N23 True Beige

Innisfree My Foundation 2.5

Innisfree N23 True Beige is a foundation with a semi-matte finish and full coverage.

We recommend shade N23 True Beige for light or light-medium skin tones with neutral undertones.

1. Fits just for my skin! A customised foundation with 66 different options Diverse formula each with different levels of Moisture-Coverage-Shade provide a perfect makeup that fits just for my skin Step 1: 3 Levels of Moisture l Matte - Semi Matte - Glow Step 2: 5 Levels of Coverage l Natural Coverage - High Coverage - Extreme Coverage Step 3: 11 Levels of Shade l C11 - C13 - C21 - N21 - N22 - N23 - N27 - N31 - W33 - W35 - W37 2. A skin-friendly, healthy makeup with Jeju Heritage Ingredients Moisture Level 1 (Matte) : Jeju volcanic scoria powder helps control sebum and creates a long-lasting makeup Moisture Level 2 (Semi Matte) : Jeju green tea water quenches the skin with moisture making a clear and bright skin Moisture Level 3 (Glow) : Jeju green tea seed oil keeps the moisture layer firm for a long time, giving a long-lasting glow to the skin 3. A clear, natural makeup with Mineral Cover Complex™ The Mineral Cover Complex gives a natural coverage and minimizes oxidising to make a clear and bright skin tone * Mineral Cover Complex™ A complex of Jeju yellow volcanic scoria powder + Jeju lava seawater mineral powder + white cover mineral powder helps give a perfect coverage.

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