Pat McGrath Sublime Perfection Foundation, Primer, Setting Powder Launches Today

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Pat McGrath Sublime Perfection Foundation, Primer, Setting Powder Launches Today
Pat McGrath Sublime Perfection Foundation, Primer, Setting Powder Launches Today
Pat McGrath Sublime Perfection Foundation, Primer, Setting Powder Launches Today
Pat McGrath Sublime Perfection Foundation, Primer, Setting Powder Launches Today
Pat McGrath Sublime Perfection Foundation, Primer, Setting Powder Launches Today
Pat McGrath Sublime Perfection Foundation, Primer, Setting Powder Launches Today
Pat McGrath Sublime Perfection Foundation, Primer, Setting Powder Launches Today
Pat McGrath Sublime Perfection Foundation, Primer, Setting Powder Launches Today
Pat McGrath Sublime Perfection Foundation, Primer, Setting Powder Launches Today
Pat McGrath Sublime Perfection Foundation, Primer, Setting Powder Launches Today
Pat McGrath Sublime Perfection Foundation, Primer, Setting Powder Launches Today
Pat McGrath Sublime Perfection Foundation, Primer, Setting Powder Launches Today
Pat McGrath Sublime Perfection Foundation, Primer, Setting Powder Launches Today
Pat McGrath Sublime Perfection Foundation, Primer, Setting Powder Launches Today
Pat McGrath Sublime Perfection Foundation, Primer, Setting Powder Launches Today
Pat McGrath Sublime Perfection Foundation, Primer, Setting Powder Launches Today
Pat McGrath Sublime Perfection Foundation, Primer, Setting Powder Launches Today
Pat McGrath Sublime Perfection Foundation, Primer, Setting Powder Launches Today

Release Date + Collection Info

Indulge like an icon with a breakthrough Skin Perfecting System three decades in the making. A trio of simple steps unlock the Queen of Beauty’s game-changing approach to the ultimate No-Filter necessary skin ritual for Runway, Red Carpet and Editorial. Whether your fantasy is the minimal majorness of Mother’s iconic “No Makeup” Makeup or you love to lavish yourself in luxurious layers of seductive skinspiration, all you need to remember are three little words – Prime. Perfect. Set.

July 26th, 9AM PT; early access at 6AM PT + 10% off Sublime Perfection products with code SUBLIME10

Products Available

Sublime Perfection Primer, $60.00 (Permanent)

Makeup meets skincare in the ultimate smoothing, skin-refining Primer. The first step in McGrath’s iconic system primes, smoothes, hydrates and renews with a sublime silken effect that instantly turns back time on your complexion by preventing transepidermal moisture loss. Infused with hydrating hyaluronic acid, this major moisture magnet helps preserve its most youthful qualities, including suppleness, elasticity and tone. The luxe, water-based formulation awakens and refreshes for visibly smooth skin with a velvety matte finish.

Sublime Perfection Foundation, $68.00 (Permanent)

Silky, luxurious and weightless, Mother’s first-ever foundation feels serum-soft to the touch while delivering controlled, easily buildable coverage. Infused with a lush Vita-Serum Complex, this nourishing formulation is designed to help fight the formation of wrinkles by preserving the hydrolipidic film barrier of the skin and boost hydration by activating the natural production of hyaluronic acid and ceramides. Diamond Core Powder Technology improves skin texture, optically smoothing and blurring the appearance of fine lines and imperfections. 36 perfect color choices – in 5 shade levels ranging from lavishly light to devastatingly deep hues – elevate every skin tone.

Every shade of SKIN FETISH: Sublime Perfection Foundation is individually fine-tuned to project seductively smooth balanced colour for all skin types, skin tones and undertones while working synergistically with the Primer and Powder. Each haute hue in the Foundation and Powder collections is tested on set, backstage, on runways and in real life under studio flash photography, runway lights and daylight.

