Tinted Brow Mascara


NYX Tinted Brow Mascara is a brow that retails for $9.99 and contains 0.22 oz. ($45.41 per ounce). There are 3 shades in our database.

Claims / Ingredients

No shame in wishing for a strong beautiful brow! Our foolproof tinted brow mascara helps your dream come true. It sets, tames and tints brows for natural-looking wear. NYX Professional Makeup's dependable formula leaves brows feeling soft while maintaining complete control.

1 Written Reviews

By Ana Maria 3 years ago.

I have tried most of the NYX brow pencils and liked them, but somehow the NYX Tinted Brow Mascara was a miss for me. It had poor performance for setting and filling my eyebrows. I have longer brow hairs so I need them tamed; this brow mascara barely sets them and by the end of day they become unruly. On the plus side, it doesn't make the eyebrows stiff. The tint is very light. When I use before a brow pencil to fill in, I don't mind the poor pigmentation; if I use it alone it barely fill-in the brows, the look is very natural, barely there. I have never imagined I would complain that a brow gel is too natural. My second biggest issue is that it smudges during the day; that tiny pigmentation I manage to get simply moves around if I barely touch my brows. The formula is not foolproof, even in dry cool weather (I don't want to imagine what would happen in humid summer or rain). The brush is fine, just maybe a little too scratchy and a tad too big for my liking, but it brushes well. I didn't liked that the color selection doesn't match the other brow products from NYX. My go-to shade in the brow pencils is `Ash Brown`, since I prefer cooler tones for my brows. The Brunette the Tinted Brow Mascara comes in is described as `Ash Brown`, but it's lighter and warmer toned than the `Ash Brown` in the pencils.

Tags: sheer, migrates, smudges
Skin Type: Combination - Skin Tone: Light Medium - Undertone: Yellow