If it’s a color I really love a lot, yes. Usually, if it’s a color I love, I can tell slight differences, and those slight differences matter to me. A friend of mine loves medium browns and taupes, and to the average person, they all look alike, but to her, they’re not, so she’s happy. The other case is if I love the color I have but may not love the formula and want a similar color but with better wear, texture, etc.

— Christine
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This is such a relatable question for me this week! I have and love MAC Satin Taupe and Sable, but I’m close to running out. I’m thinking of purchasing Naked 3 since it has so many beautiful colors including ones that look similar to ST and Sable in swatches, but slight differences matter when it comes to what looks flattering on me. I’m going to have to test them out in person this weekend to figure it out!

I unconsciously do. I definitely have some favorite shades, I find I purchase the same or similar shades from different companies in different formulas without thinking. I go for a nail polish, and think, Oh that’s a pretty color and pick it up only to come home and find that I have six others just like it.(๑-﹏-๑)

I try not to, unless the first one was a complete dud or something. Sadly, it’s not really practical here to buy lots of copies of things because of the price (for example, just saw the new Clinique blushes today, and they are indeed $48 each!). Also, you can’t return things for refunds, ever, so it’s hard to try things on a whim or find out that the new thing you got was kind of redundant 🙁

It does motivate me to use up my makeup though, so I can try the new shades and brands!

48 for a clinique blush, even a superb one, is ridiculous. I need to start a service where I buy makeup for people living overseas. That is crazy. How much is a tom ford blush or by terry?

I’m well on my way to owning every possible dupe of UD’s Lounge! I’ve never met a duochrome I didn’t like, actually. They’re my weakness!
I also have countless teal eyeliners and every one is different.

I sure do, but I don’t do it extravagantly. I may make similar purchases in lipstick, but only if the finish is different. I am also always on the hunt for the perfect neural eye palette, and end up buying similar, items.

Yes indeed – most of my eye shadows probably look very similar to someone else, though to me, each is unique and special and just “different enough” from the others that I had to have it/couldn’t live without it! And since I’ve learned that in other colour cosmetics, certain colours suit me better than others, most of my blushes and lipsticks are pretty “similar” in that they’re all cool toned berry/rose/red/plum shades and so probably look fairly similar too.

It depends, if they really look almost alike I won’t buy it, but for example I do have different shades of one Lipstick colour, but they are decernably different for example bright red and burgundy or barbie pink and fuschia. Sometimes when buying sets or palettes there is a colour similar to one I already own in it and i just don’t really seem to use both then so for me it would be a waste of money.

I own so many rosy-nude-taupe lipsticks. I can’t wear a lot of pale nudes because they wash me out, so I buy a ton of YSL RV #2-type shades because I love them so much.

What are some of the colors? I have the same problem, and find the peachy browns or taupey browns make the best neutral lipsticks on me. The pink/nudes make me look dead.

YES! I was just telling my friend this week that aside from all my other makeup addiction. I am addicted to any coral colored products. Even nail polishes. And i must say I wont stop! I want it all!!!!

My intention is always to buy something different but i always wind up with the same-ish shade (quest for the ‘perfect’ shade) of lipstick, blush and shadow….different brands but similar shades…(how boring is my stash!!!).

Definitely, particularly when it comes to lip color. Even though the shades might be similar, I like to try out different formulas in search of products that are more pigmented or opaque, more moisturizing, and longer-lasting.

Yes. I’m really drawn to corals in blushes and lipsticks, and I do own several that are similar to each other, i also cannot resist a dark, bottle green eye shadow, or any green eye shadow for that matter. So I also have lots of eye shadows in similar shades.

Oh, I do this all the time with the colours I love, for all products. There’s never a red lipstick or a teal polish that I don’t want to buy. Or a black one. They may all look the same indeed, but when applied there are these differences in finish and texture that make them all worth it.

Definitely yes. Fuchsia lipsticks and coral blushes. And probably, I’ll purchased more of this colors. Love, love, love them, and I know that are similar shades but I see the differences between them.

I do. One reason is that I don’t like to use different brands for eyeshadows in one look, so as a result, I have nearly identical shades across brands.

When it comes to blush, I stay within a narrow range, and once applied, very similar. Unless I find something noticeably different, I’m done buying blush for quite a while.

I spent quite a considerable amount of time & money trying to find the “right” red lipstick, and as a result., have a few dozen that are very close, particularly when applied. The same can be said for nudes, but I wear them more often, so it doesn’t seem as bad.

Yes, all the time. Sometimes I buy a dupe just hoping that the formula is better. I also often buy very similar shades just with a different finish or shades that are a tiny bit warmer/cooler that what I already have and like. Certain shades I just can’t get enough of, like light peachy-pink, taupe and cool brown eyeshadow and coral blush.