  • Light 1 Very light with red/pink undertones
  • Light 2 Very light with peach undertones
  • Light 3 Light with neutral undertones
  • Light 4 Light with peachy neutral undertones
  • Light 5 Light with yellow undertones
  • Light 6 Light with red undertones
  • Light 7 Light with yellow undertones
  • Light Medium 8 Light Medium with peach undertones
  • Light Medium 9 Light Medium with pink neutral undertones
  • Light Medium 10 Light Medium with peach neutral undertones
  • Light Medium 11 Light Medium with red/pink undertones
  • Light Medium 12 Light Medium with red undertones
  • Light Medium 13 Light Medium with yellow undertones
  • Light Medium 14 Light Medium with neutral/olive undertones
  • Medium 15 Medium with neutral yellow undertones
  • Medium 16 Medium with red undertones
  • Medium 17 Medium with neutral yellow undertones
  • Medium 18 Medium with neutral/olive undertones
  • Medium 19 Medium with peach undertones
  • Medium 20 Medium with red undertones
  • Medium 21 Medium with neutral/olive undertones
  • Medium Deep 22 Medium Deep with reddish neutral undertones
  • Medium Deep 23 Medium Deep with yellow undertones
  • Medium Deep 24 Medium Deep with red undertones
  • Medium Deep 25 Medium Deep with red neutral undertones
  • Medium Deep 26 Medium Deep with yellow undertones
  • Medium Deep 27 Medium Deep with neutral undertones
  • Medium Deep 28 Medium Deep with red undertones
  • Deep 29 Deep with golden undertones
  • Deep 30 Deep with neutral yellow undertones
  • Deep 31 Deep with neutral undertones
  • Deep 32 Deep with neutral golden undertones
  • Deep 33 Deep with red undertones
  • Deep 34 Very deep with neutral yellow undertones
  • Deep 35 Very deep with red neutral undertones
  • Deep 36 Very deep with neutral undertones

Sublime Perfection Setting Powder, $55.00 (Permanent)

Mother’s proprietary Flex Form Matrix powder blend gives a barely there feel with soft focus effects that visibly blur fine lines and imperfections. Micronized Amino Acid Treated Pigments in geometric shapes ensure flexible skin adherence with colour-true performance. This luxury, lighter-than-air Loose Powder delivers imperceptibly buildable coverage to take your look from divine to sublime. Formulated to complement Sublime Perfection Foundation, each of the five shades is individually calibrated to complement a corresponding Sublime Perfection Foundation shade group. Silky soft and super blendable, the velvety powder veils skin with a modern, natural finish, setting makeup for lasting wear while minimizing the appearance of imperfections.


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Ruby Avatar

I haven’t experimented with foundation in a long time after finding something that works pretty well for me (at long last), but I am curious to see what Pat McGrath has to offer here. Excited to see shades and reviews!

Sarah Avatar

I already know this is going to be a Holy Grail, no need for me to test. My intuition is usually spot on.

This is so awesome, I was hoping she would release a line of complexion products.

Sandy Avatar

Oooo… I’m intrigued by the sound of weightless and build-able foundation. I love Armani Silk…it’s so perfect for humid Houston. I wonder if this foundation will be similar. It sure sounds luxurious (and more expensive than the AS)!

Sandy Avatar

Definitely piques my interest! I am looking forward to the reviews and shade range. So many foundations just look yellow on me. But 36 shades sounds so promising! And yay for another Luminous Silk lover! *hugs*

Ana Maria Avatar

`Promising` is the right word. 😀 I do appreciate brands coming up with multiple shades, tones and undertones… But there’s a whole lot of 40+ shade foundations out there with no good or perfect match for me, while I have perfect matches in lines with 10 shades. At $68, it’s something I’ll definitely need to try first.

Mariella Avatar

I don’t think I’d risk buying such a pricey foundation “sight unseen” and I know these are not likely to be available “in store” at any Sephora locations near me. I would be really keen to give them a try but I’d have to try them – they’re pretty pricey items for taking a risk.

Mariella Avatar

Nope – too much trouble and who do you think pays for all that returned makeup? We do – the cost inevitably gets passed along to the customers so it is simply not a way I choose to shop.

Reka Avatar

I’m pretty sure Sephora’s return policy pays for itself by people buying more than they would if it didn’t exist (though it does promote waste with all the things people mean to return by forget to).

