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Concealer! After so many attempts I’ve yet to find a really good color match . I wish more companies offered various shades, Nars comes close but so far I haven’t stumbled across a perfect match for my complexion .

Face sunscreens. So many of them are heavy, greasy, fragranced, clog pores, leave white cast, irritate, dry out skin and/or don’t wear well under makeup. That’s why a lot of people skip sunscreen. But the sun is the #1 cause of skin damage and skin cancers. If companies could come out with better face sunscreens that would be huge. And in general, I would like to see more makeup products include sunscreen.

I would *love* to find one that didn’t have to be reapplied every 2 hours… I’ve found several that work well for me, and with much experimentation, have found what plays nice with makeup, but that becomes almost pointless when I have to keep reapplying.

I totally agree, because re-applying will mess up makeup. Do you have any fragrance-free sunscreens that you recommend that wear well under makeup? My skin is combo/dry. The best ones I’ve found so far are Supergoop City Serum SPF 30 (for summer) and First Aid Beauty 5 in 1 SPF 30 (for winter) but I’m always looking around in case there’s something better

I have found one that works amazingly – you don’t have to reapply it often, it doesn’t feel greasy, and it tends to work well under primers. It’s also got SPF 50, which really is great. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to get ahold of in non-Asian countries for a reasonable price. It’s the Bioré Aqua Rich Watery Essence, if you’re still interested!

CeraVe makes a very nice sunscreen/moisturizer SPF 30 that I wear everyday, no matter what I apply first thing and then put on my foundation. It protects me all day without reapplication.

I have oily/combo skin and have been loving this one http://www.paulaschoice.com/shop/skin-care-categories/oil-control/_/Resist-Youth-Extending-Daily-Fluid-SPF-50/?p=EP15FEBVIPGOOG&ftlt=nonbranded&gclid=Cj0KEQiA1NWnBRDchObfnYrbo78BEiQA-2jqBQH-Cwb07nIBsf2HjiNwruXHFqiOGfBN5uzG13FaQqYaAhq78P8HAQ the only downside is the price- $30. It also doesn’t make me completely 100% matte so it might work for combo/dry skin as well.

Oh, thanks, so glad you are a fan of this too! I actually use this on my very oily lids – it soaks up oil all day and boosts my eye primer. And I sometimes use it on my T-Zone during summer time. It’s pricey, but hey, good sunscreens are hard to find, and it’s better than having all my eye makeup crease or slide off !

matte lipsticks. Most of them dry my lips so bad even if i exfoliate and stay hydrated :(. One of the only ones that didn’t was the napoleon perdis mattetastic lipsticks. I like the sonia kushuk matte velvet pencils but they make my lips crack and bleed.

2nd on the pore minimizers. The few I can get to actually conceal my pores wear off within a few hours. This type of product is basically useless to anyone who really needs them. They seem to work best of people who have fairly small pores to begin with.

I think that concealers (especially those used for under the eye that double as a highlight). I wish that more brands would create creamy concealers which didn’t crease at the hint of oil. I have quite normal summer but it gets quite humid in Australia during summer and during that I can become a grease ball so even using eyeshadow primers I tend to crease and smudge and it really sucks because i leave the house with everything done so well then finish the day with just a big hot mess on my eyelids. Also on my underlies, my mascara always manages to transfer from my eyelash to under my eyes 🙁

Bronzers. Too many of them have sparkle, glitter, and other crazy sheens that in no way mimic an actual tan. Also, I find that most matte bronzers are either too orange or muddy. When I wear bronzer during the day, I don’t want to look like I’m going to the club as an Oompa-loompa. I’ll never understand why cosmetic companies put glitter in products that people want to enhance their natural skin.

I agree with you Christine, I have that brands like MUFE or Mac tend to have a wide shade range, but many designer brands aren’t catering to deeper skin ladies. I’d also add mascara, mascara, mascara.

Definitely agree with foundation. I think tinted moisturizers and concealers could also have a more expanded range of colors and undertones.

