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  • Haul/Rediscoveries: Fenty Ruby Richez, 2x Givenchy Le Rouges
  • Weekend plans: Well, I received the gift of the stomach flu this past week (Monday evening and on), so as of Thursday afternoon (as I write this for tomorrow), I’m recovering but definitely not 100%. I am, unfortunately, incapable of resting well (even when I try), so laying down and just trying to sleep it off doesn’t work (instead, I get migraines from attempting to do so). I’m hoping that I’ll feel more like 85-90% on Friday, if not by Saturday, though, because I’m already so behind!
  • What was the highlight of your week?: It was definitely everyone’s kind reactions/words/comments to my new hair color(s)!

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Haul: The other day, I was in a store a couple doors down from Ulta. I knew I had $3 in Ulta points, so I decided to stop in to get some nail files, which I needed. While I was there, I swatched the new ColourPop palettes because…well, of course. Long story short, with the addition of an online coupon that I pulled up on my phone, I got the CP Night Owl palette for $7. 

Weekend plans: Visiting family, chores, rest. Possibly going out with friends, but I haven’t been feeling well this week, so I’m not sure if I’ll go.

What was the highlight of your week? What a bad week for me to get this question! It’s been a week of things going wrong in so many different ways. I think the closest thing to a highlight was getting the Night Owl palette for such a low price.

Haul: I got the two new UD On The Run mini palettes that weren’t even supposed to be available in Canada! Best of all, I even got them with my VIB 15% off from Sephora. Received them Wednesday, have already tried them both, and I love them!
Weekend plans: Nothing too special, just the usual housework/laundry. May have some friends over for drinks on Saturday evening.
Highlight of the week: Booking our vacation! Looking forward to some hot sun/beach/drinks at the end of January, especially after the very early dumping of snow we got on Monday!

Haul: rms Beauty Champagne Rose Luminzer arrived (though I purchased it last week, I had to order it and then wait while a post office misdirection was put to rights – SEE why I hate ordering online and prefer so much to shop in person!); also, driven by desperation, I ordered the Chanel Lumiere et Opulence quad – again, had to order and had difficulties getting the order to go through though it finally did. Now I am just waiting and hoping that it arrives in a timely manner and in one piece!

Weekend plans: my trainer is taking part in a funk: having much of the week to myself and then my sweet d raiser for kids so I’m not training with her tomorrow but we are going to the event to cheer on her and the rest of the team from our “home gym”; I need to make a large pot of chili to freeze for lunches and I also want to experiment with making some eggnog mini cheesecakes now that eggnog is back in the stores!

Highlight of the week: having much of the week to myself and then my sweet husband coming home (all that “absence makes the heart grow fonder” stuff). And if I can just add a “lowlight” of the week – we had a major – MAJOR – snowstorm while he was away, which meant I had to do my best to clear a lot of snow with the only sad little snow shovel I could get to. Never has there been a snowfall this early where I live and it just goes to show that climate change is a reality, no matter how much some people continue to deny it.

Not long after I posted this ^^^^, my package with the Chanel quad arrived. It’s all in one piece and it looks like they forgot to charge me tax on the purchase – unbelievable! Bet of all, this quad is so gorgeous – I mean, really classic and rich and lovely and just my cup of indulgence. Between this and the Dior holiday 5-pan that I got 2 weeks ago, I am feeling so, I dunno – so just thrilled.

Mariella, I ordered the same Chanel palette from the Bay on Monday when it was 10% off. it should arrive on the 18th.

My Sephora order came today. To the wrong house. The Clinique cool holiday blush set and the Dior one minute mask.

Frozendiva, it is beyond gorgeous. The Bay where I live used to have a Chanel counter but sales were way down (not surprising given their pricing, I guess, and the nature of my city) though they still have the fragrances. We still have Dior (which is where I got the LE Holiday 5-pan palette) but their prices too are so high that I wonder if it’s only a matter of time til they’re also pulled (sure hope not, though!) I so prefer buying in-store, in person, rather than ordering and having to wait. I hope you enjoy the Chanel palette as much as I do. I’m sure a lot of people would find it “boring” but to me, it’s absolute bliss.

