Urban Decay

Urban Decay Ocho Loco 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil Set

Urban Decay Grindhouse is a sharpener that retails for $10.00.

Claims / Ingredients

The ultimate accoutrement to your UD pencil collection, this premium-quality dual sharpener will keep all your pencils sharp. Designed for use with our ENTIRE pencil lineup, Grindhouse includes two sharpeners. Use the slimline sharpener with our 24/7 Glide-On Eye and Lip Pencils and the larger sharpener with our thick-barreled 24/7 Concealer Pencils, 24/7 Shadow Pencils and Super-Saturated pencils. Each blade is made of durable steel infused with 1% carbon to prevent rust. This sharpener also works with most other brands' big and small pencils (if you must) and includes a plastic pick for scraping and dislodging shavings to keep the blades free of gunk.

1 Written Reviews

By Mariella 11 years ago.

This sharpener is SO worth the money. For starters, it sharpens both tradtional eye or lip liners but it also works for UD 24/7 shadow pencils and other "jumbo" pencils like those from Tarte, Sephora, etc. And to be honest, it does a better job on MAC lip liners than my MAC sharpener does. I hate having to sharpen pencils because I generally do such a crummy job of it but this sharpener makes it much better.

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