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NARS Velvet Shadow Stick is an eyeshadow that retails for $28.00 and contains 0.05 oz. There have been 18 shades released, which you can select from below or jump to these sections: Review, or Description.

It is supposed to be a “long-wearing, crease-proof” formula with a “velvety matte finish” that “glides smoothly” with “high impact.” The formula is certainly an improvement from the Soft Touch Shadow Pencils, which were some of the fastest-creasing products I have ever tested. This formula doesn’t crease as quickly, though wear is only five to six hours, which isn’t stellar.

The texture is creamy enough that it doesn’t tug, but it dries down to a “semi-dry” texture quickly and becomes difficult to really smooth out. Consistently, when blended, the shades often looked patchy and uneven. This was least apparent with lighter shades that were closer to my skin tone, as the natural skin makes the patchiness less obvious, while in contrast, darker shades showed just how patchy and uneven the colors blended out. They’re better as eyeshadow bases, as they’ll last a bit longer with powder on top to set and the powder eyeshadow will help even out the base. In order to use these as an eyeliner, I highly recommend using a separate brush to grab color from the stick, because the stick is very rounded and large, which made it a real challenge to get it close enough to the lash line to line as well as keep the color precise (it always gave me a more jagged line).

NARS came up with some really interesting colors, and they’re ones you don’t see as often with this type of formula, but for me, the formula just didn’t perform well. If you’re looking for a cream-based eyeshadow from NARS, try their Eye Paints, which are far superior.

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New Velvet Shadow Stick draws, defines, layers and intensifies with range and versatility. Glides across eyes smoothly in a new sleek propel/repel component. High impact with a velvety matte finish Glides smoothly Long-wearing & crease-proof.

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