I totally agree, Christine. I’m sick of foundation companies leaving me out because I’m too yellow-toned and pale. Most pale shades are wayyyy too pink, and often far too dark. Even mixing in Mac face and body white doesn’t help half the time because the undertone is so off on me.

Don’t even get me started on concealer.

A good friend of mine is the opposite, her skin is so dark and cool it has blue iridescent undertones (so pretty) and most dark foundations/concealers are pretty warm (red) toned.

I’m in a similar predicament….I seem to fall somewhere between the very lightest shade (which as you said, is usually too pink) and the next lightest. My undertone seems to be very neutral- but leaning warm, and this seems to leave me out of many ranges.
I was matched to NC15 at MAC a long time ago but its been at least 15 years since I’ve used their face products so I don’t remember how accurate it was. I can’t find a good match in NARS, MUFE, Lancome…the closest I have found is Revlon Colorstay in Buff 150, still a little dark but the undertone is the truest I have found…and its a decent product (a little heavy for day-to-day for me), but I know I would LOVE NARS products if they came in my shade (I do use their TM in Finland, which is slightly too dark but blendable enough to make work) My sister, who is just a bit darker than me has received many of my concealers and foundations because I just can’t be bothered with trying to mix and match.
I have a feeling that the Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer in either S03 or S05 might be good matches for me, but I don’t want to order blindly at that price point, I’ve looked at dozens of online swatches and am still not sure which would work better (or if either of them would). My closest Sephora (45 mins away) and is tiny and I’m sure doesnt carry KA so getting samples from there is out of the question. I did find one website that sells samples of it so I may give that a try. I wish Sephora sold samples online for those of us who can’t get them from stores. I’d much rather trade in my thousands of points for useful samples of products I really want to try, rather than what they normally have to offer.

Forgot to mention…I’ve been very impressed with Tarte Maracuja Creaseless in Fairly Light Neutral. While not an exact match (slightly too dark and peach toned) it is the closest I’ve found in awhile. It is highly pigmented but blends beautifully and wears very nicely…great for the ruddiness on my cheeks. Only need a tiny amount. I can’t speak to its efficacy as an undereye concealer because I don’t use it there…but until I find something better I am pretty happy with this….and its nice to see a company making something between fair and light.

Definitely agree with you on foundations.

I think foundations also have the most egregious advertising. They all claim to cure cancer and give me a face to launch a thousand face – but how many actually just say finish, undertone, and consistency? You know, the 3 things you actually have to know before you try.

I’m still hoping for a true “all in one” face product incorporating great skin care ingredients, moisturizer, foundation and concealer. I’m actually amazed no one has done this yet. Some BB creams are close but don’t provide enough under eye coverage. Clinique’s new foundation+concealer is getting there but you still need a moisturizer under it. Someday….

I can answer why this is a problem no one can solve. The diffrent skin benfit ingredients actaully breaks down any coverage you can get out of a product. Partly because these skin benefitting ingredients are meant to absorb into the skin, leaving gaps in the surface barrier ingredient that covers the skin. Causing the heavier pigment to break down texturally.

It’s kind of like mixing oil and water and expecting them to not separate. They get away with it now using silicone because they encapsulate the pigments, but even still after 9 hours you can see the cracks in the formula as some of the humectants are drawn out as well with the skin absorbing ingredients.

It might be a while until they solve that problem. 😉

The closest one I found is IT Cosmetics Full Coverage CC Cream with SPF 50 – it has medium to full coverage and a bunch of moisturizing and anti-aging ingredients like niacin, peptides, algae, collagen, vitamins, & hyalauronic acid, etc. This has more pigment than most foundations I’ve tried, so a little goes a long way. If you want to try it, it’s at Ulta and QVC, but QVC will throw in an IT Brush for about $2 more. The colors run light – I’m light to light medium and Light is a good match.