Mariella, there are only two or three Bay stores in Edmonton that carry Chanel products. The one at Holt Renfrew closed a couple of years ago. I either make a trip to the other side of town to see if there is any stock for the LE products or order online. I expect that at some point, the downtown Bay will close the Dior counter. And probably the store itself to focus on a nicer Bay a couple of miles away with more customer traffic.

I like the olive green colours for my hazel eyes. I really don’t need another highlighter, so I skipped the one this year.

Christine, I always keep a few cans or small bottles of ginger ale on-hand in case I get a stomach bug. And a box of crackers. I then eat fairly blandly for a few days – rice, chicken, etc. Hope you are feeling better now.

One of the many reasons I love going to Ottawa is that the Shoppers Drug Mart at the Rideau Centre carries a full line of Chanel, as well as Dior and other luxury brands of cosmetics and skin care. If I happen to be there on a Thursday, I get 20% off my purchases (because of my ancient-ness) and can pay a decent chunk of pricier purchases with Optimum points. The previous Chanel quad I purchased ended up “costing” me little more than the taxes. It is a nice feeling to save a considerable amount on a product that is up there in the pricier end of the cosmetics market.

Oh dear….I’ve really NOT been drinking but part of my one answer somehow got mixed up with my 3rd answer…what I was trying to say is that my trainer is taking part in a fundraiser for kids so I can’t train with her tomorrow (she’s competing in a spin marathon and a weightlifting competition) so I won’t be training with her and will just go to the gym to work out. We’ve already sponsored her but we’re going to the gym location where the event is taking place to cheer her on and the rest of the team from our gym. Whew – I really should proofread BEFORE I hit “post”.

I’ve read all your posts in order – I get it now. I hope that your trainer does well in the competition. She will be thrilled to have you cheer her on.
I hope your husband had a restful time away and I am sure that he was glad to see you.
Lucky you to pick up that Chanel quad, it is stunning. I saw a tester one today, as a ‘preview’ and the price tag was $100 AD. So I will have to think about it!
Dior’s Celebrate in Gold, which I also like, will be about $107….
Anyway, today I used the ‘other shades’ in the Bonne Etoile – the goldie/brown and the olive shade (normally I just use the mint and teal shades in summer) and they are gorgeous. It’s such a versatile little quint.
I think climate change is for real when you have half of the Australian bush along the entire coast of QLD and NSW up in flames because it is so dry…and it’s not even summer yet. The climate has definitely changed here.

The Chanel quad was $80 here, so close to what you’d be paying in Aus. Dior’s Celebrate in Gold was awfully pricey too but I had a store gift certificate that paid for it, which made it less painful (well, made it easier for me not to think about the cost). My husband and his brothers do this trip every year and I don’t want to bring political arguments here to Temptalia but one of his brothers lives in the US and is totally under the thrall of Trump and everything he says. Apparently, a pretty heated argument erupted over the whole issue of climate change and fake news because another brother is a contractor and much of his business is installing pools, building decks, etc. and is dependent on the weather (both for days they can work and also for business – a cold summer means fewer people buying pools or putting in decks, cabanas, etc.). Anyway, things got very unpleasantly heated between the 2 brothers and on returning home, my husband said they just won’t be able to do these trips any more because of how extreme and unpleasant the one brother has become in how he expresses his views. Heartbreaking, really…..these are 3 brothers and a brother in law who used to be so close. Of course, the fires – in Australia, in California, in the western provinces in Canada, etc. – are absolutely devastating and it shows us how much, in spite of all our advances in technology, we are still totally at the mercy of Mother Nature.

That was really sad that political disagreements marred your husband’s much needed holiday with his brothers. But I can understand how that has happened. Without getting involved in international politics myself, from afar, it seems that Trump is a divisive figure – you either ‘love him or hate him’ as the saying goes, and it’s a shame that an argument over issues has ruptured their once-good relationship. Hopefully, over time, that may heal.
Many of the places my son and I visited on our road trip up North are the very ones suffering from the bushfires, so we have a more personal connection to theses towns and places. There just hadn’t been any significant rainfall for 3-4 years and it was bone dry, it was sad to see. All the towns were struggling. Last week, when the bushfires were at their catostropic worst, one of our politicians suggested it was due ‘to sunspot activity on the sun’ – where he got that from, I don’t know. But it was a useless thing to say when people are losing their lives, homes and properties.

