Pat McGrath x Bridgerton Collection Swatches

Pat McGrath x Bridgerton Collection Swatches
Pat McGrath x Bridgerton Collection Swatches

Pat McGrath x Bridgerton Collection is a new, limited edition collection that launched at the end of December. The collection includes an eyeshadow palette, cheek palette, and two highlighters. The eyeshadow palette and cheek palette will launch at Sephora on the 26th.

P.S. — Pat McGrath took forever to fulfill this order, which is why these swatches are so late. I wish I could have had them up for everyone sooner, but alas I could not.


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Mariella Avatar

As I said originally, this smacks of “cash grab” to me. Having said that, the blush palette looked like something where I could use all 3 colours, until I looked at the swatches and then I realized that Venus Nectar probably wouldn’t suit me. Ditto Incandescent Gold – in the pan, it looks like just my sort of highlighter but the swatch is a whole other story and looks so grey and not flattering at all for my skin.

Nancy T Avatar

Been hearing many a YT’er say that same thing; it took FOREVER to receive their order for this collection from her site. Oh! And some false alarm late that night when all of a sudden it showed everything sold out!
Not bad, but the eyeshadow palette having such small pans with TONS of dead space is off-putting, as is the super pink curation. I would have loved to see Love Match red replaced with an appropriate to the theme, periwinkle leaning purple just like the flowers on the packaging!

R1ngBanana Avatar

I had a bad experience ordering from PMG’s website. Took forever to fulfill. I vowed to never order from the website again and just wait until it’s at Sephora. Their website and service is pretty awful.

Adrienne Avatar

I suspect it is a cash grab, but it’s so pretty I did not resist and got the eye and blush palettes. Shipping did take awhile, but I got mine last week. I have played around with the palettes. The blush palette is fantastic. It’s my first experience with her blush and highlighter and it did not disappoint. The blushes are pigmented but not too much and the highlighter makes it all glow!
I’m curious about how the eyeshadow palette will review. The two shades PMG has called “eye blush,” which are matte/satin, are a little tough to work with in my opinion. Using a brush it was hard to get pigment from the lighter one (Art of the Swoon). Then I layered it with my finger and it looked like the color in the pan, but I must have packed on too much and it creased. The best application method I’ve found for the eye blushes is a light application with a finger. Doing that they looked good all day. But I’m wondering if Christine will have some thoughts on how best to apply those. As for Regency Blue, I had to use the PMG eye artistry wand to get a solid patch of blue color instead of scattered blue glitter, which was what I got using a finger. It is gorgeous either way, but I’m glad I have the wand. I bet glitter glue or setting spray would work too. The other 3 shades are all perfect. Overall, I love the color story and I think I’ll use both palettes a lot!

Kristen Avatar

I was on the fence about this palette BUT I absolutely love it. The Astro shade looks gorgeous over top of all the colors. And the two more bright pink colors can definitely be worn as blush. I’m glad I bought it!

Tigerlaf Avatar

Whew, you officially killed my tepid desire for this palette and saved me money for a product that I would not wear and be disappointed by. The only color I was mildly interested was that astral duochrome glitter shade, but it seems to swatch this uninteresting dirty bathwater color. Meh. The mothership 1 has two much better looking blue toned astral shades. The rest of the palette is a huge no for me. I have plenty of reds and pinks from Pat which I rarely wear. I’ll waiting for a more neutral creation from her or one with colors other than pink and red in it. Easy pass. I’m so glad I didn’t order this, I would be unhappy with this special shade. This collab is a disappointing money grab imo.

Shalonda Avatar

Christine I purchased the odyssey blush palette combo in December they forgot my blush palette. At first I waited saying maybe it was out of stock but when I checked nope it said my order was fulfilled!! I’ve sent at least 5-6 emails to customer service without any response acknowledging they received 🙄 I’m pretty upset there’s no other way to contact them. I don’t have free money to give away!! So even though I love here products I can’t see myself doing business with a company that doesn’t have customer service 😒 Do you or anyone else have any recommendations how I can get this resolved??

KiranS Avatar

I had similar issue with PMG. I took it in social media ( Instagram). I called them scammer and fraud, and that’s how I got their attentions !! However, PMG gave me every excuse under the sun not refund me money even stating that mother wants to send me a palette from her personal archive 😒…. Finally i had to get PayPal involved to get my money back ! The whole experience took 4 weeks to resolve after I started contacting them and I swear to god I am not ordering from this scammer of a company again no matter how great the product or how loudly the influencers sings of her quality !

Mariella Avatar

Yikes! Reading your and others’ experiences with this company has totally turned me off. I only own one PMG product – a 6 pan e/s palette that I was able to purchase in store (the compelling reason for buying it – if I’m spending a fair chunk of change on something, I need to see it for myself) but if I were inclined to order online, I absolutely would not, having read of your situation and the experiences of a few others here. And can I just say, as a mother myself, that I personally resent that whole “Mother” thing. Heck, I had a hard enough time calling my mother in law (whom I adored) “Mom” as I felt/feel it was a term reserved for MY mother only. So a complete stranger wishing to be addressed as “Mother” just kind of offends me.

