Thank you!

Today’s a pretty cool day — Emma Phipps for Allure profiled Temptalia (well, I guess me — I so often think in terms of “we” and hesitate to say “I” or “me”), which is certainly a milestone moment for anyone in the beauty industry given the long history of Allure in the space. At times, it was hard for me to believe those words were about me and what Temptalia has become in the community!

I’m so taken aback by the comments I’ve received through social media today that by the time I sat down at my desk (LOL, I was in the middle of swatching/photographing when everything went live this morning!) to share this with readers on the blog, I’m almost at a loss of words. I’m overwhelmed by your kind comments and ongoing support.

Thank you so much: the support I’ve received from readers is responsible for the longevity of Temptalia, and it has transformed the trajectory of not just my life, but the people (and dog) nearest and dearest to my heart. There is no other way to repay that support than by doing the best that I can to live up to the thoughtful words so many of you have directed my way.Β  Thank you!


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Veronica Avatar

Christine, I saw that on Instagram!!!! First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! You deserve it. The work you have put into this site is a huge endeavor, and I, for one, am truly grateful for all of what you do. The swatches, the reviews, lists of dupes, etc…

Your site is an invaluable resource for the makeup lover, and it has become so important in the community that every single google search turns out results from Temptalia among the first options!

So all I can say is THANK YOU. So, so much.

Kayla Avatar

Congrats! I have followed you for so long. I think since 2008/2009?! Its been a minute lol. You and the site have grown so much. It’s great to see the hard work paying off. πŸ™‚

Jujubes Avatar

Congrats, Christine! I have been reading your blog for many years, and I never bought any makeup (especially eye palettes and lipsticks) without reading your reviews first. You deserve the recognition!! Thank you for all you do. πŸ™‚

Deborah S. Avatar

Congratulations, Christine. You provide an invaluable aide to those of us who love makeup and want to know what we are buying. Your dedication to quality research, fair and impartial testing and a rubric that maintains accuracy is truly exceptional. May Temptalia rule forever!!

Rhonda Avatar

Congratulations, Christine! I found your site exactly the way Allure describes–via Google Images. I appreciate the time and expense that just swatching must take. But of course, the jewel in Temptalia’s crown are the reviews. And the organization it takes to run all of this.

My only regret is that there’s no sister site devoted to nail polish! But if you ever run into one, please let us know!

Here’s to many more years to Temptalia and best wishes for all your endeavors!

Marlene Avatar

Hi, there’s a beauty blogger from Canada that includes nail polish in her reviews, her images frequently come up when doing a search as she will swatch whole collections. Here is a link: Temptalia and the happy sloths are my favorite go-to for reviews. A fellow Canadian.

Jill Avatar

Nail polish blogs seem to come and go much for the reason Christine mentions. Some of the grand-daddy blogs have sadly been abandoned one by one over the years: Scrangie and Peachy Polish come to mind among so so so many others that escape me right now. Beauty Geeks still swatch but not as often as they used to and they got rid of their OPI swatch sticks for comparisons because they said it was getting to be a full time job digging through hundreds of sticks for comparisons–and I don’t blame them.

I remember a few years back a repository type operation tried to start up, they asked people to make swatch sticks of their collections to send in and they’d catalog them and build up a database through that route and I remember seeing their huge pile of sticks that they already received and then…. nothing. Radio silence. I guess they realized it was going to be too big of a project? I don’t know, it was an interesting idea that never took off.

Rhonda Avatar

Yes, there used to be a place, Nailopolis, but I never see any new postings. And it seems there’s a new polish brand out every month, it would get expensive.

Nicole Avatar

I could not be happier for you to get this level of recognition! I have checked your site regularly for years–I trust you and your opinions so much–and it has been wonderful to watch your site grow and develop. You and yours clearly work very hard and I thank you for all you do.

