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Urban Decay

Urban Decay Metallic Eyeshadow Palette is an eye palette that retails for $55.00 and contains 0.6 oz. There has been 1 variation released, which you can select from below or jump to these sections: Review, or Description.

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Our Heavy Metals Metallic Eyeshadow Palette is shadow mayhem in a crushed metal case. We packed this limited-edition palette with 20 of our most amped-up metallic shadows yet—and every single one is NEW and exclusive. Inject your look with a hit of glamrock for daytime or go full-on metal for a night out. From standout jewel tones like Amp (a killer metallic teal) and Twisted (glimmering gold) to ultra-flattering neutrals like Demo (bronze-rose) and Afterparty (an amazing metallic red), this palette has everything you need to create endless metallic looks. And it’s all organized by color: brights on the left, neutrals on the right. What sets Heavy Metals apart? We developed a whole new Eyeshadow formula for this palette. We bumped up the foiled effect to create our most metallic shadows ever. In doing so, we carefully crafted the formula on every shade to make sure each one would apply with a soft and creamy texture and create intense, shiny metallic effects. Every shade has a velvety feel for the perfect application, provides insane color payout and blends like a dream.

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2 Written Reviews

By foxwaffles 11 months ago.

Probably the best shimmers I've ever owned. I honestly don't need any other shimmers other than this now XD It makes it hard for me to want to buy other palettes knowing Heavy Metals has basically every shimmer in every other palette! The only problem is, of course, that packaging. It slides out and then becomes two separate pieces, and the mirror is in the middle! I know what they were going for with the whole metal, music, concert theme but I travel abroad pretty frequently and this is one of my no-gos. Very awkward packaging.

Tags: buildable, highly-pigmented, buttery, creamy, easy-to-apply, long-wearing, easy-to-use-product, great-value
Skin Type: Normal-to-Dry - Skin Tone: Fair-Light - Undertone: Yellow

By Lubna 2 years ago.

I bought this palette shortly after it was released a couple of months ago. It was my first eyeshadow purchase from Urban Decay and I love it! I have medium-tan skin and I like intensely pigmented colorful eyeshadows, and I find that I don’t need a damp brush or any extra effort with these. There is no fallout at all, the shadows are very creamy. Overall, I’m very happy with this new addition to my collection. The only thing I don’t like is the bulky design, it’s heavy and not very travel-friendly.

1 out of 1 user found this review helpful.
Tags: buildable, highly-pigmented, buttery, creamy, easy-to-apply, long-wearing, easy-to-use-product, great-gift, great-value, versatile
Skin Tone: Medium Deep - Undertone: Olive
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