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– Where do you find inspiration for a look?

– What make-up tips would you give someone who has only started wearing glasses or contacts?

– Do you have problems with sensitive/watery eyes making your eyeshadow go patchy? What do you do to prevent or address that?

– How do you deal with frizzy hair?

– Do you wear lip primers?

– How do you deal with make-up stains on clothing or carpet?

– Have you ever tried de-scenting a product? How do you do it?

These are great suggestions for questions.

I have a problem with sensitive eyes that makes my eyeshadow get patchy. I thought I was the only one, so it’s validating to hear from another reader. It drives me crazy because I don’t always understand why. I can identify some products that irritate my eyes (much more my right eye than my left), but not always. Some products are fine on some days but problematic on other days.

Nicole, in my case, it’s always the worst right after I get up. What I find helps somewhat is to apply moisturizing eyedrops like crazy then waiting a while before applying my eye make-up. However, who has the time for that, right? :/

I was told by my optometrist that eye irritations are more commonly caused by purple or pink eyeshadows. Do you wear these colours? Is it a particular brand that you find irritates your eyes?

I do wear those colors sometimes, but it’s no worse than what I experience when I wear neutrals. However, my eyes get watery even when I don’t wear eyeshadows for weeks, so while I think eyeshadow may make things worse, it doesn’t cause the sensitivity, per se.

I think the main reason was climate change, I used to live in the tropics but now I live in Australia, which is very dry compared to what I’m used to. I also notice that it’s much worse when I haven’t been getting enough sleep.

@Helena, I agree, it’s really annoying. My eyes has only started to get this bad since I moved from Indonesia to Australia. It hates the dry climate, it seems! Strangely, it didn’t really improve when I visit Indonesia, either.

I always keep a tissue handy. I make the corner into a point and ‘dip’ it into the inner corner of my eye to wick up the watering and keep it in check. As for preventing, I’m not sure how to prevent it because my eyes water off & on. Hope this might be helpful.

If your house was on fire and you could only take the makeup you could carry in your hands, what would you save? (Assume that all loved ones, pets and all other valuables had already been saved).

If you could give your younger self any makeup advice, what would it be?

What would you change about your sister/best friend/work colleague’s look?

mine would HAVE to be something to make my eyelids SHINY, like Vaseline does, but not smear off all my other stuff. I love shiny looking eyelids but they’re hard to achieve/ wear. You can use gloss for a photo shoot or something short-term but to wear all day, it’s tough. That would be my wish.

Do you choose your complete skincare regime from one brand/line or do you mix and match lots of brands to get the results you want?

“Do you have any makeup related allergies? Which?”
“Do you do the eyes, the lips, or the face first?”
“Do you like to do others’ makeup? Why?”
“Do you match your makeup to your manicure?”
“Do you match your manicure to your pedicure?”
“Do you ever plan your outfit to go with your makeup, and not the opposite?”

Makeup related allergies, yes. Vitamin E, otherwise known as tocopherol or tocopherol acetate. My dermatologist told me it is very common to be allergic to topically applied Vitamin E so why do so many companies use it?

Do you shave your legs everyday and what shaver do you like? Do you ever self wax and what brands do you use? If you remove hair from your face, what method(s) do you use?

I would really love to hear people’s opinions on which brands/types of matte lipsticks are most consistently both transfer proof AND least uncomfortable on the lips over the hours of wear. I have had nice luck with Besame lipsticks as well as the Sephora lip cremes and Mac’s Russian red and Viva Glam I.

How full would your ideal cosmetics shelves be, on the scale between „just HG minimalism“ to „as many products as it gets“?

If you could have 3 wishes towards cosmetics producers, to solve your long-term struggles, what would they be?

What would be your 3 absolute HG products, within those that are still produced?

What was the best advice you have ever got, regarding…
… sun protection
… minimizing redness of your skin
…anti-aging skin care

What has been your favourite cosmetics gift your received without choosing or stiring it yourself?

And my very specific personal question/ struggle I would love, love, love to get advice for:
Does anybody else believe in having „fair AND olive AND neutral-cool skin tone“ here? Because I have a feeling cosmetics producers completely ignore its existence. If you too have super light „greenish“ skintone, what foundations/ BBs/ CCs have you discovered? (I am familiar with temptalia foundation matrix, but cannot put this combo in there specifically. 99% of foundations look too pinkish, too peachy, too orangey, or too grey on me. I need it literally cool-yellow-greenish.