Nancy T Avatar

Your beauty blog (more like beauty reporting and journalism!) is so very worthy of the honor to be featured in Allure Magazine. This is my first and most utilized site I look towards for the 411 on new brands, upcoming launches and new formulations, bar none. This is due to your in-depth, unbiased analysis of the products you’re testing, excellent writing skills, plus the integrity and honesty that the Temptalia site always gives us year after year. Through this valuable resource, I’ve been able to sort through all the hype and cut through all the marketing BS and be able to make highly informed choices in my own makeup buying decisions. This has included many a killed lemming I’ve had, too! And for this I’m thankful, as so many highly promoted products out here are utter garbage or just plain subpar for the cost. It’s refreshing to have a place to turn to that will honestly call those out. Then there’s also the “Temptalia Recommends” products that have yet to let me down and always live up to expectations. As a result, this is a site I recommend to others. Whether fellow beauty enthusiasts or those new to makeup, this is the place to look into! We love you, your doggo, and your hard work for us!

Mariella Avatar

How fantastic to see you get the recognition you so totally deserve, Christine. You (and your team) have worked hard over the years to make Temptalia the most valuable resource we makeup lovers have and you’ve done it to such a high level and have also made this a very welcoming and friendly place to hang out! Brava!!! And good on Emma Phipps and Allure for shining a light on you and what you have created.

Lauren Avatar

What a great feature, and so well-deserved! Your “blinders,” as you put it, are what make your reviews truly informative and an authority on quality. Congratulations on this!

-and aww at the lil SG shoutout πŸ™‚

Florence Avatar

Congratulations Christine! I don’t comment often but I’m a daily reader. I don’t have patience to watch beauty videos, and even less so when they seem like extended commercials. The format and quality of Temptalia is best for me. I know I can trust every word here. I also love having a way to track my vanity and wishlist.

Stephanie Avatar

Thank you for the hard work you do so we can make informed purchases. Yours is the first and usually only go to for information, reviews and swatches.

Maggie Avatar

I just read the interview! I’m actually surprised Allure hasn’t done the interview sooner–temptalia has been around for quite a while as well. She accurately highlighted the niche you inhabit in the sphere of beauty influencers/bloggers/reviewers. Thank you so much Christine for your hard work and your unique approach to it. I’ve been following you regularly since 2010 (I think).

JoAnn Moran Avatar

Congratulations Christine. I’ve been a long time reader. Your links also work better than they used to. What sets you apart is that you show the product on your face and you don’t just swatch it on your arm. That makes a big difference. Of course, you also swatch and demonstrate more than any other blogger. I don’t know how you fit it all in.

Francesca Avatar

I’m very happy for you, you deserve all this is. Allure’s article is very precise an captures precisely the spirt of your blog and your work. I think your blog is a milestone for every makeup lovers all-over the word (hey I’m one if the 55 % non US reading eh), and you are likley the only one bleauty blogger (I hate the word ‘influencer’ and I think this therms do not give justice to you) I trust blindly when it comes to honest rewiev. I can feel your love and dedition to your work and what I like most is your ‘scientific/engineeristic approach to review (I am an engineer, I love this approach in every field). Hope your blog will gain even more success and you’ll continue to do this for many many years, with the same love, passion and dedication.

Ginny Avatar

I can’t think of another site that is as valuable a reference tool for me as Temptalia. Not just for makeup of course, for anything that I would be browsing for purchase. Your image library is so thorough and consistent, and as representative of β€œreal life” as one can get on the internet. You truly are unmatched across industries, Christine! I’ve been following you since maybe 2013 and check the site at least once a week (but often everyday).

Z Avatar

Congrats! I’ve been here since the beginning (or very close) and you’ve been a staple in my life from the very start. I appreciate your hard work and ethics when it comes to how you present information. And as far as how damn useful your site is?? I don’t know what I’d do without you – and I’m not even being a little dramatic.

Thank you so much!

