The Art of Sculpting + Defining Volume II

Kevyn Aucoin The Contour Book

Kevyn Aucoin The Art of Sculpting + Defining Volume II is a limited edition makeup palette that retails for $65.00 and contains 0.99 oz.

Claims / Ingredients

This palette contains detailed instructions and all the shades needed to redefine the look of your face. Make cheekbones appear stronger, your face appear slimmer, or just create a more sculpted appearance. The Sculpting Powder allows you to contour your face like a pro without looking overly made up. Get the look by following the sculpting guidelines with the included Kevyn Aucoin contour instruction book.

Make cheekbones appear stronger, your face appear slimmer, or create a more sculpted appearance with this contour palette. Kevyn Aucoin is considered to be one of the most iconic, influential makeup artists of our time. He pioneered the "art of contouring" and his innovative techniques transformed the faces of supermodels, celebrities, and women everywhere. This palette features cream and powder versions of his legendary contour products, conveniently in a travel-size palette. From three eye shadows to The Sculpting Powder, this palette has every product you need and a how-to guide to help you shape an expert look.

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1 Written Reviews

By Jo 3 years ago.

I remember when Kevyn Aucoin’s books, “Face Forward,” and “Making Faces,” came out, and I was fascinated by his awe inspiring ability to transform faces completely with makeup. Contouring and highlighting and all that was not mainstream at the time, and although I loved the books, I couldn’t come close to even attempting to try what he did. (Although that’s where I learned the inner eye corner highlight, which he said he did because he studied his young nieces little face and children have a natural lightness there, so adding the highlight with makeup creates a more youthful appearance). I was so excited to see these contour palettes by Kevyn Aucoin’s makeup brand. I know he designed the formula for the sculpting power before he passed away, and I love that the company went on to create the palettes including his quotations and guides. This has the cream contour and highlight colors as well as the sculpting powder and powder candlelight highlight. But not only that, it has four shades of eyeshadow as well, so you can contour your eyes as well. I love it. I love that I can take out the books with my daughter and actually have the products to try out some of his techniques.

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