss, and the plain agave balm in the tube.

1. They discontinued the luminous crème formula (which was amazing), as well as the liquid lipstick which I also find to be an amazing formula and such a nice change from the several years of all matte liquid lipsticks.
2. I find as a whole they skew towards the warmer side with fewer cool-toned shades (almost no truly neutral undertone) and a lot of their cool-toned shades tend to be either darker/vampier than I go for on a regular basis or that horrible griege or greyed out purple that just looks awful on me. They’ve had entire releases be almost exclusively warm shades I just can’t wear (5/7 of the latest road trip, nearly all of the spice-themed, all of the coffee lip glosses, the mushroom-themed collection, etc.).
3. Sort of in line with #2, I would just like a bigger shade range including more cool and neutral undertones and the lip stain and lip gloss color ranges to be expanded.
4. I don’t find the colored versions of the agave lip mask to be as long-lasting or moisturizing, particularly the champagne one.
5. Enough with the cava.

I realize like seems the rants outnumber the raves, but the one rave is a really really good rave and when they are on, they are absolutely on. And many of the rants are more “Why did you take away these other wonderful things” or “Make more versions of your wonderful things” so it’s not all bad.

serena Avatar

rave: their lipsticks are really pigmented and comfortable to wear, even the matte things like the multisticks, and they don’t slide around (as has happened to me with some other “natural” formulas)
rant: there’s not much—i just wish they’d bring back their high pigment lip pencils ! those are my absolute favorite. i got mine at tj maxx after they started dc’ing them

Alecto Avatar

Speaking as someone who dislikes lip glosses, I think their glosses are really nice. I like their various themes, like spice, and food in general; in the same vein, I appreciate that their names are unique but not trying too hard to be noticed (with cutesiness or vulgarity — not that I usually mind vulgarity). I think they have some really great colors, and while I don’t think they need to produce a cool gray, or black, or other similarly odd colors, I think it’s great that they’ve covered the classic colors, as well as some less usual ones (mushroom shades, anyone?); added to that is are Kale and Squid Ink — honestly, if you’re going to venture outside “normal” colors, those two are exactly the right strange steps to take — genius!

I would love it it their formula was more satin matte, but I know that’s just my thing. I’m not a fan of creme or glossy finishes in lipstick, and the only thing that would make Kale and Squid Ink even better is if they were less glossy.

Joanna Avatar

Rave: I am so impressed by the high pigmentation and texture. No cosmetics company offers a better selection for my apparently uncommon coloring. I would get so excited to try any non-lip products they might launch.
Rant: I wish they would do smaller sizes (with smaller prices), better in line with the short shelf life of the formula. I wish they would try different formulas to accomodate allergies and intollerances, because organic or natural isn’t necessarily safer for all. I’m annoyed by the repetition of one of three shades in every kit.

Gilad Avatar

Rave: Love that they’re healthier than most other lipsticks. Pigmentation, colors, texture, wear time is generally great. I have more Bites than any other brand by far. Love the natural scent from fruit oils.
Rant: Like Christine I want more textures & colors (btw, if you look on their site, there’s a lot more cool than warm, and I’d like more warm.) New colors of Prismatic glosses, more metallics & pearls, sheer/semi-sheers and glossier satins. Bring back the yummy, shiny Liquid Lipstick range!

Knmngrl Avatar

Rave: everything they make is amazing.
Rant: they discontinue so much stuff so quickly and you can’t stock up because it’s a natural brand.

Carolyn Avatar

Rave: I love Bite, for the formula, the staying power, the clean ingredients. The vast majority of lipsticks that I own are Bite. I’ve visited the Bite Beauty Lab several times to dupe lipsticks from other brands that I’d rather have in the (clean) Bite formulation. Each time the experience has been great. I like that they keep your formulas on file if you want to repurchase. I also love the multisticks and use them as eyeshadows almost exclusively instead of my pallettes from other brands. I find that with a bit of setting powder tapped on the lid after application, the color stays all day without creasing.
Rant: I wish that Bite would expand their Amuse Bouche line to include more warm reds. I’d also love to see a sheer formula. Interestingly, you can get any of the custom lipsticks made in a sheer formulation.

Jackie Avatar

Rave: Love the lipsticks…the colors are gorgeous and the formula is moisturizing and fairly long lasting on me. Love the original Agave lip mask too.

Rant: I wish they would release new shades more often. More pinks/mauves that aren’t too dark.

Jill Avatar

Despite my love of their colors and great pigmentation, I can’t stand — the taste! I dread applying it. Once the taste melts away a bit I’m happy. WHY do they use those disgusting flavors??

Lyn Avatar

As I’m reading these comments, I’m thinking to myself, “One thing I really love about BITE is the taste.”

I blow through my favorites due to frequent application due to LOVING the taste.

Dang, we are all so alike, yet so different!

Alison Avatar

I love Bite and I probably have more of their lipsticks than I do any other brand. I love that their formula is healthy and safe. I wish I could explain why but I do feel like I see the same or very similar shades over and over. If i could wave a magic wand, I would put Tom Ford’s (or even Chanel’s) subtle and unique eye for color into the Bite formula. I just feel that I am not seeing a range of neutral undertones or something I wish I could describe better.

Yen.Lin Avatar

Rave: Love the colour of their Dirty Chai lip gloss.

Rant: I seem to be allergic to Bite lip products?! After I tried one of their Liquified Lipsticks, I had a horrible lip rash. I seem to be fine with the Amuse Bouche formula though. As for the Dirty Chai lip gloss, I feel like my lips get drier/start to peel the day after I wear it — as much as I love the colour, I’m wary of wearing it because I don’t want to risk an allergic reaction. ? I’m looking for dupes of Dirty Chai!

Rachel R. Avatar

RANTS: Very few. They are on the higher end of what I’ll pay for a lipstick (though not outrageous at all). They discontinued the lip pencils and liquid lipsticks rather quickly. The Libra shade from the Zodiac collection was really ugly and didn’t suit the sign’s traits. As with most brands, I wish they offered more alternative colors. I wish they offered a wider variety of finishes. I haven’t experienced any issues with going rancid or moldy, but I know some people have.

RAVES: I think the Amuse Bouche lipsticks are the best bullet lipsticks on the market. I love their lemonade scent/flavor. I love their Prismatic Pearl lipglosses. They have a great color range. Squid Ink and Kale are unique and beautiful. Bite takes care of problems right away and are responsive to customers.

SaffyTaffy Avatar

ugh, my nemesis! Rant: the anonymous, “who knows what color I am?” packaging. The fact that the lipstick manages to be both drying AND smeary. The lack of midtone colors in favor of a hundred blackened reds and a hundred pale mauve-pinks.

Rave: well… I don’t know. That lip mask is nice, even though it’s too expensive. They have a nice sweet flavor? Well, and they do that Custom Lip thing in NYC and I’m going to do that one of these days even though I don’t like the formula.

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