Pat McGrath Divine Rose Mothership Palette Launches 11/15

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Pat McGrath Divine Rose Mothership Palette Launches 11/15
Pat McGrath Divine Rose Mothership Palette Launches 11/15
Pat McGrath Divine Rose Mothership Palette Launches 11/15
Pat McGrath Divine Rose Mothership Palette Launches 11/15
Pat McGrath Divine Rose Mothership Palette Launches 11/15
Pat McGrath Divine Rose Mothership Palette Launches 11/15

Release Date + About the Launch

Vogue anointed Pat McGrath the title, “the most influential make-up artist in the world”, so we think it’s safe to say she’s a living legend. Mother pieces together the Pat McGrath Labs Mothership VI Divine Rose eye shadow palette exclusively for us just in time for festive tipples and merry-making. From shimmering champagne hues to glittering bronzes and matte nudes, there’s a shade for deeply dramatic and sparkling looks. Use without caution.

Editor’s Note: This has been previously released at Selfridges and select Sephoras in the SEA-PAC region. The brand confirmed finally this morning (via a mass customer email) that it will be available in “exceptionally limited quantities.”  The palette is available NOW with code ROSE10 (which also gives you 10% off!) on Pat McGrath’s website here.

11/15 at 9AM ET

Products in the Launch

Divine Rose Mothership Palette, $125.00 (Limited Edition)

A potent provocation of lush floral shadows envelop the lids in a breathtaking bouquet of finishes. Vibrant golds, lascivious roses, peach provocateurs and exquisite bronzes captivate the eyes with next-level divinity, unprecedented blendability and unlimited multidimensional effects.

  • Skinshow Nude Champagne platinum (Repromote)
  • Velouria Taupe rose matte
  • Love Lace Luminous pink bronze
  • Refined Gold 002 Gleaming golden platinum
  • Iridescent Pink 003 Opalescent pale rose
  • Xtreme Mahogany Rich mahogany matte
  • Sable Bronze Luminous bronzed brown
  • Rose Dusk Mid-tone rose satin (Repromote)
  • VR Rose Venus Golden rose duochrome
  • Astral Solstice Glittering platinum (Repromote)


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kjh Avatar

Interesting that PMG decided to do a Selfridge’s only palette. I’ll bet there’s more of an outcry about this, than there was for last year’s (better) Selfridge’s Man Ray palette. And there were a LOT of complaints about that one. Kind of like Canada being left out of US releases. The two faces of exclusivity.

Blanca Avatar

I’ve never seriously thought about buying one of her big palettes because they’re too “out there” for me to get a good use of them and I always find they’re never “one and done” but this one… I could see myself using. What to do? Do I buy ritualistic rose on Sephora VIB sale tomorrow or wait for this one?

Swoozy Avatar

And it’s already out of stock, which my wallet appreciates, but this is actually something I can wear (as much as I love the other palettes and colors, I live an office life).

Clare Avatar

It’s out-of-stock on their website but still comes up as available on the app. I snapped one up with shameful speed… I’m just so excited for a mid-toned, office-friendly PMG release

Swoozy Avatar

Once Christine gave that pointer about the app, I bought one straight away. I felt the same as you about a PMG release I could wear. I have subliminal platinum and have recently rediscovered I can use it for work.

Valerie Avatar

Subliminal platinum is my all-time favorite work friendly palette. It lasts through 8 hours at work, a gnarly commute in NYC subways in rush hours, and a 1-hour hot yoga sesh, for a total of 13 hours.
Staggeringly awesome.

Sarah Avatar

*quietly whispers noooo*

I want this so badly! These shades are my go-tos and I already know the quality is going to be excellent!

Maybe my partner can nab it for my Christmas present this year. Here’s hoping it’ll still be in stock by then!

Zoe Avatar

This is the one PMG palette that’s actually caught my eye – of course it’s not available in my country!

I hope this makes its way to the North American market, I think I’d actually have to pick this one up! Neutral pink tones are my daily drivers so I feel like I would actually get use out of this palette (all her other palettes are beautiful, but they’re just not my taste).