Christine, thanks a lot for all the work on this blog!

OMG..I feel your foundation pain. I have yellow/greenish skin that probably runs more to neutral than yours and I’m light skinned as opposed to fair. I do not have a single foundation in my considerable stash that accurately represents my skintone. Sad! For years MUA’s would take one look at me and slot me in the warm category which is so wrong. Their foundation choices would oxidize and turn this horrible, ghastly orange. Conversely intense yellow tones do not match either and turn a muddy ochre on me, less than flattering as well. I cannot wear pink undertones (they pull grey ashy), peach undertones, beige undertones. It’s unbelievably frustrating and I typically do a lot of blending down neck and chest; far from a perfect solution in summer when wearing light clothes or less clothes. My best foundation ‘matches’ are shades that are labelled neutral and have a balance of pink and yellow undertones. This isn’t perfect either, ’cause yeah, I’ve got those what I call weird green tones, but it is about as best as it gets. I agree entirely and wholeheartedly with you, these skintones are not covered.

I’m fair with a greenish undertone and I’m definitely “cool” (golds look terrible on me for instance). I’ve been wearing Alima Pure satin matte foundation in “Olive” in 0 or 1 lately and I’d say it’s a pretty good match. It’s a loose mineral foundation which tend to be more forgiving too. I also buy a big jar of my closest match and add a couple of sample jars of other colors so that I can play around a bit. I’ve recently used up a foundation from Bourjois in the color “51” (light vanilla or something similar, I ordered it from ASOS) which is decent, not to mention cheap (I’ve more or less given up on the drugstore foundations for ever though, this is the only exception). But the quest continues…

It’s not perfect but I’ve had my best luck with sheer, neutral foundations. I’m light with an olive tone (though I lean a bit more warm). Chanel foundations and NARS Tinted Moisturizer have worked best for me so far. I’ve heard good things about MUFE HD Invisible cover in #123 but it’s for light skin. NARS TM is great if you fit in the shade range. The shade Finland also leans more pink while Alaska a bit more yellow.

I dunno if you’re into powder foundations at all, but Dreamworld Hermetica has 170 shades of foundation in three formulations so there’s probably a match for you somewhere. I use Meow Cosmetics foundation which has a mere 85 shades. If you don’t like it as a foundation, and I know not all people do, perhaps one could work as a setting powder to bring whatever you’re wearing to a closer match.

I’m in that boat actually. Though I’m more light rather than very fair and also have the yellowish-green tone. I’ve never tried it myself but Mehron has great cream foundations that come in many shades. So do Graftobian HD Glamour Cremes–they also come in many shades you can mix and match in–I have tried these and they’re great for photography or studio looks but my personal gripe with these is that they don’t last long on my combo-oily skin. I personally reach for Revlon Whipped Creme Foundation in Buff and then mix in a darker shade of the same line.

Favorite combo lipstick/lipliner or
Favorite combo lipstick/lipgloss.
Tips for growing out the eyebrows
Tips and HG products for watery eyes.

What is your least favorite part of your beauty routine?
What wacky style do you wish was more mainstream?
What product/technique do you whip out when you need an emergency confidence boost?
What product do you wish you could buy for all your friends?
Historical/Dated trend you wish would come back?
One product you would bring to the International Space Station (because to a desert island you pack a radio and survivalist equipment)
Next body part the media will start shaming?
What’s your favorite blending shade?
Product you have but wish you knew what to do with?

Next body part the media will start shaming: Armpits. Gotta have that precious armpit gap! I’m calling it now, if it isn’t already a thing.

Chloe, armpit-shaming has already happened in many Asian countries. However, instead of shaming ladies for having no armpit gap, they shame them for having armpits that aren’t blindingly white. Whitening products for armpits (as well as nipples and vulvas) already exist, depressingly.

Thanks for the info, I had no idea! I guess there isn’t any part of the body that’s safe from criticism. Whitening the nipples and vulva is especially alarming.

You’re welcome! It’s certainly alarming and sad at the same time. The idea that there are companies making profits by shaming and creating insecurities around the female body makes me so mad. More so since said insecurities are often passed on to young children.

What is the best idea you’ve learned from other readers comments? Did you find a HG product? A solution to a problem? A new colour combination? Storage ideas?