Annette Avatar

It’s weird to say “congrats, Christine” when I realize it’s been years since you overtook places like Allure in really fostering a place for makeup fans to come together to celebrate products and to critically get past all the marketing so we can find what we want.

I honestly cant think of any other place online with such built up respect. Please never leave us lol.

Either way, this is much deserved and I’m so happy to see you get the credit you so highly deserve.

Nell Avatar

Congratulations! Well deserved Christine! I just knew this had to happen because this website is absolutely invaluable. Like so many, I wait for your review before purchase. You are an international treasure!

Florence Avatar

Congratulations Christine! I don’t comment often but I’m a daily reader. I don’t have patience to watch beauty videos, and even less so when they seem like extended commercials. The format and quality of Temptalia is best for me. I know I can trust every word here. I also love having a way to track my vanity and wishlist.

Ashley Avatar

Well deserved! Yours is one of the most professional swatch-and-review beauty blogs out there, with super helpful content that allows the reader to make much more informed beauty decisions in the over-saturated market of makeup, with a thorough catalog of information and high quality macro photos. It’s awesome to be able see the product tested through your lens in a realistic image before (and sometimes, without) ever walking into the store. With relatable real time talk, sales tips, comparison dupes, and helpful storage ideas, I come here first and often, and have for several years. Keep up the amazing job!

Jennifer R Avatar

Wow, great article! Congrats! Now even more people will learn how awesome you are. I’ve been following you for many years & appreciate how honest you always are. Thank you!

Liz Avatar

There are days that Temptalia has been the one of the only bright spots in my day. As I went through stage 3 colon cancer treatment a few years ago, I found that reading about make up calmed me down and made me feel part of a community. The positive inclusive space you have carved out while being both informative and entertaining is really appreciated. Of course you should be in Allure. You deserve it.

ShariP Avatar

Congratulations Christine!! You and your team are worth every word of praise. You’ve become my trusted go to source for swatches and reviews. I love that your site has become a valuable tool for us too. I’ve been caught in Sephora and ULTA checking your reviews when considering a purchase and I’ve even met a fellow Temptalia user. Again, many congratulations.

Dianna Avatar

This is so cool!!! I’m so happy you’re getting the recognition that you deserve. As a makeup junkie who has been reading your site for years and years, I can’t tell you how helpful it’s been! I really admire your constant hard work and devotion to the blog. Cheers to your continued success!

Genevieve Avatar

Thank you Christine (and Shane)! Thankyou for all the time and effort you both spend keeping this wonderful community of beauty lovers informed and helped when choosing products. I have learnt a great deal from reading this blog and am pleased to belong to this amazing community, of which you have created.

Tara Avatar

Congratulations! Never stop doing what you do. I love your site and rarely buy anything anymore without first checking your reviews.

She-ra Avatar

The hardest-working blogger producing such a high-quality and useful site that I love. ❀️

I have my makeup-loving niece checking Temptalia and my 6 year-old daughter eagerly peering over my shoulder. ?

With your honesty, no influencers are needed or desired. Brava!

Miska Avatar

A huge congratulations to you!!! The work that you put into Temptalia shows. There is no comparison out there that comes close. You have helped me countless times in making a purchase. I also very much appreciate the comments/opinions on here from others. A great bunch of people on here. It’s all about the makeup, no attitudes and I dig it. Everybody is always respectful towards each other…something that is lacking everywhere these days. You are so deserving of this recognition and I wish you every success in your future. Well done!

Christina D. Avatar

Thank you for letting us know about the article. If anyone in the beauty community deserves recognition for their service, it is you and Temptalia. Your blog is the only one I check daily and consistently refer to for past reviews, swatches, comparisons…all the things at which you excel. Temptalia is somewhat like the “Consumer Reports” of the cosmetics industry! It’s a lucky person who earns a living doing something they love, and it shows in the quality of the product. Thank you and all the best!

