Smoky Eye Baton

Surratt Beauty

Surratt Beauty Smoky Eye Baton is an eyeshadow that retails for $35.00. There are 8 shades in our database.

Claims / Ingredients

Smoky eyes demystified. This creamy liner is paired with blendable shadow for smoldering, seductive shade combinations. With an ingenious double-sided design, you can create a stunning all-in-one smoky eye.

1 Written Reviews

By Kati 5 years ago.

The complete lack of staying power of the pencil end made me nearly god with half a star... The colors are really flattering, so I give them that. The powder side is nice. I cannot emphasise enough how bad the pencil side is. Like with or without a primer, totally blended and sheered out or left thick, set with powder, doesn't matter: these smear like nothing I've seen before. The pencil is also quite thick, which would not be a problem if it didn't dry up after a few days into a chalky mess. I don't get this product at all.

Tags: buildable, blendable, hard-to-apply, creases, fades, too-little-product