Haul/Rediscoveries: Well. In the last few minutes I got my Divine Rose palette. I’m not even ashamed anymore. I foresee that as being a palette that will see heavy use.

I also got a backup of the Kitten lip pencil by Christian Audette. It’s absolutely fantastic and I might buy a third backup. The formula is exquisite and the color is perfect. It says it’s waterproof and honestly, this pencil stays on all day. I wear it alone as an all over lip color and at the end of the day I have to use my Tatcha cleansing oil to remove it.

2020 will be a year of low buys. I’m going to step back and reassess my purchasing and shop my stash. Though…I’m sure Pat McGrath will still tempt me badly.

Weekend plans: Today is my partner’s birthday so we’re going to spend time together. He wants to go on a hike tomorrow morning, so we’ll do that for about 3 hours. Afterwards it’s the usual cleaning/relaxing. I really enjoy being a vegetable on my weekends.

What was the highlight of your week?: Wow I have to think long and hard about this. It’s been kind of a dull, blah week. Well. OH! I got a lovely chunk of apophyllite. It’s very big and sparkly and it brings me some measure of happiness. Which goes to show the type of week I’ve had when a rock makes it all better.

Happy birthday to your partner Sarah. I hope the weather is good for your hike. Being a vegie at the weekend is essential for you to relax and recharge for the week ahead. I have no dramas about that one!
My twin sister is HEAVILY into gemstones, she even has a diploma in it. When I asked her about your stone, she said it’s purpose is to ‘raise your spirits’, so I hope it did that.
I had a chuckle when I read your comment about the kind of week you’ve had when even a rock makes it better…

It certainly did! It’s about 6 inches tall and covered in sparkles. So when I see it, I’m happy. To that end, it serves its purpose!

The hiking had to be postponed until next weekend, but he did have a great birthday none the less! 😀

Mellan ? I hope you feel better soon!! I force myself to use the buddhify app sometimes, and know that I’m committing to just a 5-6 minute meditation, but I do feel it helps give myself a bit of mental rest!

Haul/Rediscoveries: I used a touch of the blue in the Pat McGrath Nocturnal Nirvana palette over a reddish purple base – swoon.
Weekend plans: See a show at David Zwirner gallery (Yayoi Kusama: EVERY DAY I PRAY FOR LOVE) with my boyfriend and his family.
What was the highlight of your week?: I had a victory at work 🙂

Sorry to read that you got the stomach virus. I hope you’re back up to 100% soon.

*Sephora (last of the Rouge sale): Fenty Beauty Killawatt Foil Freestyle Highlighter in Rubie Richez. I couldn’t pass up a red highlighter! Also, Dior Rouge Blush in 999. I’ve been looking for a red coral blush for my skin tone, and Deborah S.’s raves about this one have have had me considering it for a long while.

*Macy’s (Friends & Family beauty sale) — MAC Star-Dipped Face Compact in Light, Starring You Opalescent Highlighter Powder in Shooting Star, MAC Electric Wonder Ignite Wonder Face Palette, and Too Faced Hot Buttered Rum Mini Eye Shadow Palette.

Weekend plans: My older son is moving back in with us as his roommates will be getting married in a few months, and they’re saying they want to move into their own place after the lease runs out on the current apartment. So…I’ll be dismantling my makeup room/crafting room/she-cave so we have room for him. I thought he’d be living with his roommates for a few more years, so we gave his old room to my brother when he came to live with us. My house was built in the late 60s, so the bedrooms are somewhat small and the closets are tiny. I don’t know what I’m going to do with my clothes and accessories I have in there now. I’m hoping I can squeeze most of my makeup into my bedroom and en suite 1/2 bath, but I’ll probably have to do a bigger purge than I’d like. Plus, I’ll have to box up my decor, and change the curtains and light fixture (currently it’s a hot pink mini chandelier, which my brother will NOT like, lol). My son and brother are more important than things, obviously, but a part of me is sad and frustrated, too.

What was the highlight of your week?: It’s been a crappy week, I have to say. Someone (no one’s fessing up) spilled water in my split keyboard, didn’t dry it out, and it died despite attempts at resuscitation. I have to have a split keyboard because of my tendinitis and other issues.

