Pat McGrath Obsession Opulence Merchandise Launches Today!

Pat McGrath Obsession Opulence Merchandise Launches Today!

Release Date + About the Launch

Subversive style meets gilty glamour in this flaunt-worthy collection. Adorned with Mother’s iconic Hallmarks and devastating detailing, each pièce de résistance celebrates McGrath’s most major, sold-out-in-seconds launches.

Now online

Products in the Launch

Apparel 002, $45.00 to $200.00 (Limited Edition)

Available here.

  • Classic Printed Short-Sleeve T ($45.00)
  • Classic Printed Long-Sleeve T ($60.00)
  • Classic Printed Hoodie ($100.00)
  • Classic Embroidered MA-1 Bomber ($200.00)

Merchandise, $10.00 to $60.00 (Limited Edition)

Available here.

  • Classic Printed Pouch ($28.00) (shop here)
  • Skin Fetish 003 Mug ($30.00) (shop here)
  • Skin Fetish 003 Teacup & Saucer ($60.00) (shop here)
  • Hallmark Key Ring ($15.00) (shop here)
  • Mothership II/V iPhone Case ($20.00) (shop here)
  • Punk Badge Set Three pins available ($10.00) (shop here)

Skin Fetish: Pin Collection 001, $12.00 (Limited Edition)

Available as an entire set for $60.00 here.

FetishEYES: Pin Collection 001, $12.00 (Limited Edition)

Available as an entire set for $36.00 here.

Pat McGrath Obsession Opulence Merchandise Launches Today!

Pat McGrath Obsession Opulence Merchandise Launches Today!

Pat McGrath Obsession Opulence Merchandise Launches Today!

Pat McGrath Obsession Opulence Merchandise Launches Today!

Pat McGrath Obsession Opulence Merchandise Launches Today!

Pat McGrath Obsession Opulence Merchandise Launches Today!

Pat McGrath Obsession Opulence Merchandise Launches Today!

Pat McGrath Obsession Opulence Merchandise Launches Today!


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Julia Avatar

I’ll definitely be picking up a mug or two as gifts for my friends who love Pat McGrath! It looks like the website is glitching out though – none of the products have prices and the footer of the website is taking up the majority of the page no matter how far I scroll or the links I click on. There is no way to check out either :'(

Lindsey Avatar

Bone china has a translucent property that doesn’t exist in traditional wares, including porcelain. Bone china needs calcium phosphate to have these qualities. You could technically use tricalcium phosphate, but that could render the final product not food safe, since it usually contains ppm concentrations of arsenic, fluoride, and heavy metals, which can leach. Bone ash doesn’t have this problem. You can make foodsafe pieces that look like and are translucent like bone china, but it doesn’t carry the same history, which I’m sure is what PMG’s actual goal was.

PMG is all about decadence, opulence, wealth, and an overall feeling of richness. Bone china was historically reserved for the nobility/wealthy, as they were the only ones who could afford it. I think this is what PMG was aiming for, a piece of wealth that was once reserved for the 1%.

Lauren Avatar

Do people really buy this kind of stuff? From a makeup company? I can kind of see the makeup bag because it would be useful (you can get cheaper but #PMG I guess), but the rest is such a money grab. The shirts are cute and the cups are cute but for those prices they better be made with real gold and never peel, crack, crumble, etc.

Christine Avatar

It’s important to continue to give everyone the space to enjoy what they want in this community, even if you don’t see the value/can’t imagine purchasing yourself. It’s one thing not to see the value yourself or feel that it’s overpriced etc., but I really want readers to feel like they’re not being judged for their purchasing decisions/preferences – we can be critical of the contents of a launch (pricing/value is off, don’t like the look, etc.) without being critical of the buyers – hopefully that clarifies where I’m coming from! 🙂

In general, fans of brands, whether they’re individual people, companies, bands, franchises, movies, etc. have and do purchase merchandise. Similarly… pricing is rarely a reflection of the “cost” of a product, and the first drop of PMG merchandise sold out pretty quickly I believe! There’s a reason why there is more and more memorabilia and collectibles for… everything these days – people are buying it!

To your point, though – the mug and the cup/saucer are bone china and actually have “22k gold-plated print design”!

Lindsey Avatar

The mug and tea set is actually a really good price considering the materials. Bone china is one of the priciest ceramic types out there. It’s prized for its translucent quality. Add onto it the 22k gold and the price is even better. The manufacturer is William Edwards and a quick search shows that a mug with 22k gold edging is $23. For $7 more, you are getting a custom designed mug that is nearly covered in all gold.

Getting more technical, a 2 gram bottle of 22k gold (it contains real gold) is about $60. That’s roughly 1″ cubic space/volume for $60. One bottle can cover one mug entirely in gold (inside and out). They probably used around half a bottle per mug, depending on the printing technique used. The tea set could easily use one full bottle.

