Metallic Lip Tar

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Metallic Lip Tar is a lipstick that retails for $18.00 and contains 0.33 oz. ($54.55 per ounce). There are 16 shades in our database, which you can select from in the View a Shade dropdown menu below.

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Metallic Lip Tar

DCDiscontinued. $18.00.
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Claims / Ingredients

After three years of intensive product development, OCC is proud to introduce a new breed of Lip Tar with a metallic finish. Infused with state-of-the-art metallic pigments with intense resolution, the opacity is an unparalleled high-voltage electric with a reflective shimmer finish.

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The Good: Long-wearing (15), Great Value (13), Blendable (12), Easy To Apply (11), Smooth (8), Travel-friendly (6), Creamy (5), Moisturizing (1)

The In-Between: Highly Pigmented (18), Non-sticky (7), Scented (5), Thick (4), Buildable (3), Thin (1), Flavored (1)

The Bad: Drying (4), Hard To Apply (3), Dry (1), Hard To Blend (1), Uneven (1)

3 Written Reviews

By Emma 6 years ago.

The colour is so beautiful, and stays on for a very long time without the need for re-application. As with all lip tars it has a sweet mint scent to it, which I happen to really like. It also came with a little lip brush, which I find really useful for on the go. You barely need to use any to cover the lips, and you can still acheive a full opaque colour. I find this particular colour stains the lips, but I like that since it means the colour lasts that much longer, especially through eating/drinking.

Skin Type: Oily - Skin Tone: Very Light - Undertone: Yellow

By Lotus 6 years ago.

This is a review for Iced, Pleasure Model, and Hollywood. Over the original matte OCC LIP TARs, these add the perfect touch of shimmer, highlight, a false fullness effect, and shine with whatever color you choose! Iced: a cool silvery shimmer Pleasure Model: A cool pinky peach shimmer Hollywood: A warm beigy golden shimmer Try one of these in the Cupid's bow and center of lips over any matte color to really make lips stand out with color AND shine that last all day.

Skin Type: Combination - Skin Tone: Lightest - Undertone: Pink

By Sarah 7 years ago.

This product is the most amazing metallic pink! Although, let me note that without a balm underneath (or the OCC Clear Tar, which I use) it can be drying, so prep the lip accordingly. If you find your lips are quite dry and flaky, make sure to exfoliate beforehand, as this product will accentuate any dry spots you may have. Wear time: Fantastic! The metallic finish stuck to my lips like glue! Feathering: None! Please note, this Lip Tar will set more quickly than the regular finish Lip Tars, but once it sets, it stays put! I went six hours with this including lunch and coffee!

2 out of 2 users found this review helpful.
Skin Type: Combination - Skin Tone: Very Light - Undertone: Neutral