Pat McGrath Metalmorphosis Kits for November 2016

PatMcGrath Metalmorphosis Kits
PatMcGrath Metalmorphosis Kits

Ignite illumination with the Metalmorphosis 005 Everything Kit. Pat McGrath’s occult classic Gold 001 returns, along with other shades of precious metals: Silver, Bronze, and Copper. Use your fingers or a brush to activate luminescence with the metallic creams. Dip into the silky opulence and flaunt a glistening sheen. It’s perfect for when you want to brighten the lids, create gilded lip looks, and metalize your shoulders with sensuous shine. From luminous veil to sparkling opacity, achieve glittering, metallic radiance in one swipe.

Go meta-metallic: layer one of the metallic pigment over molten cream for pyrodynamic brilliance. Dampen a brush with Mehron mixing liquid to liquefy the pigment and paint with light. Line the eyes, electrify the Cupid’s bow, and spotlight your features with these gorgeous pigments. Then set your makeup with a sinfully seductive luster.

Practice the dark arts: add structure to the metallic mayhem and shape shift eye looks with the Dual-Ended Marker. Elongate your eyes using the pointed tip for razor-sharp lines and innovative looks. Frame the eyes with the angled tip for bold, graphic glamour. Glide the rich, jet-black, Dual-Ended Marker along the lash line to impart long lasting, instant liner color.

November 15th at, November 22nd at Sephora

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The Details

Metalmorphosis 005 Everything Kit, $165.00 (Limited Edition)

A set for allover, metallic shine, featuring four cream pigments, four metallic pigments, a mixing liquid to liquefy pigments, and a dual-ended eyeliner marker.

  • 4 x 0.14 oz/ 3.96 g 005 Pigment in Gold 001, Silver 005, Bronze 005, Copper 005
  • 4 x 0.14 oz/ 3.96 g 005 Cream in Gold 005 Cream, Silver 005 Cream, Bronze 005 Cream, Copper 005
  • 0.11 oz/ 3.11 g Dual-Ended Marker in Black
  • 0.5 oz/ 14.7 mL Mehron mixing liquid

Metalmorphosis 005 Kit, $60.00 (Limited Edition)

A four-piece set that includes a silky cream pigment, a metallic pigment, a mixing liquid to liquefy pigment, and a black dual-ended eyeliner. Each kit contains 0.14 oz. of Pigment, 0.14 oz. of Cream, 0.50 oz. Mehron mixing liquid, and 0.11 oz. Dual-Ended Marker.

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze
  • Copper

PatMcGrath Metalmorphosis Kits
PatMcGrath Metalmorphosis Kits

PatMcGrath Metalmorphosis Kits
PatMcGrath Metalmorphosis Kits

PatMcGrath Metalmorphosis Kits
PatMcGrath Metalmorphosis Kits

PatMcGrath Metalmorphosis Kits
PatMcGrath Metalmorphosis Kits

PatMcGrath Metalmorphosis Kits
PatMcGrath Metalmorphosis Kits

PatMcGrath Metalmorphosis Kits
PatMcGrath Metalmorphosis Kits

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I hope that these turn out to be nice. Several of her last releases have been inconsistent and I really didn’t care for any of the products I purchased. I love the idea of the sequins in the bag but they were a little messy. I think for her price point I would like better and more consistent performance. Having said that, I really like the looks of several of these sets. I will have to watch YT for reviews. I don’t know if you are planning on getting these and reviewing or not?

Eh as much as I love supporting African American makeup, she tripping with the prices and it’s always a no as long as she charging that much for her subpar products and I wish she would get rid of those sequins already.

I think she does it for package design effect but are we 5? Who wants to open a package with all those darn sequins…especially on carpet? it just doesn’t make sense. I’m so annoyed by the sequins lol

It’s a strange choice of packing pellets for sure.

I find in interesting that they included the Mehron mixing liquid in such a small amount (maybe $2 worth) lol

Love the product though. πŸ˜‰

The everything kit comes out to a little over $18 a product not counting the mehron mixer. Its kind of a good deal considering a becca pressed highlighter for the same amount (.14oz) is $19 and poured(0.19 oz) is 38!

I love and do support her (have something from each release) but I agree. The sequins look nice unopened but they are such a PITA. You have to open it over a bag or box and even then I guarantee rogue sequins get on you, your stuff, the packaging, etc.

