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Bad Habit Beauty's eyeshadow palettes typically appear to be heavily inspired by other popular palettes, and I wanted to test several different palettes (that appear to dupe different brands) to see if the similarities are more with respect to colors, finishes, and/or formulations.

What I've noticed is that Bad Habit's formulas seem to be similar in the "type" but the ingredient lists often differ significantly, but what I mean by that is the formula isn't consistent between Bad Habit's palettes--some are much softer and more powdery, other times denser and more substantial, and it seems more linked to the original version of the palette (e.g. Anastasia's mattes are more powdery than Natasha Denona's). I think it would be more differentiating if the brand came up formulations that worked well and stuck with them throughout their palettes, as it would make the brand more reliable and consistent.

As it stands, the formulas vary wildly -- some mattes are pigmented and substantial, others are extremely powdery and sheerer; some shimmers are creamy and intense while others are softer and dustier. Same with the pigmentation; most shades have been pigmented but there has been variance. The wear has been between six and eight hours.

The quality of Bad Habit's take on a particular color scheme has varied for me from palette to palette; I think that the Artistry palette compared to the Mario palette was the brand at its highest, whereas Mystic (which appears most similar to Pat McGrath's Subliminal palette) missed the mark. Something I noticed across the palettes was that Bad Habit's shimmer particle size has been larger in almost all instances--they were less refined, less pearly, which sometimes was the "magic" in the original shade, I felt.

I have noticed that some of their inspired palettes have varied in undertone or depth slightly, but noticeable tweaks depend on the particular palette rather than seem to be embedded in the brand's philosophy. I think it would be interesting if the brand took some of the feedback that was out when the original palette was released and used that to improve upon it in certain ways. I did feel like this was reflected in their Arabesque palette (very similar to Soft Glam in color scheme) with En Pointe (which is most similar to Anastasia's Glistening), but it is much more orange-based and less golden (a complaint for Soft Glam was that Glistening was too close to Fairy, both golds).

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