Christine L Avatar

Agreed, her palettes are stunning, but make it available for the people who really want it. There is a lot of beautiful makeup available, and I’m not willing to chase it .

Helene Avatar

At first look I thought it looked kind of boring, so I looked a bit closer, and boring it was not. Now I lust for this, and it’s out of stock and I’d need an app if it weren’t and I was to buy it. Why do retailers complicate things, and why don’t I subscribe to a newsletter from Selfridges!
I really should just have scrolled on. There are way too many tempting things on the blog today 🙂

Latika Archuleta Avatar

I am in awe … I love Pat McGRATH and was going to buy the rose quad – this palette is EVERYTHING to me!!! I am shook!!! Must have it!!!

Donna Avatar

Pat launched for the first time in the UK this year(she is British), so I am thinking this is a ‘Let’s do something special for the Holidays!’ that is why it is exclusive to Selfridges. Now makeup that is exclusive to Selfridges usually does a wide release some months later so it might turn up on her own site?

Lesley Avatar

Hmmm… I truly wonder if PMG will maintain this palette as a Selfridge’s/Sephora SEA-PAC exclusive, but I’m erring on the side of yes. There’s nothing on the box that indicates that it is a continuation of the Mothership collection, hence being simply labelled, “Mothership: Divine Rose”.

Valerie Avatar

Probably not. Last time Pat said something was limited edition was Decadence and she never re-released it and has no plans to do so.
I have a feeling this is a true limited edition. Boggles the mind why she would do that! Question is whether she’ll release it in the US also…

Silvia L. Avatar

At the moment, it’s Selfridges exclusive, but the palette will be release on the official site in the future, but the schedule isn’t confirmed yet.

Celesta Avatar

WHYYYY does it have to be limited quantities? JUST MAKE IT A PERMANENT PALETTE!!! People will buy it. For that reason alone, I won’t be purchasing. The fact that they’re making people claw their way into buying this is a HUGE turn off for me.

Emily Avatar

100% to make people want what they perceive they can’t have. I’d be surprised if they don’t magically make more available in the near future, but even if they don’t, the next time she releases something new, everyone will rush to grab it before it disappears (i.e., before they can read reviews, consider whether it will really add anything to their collection, etc.) Creating the illusion of scarcity, incredibly effective.

Holeigh Avatar

Oh, I get that part, although you’ve put it very well. I just know this is also making a lot of people mad, which I’m sure she doesn’t want. I know her team has been deleting negative comments so it isn’t nearly as visible as the “OMG, Motherrrrrr” stuff, but I’ve seen them. I would love to own this, but I’m very turned off by the whole thing. I bet this will become a a part of her permanent line in the spring.

Brittany M Avatar

Me too! It was so cold and I questioned my sanity many times while in line. While I definitely understand many of the sentiments relayed in the comments (my sister was so so disappointed as she was literally visiting from Cali the week before) it was really amazing to be able to meet her and thank her for her game changing vision and innovations in the beauty community…..And the palette is stunning.

Mimi Avatar

I was there too! I went to the giveaway event and to be honest I was quite surprised they were really giving away a palette (and a rose and a poster) to everyone plus a photo with Pat. The store they chose is an iconic one for the industry, all themed out for the occasion, and the event itself was very efficient I was originally afraid it would be madness. New York + Free Stuff can equal disaster really fast, so a big thank you to the PMG team for a well run event. However in terms of the overarching marketing strategy for this launch, I agree with many who think that this prolonged teasing and lack of information is quite unnecessary for the brand. Of course all brands want to build hype for their launches, but with this launch it seems the communication strategy has turned off quite a few of their loyal fans which I am sure no brand would want that situation.

Umayama Avatar

I was super stoked to buy, but PML’s drip-release strategy (and blocking of negative reviewers) has turned me off. Going to put my money towards the new Sonia G. Sky eye brush set instead (which will probably be more useful).

I bet it’s gonna turn up on Sephora soon (just like Ritualistic Rose), which is why she’s hyping the “LIMITED QUANTITIES” line on Instagram hoping that FOMO will drive us to pick it up from her website tomorrow instead of waiting to see what Sephora offers on Black Friday.