And more importantly yes, she needs to make more accessible items. I appreciate her ethos on diversity, accessibility, usability, etc. And yeap, a non-pro can do beautiful things with her products. But she needs more affordable options to truly standby the accessibility preaching.

I love my Everything Kit but one more complaint for all her products are the sticker labels. She of all people knows those don’t last in a kit or bag for any duration of time. The products I’ve brought backstage to work or carried in my purse have no legible lable left. It’s fine for a pigment with a clear top, but not so much when you need to grab a specific one of her red lipsticks for example.

Nah I disagree, her makeup ideas are unique and are above par quality, I think the sequins are her trademark, she’s a creator and her ideas while simple are striking

I wonder if the copper is the same as the copper she previously released (and I already have). I noticed that the press release you received says the gold is back. As she previously released copper as well, just curious. The prior iteration of copper is one with a fairly strong pink undertone. The picture you posted seems to pull more as a bronzed copper. Any idea?

I purchased from all of her releases except the first one. The two pigments shade I bought (the copper and fuchsia) were stars with the copper being the better of the two. I’ve used the copper for eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mixed with gloss as a lip shade. It’s very pigmented with a little going a long way. I had no issues with fading or creasing when used as an eyeshadow. And I agree with you, a pinky copper is more wearable for me as well.

Oooh, my eyes zero in on that Gold set! But hmmm, not sure if I have the time to mix/play with this. I’m more of a swipe-and-go type. And $60 seems kind of pricey. IDK, will check for reviews/swatches before deciding.

These are usually sold out within about 5 minutes of them going live. Sephora might have some but they will probably be gone about 30 minutes after the stores open.

I guess Gold was a prior release, so I was able to google for swatches. Holy moly!! It looks like cray OTT King Tut face mask gold. Uh, not sure where I’m going to wear that one, but it kind of looks fun to play with

Occult classic? What the heck does that mean? A curt classic I get, though I wouldn’t consider McGrath’s products as such. They’re still too new, even if they’ve sold out. But occult classic doesn’t make much sense to me. I also really dislike the packaging – sequins and for products. It just looks so cheap; particularly compared to the pricing.

Glad I’m not the only one that has moments of semantic gagging over foolish product copy and suggestive names, that cos think are trendy or in-jokey. In this case, I think it’s a play on ‘a cult classic’ but ties in with the ‘dark arts’ later on. Mystical claptrap, and I agree about too new to yet be a classic anything. This makes me think of all her staff, glued to their phones and googling the social media stats. Oooh, we hit x on instagram 15 mins after launch! Enough to make me go total makeup Luddite, if there is such a thing. (Expletive deleted) tired of trendy, YT guru, and social media phenom! I’d go deep in the woods and use foliage and berries, but right after I had a major allergy attack, there would be Bear Grylls with some celebrity whose faux filth had been carefully applied by one of Pat’s MUA cousins, then lighting and camera people. I do respect Pat’s work, love edgy new looks, but the whole promotional/scarcity/social hype is taking a major toll on my interest.

They look interesting. I’m not going to try to get one, I did with the recent lip kits, but they were sold out in a very short time. Besides they do cost a bit, and adding custom and other fees, it’s a no.
I’ll have to check YT to see them, I have seen them, I think, on instagram.
If anyone here gets one, or more, can you please let us know how it/they perform.

This will probably be a pass for me since I did just splurg on the lip kit. And I feel like these would require a lot of time to play with and apply. I am intrigued though…..

I think Skin Fetish 003 was my once in a lifetime Pat McGrath splurge. The insane scramble to buy is a headache, the packaging is basically WnW quality + sequins, and I personally *strongly* dislike how everything is always a kit. I’m sure it’s great for the company because the price can be higher/ goodmargins, but I just want the pigment! With 003, I just wanted the powder highlight, but I had to pay for a low quality brush and a stick that I never use. With this, I don’t like cream eyeshadow and I don’t mess with the whole mixing liquid thing. Skipping, too bad.

Julia which 003 Skin Fetish did you get? I got the nude and I really like it I’ve used it I all the ways suggested and i really like using the balm then the highlighting stick and after I’ve set my other makeup go in on top of the cream highlight with the powder highlight.I wanted the Gold so bad but I am not willing to pay the obscene amounts of money they are asking for one on Ebay.

I got Nude as well. I wouldn’t say I regret it, I really do love the pigment! I am just a die-hard powder person. I am going to try to us the stick since I paid so much for it, ha! I feel you on the Gold version… I’m sure it’s beautiful , but they were so pricey to begin with I can’t even imagine what that’s turned into on ebay. I just really wish they would sell the components individually!!