Anyway…the good thing is I got a really great replacement keyboard! It’s fully split, extremely ergonomic, and has programmable rainbow backlighting on the keys (because I’m that extra).

No-one is going to ‘fess up’ Rachel – they will all look at each other and say, ‘Nope, wasn’t me!” But at least you got a new and better model.
I get what you are saying, your brother and son are important to you, but darnation – a few more years! Giving up your very special room, purging your stuff (clothes and makeup) and moving etc. really is an act of love…I would be spitting chips…
When my best friend’s son moved out of home, his dad repurposed the bedroom as his train room – and of course, within a year or so, he boomeranged back home again, wanting his old room. So my friend’s husband had to pack up his train toys…..not a happy chappy.

Thanks, Genevieve. It’s nice to have someone understand.

It’s amazing how often “Not Me” is the culprit around here, even though everyone is supposed to be a grown up!

My brother said he just needs his dresser for his clothes, so I can keep my overflow in the closet, after all. It’s mainly dressier clothes, and skirts and dresses that are too long for my bedroom closet (which has a horizontal divider because I share it with my husband).

I think I can get most of my makeup in my bedroom & its bathroom. I’m overdue for a good purge, anyway. We’ll see. I’m still not sure what to do with everything. My brother is going to have to sleep on the couch for a few days while I get it done, and get shelves, etc. moved around. At least he’s a good sport about it.

You crack me up Rachel – yes, “Not Me” is a common theme around our house too…
I think you both are wonderful having your brother come and live with you and I am sure he appreciates all you do for him.
I suppose cleaning out your old and no longer used beauty products will help to focus on what you actually use and need. Personally, I find it difficult to ‘let go’ at times (not on broken products) because it may represent a good memory.

My brother is an absolute sweetheart, and he helps around the house and cooks, and helps chauffeur the kids around.

It can be hard to let go, but there are several things I can easily get rid of and not miss: I have some nice drugstore palettes that are redundant in my collection now, as I have even better versions. The Dominique Lemonade Palette’s and my Sigma palettes’ formulas just don’t work well on me, so they can go. I also have put away some too-dark bronzers and blushes that came in beauty boxes or sets, too dark foundation samples, and so on. Nice products, but I’m not using them (some of them have never been used). So I’m starting with those types of things. There’s also a ton of old nail polishes I need to weed out and toss.

I recently got a few things from the Sephora VIB sale. My biggest purchase was the Shiseido self-refreshing foundation. This is the 2nd day I’m wearing it. I did not love it my first day. I wore it with my normal MAC prep and prime primer, but that made me too glowy. The foundation also settled in my facial creases. I will give it a few more tries before I take it back. Dang YouTubers making me buy something!

Oh dear, but the stomach flu is a beast. I am so sorry to hear that you’ve been struggling with this all this past week, Christine. Honey-ginger tea works miracles! Hope you feel better soon.

Haul: Tom Ford Honeymoon quad. It took me what? 3 or 4 years to finally pull the trigger on this quad! And then I found out that I have to apply the shades wet to get the shimmer to blaze like a sunset. Dry application looks so blah and dull, though. I’ll continue using the rich purplish plum dry as an outer V/ lower lashline shade, since it seems to be a satin instead of a shimmer or metallic.

Weekend plans: Looking at some apartments tomorrow over in North Glendale and Peoria. Wow. I’m only doing this because my kids are on that side of town, otherwise I’d stay put in Scottsdale.? I’ll probably need to do my hair today, I’m thinking…?

What was the highlight of your week? That an old friend from the other side of town offered to pick me up and go look at places without my even asking! So kind of her! We became friends around 16 years ago when our then teenaged daughters became good friends at HS. Turned out our families went to the same congregation, too!

Nancy, that is disappointing about the Tom Ford quad. Those things are so pricey so they really should knock your socks off with their wonderfulness. I know a few of the ones Christine has reviewed lately have reviewed pretty poorly (and in light of their price, that makes it even worse, I feel) but I was under the impression that Honeymoon was one of the better ones he’s released. Almost makes me relieved that these are just out of my price range.

