Impact Longwear Eye Pencil

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Gucci Beauty Iconic Ottanio Impact Longwear Eye Pencil

Gucci Beauty Impact Longwear Eye Pencil is an eyeliner that retails for $32.00 and contains 0.03 oz. ($1066.67 per ounce). There are 5 shades in our database.

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impact long wear eye pencil enhances the lash line for dramatic definition. the intensely colored formula glides on smoothly, stays soft for 30 seconds for blending, then rapidly sets for a remarkable smudge-resistant finish. the combined effect of special wax, polymer and film formers creates a waterproof, intensely colored pencil.

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By Kelly 8 years ago.

Initially I had reservations on purchasing this product, only because of the price point being $32.00!!! However, I caved in and purchased four (yes, four!!!) of them. These are hands-down, the BEST eyeliners I have ever used! I use them on my waterline, and Gucci is not kidding when they say that it is waterproof! I have chronic seasonal allergies, so I have been searching for the best eyeliner (this is my excuse for the splurge!), that is truly waterproof. These colors are vibrant, apply so easily, and is really waterproof. I never had to reapply. No smearing. No tugging. Great for contact wearers. I have NO complaints. Yes, I continue to purchase other brands, but this is the ultimate waterline eye pencil! I know the price is high, but the payoff is worth it. I highly recommend this product!!!! xoxo

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