All the time. But I’m usually completely aware of it, and, like you Christine, I can always see the slight differences in tone and finish.
-Red lipstick with a cream finish
-Taupe/Cognac eyeshadow
-White gold eyeshadow
-Teal/Turquoise eyeshadow
-Medium Coral Pink blush and lipstick

I would, and have, lol. I wouldn’t buy like… 20 of the same sort of the shade, but I have about 5~ things that are the similar shade, but different brands/formulas/finishes.

Sure I do. Sometimes, I like a shade so much that I want it in different finishes or product forms, so I’ll duplicate based on how often I think I’ll use it. Reds are probably the worst offenders in my collection because I wear it so much that even small nuances are enough to justify the purchase to me, but I’ve got quite a few vampy shades that are fairly close to each other, as well. (You have no idea how crushed I am that Chanel’s Rouge Noir has been discontinued! ;-; ) I also tend to overlap on colors I wear a lot – like pale beige mattes, which I always hit pan on because it’s the shade I always use on my brow area.

Only if it performs much better than what I already have or it’s really cheap and I buy it on impulse… (I never do this with expensive things!)

If I have a crappy matte black eyeshadow, I’m not going to pass up one that performs better. This goes for most products unless it’s a shade I don’t really use and I just have it for fun.

If I want something that’s expensive, like a palette for instance, I usually go through my collection and try to find a dupe for every color. If I can’t do it, or can only find dupes for a couple shades, I’ll probably go for it. I’m still building my collection so there are a lot of colors I don’t really have.

I’ll also do it if I have a mini of something that I love (like a lipstick). Even if it isn’t used up, if I find a decently performing one of a similar color that’s at a reasonable price I’ll probably buy it.

So far I haven’t been a victim to beautiful packaging, but I have a feeling that as my collection grows it might get harder to pass things up simply for the reason that I have a dupe!

I do it CONSTANTLY and half the time I don’t even realize I’ve done it! I’ll be cruising Walgreens and a pretty color catches my eye and I pounce on it. Then I get my new goodie home and introduce it to the rest of my stash and realize I already have that shade in four other brands.

Yes! I have found this has been happening a lot lately.
Pinky nude/mauve-ish lipsticks, coral-orange nail polish, black liquid eyeliner, and red nail polish. The pinky nudes are because I just like those colors for everyday. Coral-orange nail polish is one of my favorites. The liquid eyeliner was because I looking for my favorite one, found it with Rimmel Scandal Eyes Micro-liner. And red is my favorite color, classic, and I love having multiple shades to choose from. Good question, Christine!

i often do this, especially with lipstick. i’ll buy something that i think is gorgeous, only to get it home, swatch it next to what i already have and realize it’s the same color. i guess this just means i know what i like?! i’m trying to get better…sometimes i’ll bring a bunch of lipsticks i already have shopping with me to compare. yeah, i’m the girl pulling 15 lipsticks out of her bag to make sure she doesn’t have the exact same shade (slight differences are accepted). other times i’ll go around to all the counters with the pretty shade i’ve just found to compare…then again, sometimes i love a color so much, it doesn’t matter how many i already have that are close.

Yes, because typically they have different finishes or enough variation in colour or texture to be meaningful (to me at least!)

If it’s a shade I really adore, a better scent or packaging will swing me, regardless…

Pink lipsticks are my weakness, I have almost every variation there is, I love them, even if it’s close to one I already own I most likely will buy it. Highlights is another product that I do the same with.

Absolutely! My biggest downfall is pink lippies and gold highlighters. I have a million and one pink lipsticks but I still can’t resist picking up a new one lol. Gold just looks great on me so I can never pass up a pretty gold highlight either

Generally speaking I try not to unless I love the colour but the product wasn’t quite up to scratch in which case I’ll try another brand – this usually happens with lipstick more so than any other type of makeup. I have several blushes but they’re all different although come to think of it as far as eyeshadows are concerned I do believe I’ve duplicated a few of them without realising (I’m having a few ‘senior moments’ these days!) and then I could kick myself because I can’t return them as I’ve already used them. Sigh…

I´m always searching for favorite colors in a better version that I already have. Like reds lipsticks, terracota shades on blushes; golden and brown matte eyeshadows..
By the way, I´m a sucker when it comes to brown eyeshadows.. totally addicted!

Oh yes, I am naturally drawn to neutral eyeshadows and dirty pink/mauve lipsticks. Like Christine’s friend, I see differences between the shades I choose, so I’m happy. However, I am more careful if I’m going to buy a higher end product – if I’m going to invest on a more expensive item, I do choose something different to anything I own.