Hi Christine,

I have some ideas! There are some questions that, if someone could answer them, they would solve my life 😀

1. Sometimes my makeup lasts less than 2 hours when I go to work, and by 9 or 10 AM I have practically no makeup at all. So, how many products do you apply in the morning before applying foundation (sunscreen, moisturizer, primer…) if you want to make it last?
2. What kind of lipgloss looks better to make your teeth look whiter?
3. What makeup colors, products or looks would you recommend if you will have a job interview?

Thanks!!! 😀

Generally, questions that are like “What’s your favorite eyeshadow formula?” are more appropriate for Hit List – which is best/worst, fave/least fave type products or formulas, but if I get suggestions here (or via email) that don’t fit as a QOTD, I’ll often use them where they do fit. Yes/no type questions are better as polls. I try to think of questions for here as needing more space to answer or explanation.

Hope this helps! 🙂

1. What lighting do you prefer, when applying make up?
2. Do you do declutter to your collection?
3. Ever think about blog sale? a lot of us need good deals! 🙂

I don’t know if it’s been asked before, but:
1. How are you changing your makeup to accommodate aging eyes, cheeks, etc?
2. What’s your everyday lipstick/gloss combination?
3. Do you find a particular You Tube or blogger particularly helpful with beauty tutorials? Who? Why?

Present your all-time favorite must-have makeup items in a curated list of a maximum of two products per category (primer, sunscreen, concealer, foundation, highlight, blush, eyeshadow (cream and powder), mascara, finishing powder, etc). This could be a great resource for those just starting their collections, or for those wanting to downsize their collections.

Maybe colours that you didn’t think would work on you, but were pleasantly suprised by? But worded better.

But “What question would you like to see asked here?” is a pretty good question too, imo. 😀

which sunscreens (or moisturizers w/spf) do you like/use on a daily basis? i’m especially curious because i know you use differin gel (as do i) and it makes skin sensitive to the sun.

Do you apply sunscreen under or over foundation/makeup. How do you reapply?

Do you go lighter on the makeup or just apply more steps/thinner layers? Other summer related things. I think a LOT of our routines adjust for summer, and I bet a lot of us are still struggling to avoid the melt-face!

Fun beach questions – if you only can bring 3 things or something like that.

Do you ever match/coordinate your makeup colors to your outfit?

Do you wear any look that seems to always get compliments. What is that routine?

What is your go-to look for a black tie event?

Or ask for any unconventional techniques and tips. Like blush under foundation for a natural look or that Preparation H trick some folks may still not know, etc.

What’s a product that seems too good to be true but works wonderfully? Something like that.

Makeup pet peeves and myths?

The one ultimate holy grail product.

Questions about beauty boxes.

What makeup look/trend, that at the time you loved, you now look back on with horror when you see pictures? For me, it was the 90’s trend of brown liner with nude lipstick! LOL

Have you ever bought backups for limited edition collections? And what was the collection and how many of each item?

When on vacation do you ever purchase makeup not available where you live? And what was the brand/product?

What beauty products are a must when traveling?

Sorry if these have been asked or if they’re not what you’re looking for:

What ingredients, if any, do you avoid in cosmetics and why?

What is the best sunscreen you’ve found to use for your skin type?

What is the worst product you’ve tried so far this year and why?

Being as specific as possible (brands, colors, etc.), what do you consider your “essential” beauty items?

If money and availability were not issues, what would your dream beauty collection include?

What high-end beauty products do you truly think are worth the splurge?

The airline lost your luggage with your cosmetic bag. They’ve given you $200. Assuming you are in Sephora or a major department store, what products do you purchase to create a complete look? P.S. No cheating by asking for samples 🙂

I recently sent a message regarding same.. but here’s a thought:

How about a “Favourite product of the week” post for the readers. I always find a lot of valuable tips and techniques when reading others comments. Every week or so I will have a eureka moment with a product; I’ll find a new use for it, or I will find the perfect brush for it, or I will just rediscover something I have had on hand for ages. I thought we could share some of those moments in a weekly post where the Temptalia readership shares their favourite product of the week and reasons why.

How do you cover hyper pigmentation and sun spots? (not only deal with it or erase it)
It is not redness. I live in a VERY hot and sunny country and hormonal treatments gave me lovely melanoma spots that I try to fade, but since I live in a sunny place it is hard to eliminate them totally.
What is the best trick for them?
I used to have great skin, and still kind of is, but these are no freckles!

