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NYX Alabama Matte Lipstick

NYX Matte Lipstick is a lipstick that retails for $6.00 and contains 0.16 oz. ($37.50 per ounce). There are 38 shades in our database.

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Load your lips with plush, pigment-rich color choosing from 12 brand new shades of Matte Lipstick—our shockingly smooth lip color that glides right on and stays in place with a silky matte finish that never feels dry. Now available in a range of fresh new hues, these playful pops of color are just what your spring wardrobe needs!.

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By Elizabeth 4 years ago.

It's quite pretty, but beware that it stains BIG TIME. It will leave behind a bright orchid pink stain that will be impossible to get off until the next day. The actual consistency of the lipstick is good though, without patching. The stain is the major flaw, unless you actually want a staining lipstick, which some people prefer.

Tags: highly-pigmented, creamy, smooth, easy-to-apply, long-wearing
Skin Type: Combination - Skin Tone: Very Light - Undertone: Neutral

By Jessica 5 years ago.

My favorite pink lipstick ever! This is a beautiful pink with blue undertones. Wears very comfortably and for a long time.

Tags: highly-pigmented, creamy, easy-to-apply, long-wearing, great-value
Skin Tone: Very Light - Undertone: Yellow

By Adeline 6 years ago.

HOLY GRAIL LIPSTICK. That is one very nice and inexpensive lipstick. Great pigmentation, long lasting and confortable. I took half a point out because while it's not 100% matte on the lips it's a bit drying. The color is gorgeous and very flatering on my pale skin: I get compliments when I wear it, and people are always surprised to find out this is not a high-end lipstick.

Tags: highly-pigmented, smooth, easy-to-apply, drying, long-wearing, non-sticky, great-value
Skin Tone: Light - Undertone: Neutral

By Elizabeth 8 years ago.

I can't complain! I have several of these and they're fantastic, often better than high-end shades. You also can't beat that price. They are smooth, creamy, non-drying, and long-wearing (several hours). They stay on almost completely with light eating and drinking. I particularly like the shade "Natural" - it's not actually a natural shade, but a berry-mauve that's very trendy right now. The shade selection is great; many dupes of popular MAC colors.

Tags: buildable, highly-pigmented, creamy, smooth, blendable, easy-to-apply, long-wearing, moisturizing-wear, non-sticky, great-value
Skin Type: Combination - Skin Tone: Very Light - Undertone: Neutral

By Gabriela 8 years ago.

I love the colour! this seems to hit some kind of colour sweet spot giving my lips colour but also having them seem natural. It's also buildable if you want to go for a bolder look. However...the formula sucks. The lipstick just feel grainy and dry and just seems to evaporate from my lips. it seems to have more staying power on mugs and glasses than on my lips. but i love the colour so much i don't really mind replying it a million times a day.

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Tags: buildable, dry, thin, blendable, tugs-pulls, drying, great-value
Skin Type: Normal-to-Oily - Skin Tone: Light Plus - Undertone: Olive