Peach Sake Pore SPF 20 PA+


skinfood Peach Sake Pore SPF 20 PA+ is a bb cream foundation with a matte finish and light-medium coverage and contains 1 oz. ($0.00 per ounce). There are 2 shades in our database.

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By Kat 5 years ago.

I really like this BB cream for my needs- I'm not a huge fan of heavy foundation, and usually am just looking to even out my skin tone and hide some pores. It has some added benefits like SPF protection, and I've noticed that my skin feels better/looks better after a few months of usage. It's peach scented, which I really like, but it may be off putting to others who don't like scented make-up. If you liked Sweet Peach's scent, you'll probably like this. A little goes a very long way with this, and it's lasted a very long time. I personally picked it up from a Korean import store in my town, but I've seen the brand in Ulta and this BB cream on Amazon. The one thing I will say is that the shades are extremely limited. I don't have a MAC number to reference, but Too Faced's Born This Way in porcelain is a good match for me. Peach Sake's 01 was too pale for me. 02 has been a good fit- but it's definitely not for 'medium toned' skin, and I wouldn't call it beige either. Which is unfortunate because it works well for me, but someone who is even slightly darker wouldn't be able to use it. I would recommend not buying it blindly online, but seeing if you can see it on yourself because the description is slightly deceptive and it does lean to being very pale.

Tags: sheer-coverage, matte, natural-fn, easy-to-apply, hides-pores, lightweight-wear, long-wearing, scented, travel-friendly