Divine Rose is a gorgeous palette and I’d have loved it. But I much prefer to be treated as a customer with dignity.

Nancy T Avatar

Well, dopey me…I had lost patience and so bought TF Honeymoon quad from the Sephora Rouge sale on Sunday. It arrived Tuesday. Used it yesterday. Not as blown away as I was expecting. I believe I’ll have to use mine wet for intensity and depth I had from hand swatches I did on myself. Dry application looked very ‘meh’. Soooo…do I go for this too or instead of?

summer_breeze Avatar

Thanks a bunch, Christine, I have signed up now! ? That means I have to get up at 5:55 am in the West Coast to get it! I really hate jumping through hoops to get an eyeshadow palette! They can have my coins, but I much prefer to shop at my leisure! ?

summer_breeze Avatar

Thanks, fingers crossed! ? I hope they don’t employ this kind of marketing strategy again. I really don’t want to get up at 6 am and chase an eyeshadow palette all over the place!

Kira Avatar

I unfollowed the Pat McGrath account during the PR for this. Between the initial announcement and this one, I found and bought an unused Iridescent Pink 003 single from the Skin Fetish 003 kit from the secondary market for cheap. While not the same quality, I have dupes for the other colors in this palette and/or think I might buy the Motherships where the repeats come from. I just know this palette wouldn’t bring me joy after this PR business. It’ll probably sell out all the same, and PML will pat itself on the back for a successful launch.

I hope Pat doesn’t do this hype strategy again, her products speak for themselves and will sell out regardless. Or it could have easily been a popular permanent palette. Just because this type of marketing has worked for Supreme and streetwear brands, or for brands targeted towards a younger demographic, doesn’t mean it makes sense for high fashion makeup or for its primary clientele. A lot of people commented that they were turned off by this, but would they stop buying PML? I’m not sure it will have a bottom line impact.

This release made me think how much more I appreciate marketing for other high end brands, like Chanel (who, incidentally, also cater more to people with Asian features than Pat does – I was just comparing their IG feeds from before Pat McGrath did makeup at Valentino Beijing 2020).

summer_breeze Avatar

I can’t agree more. There’s no need for this kind of hyped-up tactics! I really like the color story of this palette, I know I will get a lot of use out of it! But having to get up at 6 am to get it, turns me off!

Celesta Avatar

I have purchased from PMGL in the past, but honestly, even though I love her products, she’s too rich for my blood. The marketing strategy for Divine Rose paired with the fact that she raised the price of her more “affordable” 6-pan palettes, has really put me off. I don’t think I will be purchasing from her any time soon.

TropicalCowgirl Avatar

I am actually one of those that will stop buying PML. I just purchased foundations from Guerlain and Giorgio Armani INSTEAD of PML after this mess. I was planning on going there and ordering her face products. I also removed two Midnight Sun palettes I was getting for my stepdaughters. When I run out of mascara, I’ll go back to the pricier equivalent (for me) of UD Subversion and Perversion. I was perturbed but got mad when I saw how Valerie here was treated.

Valerie Avatar

HI TropicalCowgirl again!!
I wasn’t as upset about it as you and a few others were. I guess I just don’t take what happens on Instagram personally and tend to give people the benefit of the doubt. But then, I got mad that so many people here wanted the palette and were essentially mocked for it. I like how Serapine said, they were using customers’ FOMO against them.
I wrote the customer service an email earlier today and hopefully, they take the feedback.
I hope everyone here who wants the palette can get one tomorrow.

Anne Avatar

I think this release is and has been a MESS! And, she needs to step up, take responsibility and make it right. I’d be embarrassed if this was my product for sale. Anyway, for those of you who have or will receive the palette, congratulations. She didn’t make it easy for you. This is not the way to do business. I don’t care what kind of ‘legend’ you are. You’re supposed to value and respect your customers, not taunt and confuse them to death.

Nancy T Avatar

Amen to all you said, Anne! I truly despise this sort of marketing with all the teasers and taunting of her customers. There was never any need for that on PMG’s part, as we who are her loyal customers deserved to be treated in a much more dignified, respectful manner. Will this isolated incident put me off on the brand forever? No, not unless she makes this a habit going forward. But, it does make me feel sour towards this palette, even though I do still want it.