I like to think that I don’t, but the fact is that I do. I have more berry lipsticks and red lipsticks that most cosmetic counters. I can tell the difference between all of them, but I know that to others, they all look more or less the same. I’ve tried holding myself back from purchasing these shades more recently, but it’s difficult.

I absolutely do this. Most of the time it is a different formula or finish, though. I do this mostly with lip products, but do it with cheek and eye products as well. With cheek and eyes, I usually do it with mineral products. MAC’s mineral products are so different than their other products in application and wear, I buy dupes. In mineral eye products, I wear them a little wet, so I do not want to wear them daily (they are heavy on my eyelids by the end of the day). I like having a back-up that is similar. Also, shimmer can make a huge difference in a color.

I suppose if you run a blog with an extensive dupe list, you’d have to 🙂
On a personal level, I agree, I do this a lot with colors I love. Especially for lipsticks and blush. Happens with eyeshadow all the time because of palettes and sets. Not so much with nail polish though. I actually try to actively avoid anything that could be considered a dupe, but I have way too much nail polish.

Yes! So guilty of this. I’m trying to be better at it, but I am such a sucker for neutral eye shadows, peach cheeks, and nude lips. In fact I bought three nude lipsticks yesterday! I always wear shades along those lines anyway though, so it’s not like it goes to waste 🙂

Yes. You kind of have to if you’re a makeup hoarder. Also, I find that if I buy shades that I really like, I wear them. I learned not to buy eyeshadow palettes with bright colors because I won’t wear them. Similarly, I would never buy a high end red lipstick. I have 2 red lipsticks and that’s more than enough. Meanwhile, plums and MLBBs are my weakness. I can never get enough! If I get colors I love (warm bronzes, browns, plums, rose golds and mauves for eyeshadow, for example), I get so much more use out of them. I personally can tell the difference between colors, which is how I justify owning as much makeup as I do.

Yes! I don’t do it on purpose, I just have that ‘gotta have it’ urge and buy it. I think I’m most guilty of having a zillion slightly different versions of eye shadows, lipsticks, and oh the amount of glosses I have is scary! For some reason I have multiples of some products and I don’t even know how I got them. Maybe I’m a black-out shopper?

My makeup and nail polish collection at a quick glance looks 80% blue polish and fuschia lipstick. 🙂 I try hard not to buy exact dupes unless I want a back up or dislike the wear/texture of what I already own. My philosophy is, if I’m going to spend my cash on something, I really better love the color and product, and will use it enough to justify the purchase, so I’ve made peace with the fact I’m going to go for colors I love and that I know work.

I am a repeat offender, epsecially with bluishes. I see a blush and think wow that is awesome and come home to find similar colors. NARS gets me everytime.

Yes! Especially if I love a certain color, but don’t love the formula. I’ve actually started working “backwards” and finding a formula I love, then looking for a shade within that formula. Much less frustration. I do reach a saturation point with certain shades though. Case in point…peachy-pink blushes. I have a bunch, but I do wear all of them. I really, really did not need DiorBlush in Corail Bagatelle, but it looked so gorgeous on Christine that I had to have it. And, it’s now my favorite coral-pink of all time. But, if there is a shade I rarely wear, I try to limit myself, knowing it won’t get as much love.

I have so much purple eyeshadow (and nail polish), but I’m crazy enough to discern between them all and think to myself “today, I want to wear shade X” even if it’s really close to shade Y, it’s important to have X.

I also have a major issue with teal eyeliner. I’m easily satisfied by my handful of teal eyeshadow, but if I see an eyeliner that looks like it might be good, I end up leaping at it.

Reds. I own more than ever necessary but I know it’s still a color I’ll always buy variations of. No matter how similar they may be to something I already own.

For colors that I love, definitely! I can totally see the difference between them, even if they look the same to others. For colors that I don’t use often, such as colored eyeshadow, I’ll only buy one of a certian shade, and if I’m tempted to buy another, I’ll remind myself how little I use the first. I really don’t need five variations of blue eyeshadow, since I rarely wear it, but I totally need multiple black and brown eyeliners and lipsticks in my favorite shades. 🙂

I try not to, but there are colors I definitely gravitate towards. Sometimes I search for a good dupe to favorite coots in pallets so that way when I’m home I can use the singles but when I’m traveling I don’t have to worry about running out of a particular shade. This has lead to several purchases of a similar color on purpose finding the “best” one. Lipsticks I’m always trying because I don’t have time to reapply a bunch of times. So if I wear a bold color it has to last throughout the day. I hate looking in the mirror and seeing a patchy faded lip, or almost worse is faded and dried out. Looking for that perfect hydrating (or at least not drying) plus staying power bold lipstick color.

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