Does how your makeup looks that day affect your mood?
Is there a makeup trend/look that you have wanted to try out but have been too afraid?
Do you think you will ever stop wearing makeup? What is something that would make you stop?
Do you feel you get treated differently when you are wearing makeup compared to when you aren’t?
Has your makeup style changed significantly over the years?

Sorry if you have already done a similar question to some of these!

– Have you ever dropped a powder product and successfully restored it?
– What are your favorite methods for reviving old products, like dried up gel eyeliner?
– How easy is it for you to find your natural brow color?

1. What shade of lipstick is most flattering for your complexion?
2. What is the longest lasting eyeliner you have tried?
3. What is the most longest lasting foundation you have tried?
4. How many steps is your skin care routine?

I’ve read before that you don’t really have oily skin, so asking what products you use/suggest may not be helpful. However, do you have any family/friends/colleagues with oily skin who have hit the money with the right product or combination of products for their skin? (moisturizers, primers, foundations, blushes, bronzers – anything, really)

@Kaytlyn I have oily-combination skin, and I find that a mattifying primer (especially those that contain isododecane) applied on my T-Zone helps quite a bit. My other favorite product is the blotting paper with powder on one side from Palladio, this enables me to blot and touch up/powder my nose without having to carry around separate container of powder and risk is spilling or breaking.

Not dumb at all. IMATS stands for International Makeup Artist Trade Show!


The link will tell you all about it, but it’s just a big trade show for pro artists, exhibitors, and just regular ol beauty lovers. 🙂

We’ve all had those embarrassing make up moments or products we overused because we thought they were cool (glitter lipstick anyone?!). Can you share your embarrassing story or product you regret overusing when you were younger?

More on Chanel nail polishes. Such as
What are the top selling Chanel polishes?
Also, are there any lists that categorize Chanel polishes by cream, sheer, limite edition, etc.?

Do you become overwhelmed when trying to figure out which lipstick/lipgloss to wear for the day? I know I do out of my huge collection! So many lipcolors, so little time!

What is your favourite nail polish color combo for fingers and toes?
If you could only buy makeup from one brand for the next ten years, which would you choose?

– How often do you “clean” out your makeup collection? (Trashing expired items, giving away gently used products, reorganization, etc)
– what season do you look forward to most in regards to collection releases? (I love fall collections, something about the vampy lippies gets me every time!)
– do you stick to one lip color throughout the day, or do you change it up? (I’m into coral lippies lately so I will have a coral lipstick on usually, and I might apply a coral gloss after eating throughout the day since I am too lazy to precisely reapply lipstick LOL)
– what is your monthly beauty budget?
– is there a trend/look you would love to rock, but you feel a bit afraid of? (For me it’s red lipstick! I bought ruby woo but I’ve never worn it out of the house)

What are some makeup ingredients you wish you knew more about?

There have been a lot of awesome questions suggested so far, I think!

How can I persuade a cosmetic company to bring back a discontinued product? I am extremely upset that Yves Saint Laurent has discontinued its semi-loose powder in the ivory shade and I have emailed them twice requesting that they bring back that product without success. It took me years and hundreds of dollars to locate the perfect finishing powder and I can’t believe that it has been discontinued. I even purchased two new powder products introduced by YSL and I am disappointed in both. I have tried EVERY powder from high-end to drugstore brands and no powder provides the velvet finish and perfect shade like that achieved with YSL semi-loose powder in the ivory shade. What can I do to persuade YSL to bring back the perfect ivory finishing powder?

Twitter or Facebook if YSL has them. Companies know any questions asked are viewed publicly by the tech-savvy and so YSL would make sure their social media rep’s are experienced in customer service. Email is too private–open it to the public.

What are the must have products from Makeup Forever, Mac, Urban Decay, Ben Nye and Kryolan. those seem to be the brands most professionals favor for their kits. Within those brands, what particular products/colors are standouts?

If you have redness on your cheeks do you cover it and then blush over it or skip blush?

How do you cover up redness?

Stuff like that, thanks Christine! 😉 – Heather

When testing products, do you ever go out with two different blushes/eyeshadows/etc. on?
Do you ever sleep in makeup to test its staying power?
What’s your favorite kind of makeup product to review?

