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Ciate Glitter Flip  
Ciate Glitter Flip  
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Ciate Glitter Flip  
Ciate Glitter Flip  
Ciate Glitter Flip  

Ciate Glitter Flip is a lipstick that retails for $19.00 and contains 0.1 oz. ($190.00 per ounce). There are 7 shades in our database, which you can select from in the View a Shade dropdown menu below or jump to these sections: Review, or Description.

The Glitter Flip formula is supposed to be a transformative "glitter liquid lipstick," where it goes from lightly metallic at dry down to glitter-tastic after pressing lips together. For most shades, there was a definite difference in finish after pressing lips together, but I found that it required two to three presses (and too many more resulted in product lifting away) for moderate to heavy glitter exposure. The pigmentation ranged from shade to shade but was typically more opaque than not. The formula itself is heavy--one of the heavier liquid lipsticks I've tried in awhile--and the liquid lipstick itself was incredibly fluid during application, which made it harder to control along the edges. It dried down fairly quickly, and while the edges were a challenge, it wasn't too difficult to apply overall.

The brand touts it as "non-drying" and "totally comfortable" and that it "will last all night." It was a drying formula--from lightly to moderately drying--and felt dry and heavy on the lips (I think it felt worse than it often looked!), while the wear ranged from four to six hours. The way it wore was probably a bigger concern: heavier fading from the center of the mouth but noticeable flaking and chunks of color/glitter coming away after a few hours of wear (especially if I ate anything).

It's a cool product, and absolutely true that they were less work than layering a glitter over another a product, especially if you prefer a more "matte metallic" finish (would be harder to get glitter to stick to a flat, matte lipstick!). I think they will be best for someone who uses a lip liner prior, doesn't mind fussing with the edges, and has been longing for a finish like this--but only if one can tolerate a drying product!

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Simply press lips together and watch as metallic matte liquid lipstick magically transforms into a no-mess, dazzling, multidimensional glitter lip—in a fraction of the time of a traditional glitter lip look. The stay-put formulation is non-drying and totally comfortable, and will last all night with no need for retouching.

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The Good: Creamy (3), Easy To Apply (3), Long-wearing (3), Travel-friendly (2), Smooth (1)

The In-Between: Highly Pigmented (2), Non-sticky (2), Buildable (1), Thin (1), Scented (1)

The Bad: Drying (1)

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1 Written Reviews

By Katie 1 year ago.

Great product - a gorgeous dark shade with glitter - it is a dramatic look, but it's not tacky. I find that the shade wears well for a long time, and it's one of my favourites to wear during the fall months! My only complaint is that this shade can cause blocked pores/blackheads if it goes outside your lip line at all.

Tags: buildable, creamy, thin, easy-to-apply, drying, long-wearing
Skin Type: Normal-to-Oily - Skin Tone: Fair-Light - Undertone: Neutral
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