TropicalCowgirl Avatar

Nancy, exactly! Replace customers with my name and PMG with a guy I dated almost 25 years ago, and bam…this reminds me of him. He strung me along and played major head games with me. He stood me up and made everything so difficult. I had enough and dumped him. He in turn became obsessed. I still get happy birthday texts and calls from him every year, which I outright ignore.

I couldn’t pinpoint why this whole debacle turned me off so much. Your comment sparked the reason I was so put off. I learned back then to just shut out this type of nonsense and made me very resistant to this type of manipulation whether it be personal, business and I even products and brands.

One of the reasons I even refuse to even entertain the thought of even going near a Popeyes for their famous but hard to get chicken sandwich. I mean it is just a freaking fried fast food chicken sandwich. This also reminds me of the tacky stampedes for the latest it toys. Seriously, my sister in law gets hyped over those for my nieces who don’t even care. Reminds me of the Cabbage Patch doll craze in the 80s. Ironically, PML has ventured into this territory and lowered her product, in my opinion, to this type of status. Luxury brands usually don’t share this quality as the price is kind of restrictive as it is. Even Urban Decay didn’t play this game with the OG Naked palette. It just kept selling out in the beginning.

Marie Avatar

I really don’t appreciate the way she’s making people grovel. She said it was exclusive to self ridges, and people paid massive shipping to get it. Now it’s on her website.. I asked will this be on Sephora as this will be the most convenient method of payment. She’s saying find it at patnmagrath for anyone asking. I will be sooooo kissed if it ends up on Sephora.

Mariella Avatar

Couldn’t agree more. Add this to my issue with all that wasteful, polluting packaging (the sequins) and the fact that while I like the one palette of hers that I have, it’s hardly life-changing and I just get turned off. Tactics like this, with companies making it difficult for me to GIVE them my money and my business – well, it turns me off them entirely. It’s not like pretty much everything out there can’t be duped, and the fact that many of us makeup lovers and consumers resent being “duped” can cause some people (me!) to ditch a company entirely.

Denise S. Avatar

Since I collect PMG eye shadow palettes I’ll try to get it but if I don’t, oh well. Not going to be losing sleep over it. I’ll wait for the next release. I think she intended to limit this to the UK initially and may not have much stock but idk.

Lesley Avatar

I will leave this for those who really want it. Mothership V didn’t work that well for me. I think these colors and textures would work better for me but I don’t think it will e life changing and that is what I am looking for these days.

Kae Avatar

I kind of got tired of the mysterious “stay tuned” messages so I ordered yesterday on Selfridges when I saw it was back in stock. The price was $120 versus $125 but there was a $30 delivery fee since I’m in the US. Sounds bad at first but I considered the usual price here ($125 which ended up still being true) and the fact that now most states are requiring online retailers charge the tax instead of the old brick and mortar presence rules…which meant in reality I was paying $15 more than I would here (excluding any discount codes). Didn’t mind paying $15 for shipping when it is an international shipment and meant I didn’t have to keep hoping it would be released here or fighting to snag one of the “exceptionally limited quantities”. I can only imagine how inflated the resell prices will be of the PMG online release is sold out super quick.

summer_breeze Avatar

I’m in the West Coast. I got up at 5:45 AM to make sure I receive the VIP Early Access Code in my mail. 6, then 6:05 AM came and went – No Code. I started to panic and get mad at myself for getting up this early and got nothing, no code, no palette! I texted Pat’s Instagram twice, checked here for the Code, went to her web site hoping I don’t need a code…No, you NEED a code! Finally around 6:10 AM, I finally received the code. Yes, I did get the palette! Am I happy about it? No. I’m pissed that I have jump through hoops to get this palette. Will I do the again? NO! Just launch the palette at Sephora or on her web site, I’ll buy it, but no more games! I won’t do it again.