Tigerlaf Avatar

You should contact your bank and report this transaction as product was not received. Most banks have client protection for this sort of thing. Once you open a dispute with the bank the customer service from PMG will contact you because the bank will get on their tail. It’s like magic, I’m telling you. You’ll either get your money back or you’ll get your product expedited to you.

janine Avatar

I couldn’t be less interested. I do like the mauve pinks but not a fan of hot pink as eye shadow. Geeez couldn’t she get a bit more creative. She keeps doing the rose theme with a yellow gold all the time.

But money saved! Honestly I have enough palettes for 15-20 people!

Mandy Avatar

That’s terrible it took so long to arrive, mine showed up last Wednesday the 12th. It’s all beautiful and I love the packaging too. The highlighters are the usual lovely shimmer and the shadow colors are amazing too! This was the first new collection in makeup in general that I have been excited about and was not disappointed! I’ve also never watched the show and I’m sure I never will lol.

Mary Avatar

I’m surprised that the “Regency Blue “ shade swatched less more taupe / silver and blue than expected…
The color story is confusing and the dominance of pink is a of a disappointment

Moushka Avatar

I have absolutely no interest in pink or red ES. Shades of both make me look like a dead rabbit. There’s a reason those colours didn’t become popular until the last couple of years: they look horrible on most fair-skinned people. It’s only because we always seem to want something “new” that the pink/reds have flourished. Every other colour family has been used up! Just because red/pinks are new does not mean they are flattering. There’s a reason blue, moss green, violet and taupe/brown ESs have been popular for the past 100 years; they flatter the greatest number of skin tones. I’ll be glad when the pendulum swings back. I haven’t been tempted by a “new” palette in two years! Thank goodness for my stash 😃.
BTW, For people of medium to dark skin tones, perhaps the pink/red shades work well. Being of Scandinavian background, I’m not experienced with make-up for darker skin. If reddish tones work for them, then I’m pleased that they are available. The foregoing is strictly from my personal POV.

Wednesday Avatar

For the most part, the world is not made up of fair skinned people and I imagine having the opportunity to have more colour stories catered to a multitude of skintones is refreshing for those who have felt left out over the last 50 years. The PMG website has this e/s palette looking wonderful on a fair-skinned person. I do think pink/red depends on skin undertone and not so much about depth. That from my POV. I personally look horrific in greens and I believe it is a result of having a slight green cast to my otherwise neutral complexion. There have been a lot of beautiful green palettes over the last couple of years and I wish..wish, but not for me. I do not look like a dead rabbit (great description, btw), but I look very very vomitous 🤮. Lol.

Donna Avatar

I did buy the eyeshadow and blush set on early release. Of course thought if I am lucky it will ship in the middle of January. Once Pat’s stuff actually ships it arrives quickly, I am in the UK/Ireland it took 3 days to arrive once shipped. Which was last week.

Now for a moan, trying to get the 10% code to work was a pain. I was able to access the products, but at checkout it took three times to get it to work I had to sign out and sign back in, then I kept getting emails telling me I had unchecked out products in my basket. I kept checking and no, my order had gone through, I even tried messaging them via social media but got the usual contact them via customer service. Eventually got a message saying sorry.

Okay, I haven’t actually used what I have bought yet. I did swatch with fingers, the blush trio quality wise is the same as the individual blushers.

Dee Avatar

The marketing again prior to the launch insisted there were extremely limited quantities of everything and yet I read here it is launching at Sephora? Not a fan of this brand anymore.

Sandy Avatar

I bought the eye palette and the highlighter! I don’t own any of the DR palettes so the pink is okay by me, and I love that it’s cooler toned. The light highlighter is lovely, too. Totally understand why everyone who has a lot of PM is disappointed though.

Helene Avatar

Even though I’m not interested in buying anything from this release, I look forward to reading the reviews.
I so like the look of the palette, but I have so many pinks and reds, and I like them, I find reds and pinks bring out the green in my eyes, as does purple.
An odd thing is that I’ve been disappointed by most of the things I’ve bought from the brand and I very rarely use any of the palettes I have. The one thing I did love was the lipstick in Major Red, and of course it’s DC’ed.
Regarding the time it takes to get your orders, I absolutely agree, it does take a long time to get the products. I thing the first two orders I bought came much faster. I wonder how something like that gets worse. When I read the comments I got quite upset by the way the costumer service doesn’t work. So very bad!

Wednesday Avatar

Yes, I completely went bonkers and bought everything with the exception of the gold highlighter. I love this collection, particularly as I have been buying a lot of palettes running on the much warmer side. Everything here works well with ND Retro which is another favourite ‘romantic’ palette. The two cheek colours look beautiful in a layered wash up into the temples paired with Art of the Swoon in the crease of the eye look, it’s perfection.

Lucia Avatar

I was waiting a long time once for a lipstick from PMG. When I contacted them they told me it was out of stock and refunded it, but imo I shouldn’t have to be the one to notice and pester them. From these comments it sounds like fulfillment issues are common with the site and that I’m lucky to have gotten a refund.

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