Dual Intensity Eyeshadow


NARS Hydra Dual Intensity Eyeshadow

NARS Dual Intensity Eyeshadow is an eyeshadow that retails for $29.00 and contains 0.05 oz. ($580.00 per ounce). There are 36 shades in our database.

Claims / Ingredients

NARS Cosmetics introduces the new Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow. Double-down with the new dual-application formula – apply dry for a sheer, airbrush-like finish with a luminous sheen or apply with a dampened brush for high-impact and intense, opaque color. Twelve ready-to-wear and rebelliously romantic shades transform your look with a riveting range from delicate peach pink to fierce black orchid.

3 Written Reviews

By Emma 7 years ago.

It takes some building up (and works best with your fingers) but the colour is so unique that I love it. I wasn't a fan of how it looked in the pan but on my eyelids I was blown away.

Tags: buildable, sheer, buttery, creamy, smooth, blendable, easy-to-apply
Skin Type: Normal-to-Dry - Skin Tone: Light Plus - Undertone: Neutral

By Mariella 7 years ago.

When the Dual Intensity shadows first launched, Himalia was one of the shades I really wanted but these are so pricey as singles in Canada and I've yet even to hit pan on any of the shadows I own, so I held back. Then I was able to get this beauty in the Dual Intensity palette. This is a warm, shimmery beige/light bronze shade and I really like it. It seems a lot of people very much dislike the Dual Intensity shadows (while loving MAC's In Extra Dimension shadows which have basically the same finish, it seems to me) but I really like them. I like the fact that when used dry, these are not too heavily pigmented since I like to have a level of control with really shimmery shadows. But used wet, you can tget a full wattage type finish. Himalia is such a pretty colour for all over my lid, with a subtle matte colour in the crease. In the summer months, I love wearing this for an evening out as the shade and the sheen look so right and so "sultry summer nights".

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Tags: buildable, smooth, blendable, crease-resistant
Skin Type: Normal-to-Dry - Skin Tone: Very Light - Undertone: Pink

By Mariella 9 years ago.

I think this is my favourite shade of all the shadows in the Narsissist palette. Sadly, it's only available in the palette but I really hope they decide to release this as a single shadow. It's a beautiful, rich warm brown that is more deep than it is red (really red-toned browns don't look good on me). Used dry, it's rich but subtle and easy to blend. Used damp, it has a rich sheen but, to be honest, I find using it dry suits my needs much better. In finish and colour, I find it very similar to MAC Havana (LE), which I also really like. I LOVE this shadow

Skin Type: Normal-to-Dry - Skin Tone: Very Light - Undertone: Pink