MichelleChefNYC Avatar

I’ve seen this same exact comment before on another post and I really don’t understand the assertion that returns drive up prices. Sephora doesn’t charge any more than other vendors who don’t have such generous return policies and there is hardly any hassle as they provide the return label and make it super simple. Prices are set by the manufacturer in most cases and there is a lot that goes into calculating a RRP beyond allowance for losses. If anything it is often cheaper to shop at Sephora as they offer sales several times a year and most department stores selling comparable products exclude their beauty counters from their sales. I would rather try something and return it in the rare cases if needed than miss out on a product I may love. Unless you plan to fully boycott shopping at Sephora, they offer that return policy whether you use it or not, so if you believe returns drive up pricing its going to happen anyway.

Maegan Avatar

Pat McGRATH has never disappointed me before but foundations are so tricky. For that price it had better truly look flawless and last all day, I’m definitely excited to try. Hopefully they launch in Sephora so I can try a sample before committing that kind of cash.

Nicole D Avatar

Needless to say that I’m interested in all three products, especially the foundation and the primer. First time when I see the phrase “preventing transepidermal moisture loss” associated with a primer, or makeup product for that matter. You hear it non-stop from dermatologists. It seems that PMG really did her homework.

Lindsey Avatar

Wow, PMG is really branching out in the beauty world. I am not all surprised by this release and I definitely expected this from her. I believe that she will continue to progress her brand as time goes one. I am very excited about this release and I hope that the foundation is a winner. I really like trying out new foundations. Still looking for my HG (have come close, but not quite yet).

Shari Avatar

Omg, if Pat sells it, I’m buying. She could convince me dirt made the best bronzer and I’d buy HER dirt for $97 a jar. But luckily, her products are amazing. 10/10 will buy

Pearl Avatar

YAY! I was hoping this was her next release.
I don’t want to have to buy it as a trio, though – I only am interested in the foundation and possibly setting powder. Very excited for this!

Liz Avatar

Doesn’t Pat sell in China? I know that for some people third party testing is irrelevant but I don’t see her brand on Logical Harmony. I would looove if she was cruelty free and if someone could clarify; her lipgloss formula is wonderful and this foundation seems beautiful as well.

Lesley Avatar

Apparently they don’t test on animals and their sales to China are online, so they are not subject to mandatory testing by the Chinese government. Logical Harmony says they are not CF because their policy is to test on animals where required by law and she said that could be places other than China. But she did not specify what other countries mandate testing and my somewhat quick research did not indicate any other country with mandatory testing. I hope to get more clarity by the launch date.

Maria Avatar

Sephora has some Pat McGrath products in store near me (San Diego) – granted it’s a pretty upscale area but some Sephoras do carry her products in store! This sounds really nice, and I’m hopeful I’ll be able to get a small sample at that Sephora. I wish more companies that are mostly online would do like Koh Gen Do does and offer sample groups of foundation for a nominal price.

kjh Avatar

Exactly. Order a sample set. Cost offset by a future order. KGD is my HG. Done with sight-unseen. Of course, maybe ingredients will leave me out, before the Dante’s Inferno of shade matching. Cautiously optimistic, and any Pat launch provides excitement, whether you indulge, or not.

M. Avatar

“No filter necessary.” But yet they still alter the pictures. And these are young women. If they have to alter the images of young women, I guess we shouldn’t get old? Sigh. Am I wrong?

Kira Avatar

I do wish she would show her foundation on older models!! That has to be a serious demographic who would be interested in this high end of a foundation!

The photos do look like they could be altered, especially because there is no hint of undereye circle. I’m curious what makes you feel they are altered, considering the pores are visible? I am so excited in makeup ads when I can see pores — verification they’re using humans after all!

M. Avatar

You know when you go to the optometrist for an eye exam? You’re sitting in the chair, and they go, “Is this better? *click* or is this better?” And you’re like, “hold on, go back. Okay, first one again?” Because the lenses are so similar, but they want you to to pick one. Reminds me of that.

Yes, you can see a hint of pores, but tell me, can you focus right in on them? How about her pupils? Can you pick out individual eyebrow hairs? Sort of, but not quite. There’s like the barest filter there to smooth things out. A brand that makes that much money is perfectly well equipped financially to have the clearest photos that could be taken, but yet they didn’t, because it’s not cool for women to get wrinkles, to have pores. It also could be just a marketing tool to try and make their foundation look better.

