All-Over Metallic Powder

Fenty Beauty

Fenty Beauty All-Over Metallic Powder is an eyeshadow. There have been 7 shades released, which you can select from below or jump to these sections: Review, or Description.

The formula is supposed to have a “melt-worthy texture” that is “smooth” and uses “mega-fine pigments” that yield “high-impact” and “rich, blendable color.” They can be used as “eyeshadow, cheekbone highlight, blush, [dabbed] over lipstick.” The texture seemed finely-milled as one would expect of a loose powder, but I had a few shades that were clumpy in the jars, which I recommend de-clumping by using the end of a brush handle (the part without the brush itself) to swirl gently to break up the clumps. The shades were fairly blendable with some being more or less blendable, and in general, shades that seemed blendable as eyeshadow did not always blend out as easily on my cheeks (as a blush or highlighter).

The pigmentation varied from shade to shade with some being more medium in coverage, but buildable, while others were more opaque applied dry. Most of them intensified and were more opaque when applied with a dampened brush. The formula is called “metallic powder” but they were more of a pearl to frost finish; they’re not intensely metallic, which may or may not be a deal-breaker. They definitely can be dabbed onto the lips and blended by gently brushing a fingertip back and forth to add a subtle, pearlescent effect.

These are best for someone who enjoys working with loose eyeshadow and will use these primarily as eyeshadow rather than as a cheek product as they’re easiest and more consistent in performance on the eyes.

The average rating based on all reviewed shade(s) in this formula is shown below.


These high-impact metallic pigments are designed to coat all skin tones in rich, blendable color for the ultimate range of frosted effects that anyone can pull off. Nothing’s off limits for these luminous loose powders, thanks to a light-as-air formula of mega-fine pigments born for layering. With a melt-worthy texture as smooth as fresh snow, Avalanche is perfect for applying vivid dimension to just about anywhere. Use it as eyeshadow, cheekbone highlight, blush, or dab it over lipstick for instant gleam. Delivered in a decadent, reusable, collectors’ box, each shade is individually packaged in mini, travel-friendly jars for true no-limit luminosity that goes where you go.

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