Yay!..I picked up a sample of this last night at Ulta! I am between medium and tan. The color range is very limited and med was too light,tan too dark. So, I will have to mix. I was able to talk the SA into a tiny sample of each to try! How do you like that brush that the brush in the set from QVC Katherine K.?Do you find it useful?

I think the IT Heavanly Luxe Plush Paddle Foundation Brush is a really nice brush, with dense but soft bristles, nice heft but not too heavy. You can use it to sheer out the CC cream, or use it to pat the CC cream on, to get fuller coverage. Musings of a Muse had a review of the CC cream and the brush. I also use just my fingers, as it’s very blendable. When my skin is dry, I use the CC cream with the Josie Maran Hydrating Powder. Yeah, the CC cream shade selection is unfortunately very limited, glad you were able to get samples at Ulta. And if you have to buy 2 shades, at least Ulta has 20% off coupon and you can return in store if they don’t work out. I hope it works out for you!


Thank you for the suggestion and the link!Wow! I wish that set was available now..such a great deal! I fell subject last night and ordered the hot buy set with the blush,brush, and lip stain..I could not resist! I also caved and ordered the luminizing powder and ball wand brush! I am becoming addicted. My mom used to watch QVC..she still does. My daughter totally made a point to mention I was turning into an “old lady”! Lol..I am glad I caught the show though. I think she did an awesome job with that brand and I am happy to support a woman and American business. But, maybe I should not have because now I am dreaming of the eyeliners and brow pencils,lol!
Yeah, I I have been on the “find a new foundation” kick. So, I really am not needing another RIGHT this second to confuse my skin. I like the idea of it though for more daytime wear and the included high sunscreen is awesome. I struggle with sunscreen. It irritates my skin usually above spf 20-30. Right now, I uses a bb cream with a 20 and a foundation with spf 25. In summer, I prefer something higher. So, if this works, It will be mine! But,it seems very popular! the SA gave me a tiny amount..maybe enough for like one or two wears. Idk why they are so weird about samples at Ulta. Yes that brush looks good for that type of product. I have paddle brushes that get no use,one MUFE and one Mac…regretted purchases. But the IT brushes,I agree, They did a phenomenal job there.The It section at my local Ulta is always so picked over and a mess! lol…I am glad the brand is doing so well! I also was looking at the Airbrush OMG! foundation brush #106) in the store. It may be a bit dense for the CC cream though.Its paddle shaped,but a bit larger, a bit more squared and denser.LMk if you have any thoughts on that one? Putting that #104 on my long wish list and waiting for that coupon!
Thanks for all your help! Hope you had a good weekend!:)

Nicole, I hope you will like the IT stuff that’s on order 🙂 I have the show recorded, but my wallet is afraid to watch (LOL). Yeah, as I get older, I’m ordering more from QVC, as they have more products that cater to mature skin, not to mention some awesome values. I have the IT Gel Eyeliner Pencils, think they will be great on normal and drier lids, but since my lids are oily, I prefer the gel one that comes in a pot (IT Liner Love), which stays just as good as my Bobbi Brown one. Yeah, the IT Brush section at my ULTA looks totally picked over too. I don’t have their OMG Foundation Brush, but there was another Temptalia reader (Amy H.) who really liked it –her comments are in 2/25/15 review of the IT LBD Brush. Maybe you should see if the IT CC Cream works before you buy the paddle brush for it? Anyways, hope the IT stuff works out for you. If you have any questions, let me know, it’s just response time might be slower because I’m travelling for the next couple of days and access to internet might be spotty.

