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Becca Champagne Collection Face Palette

Becca Face Palette is a cheek palette that retails for $52.00 and contains 0.72 oz. ($72.22 per ounce). There is 1 variation in our database.

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This palette gives you all the glow you could want—all in one place. This limited-edition, covetable BECCA x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette features five shades of highlighter and blush to illuminate all skintones, allowing you to customize your looks. Get the iconic Champagne Pop and new shades designed by Jaclyn Hill. It includes two Highlighter shades, two Mineral Blush shades, and a Luminous Blush hue in Rosé Spritz for a pop of color. Mix and match the shades to create endless layers of light and color for your perfect, custom glow. Just sweep the creamy powders across the face, or layer them to highlight your favorite features with universally flattering shades. This palette is perfect for achieving your own, glowing look.

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By Bianca 7 years ago.

So I bought this palette, and I'm having mixed thoughts on it! [I have medium-tan skin, with olive-yellow undertones (Persian)]. Champagne Pop is obviously beautiful, and it's the star of Jaclyn Hill's lineup. So naturally it's going to work with most everyone. And frankly, I do love it. I think it is very flattering. I'm not normally a blush person. I'm just a foundation/contour/sometimes highlight type of gal. So I thought I would like this palette because this would break that trend of I have, and I would start using these blushes normally. Nuh-uh. All of the colors in the palette have that shimmer, and if I used the highlight and the Rose Spritz blush, my face would be glowing. As in, "I just did the all-over-face-highlighter" 2016 challenge going on on YouTubers' channels. Maybe I'm just not good at applying blush (I don't know if it's the heavy-handedness I may have or the lack of a good blush brush), but I'm wary about blushes in general. I know they're supposed to bring life to a dull face (which is why I SHOULD use blush because I normally just only contour), but these ones seem to be really pigmented. That's not a bad thing at all, but it just may not work for me. Amaretto is a warm-toned brown that can be used for bronzing, and that's what I like it for. Pamplemousse is a color that I have touched only once (and probably will stay that way). It is such a strong pink color, and I, personally, am not a fan of blushes that make my face look flushed. It's a gorgeous color for others, just not for me (for that personal reason). I did, however, use the Prosecco Pop color as highlight. And I don't know at all about that one! Maybe it's the foundation and contour that I've used that make my face look orange (it's a problem, I know, I just haven't found the right products!), but Prosecco Pop just looks MUDDY on me. It accentuates pores more, and it also shows off my little pimple bumps that I have on my face (although I'm not sure if it's the nature of the beast, it being a highlighter and all, really showing those imperfections on my face). As a whole, these colors seemed drier to me than the singles. I think partly the reason why is because Becca also sells the highlight colors as a cream, so the differences in formula are to really differentiate the two, but if this IS the reason, I don't think it's the complete reasoning behind it. The colors are very pigmented! So that's a positive for this palette. I wanted to love this palette, but it's gonna hide in my makeup drawer... Kind of annoyed because I bought this palette to make the price worth it (rather than buying the individual highlighters), but the dryness of it versus the regular singles really puts me off this product. I wish limited editions actually held up the same quality as the regulars. That's not to say, however, that this product isn't good for others because it really can work for many types of skin tones. But this whole palette is warm-toned, and I kind of wish they put some kind of cool-toned blush or bronzing color in there to balance out the entire face. I give this palette 4/5 stars. Sincerely, Bianca Z. K.

Tags: highly-pigmented, dry, easy-to-apply, long-wearing, easy-to-use-product, great-value, travel-friendly
Skin Type: Normal-to-Dry - Skin Tone: Tan - Undertone: Olive