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Becca Backlight Backlight Priming Filter

Becca Backlight Priming Filter is a primer that retails for $38.00 and contains 1 oz. ($38.00 per ounce). There is 1 shade in our database.

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Backlight Priming Filter creates a canvas for your makeup, extending its wear from day to night. Infused with three unique Filtering Luminescent Pearls, each one adds a different drop of diffused light. Blended together, they impart a one-of-a-kind, lightweight, whipped fluid that creates a smooth canvas and acts as an instant filter, while the vitamin E-enriched formula minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Backlighting acts as an instant filter, creating a diffused, soft-focused radiance that allows your complexion to catch light for a glowing look. Infused with Becca’s proprietary blend of crushed pearls, this primer achieves a lit-from-within, healthy-looking effect.

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By Quinn 4 years ago.

Meh. Doesn't spread out widely so I need to use quite a bit to cover my entire face. Over-emphasizes textures, gives an unflattering tin-man glow when apply to bare skin, but gets dull once the foundation goes on top and makes no difference at all. Pretty underwhelming for foundation mixing as well. If you just care about that oil slick look, just scrap your powder highlighter, mix it with your moisturizer and save yourself $40

Tags: heavy, wears-away-quickly
Skin Type: Normal-to-Dry - Skin Tone: Medium - Undertone: Olive