Mariella – this makes me wonder whether or not he changed the formula on all his wet/dry eyeshadows or something? I’m hoping that after a few uses, the 3 shades that I know are supposed to be more metallic wear in and begin to look so without MAC Fix+. If not, I may be returning it. This, after waiting years to finally get my hands on it! ?

How kind of your friend to help you look for places closer to your family. Did you find any?
If I were you, I would send back that Honeymoon quad ASAP and get your money back. How very disappointing, all that money and it’s just average on you. I am sure you could find something better.

UPDATE: Rachel, Genevieve, Mariella; Honeymoon shades #1 and #3 work nicely when I use Fix+, shades #2 and #4 seem to be true satin finish shadows, so I use them dry. Used the quad yesterday for my eye look the way I just described and it did look good. I would hesitate to call it “great”, though. But it was a very rich, deep reddish smokey eye. Still deciding on whether I think it’s worth keeping. For the $70 I paid, I would like it to be truly “great” instead of just “good”, if you know what I mean!

Haul: I ordered the Tati Textured Neutrals palette on release day and received it at the beginning of the week. I’ve used it everyday since I got it and so far I am obsessed with it. It is seriously good.

Weekend plans: I just got back from a trip so I have been neglecting housework so…after work on Saturday I will be doing housework lol.

What was the highlight of your week?: ….receiving my Tati palette LOL. The rest of the week was work, and recovering from a bad migraine.

Haul: Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso… Have they reformulated this shade? Because I remember it as a very slightly pink peach, but the one I have is more of a toasty warm rose. Maybe they mislabeled? It’s completely different than I remember! Other than that, I’ve just been doing some Christmas shopping and shopping for my husband’s birthday; he was born 10 days before Christmas and it puts a dent in my wallet every year!

I also received my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Ghost Unlocked palette and I’m so pleased with it! I was afraid it would be too dark for me, but I can use every single shade. The top middle shade works as a subtle bronzer on me and Soft Light is a perfect finishing powder. And the blushes and highlight are beautiful. I just love it.

Rediscoveries: L’Oréal 24H Fresh Wear Foundation. When I first put it on, it doesn’t look great, it almost makes my skin look mottled, but once I use Soft Light from my Ambient Lighting palette, it’s beautiful and it wears beautifully throughout the day.

Weekend plans: Finally, FINALLY celebrating my husband’s and my anniversary. We’ve tried three times! But we all ended up falling ill and we kept passing around the last few weeks. But everyone is healthy now; I’m excited to celebrate!

What was the highlight of your week?: My closest friend was in town for a work function Tuesday/Wednesday, so we got to meet on Tuesday night and catch up and have a lovely meal together. She lives a couple hours away from me, and while that doesn’t seem like a lot, we don’t get to see each other very often because of, well, life/family/work etc. It’s always good to see her, even if it’s just for a little while.

Are you having your long-last anniversary celebrations this weekend Celesta? At least now you are all well, that’s the thing with these viruses, they so easily pass from one to the other and back again for more.
It was lovely for you to catch up with your friend. A couple of hours away is quite a long way when you both work full time and you with a little one too.

I hope you are feeling better soon, Christine. At least I am now motivated to get a flu shot this weekend, even if it won’t stop stomach flu.

Haul/Rediscoveries: I did not buy anything new this week. I pulled out last year’s TF Gingerbread palette but since I am using the same warm colors I was using from my other palettes, I can’t say I have rediscovered anything.

Weekend plans: Nothing special. I should push myself to see a movie or something.

Highlight of last week: As with others here, my week has not been very good. Old age has caught up with my cat and we have spent the past week just trying to keep him comfortable. Still, he is here now.

Haul: Just a Paula’s Choice order:
*Smooth Finish Conditioner (re-purchased multiple times, love the results and that it’s fragrance free)
* Skin Balancing Pore-Reducing Toner (probably will finish my current toner while traveling)
* Clear Extra Strength Daily Skin Clearing Treatment with 5% Benzoyl Peroxide, mini (with strong actives I prefer to purchase mini/travel sizes more often, I feel they lose quality fast; skin type is a state, not an age; I was lied I won’t get breakouts after 30s 😆 )
* Skin Revealing Body Lotion 10% AHA (another re-purchase)
* Resist Skin Restoring Moisturizer with SPF 50, mini/travel size (for my travel next week, travel sizes are always so practical)
* Smoothing Primer Serum SPF 30 x1 (free with purchase, but I had it before and it’s my second favorite after the Mineral Veil from Hourglass)

