Skin Glazing Highlighter Powder

NABLA Cosmetics

NABLA Cosmetics Skin Glazing Highlighter Powder

NABLA Cosmetics Skin Glazing Highlighter Powder is a highlighter that retails for $26.00 and contains 0.23 oz. ($113.04 per ounce). There are 8 shades in our database.

Editor's Review

The formula is supposed have a "mirror effect" and "unexpected brilliance." They have more of a gel-powder base, where it has a slightly drier, firmer feel but not in a bad way, so the product will pick up best with a moderately dense brush (as opposed to something like a fan brush) but have no powderiness.

The range was very pigmented but easy to pick up less product for a sheerer, more buildable effect. They were easy to apply, blended out nicely, and yielded a moderate glow that was smooth and not prone to emphasizing skin texture.

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Claims / Ingredients

A kaleidoscope of thin and dazzling pearls that redefine the concept of Light. Six bright shades, zero thickness, will light up your skin with a mirrored effect and unexpected brilliance. An adherent, absolutely imperceptible formula with a sublime finish that shines inside a precious and thin packaging like coloured glass.

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