Dev Avatar

It looks like this foundation doesn’t have a pump or am I seeing that wrong? If there isn’t then I will be disappointed. They spent on a faceted bottle so I hope they spend the few cents and include one.

Happycat Avatar

I want this “perfection trio” and look runway-ready when I go about my daily errands but the description feels like something for dry / mature skin… definite no-no for my combo (very oily T zone) skin….
Here’s to hoping a mattifying primer and foundation is in production stage and not a further “THREE Decades” in the making!

Cjay Avatar

I just noticed they touted it as making someone ready for the Runway, Red Carpet, and Editorial. Since I’ve never been on any of those and it’s 64 for one of them (let alone all of these), I’m pretty sure this product is not meant for me. ?

Cjay Avatar

Ouf, I was just thinking I needed to switch away from Fenty foundation (always looks cakey on me) but 64 dollars is wayyyyyy too much for me. Like all the Pat Mcgrath products. I just don’t consider them at all within my price range.

Kat Avatar

Please tell me there will be some olives in the lighter shades. Since Koh Gen Do 213 stopped being carried by Sephora Canada, it’s been a real struggle finding something green enough to look natural on me.

Ellen Avatar

Very happy with Hourglass’s version of primer/powder and stocked up at Sephora’s last VIB sale. This will teach me never to stock up because you never know when something will knock it out of the park! The downside is you pay a lot more for makeup. I am old enough to remember when there was no way to save on department store brands. Now everyone, from department store VIP sales to Sephora’s and Brand’s own Friends and Family sales make makeup 25% less expensive than it used to be. Then again, prices are much higher than they used to be! Who would ever pay $30 for an eyeliner???? Now we say. its 25% off, what the heck? So I wait to test in person and see if price and color is worth it. I have found some good matches with Loreal Lumi foundation at the drugstore. Its moisturizing, fragrance free, and much cheaper than department store brands. And if you keep the receipt, CVS will refund or exchange for lack of ability to test shades in advance. I was pleasantly surprised. So good choices at all ends of price spectrum, as has already been stated.

Wendy Avatar

Oh my. How do I wait for this?! Please let this be good. I need this to be good! I have no doubt I will be purchasing all three items. I try not to buy things because of the packaging but I don’t think I can resist with this. Its so pretty. Pat McGrath hasn’t let me done yet.

Nicole D Avatar

If I look at the arm swatches for the foundation on the Sephora CA website, I am either L2 or L3. But I need to see these two swatched on my skin. Hopefully, these products will be available in stores, as it is mentioned on the Canadian site.

Kira Avatar

For some reason, the wear images and videos of this foundation haven’t appealed to me. It might be that she’s putting it on models who have immaculate skin, so it gives them a caked look that doesn’t personally appeal to me. I think I would be more hype if she showed her foundation used on people with more mature skin or more mottled skin. My Tarte foundation works pretty well, so I’d need much more convincing to drop this much more coin on her product. I have been interested lately in a powder foundation for lighter-foundation days, but that’s not in the lineup.

Cil Avatar

Great shade range. However, I wish these brands would stop using these photoshopped pictures. You can’t really see the color. How about true swatches?

Wendy Avatar

I just shade tested this at the Mall of America Sephora. I’m impressed with how perfectly this matched my skin tone. I have light to medium light olive skin that has a slight yellow tone. Foundation is really hard to match for me. Many look too pink or too orange on my skin. Light 7 is a fantastic match. I came home with a sample; I don’t need foundation right now and it’s spendy. If I like it (and it hasn’t sold out) I may buy it.
The bottle is beautiful. It feels luxurious.

MichelleChefNYC Avatar

I just ordered the foundation and the primer, and I am SO excited to try them! I was super excited that they offered a light medium shade with olive undertones! I have quite olive undertones to my skin but much of the year I fall into that light medium category and SO few brands offer a foundation with olive undertones outside of the medium tan category. I am hopeful this one is a win, I have been satisfied with the Pat McGrath products overall and the description of the formula sounds like it hits the right notes for me.

Gigi Avatar

Def trying this..mama pat formulated my fav Armani luminous silk and they share the first 5 ingredients but in diff order..I love how that looks on me so I know mama pat def did the damn thing w hers..I’m light medium 15 from everything I’ve seen ..I’m def buying the system so I can experience it all together

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