Rediscoveries: An odd one, but after practically living on free mascara minis for more than an year (I always seem to get good ones from Sephora), I redeemed my Clinique smart points on a free mascara which is full sized wand. I rediscovered that I actually like that the wand of mini mascara is… mini. I actually don’t like the full length ones anymore. 😆

Weekend plans: Finishing gift shopping for my travel to visit family next week. I got most non-perishable things, but I want to get my mom some good quality coffee, the chocolates and dry fruits my grandparents love, and a few small treats for a friend (and her two young children) and my sister and her best friend. Otherwise, I hope to do most of the cleaning, and I’m still debating if to go to a `Hansel and Gretel` opera event near me (it’s a children opera, so it usually gets `noisy` in the audience). I’m also planning on doing my first TerraCycle delivery; Paula Choice recently teamed up with them and I’m eager to be able to send out to recycling my empties.

What was the highlight of your week?: Managing to successfully schedule most of my travel stuff, from the hotel, transfer from airport, pet sitter. Definitely helped with relieving some of the travel anxiety.

You have worked really hard this week Ana Maria and it’s sweet of you to buy your friends and family the kind of treats they would love. Every country’s coffee and chocolates would be different and no doubt, they will love what you have bought for them.
It’s a good idea to clean up before you go – you don’t want to come back to a messy place – been there and done that and it was not good!

Sephora 20% off:
Sephora Collection Rouge Gel Lip Liner in Mesquite, Rosewood, & Molasses
The Inkey List: Alpha Arbutin Brightening Serum, Retinol Anti-Aging Serum, Tranexamic Acid Hyperpigmentation Treatment
Shiseido Facial Cotton
Laniege Kiss Me All Day Set
Neogen Real Vita C Powder Lemon

Weekend Plans: I’m being guilted into watching all of Parks & Rec, so I will be continuing season 2 tonight. Tomorrow I have to work and Sunday I’ll go see my grandparents.

Highlight of this week: my nephew told me he loved me on Tuesday. Apparently, he’s not telling his mom, but he told me, lol. Now I tried to get another one from him, but no dice lol. Sunday, I got to see a friend from college who I hadn’t seen in 9ish years. It was so great and it was like no time had passed. I’m hoping to be able to go to LA next year to see him again. I miss having regular time with him.

How totally sweet of your nephew – aren’t they so cute when you receive a compliment like that? Now he has to say to his mum…..
Lachlan tells me that I’m the best nonna in the world…and I love that.

Haul: I purchased 2 Pat McGrath lipsticks for my daughter for Christmas. She has a list of PMGL lipsticks that include all but two shades, I think, LOL! I also picked up a perfume set that includes roller balls of some of her favorite scents.

Weekend plans: I am, once again, headed to Kalispell. This time it is to exchange cars so that I can get her snow tires put on. In Montana, snow tires can be applied after November 1st and off by June 1st. In the past I have put off putting them on because there is a fine line regarding when to put them on since driving on bare roads wears down the studs. Anyway, two years ago I procrastinated too long and we had so much snow in early December that I couldn’t get my car out to even get the tires on!

Highlight of my week: I am not sure anything happened that would be considered a highlight! It was a pretty benign week with me spending most of my time unpacking boxes. However, and without getting political, I have been riveted to the TV, (I rarely ever watch TV), watching the impeachment hearings. Such an interesting process. This would be the third impeachment hearing in my lifetime and it is only recently that I became interested in the process. Seeing the two parties basically going head to head is in some respects, cringe worthy but it is the only response that the framers provided. I just find the process interesting. I am working for the 2020 Census and being involved with even this level of government has opened my eyes to some really big problems. Anyway, regardless of politics, everyone vote!!

I find myself reading about the impeachment procedures here too. Quite interesting. In Aus, it is compulsory to vote (big fines if you don’t = not worth the hassle if you forget etc.) And at least we can say that our local, state and federal governments, for better or worse, were elected by everyone voting.
Do you think that the impeachment process will work?