My question is:

What kind of sun screen/block/protection do people/models use in outdoor weddings or shoots and still manage great pictures? I’m dreading the flashback and pasty-whiteness people complain about when wearing sunscreen in photos.

Chemical only sunscreen(contains stuff like:
Mexoryl SX and XL
Tinosorb S and M
Uvinul T 150
Uvinul A Plus

Look for one that doesn’t contain titanium dioxide and/or zinc oxide(these are the minerals that cause the physical white cast. they are found in tiny quantities that don’t cause trouble in make-up, too(but possibly in bigger quantities in make up with spf, unless it also contains chemical sunscreen), tit is the white base found in everything and zinc o is also called chinese white.

I would advice you to not apply chemical sunscreens around the eyes cause they sting badly. It’s best to wear a cream without any spf on the eyes when taking pictures to avoid pain or the white and chalky look.

Do you ever wear waterproof makeup when you go swimming? If so, do you have any waterproof mascara that actually works and doesn’t run, even if you rub your eyes?

What do you do when you’ve outgrown your current makeup storage system? (Downsize the collection or update the storage system to hold more?)

There are so many great questions here. I love them!
-Have you considered any aspect of permanent makeup, like brows?
– how do you develop new makeup looks? (Copy a magazine photo, instructions, or lay it all out on the counter first to match the colors, or just start with one feature and then add haphazardly, or use one look all season long, or ??)
-do you really return products once open or feel too guilty? I feel bad even when I hated the product.
– do you buy much from sales lines like Avon and Mary Kay? If so why?

The one makeup item you wish looked good on you but just doesn’t
The best piece of skincare advice anyone ever gave you
Same question for hair care
Best trick you’ve found for whitening teeth
Favorite summer time pedicure color
Worst hair choice you’ve ever made
Best product you’ve found for dry/split cuticles
Favorite all time red and pink nail polish
Favorite ever Mac collection
Most ridiculous thing you’ve ever done to get a sought after beauty product
Most embarrassing makeup blunder you didn’t realize you made
Changes you’ve made to your makeup as you have aged
Ok, I’m tapped out…

Not a question more a post idea : What are the most unique, undupable Mac eyeshadows ? (I’m thinking duochromes, but I’m sure there are more.

I want to know if the lighter shades in the coastal scents/fraulein/bh cosmetics(it’s the same thing) 88 matte eyeshadow palette are pigmented? especially the aqua and baby blue shades….i haven’t found many swatches of them and i’m curious if they show up well on the eyelid?

do they last? do they last at least over primer(mac paint pots, for example)?

I’d love to see some questions geared toward curly haired women. After YEARS of straightening my hair, I don’t even know where to begin with wearing it natural. Questions about products, routine, hair type, “method” followed, etc. would be super helpful!

What do you wear on your lips when you need color to last all day / night?

Oh, I’d also love to hear about people’s beauty spending! Do you have a monthly / yearly budget? If so, what is it and how do you manage it? Etc. The comments would be a good place to answer this as they can be relatively anonymous, but I think we could really learn a lot from each other.

My question for you: What products do you use for other than the intended purpose. For example, I use UDPP in Original or Eden as lipstick primers. Eden makes a good concealer too. And I like to use Sin as an under eye illuminator.

If you could invent a (lipstick, nail polish, eyeshadow, etc), what would the formula, packaging, shade, and name be?

I have extremely sensitive eye lids and am looking for a good line of powder eye shadow that don’t dry, irritate, or feel scratchy (glitter!) Does anybody have any suggestions for a creamy feeling powder shadow? Thanks!

How do you rotate out your makeup? Or how to switch out products in your possession?

– a question along these lines because it’s overwhelming thinking about how much makeup I have! I don’t know if it’s just me but I kind of feel bad that some products don’t get used… I would love to see what other people do about switching items out or how to incorporate old products. I want to get in the habit of making the most out of what I have. I just love makeup!

More analytical questions about cosmetics…
-What have been the biggest changes in cosmetics in the last few years.
-Four years into the 2010s, how would you describe the look of the decade.
-What makes you instinctively trust a brand you have never tried.
-What kind of make up apps have you found useful.
-Given that so many high and low end beauty brands are owned by the same companies, which products are still worth paying extra dollars for, and which ones aren’t significantly different lower down the pricing chain.
-which independent brands would you most like to see succeed.
-What is the biggest misconception people have about beauty blogging?

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