I want that Silver, but do I want it enough to tolerate the completely uninteresting and gimmicky double ended eyeliner AND deal with the inconvenience of trying to actually purchase an ultra LE product with a massive following? Meeeehh, we’ll see?

I really like the colors she chose. I feel like it’s a launch that’s particularly geared toward deeper skin tones, which is very refreshing to see. The Copper is stunning and I look forward to seeing it used in looks.

I will be getting the Everything kit for this release like I did with the Lust 004.I tried to get get the kit on Pat and her site crashed by the time it went back up all the Everything Lust 004’s were gone so I ended up getting it on Sephora’s early release for VIB rouge.I really hope she brings back Skin Fetish 003 I love my Nude set and am dying to purchase a Gold one.

I just bought the Silver. The gold pigment was definitely a highlight (See what I did there?) of the lip kits, so I’m really optimistic about these.

As far as the pricing goes, I actually don’t mind it too much. I see where everyone is coming from that $60-$165 is a lot of money, but each kit comes with several products, bringing the price per thing to a pretty standard $20, not counting the mixing medium. Of course, the cost functionally skyrockets back up again if you only wanted one or two of the items, but that’s the case with any set or palette.

Personally, I’m really not enthused about the double ended liner, so I’m thinking of it more as buying two silver pigments for $30 each, with a small amount of mixing medium and an eyeliner I don’t need thrown in as freebies. I would have preferred to get one or two of the silver pigments at $25, like when the lipsticks were also available individually, but we’ll see how the other products shake out. I do hope Pat McGrath rolls out a normal line of permanent, individually available products. I guess I’ve assumed that the sets are somehow necessary to her business model at this stage, to ensure that every single product sells out and she turns the profit she needs to grow, but who really knows.

I agree completely on wishing we could get some of these items individually. I was thrilled with the lipsticks and ended up buying quite a few that i wouldn’t have bothered with if I had to buy them all as kits. I’m feeling the same way about the silvers. I certainly don’t need another eyeliner and mixing medium, though.

I got copper and really want silver as well, but I’m just humming and hawing over it. I know I don’t need the bronze, and gold I’m kinda torn if I’d ever wear that since I’m not a huge gold girl. I saw some swatches uploaded today on youtube though and omg it makes me want the entire kit!

I feel like I would like to try this in silver, but that I might be able to accomplish the same looks with products I already have, except that I don’t have a silver metallic pigment… and it looks like it’s hard to find actual silver pigments or glitters that are actually marketed as being eye-safe. Although I suppose if I’m putting it on my own lids only, and use something really adhesive like Duraline, I should be OK. Hmmm….

I was torn on whether to get the Silver kit today, but the VIB sample of 10 (count em TEN) Derek Lam perfumes pushed me over the edge. I’m excited to try it. Still not excited for the dual ended eyeliner, which I think looks gimmicky in a bad way, but hey, maybe the formula will knock my socks off.

I know I’m the odd man out about the sequins, but I really like them and think they’re a cute touch–gimmicky in a good way. πŸ˜›

I’ve had my Everything Kit for a few days now so I’ve already played with it extensively. When I’m home from work later I’ll post my first impressions but in the meantime I’ll answer any questions people have. They are indeed beautiful and my favorite PMG release after Skin Fetish (I love both SK and this the most). The Bronze surprised me as my favorite but I’ve really enjoyed them more and more with each use. Best method for the extreme mirror wet look is to spatula off a tiny bit of pigment, mixing it with your medium, and putting that atop the cream. But I’ve used everything alone too so happy to answer anything πŸ™‚

Picked up the Copper kit today! This will be my first Pat McGrath purchase so we will see how well the quality is for the price. I’m actually fond of the sequin idea, at least for my first purchase, because I want to sprinkle them on my dish on my vanity lol. That said I think the price is a little steep, and if I already had one kit I wouldn’t really need another liner and mixing medium. She should sell the pigments alone.

Hello Fall and Winter Eye Shadows!!!

Just the perfect shades for this time of the year…definitely ladies a must to be added to my (your) eye shadow collection. Rich and bold vibrant colors definitely will show up in any type of lighting. Great for the office, night out, date night, or just a day out running errands or some shopping. You know these shades don’t come around that often in such deep eye shadows all in one kit…my must have to give my eyes that dramatic change pop look but, yet a warm fall and wintery feel. Thank You, Pat Mc Grath

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