Keepsakes Eye Bag


MAC Brown Eye Keepsakes Eye Bag

MAC Keepsakes Eye Bag is an eye palette that retails for $39.50 and contains 0.62 oz. ($63.71 per ounce). There are 3 variations in our database.

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By Kat 10 years ago.

This is part of the new MAC holiday collection. I love the lighter purple color. You cannot tell in the picture, but it is almost 3D with the level of dimension you can create with the colors reflecting in it. I did my eye with the lighter purple in the inner part of the eye lid and in the inner corner of the eye just under the eye, then faded it across the lid into the darker plum color. I used Quarry in the middle of the crease, and Shadowy Lady on the outer edge of the crease. I used the eye liner from this set under the eye and used a brush to smudge it outward. It wore very well. Sad always not to get my pro discount on the holiday collection, but the collections are still a great price, and I love that mascara anyway. Plus, who doesn't LOVE a black glittery bag?!?

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