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theBalm Balm Jovi Makeup Palette

theBalm Makeup Palette is a makeup palette that retails for $39.50 and contains 0.5 oz. ($79.00 per ounce). There are 6 variations in our database.

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This palette has everything you need to take center-stage! It features 12 shadows that are sure to top the charts. All of these shadows can be used wet or dry—so “live and wet/dry”…it’s up to you! The head-lining highlighter and blush are sure to set the stage. Sync up your look with “Milly” and “Vanilly”, the two included lip and cheek creams. Balm Jovi is compact and portable, yet it has everything you need to take on tour!.

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By BuffyDawn 8 years ago.

I bought this palette here in Brazil because parabens, which I'm allergic, are not present in the formulation. I wasn't impressed. Worst color payoff of any eyeshadow I've ever bought. Righteous, a pretty cool black, or would be if I could apply it without leaving my face similar to someone who works in a coal mine (maybe my technique is wrong?). I found the eyeshadows of Brazilian "QuemDisseBerenice" way better (didn't know of them when I bought balmsai).

Tags: sheer, buttery, hard-to-apply, hard-to-blend, fades, too-little-product

By Mariella 11 years ago.

The original Balmbini palette (subtitled "Babies of TheBalm Face Palette") is no longer available but I am so glad I grabbed 3 of them (gave one to my sister in law) when they were marked down. This absolute gem contains 2 fabulous eye shadows (including Insane Jane, which isn't available on its own and is the most beautiful silvery taupe), a small Mary LouManizer, 2 blushes - one pink and one more peach-toned - and a lip gloss and lipstick in a beautiful cherry red shade. Packaging is clever, ensuring that the powder products don't fall into the lip products and there is also a decent sized mirror. Great for travel or for tossing into your purse for touch ups during the day or if you are going out for dinner, drinks, etc. straight from work and want to add a bit of "glam".

Skin Type: Normal-to-Dry - Skin Tone: Very Light - Undertone: Pink