Christine Avatar

Mass emails are staggered when they are sent – e.g. you can set your newsletter to send at 9AM on the dot but processed in batches (part of being a good bulk sender and not triggering email spam rules) depending on how large and what provider you are using! Mine came at 7:03AM my time (9:03AM ET!), so that would be my guess!

They should have initiated sending more like 15 minutes ahead of 9AM ET, though, to avoid that issue.

summer_breeze Avatar

I wish they had done that! I wish they had started the launch at a later time, like 9 AM PST, for us in the West Coast…What I wish more is that they don’t do this type of marketing strategy again! I won’t go for it!

TropicalCowgirl Avatar

summer_breeze, I feel the same way about being “happy” to have this on the way.

My husband actually got “his” email at 11 am (Central standard time) on the dot. I had griped about how this all went down on social media (which I think is horrible socially) and said screw that when I told him I had to rethink his girls’ Christmas presents. He was on a plane taking off at that time and had to wait for it to be in flight and missed the early access and got this for me an hour later. He told me that literally 5 minutes after he bought it, it was sold out. His text to me “This is so stupid…they would make so much more $$ if they didn’t do this. Anyway, I got this for you Babe. First time in a long time I was able to surprise you and get you something you wanted.” It’s ironic even he feels this way.

We normally just buy what we want. I wouldn’t know first thing about what types of golf club or accessories he would want. I’m more excited about his gesture but actually feel somewhat lukewarm about being “lucky” to get this. I’m still mad about how people were treated. It’s not like she is selling rare, one of a kind truffles that can only be found by a hog with gold toes.

I’m grateful for the dupes here. Because right now, I won’t be buying for myself anything from this brand. I hope her social media people communicate to her how irked people are over this nonsense.

summer_breeze Avatar

TropicalCowgirl, your hubby is a sweetheart! He got you the palette, and just in time too! ??? I know how you feel. After getting it, I wasn’t that “elated”. This shot-gun buying experience left a bad taste in my mouth. As a customer, I feel like I have to jump through hoops to give them $125. That’s a deal breaker for me!

When I set the alarm to 5:45 AM, I woke my hubby up as well. He asked me why in the world am I getting up this early, I told him it’s for an eyeshadow palette. He laughed and said that’s silly. I didn’t think it was very funny then, now I am really irked I bought into the hype! Next time, if there is a next time, I’ll just buy the palette at my leisure. If I get it, I get it. If not, that’s okay, it’s only an eyeshadow palette!

DG Avatar

Today I got up, had a cup of coffee, got the code, put Divine Rose in the cart… and closed the window.

Originally, I was very excited about this palette. It has a color scheme that I find very wearable, I know the quality is there, and I know I would reach for it often. But, along with many people on this board, I found the launch extremely distasteful. This is makeup! It should be fun! And, as a customer, I shouldn’t feel like I’m groveling for the opportunity to give you $125.

I hope those who got the palette enjoy the hell out of it! It’s beautiful. But I just couldn’t get over the vaguely patronizing thunderbolt rose emojis.

tigerlaf Avatar

Omg, that’s exactly what I did! The palette is sold out in hours, but I have no regrets. I’m not going to buy it on the first day, as someone above said: I’m not gonna grovel for the questionable opportunity to give PMG my money. I shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to buy a very expensive makeup piece. If this palette available later on then I’ll consider buying it, but it won’t be during this crazy rush time.

Alison Avatar

There are many things occurring at this time in our world that one might feel eager, anxious, or even desperate about. But when I find myself devoting all of that energy and focus to attaining any one beauty product, I have to view it as a distraction from the real and more critical stuff. There is no beauty product on earth I cannot live without. If I feel a panicked need for a specific product to make me feel good in my own skin, then something is off with me or off in my world that I am not attending to. And if moreover the marketing of that product increases my desperation and fear of lack to such an extent that I abase myself and go against my own sense of what is balanced to “get” it, then how easily am I manipulated in other ways as well? This is not healthy. Whatever the color on one’s eyelids, this is doing harm to people’s self-respect and sense of options and empowerment. The gratuitous packaging and sequins misuse the earth’s resources as well. I feel deep regret that someone as talented and able to serve as a constructive role model — as is Pat McGrath– uses her influence this way. And I am also sorry that this come to represent what is normal. Because it isn’t.

