Dior Vernis

Dior Merveille Vernis

Dior Merveille is a very warm-toned, medium-dark red with a pearl finish. It is a limited edition nail lacquer that retails for $24.00 and contains 0.33 oz.

Editor's Review

Dior Merveille (651) Vernis Nail Lacquer ($22.00 for 0.33 fl. oz.) looks like a fiery orange-red in the bottle, but it turns out a little less fiery and more coral-orange on the nails. Nubar Pink Flame is closer to the shade I expected from the way Merveille looked in the bottle (it appears redder on the nails than Merveille). There is faint golden-copper shimmer, but it doesn't show up much in natural light--only in really bright lighting does it arrive (fashionably late) to the party.

Claims / Ingredients

Dior Vernis Nail Lacquer will add a splash of luminous color to any look. The long-lasting, glossy formula goes on silky smooth and the vibrant shade adds a tantalizing touch to fingertips and toes.

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