Fluidline Eye Pencil


MAC Atomic Ore Fluidline Eye Pencil

MAC Fluidline Eye Pencil is an eyeliner that retails for $16.00 and contains 0.01 oz. ($1600.00 per ounce). There are 7 shades in our database.

1 Written Reviews

By Mariella 10 years ago.

I was really excited to get Water Willow (actually, I liked several of the pencils from this collection but I've got to start using up what I have before adding too much more) and made a special trip out to pick it up. It's a nice pencil - applies so smoothly and is very pigmented. The only thing is that the colour isn't as special on as I was hoping it would be. I just doesn't look unique at all and I could easily get the same look with many of the green pencils I already have.

Skin Type: Normal-to-Dry - Skin Tone: Very Light - Undertone: Pink