The glazing technique used is called overglaze. This technique carries higher risk of breakage because the more you fire ceramic pieces, the more likely you are to crack or break them in the kiln. You are looking at least 3 firings here. Seriously, the prices she is asking for is more than fair.

Because of the materials, the mug and tea set are meant to be more of decorative and collector’s items. It wasn’t stated on the website, but food and liquids cannot come in contact with the gold, since the gold, and other metal lusters, is not foodsafe.

Lauren Avatar

Anyone is welcome to buy what they want and I don’t mean to come across as saying someone is wrong to buy anything listed here. Everyone has different interests. I am just a little taken aback that a makeup company is selling products like these… I know I’ve seen bags, makeup brush holders, and such and even pins given out (not for purchase that I remember… just ones that you’d get in your order – pretty sure I had some UD ones back in high school), but t-shirts and cups are new to me. I expect it from, say, musicians. Maybe PMG will start a trend, who knows!

Lindsey Avatar

This is my first time responding on mobile, I must have accidentally hit a wrong button lol My reply ended up as a completely new one, oops.

But yes, the exterior really is 22k gold and the inside has no gold except for a small portion near the top.

Ana Maria Avatar

Really like your argument about the price. 🙂

This made me think that even my frugal self (for example) would pay $45 on a T-shirt or $100 on a hoodie with a great design, that supports a cause or person I like. But it would have to be 100% cotton (or linen, or hemp), made through sustainable practices and not in countries that have poor labor conditions / rules. I just checked and it seems the clothes are indeed 100% cotton and made in USA, but the gold detail is still too tacky for my taste.

Heidi Avatar

While I do respect her work and admire her artistry, I don’t think that this is a step into the right direction! I wish she had done it a tasteful manner instead of overpriced t-shirts and pins!

Nancy T Avatar

That coffee mug is so tempting! However, with all the gold metallic detailing, I already know that it is not microwave safe. And I am forced to make my coffee, tea and other hot liquids in my microwave because of my mucho bizarro kitchen electric outlet situation. One huge counter with NO outlets! The other, with the stove and fridge has them, but no room for anything else, really. Yet, I really want that mug! ?

Ana Maria Avatar

You could always heat the liquid in another mug or bowl, than pour it in the Pat McGrath coffee mug. Double the dishes, but I used to do that when steeping tea I wanted to enjoy in fancy cups; I could do it in a tea pot, but one extra mug is less dishes than a full pot. 😆

Sarah Avatar

See, if I had the space these would be just the sort of fun tchotchkes I would collect. If there’s a brand I really love – and Pat McGrath is a real weakness for me – I don’t mind buying a piece or two of branded merchandise because…well, I love it.

But I have a destructive kitty and I just don’t have the right space to display a really lovely teacup and saucer. So unless I spring for a shirt, I’m going to have to pass. 🙁

Yvette Avatar

Don’t think I’ll buy any of this but I really like the shirts, jacket and hoodie ?
I think the Eye of Horus looking motif is cool as is the phone case. Not sure how I’d feel repping a makeup brand with clothes, its a little weird.

Kae Avatar

I know people are judging what their idea of a “money grab” this is but just to put a little bit of it in perspective…if you’ve followed Pat McGrath or any of the artists that have been or currently are a part of her team you may have noticed some of these items before. Specifically the bomber jacket. And a lot of people were asking how they could get one. So…while it may not be something that’s on your “to-get” list know that there is definitely a market out there that wants it and will buy it. I say all of this while knowing full well that I won’t but any of it (I could maybe be convinced to get a key chain lol). But the same way that some are finding it impossible for people to want to spend money on a T-shirt or trinkets from a makeup brand….there are A LOT of people that think any of us that spend $125 on an eye shadow palette or $40 on a lipstick…or $65 on a foundation are insane lol.

Lindsey Avatar

Sorry for the long response. I just wanted to make it as detailed as possible, since I’m surprised that there wasn’t a more in depth safety label.

The interior has no gold except for her hieroglyphs near the edge. You would want to keep the fluid level below the gold, and I would avoid sipping on the side with the interior gold mark. Metallic lusters, and other decorative glazes, are prone to leaching heavy metals at the right conditions (pH/temperature/time of exposure to liquids/food). I can’t remember the specific conditions for gold lusters, but the general advice is just to just keep it away from food. The gold on the outside doesn’t pose as much of a problem, simply because you’re not letting your mouth rest on it for prolonged periods of time. I would only put food in the very center of the saucer for the teacup.

Gold luster/overglaze does use real 22k gold and at different percent concentrations. Because her pieces lean very yellow, I’m assuming she’s using “premium gold.” Premium gold gives the look of 24k gold on fired/finishes pieces.

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