Ulta Automatic Eye Liner

Ulta Raisin is an eyeliner that retails for $4.00.

Claims / Ingredients

Smooth, deep colors glide on effortlessly from the automatic tip of this eyeliner. Color is long-lasting and waterproof, for dramatic, attention-getting eyes. No sharpening is required.

1 Written Reviews

By Shannon 8 years ago.

I used this eyeliner last night for my New Year's Eve look as an under eye liner. I like the color, but I felt like I needed to go over and over the line to help it show up. And it tugged a little, which was unlike other shades of Ulta's Atomic Liner. It was very affordable, but in my opinion, other shades (like the black, for example) perform better than this one. The redeeming feature of this eyeliner is that it lasted all night long.

Skin Type: Normal-to-Oily - Skin Tone: Lightest - Undertone: Neutral