Christina Avatar

This is so well said. I couldn’t agree more. It’s just makeup–it is supposed to be fun and a hobby. I refuse to let myself get anxious over a product that’s easily disposable.

Nichole Avatar

Yes, it was a crap set up.
No, it isn’t a good look for the brand.
Yes, I did get the palette at 8:03 this morning.
Will I do it again? Probably not.

kjh Avatar

Thank you all for sharing your experiences in acquiring (or attempting to order) this palette. It might suit me, but I refuse to pander to PMGL, given the reprehensible FOMO frenzy and insults to customers. Most of us have done something foolish in the hunt for LE, but were not debased for it. This fiasco reads like snickering all the way to the bank, while being self-congratulatory about how well our cluster**** release and marketing plan worked. Reading this post has made me sad and angry…more the latter.

h B Avatar

Overslept and had no idea that my email and code had been sitting in my email for hours before the supposed release time. It was still in stock, which I bought right before the released time, and am hoping that I actually get it. I have that sort of luck that am always the one that things always go wrong. It is a good color story for my skin complexion and tone, compared to all of the other PMGL palettes that I have, which is just about everything that she makes…foundation, primer, lipsticks, palettes, highlighters, etc…This is what I think will work the best for me, so it was unfortunate that I just so happened to leave NY a few days prior to her giving it away. Oh well. I’m glad that she was nice in giving a code. I appreciate that. I know many are unhappy with the direction that marketing seems to be going, and I do hope it does stop going in that direction, but at least there was still a VIP code for her loyal supporters. I’m thankful for saving even a small amount and shipping. Fingers crossed that my order will actually be fulfilled.

Litha Avatar

Honestly, not only do I have zero interest in this palette, I’m over Pat McGrath beauty in general. I own one 10 pan eyeshadow palette, two 6 pan palettes, two lipsticks, two glosses, and one lip balm. I bought them in part due to the great reviews across the boards but when I got them home I just couldn’t make any of them work for me no matter what I did. The eyeshadows were patchy, chalk, or not true to color in the pan, the lipsticks made my lips look either flat or dry, and the glosses while very pretty lasted less than a couple of hours. I’m sure user error on my part certainly may be a contributing to the difficulties I have with her products, but lips are kind of my ‘thing’ and I can make just about any brand product look decent on my lips…but not hers. I know a lot of people love her brand, but this has just been my experience that her brand doesn’t love me.

When I got the email this morning, not only did I immediately delete it, I unsubscribed, which I should’ve done ages ago since I had lost interest in the brand. I agree with everything that has been previously said about the marketing strategy & creating a sense of scarcity.

I’ve traded FOMO for JOMO (Joy Of Missing Out) and its a relief actually that now I can concentrate on other products from brands I truly do love. ❤️

Yvette Avatar

Well I didn’t buy it, even though I had the opportunity and I’m not bothered a bit. Probably because of the price tag. When not on sale I just can’t pull the trigger on PMG and Natasha Denona . I think Im going to buy the Lila palette if Sephora puts it back on sale.

Karen Johnston Avatar

This is almost perfect for my skin tone and style. It would be one of those palettes that I could comfortably use every shade.
I, however, will not chase a limited edition/limited quantity palette. There is no need for me to manufacture drama/invite frustration into my life.
Right now I am happy that Pat McGrath has developed a palette a bit different from her dark standards and I trust that there will be another in the future more easily purchased and maybe with one soft silvery green seafoam shade included! When THAT palette gets released I will be happy that I didn’t go nuts trying to get this one.

Pearl Avatar

Anyone else get the email to “get on the list” for the palette? This is good news and looks like a second chance for those that were not able to get it and are still interested! I have emailed customer service and asked that they do the same for Decadence. ?

Kathy Avatar

Thank you a million times !! I saw your post and jumped right on it. Not only did I get this awesome mothership palette but I got it 10 percent off . Can’t wait for it to come!! Now, all I need is Mothership palette 4 to return ?.

Thank you Christine
P.S. Keep the fur baby pics coming! Love to see him

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