No rush on the responses Katherine T! It’s only makeup stuff! 🙂 I agree, I was almost astonished by the deals and I like how they showed it on the various age ranges.Thanks for the tip on the liners. my lids are pretty normal. So, the pencils would probably work. I like gels too. Just depends on what I am doinG that day. I didn’t get the set, although a tremendous deal because I’m pretty well stocked on eyeliner and my wallet is mad at me for buying way too much during this snowy winter where there has been pretty much nothing else to do. Maybe eventually I’ll try them out. I wouldn’t mind trying all her stuff actually and the price range is actually not bad for the amount of product and quality. I will absolutely wait on the brush. I was planning on trying the cc cream with fingers as mostly sheered and easy is how I will be wearing it. I am going to to my best to hold out for the next 20% discount to get it all. it seems like one should be soon.Safe travels! 🙂

100% with you on foundation. when i find a great color (rarely) the formula isn’t great, but when i find a great formula, i have no shade match.

Gosh..that’s a loaded question. Essentially everything. Otherwise,we all would have out Hg products. But, I agree foundation and concealer are probably the most needed. I think one company should specialize in foundations and concealer,&primers. It would be great if they could make formulas to suit skintypes and different concerns such as acne and dryness and different undertones. I often think a companies (Hi Guerlain!) limits their color selection so you pretty much have to mix if you like that formula.

There was a brand *years* ago that not only customized the color, but had several different formulas to choose from. I can’t think of the name offhand, but they were in every major department store at one point. I never purchased from them, but I went with a friend once, and price wise they were comparable to every other HE brand at the time. Apparently, not enough people bought from them, so they eventually faded out of existence. They did concealer & powder, as well. The only reason I never tried them was because I had a great match with Shiseido & Max Factor, but like every other great foundation I’ve tried, they were eventually DC’d, LOL!

Oh wow! I somehow missed them!I have not a single foundation that I do not have to mix. I can get away with not mixing my YSL touche eclat because I sheer it out. But I own two shades,actually 3. But I wear 2 at a time.It get’s very expensive and makes buying a foundation so much more stressful to double the cost! They need to come back! 🙂

Was it called Prescriptives? I remember them being in department stores and thinking it was a cool idea, but at the time I was pretty much drugstore only…young and poor 🙂
Wish they were around now though!

I remember that. They were pretty expensive, and I was in college when they came out. They mixed me a tiny bit and tried it on my face. Then they told me the price for a little bottle. I was willing to pay more, but the price was just prohibitive for me at the time.

Fair skin and deep tones need more ranges. OR more comapnie smaking white foundation for mixing.
I can live with mixing a white into olive foundation. I Love my Illamaqua skin base in white but their two lighest shades read either pink or peachy orange on my skin. VERY few brands make a yellow base for fair skin (I can count on 1 hand here). And when i try to mix a “warm” founation they all run alittle to orange on me. The Pink base foundation look even worse.

Most “neutrals” still run a little too peach as well.

Another thing to be aware of it you need to mix similar formula together to maintain the wear ability of the product. When i mix Illamaqua skin base with a standard non silicon base foundation after a few hour the foundation cracks on my skin because it literally breaks the silicon properties. 😉 Same with wax creams and liquid foundations. Thus the need for more whites in differnt formula. (MAC Pro Long Wear…)

Yes on more neutrals! Most foundations run so warm, and the ones that don’t are so rosy pink. I either look like an Oompa-Loompa, or look like I think blush should be used over the entire face.

I second Christine’s idea. I’ve been looking for the perfect shade of foundation as long as I’ve been wearing makeup. I can always get close, but everything skews pink, yellow, or orange on my face when my undertone is actually green!

Definitely foundations and concealers!! Especially with concealers you usually find 3 shades of pale in the drugstore. That’s ridiculous!

Products that are marketed as contours shouldn’t just be dark bronzers. Like, thanks, but I don’t want to look like an Oompa Loompa today. If it’s warm toned and shimmery, it’s a bronzer, stop mslabeling it and develop some ACTUAL contour shades.

That and concealers. I just can’t find any that are light enough AND won’t oxidize on me. Even the ones that work the first few weeks after I buy them become unusable later because an hour after applying, they’re noticeably more pink/peach/orange than my skintone. I’ve recently just started using my BECCA Ultimate Coverage Complexion Creme foundation as a concealer too, and that works like a miracle, but still- concealers should do ther jobs and conceal, not oxidize and scream “hey, look at me! Here I am!”