Tammy Avatar

It is ABOUT TIME you and your site receive the recognition it deserves. I was always surprised when I would see other bloggers get recognition and I would say what about Christine and Temptalia? Why isn’t she getting the much deserved acknowledgement for what she does for the Community. Thank you for what you are doing and keep up the excellent work.

DVa Avatar

I saw this on Insta!
So well deserved. Even though I’ve come late (probably 2017?) to your site, I see how much you do and from someone who also has a site I’m astounded (and truly, I feel quite lazy by comparison LOL) by how hard you work. Honestly, your work is your life and I’m thrilled to see it so widely lauded.
After this you won’t be able to let your foot off the gas–you realize that right! πŸ™‚

Erin Avatar

Congratulations!! So well deserved!! If you don’t swatch it, I pretty much do not buy it. You have the most consistent swatches out there and the most in depth reviews. Thanks for doing your thing!

Celesta Avatar

What a fantastic piece, Christine! I’m so unbelievably happy that you are getting this recognition. You continue to be my first resource when I am considering making a makeup purchase and I know that this will be the case for years to come. Thank you for all that you do and have done for this makeup lover!

TropicalCowgirl Avatar

This is extremely cool. I always have told people if they want good objective reviews, to come here. When I see reviews these days where the person says they got the product for “review purposes”, I just scroll on by. I have been spoiled by your objectivity and honest reviews.

Thanks for all you do!

Christina Avatar

Congratulations, Christine! You are truly the hardest working blogger out there with unbiased views that readers can trust. I’ve been following you since the very beginning (2007/2008?) and have enjoyed seeing the blog and content evolve. Keep up the great work! You deserve every bit of recognition!

Jeanne Avatar

Congrats! What a nice profile – I’ve been a fan of yours since you were still making YouTube videos and have loved seeing how this site has grown and deepened. Others may treat makeup like it’s frivolous but I love the intelligence, attention to detail, and ethical approach you take – we all appreciate it!

bridget Avatar

Congratulations Christine!!! I have a funny story about that article. One week ago, I sent a screenshot from temptalia (for a NARS swatch of endangered red) and my sister was like “who is she? her face is very familiar”. I was like “it’s Christine!’ and she said “Christine who?” and I said “What do you mean Christine who? it’s Temptalia!” then I explained the whole concept of Temptalia. Two weeks later, she sent me a text message “Your friend Christine is in Allure!” I had to laugh because you are the internet friend and the trusted reviewer of this makeup community! We are proud of you!! Much deserved success

Carmen Avatar

Congratulations, Christine!
Well deserved! Ive been following your blog for many years, since just after you started it, I think.
I still live it and your looks which give me great tips and inspiration.
And also the info about sales!

Sandy Avatar

Congrats, Christine! So well deserved…thank you for all your hard work. Your site is a source of good info on products and such a wonderful mental health break for me. So, thank you thank you! :o)

Marianna Avatar

Congratulations Christine! I have witnessed the amount of work you put in this business from the beginning and I admire your work ethics. You helped so much in choosing certain products. Although I less often go to your site these days, I would opt for Temptalia to decide whether to buy a product or not. Thank you for your honest reviews and kind comments! Marianna from Europe

Jane Avatar

You’re the best in the field! It’s easy to say this because it’s true. You a my GO TO site to check out products. Yes, I check out You Tubers for practicing, having fun or seeing second or third views, but you’re my “specialist”, no-playing, give-it-to-me straight beauty product influencer.

Thank you for your YEARS of hard and meticulous work. You take the BEST photos and no one has the vanity and dupes like you have with the history to boot! Yes, they say give praise where it’s due and it’ due to you Christine and your “team” is you have one.

God bless you and yours!

Ayfer Avatar

Congrats Christine, you deserve this – even more! And thank you so much for your hard work. Because of the huuuge product database/archive from “”, I’ve gained so much helpful knowledge about makeup products, which I really appreciate!

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