Absolutely foundations. In terms of consistency and wear I think they have come a looooong way, even in the last ten years,however the lack of range in tone and undertone is appalling. With such knowledge of colour theories, ethnicities, the complexity that is any one person’s skin colour, you’d think there would be a lot more options available from companies that are so prominent and have the bucks to back up their r&d. But maybe that’s the problem..they are too big to care.

The best selections seem to be found in those that are used more in TV/film but aren’t available at your local beauty counter/drugstore.

I agree with most comments, foundation and concealer shades are the biggest issue for me. They are also products that I buy and end up returning because it is sometimes impossible to see the undertones and how close it matches your skin under the lights at the store.
My personal second biggest concern is fragrance in products, whether it’s skincare or makeup, foundation or lipstick. First of all, most fragrances are irritating; second, I don’t want my face to smell! I spend a good amount of money on nice perfumes and I don’t want the scent of my face powder to clash with my perfume.

Concealer. It needs to be full coverage but still look natural and not crease or wear off. And I should win a million dollars so I can afford to buy such a miracle (Ha-ha-ha.)

Blushes could be made with more attention to people with darker skin. I really get annoyed when salespeople assume the only color I must want is a dark brown color like razin from mac just because I’m a nc45. Assumptions like that are totally untrue and only hurts their business when customers like me end up having to go elsewhere for more polite service. Bronzers are pretty bad too. If I do find one that’s dark enough it’s a glitter ball all over my face or it’s the same color as my skin so it does nothing at all. Lame but true.

I totally agree with you about the blushes. While I love my Raizin, that’s not the only color that’s flattering on our skintone. I need these sales folks to get creative and start thinking outside the box!

Concealer and eyeliner. The former needs more range and better under-eye wear, and the latter could use formulas that don’t melt off the lashline for those of us with wet waterlines.

This might be a strange one, but we contact lens wearers need better eyeliners that don’t smudge and smear on our water lines. I have deep-set eyes that also look small, and a bit of eyeliner definitely opens them up. Unfortunately, I’m then forced to close my eyes, cringing with the irritation and/or a silly dark streak ON my lens. Gel eyeliner? Don’t even go there. It just does not dry.

Under eye Concealers! Foundation – for neutral undertones and not so strong yellow. Toners, most of them are packed with perfumes and alcohol.

I completely agree that foundation shades and tones with most brands need to be extended. I’d take that even further, and ask for more concealer and powder foundations. Being both very fair and neutral toned, most brands fail to make a shade that is light enough for me. In fact, I would be overjoyed if I could finally find a powder foundation that was good quality, not too yellow or pink, and never oxidizes!

Hi, Justine. If you haven’t tried these already, I’d recommend:

BareMinerals — BareEscentuals Original foundation in Fair is excellent, but it’s just barely light enough to work on me. I think it’s a smidge warm, so if you think you’re lighter than my picture, it might not work for you. Their translucent Mineral Veil is really good for using under and/or over any foundation to help tame oily skin and humidity.

Everyday Minerals — The have powder foundations in lots of shades and undertones, and three formulas (matte, semi-matte and jojoba). I find Fair 0N works perfectly for me.

They offer a 7 piece free sample pack, you choose the shades you want to try. You get a good amount of product and can order as many packs as you need to try out foundations, finishing dust, blushes and bronzers. Shipping for me (Oregon, USA) was $2.48 per pack:

I also recommend using a flat-top kabuki rather than regular powder brush. It really helps the powder set into the skin.

I agree with you when it comes to foundation. If I purchase a foundation that’s over $40, I shouldn’t have to buy two colors to mix them. I don’t mind having a “summer shade” and a “winter shade”, I just don’t want to have to make a concoction to do my face. I want companies to understand that just because some has a deep dark complexion, doesn’t mean that our undertones are always going to be soooo red. UGH…it’s annoying.

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