I haven’t reported in for a while, so this is about 2 months worth of makeup here

Ulta 50% off Beauty Steals – UD Eyeliners in Bourbon, Demolition, Mushroom, Smog, Whiskey, Uzi, Lucky with free UD setting spray and lash primer. Love all the eyeliners! Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed and Sensual .

Ulta Mini NARs lipstick in Pour Toujors – this was a birthday gift, but the shade is too cool/light for me. Wish Ulta/NARS would’ve picked a more universally flattering shade. Also took 3 trips to Ulta before I could snag one, as they were constantly OOS, very irritated

MAC – Mini lipstick in Whirl with free birthday goodies ( full size Powerpint Eye Pencil in Stubborn Brown and a nice MAC tote bag)

Paula’s Choice -25% off – Clear Ultra Light Daily Hydrating Fluid SPF 30 (3 tubes, HG sunscreen)

Sephora $100 rewards gift card – yes, I won one!! Supergood Unseen Sunscreen ( 2 tubes), Sephora Lipstories in First But Coffee ( 90s brown, love!), and Tarte Mood Nude Color Collection Set ( $69 worth of products for only $ 29 – Full Sized Metallic Shadow in Exposed, Full Sized Claypot Eyeliner in Rose Gold, then mini sizes of Amazonian Clay Blush in Paaarty, Lip Paint in Birthday Suit, and Mascara) , free trial size of Primera Miracle Seed Essence

Sephora 20% off – Huda Throwback Matte Lipstick in Dirty Thirty (returning, color is way off from the swatches I saw on you tube, looks terrible on me), Supergoop Superscreen SPF 40 (very rich, moisturizing sunscreen-great for dry winter skin), Supergoop Glow Stick Sunscreen SPF 50 Primera Miracle Seed Essence, Edible Beauty Ultra Hydration Set ( cleanser, cream, oil), Verb Ghost Oil (staple), Flora +Bast CBD Age Adapting Serum (free sample),

Ulta 20% off – BM Bounce & Blur Blush ( Blurred Buff), Beauty Bakerie Cake Pop Lippie Mini ( Peanut Butter), Lorac Color Source Buildable Blush ( Cinematic), Ulta x Frida Kahlo lipstick (Sepia), MAC Spellbinder shadow (Stars Align), Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops (Moonlight), Curel Trial Kit, Indeeds Labs Hydraluron Moisture Serum

Thanks Genevieve! I’ve been on a low buy but couldn’t resist some of the great sales, to stock up on old faves and try new things. I picked up a bunch of hydrating skincare to try for fall/winter, but ironically, it’s been 10-20 degrees above normal here in San Francisco area! And btw, Happy Birthday to you!!!

Thank you Katherine. I love, love and love picking up good skincare deals when they are on sale, and trying some new products too. You always get to use them up – so they are never wasted.

Haul: Nothing! Instead I reverse-hauled by getting a refund for the item I had not purchased at Sephora. It took several rounds of “I don’t know, let me go ask someone else” but my issue was handled politely and I got my money back.

Weekend plans: We’re going to GeekGirlCon on Sunday. It’s a really fun convention, we attended for the first time last year. My social media client is vending there so I get a free pass (I take lots of pics for her Instagram and wear her work around the con in return). Other than that, the usual chores and errands.

Highlight of my week: I’ve been enjoying eating some of the chocolate we purchased at the Chocolate Festival last weekend. Mmm. Chocolate. Also finished a major project at work.

I bet that chocolate tastes delicious…and congratulations on finishing the major project at work. That must be a relieft. I’d have a glass of wine (shiraz) in one hand and the chocolate in the other….

Hope you feel better soon Christine! If you need me to come over to try/test your new makeup and play with Mellan let me know!! LOL Take it easy the makeup will be there when you feel better.

Haul: Ordered the Pat Mcgraft’s Divine Rose palette!! 10% email signup Charlotte Tilbury Magic Highlighter and free Lip Cheat “Walk of Shame”, ColourPop Smokey eye shadow palette. Enjoying wearing the Tati eye shadow palette and Fenty Ruby Richez highlighter as a blush.

Weekend Plans: Decluttering in my room, books and Netflix

What was the highlight of your week?: I started my exercise routine again after returning from Baltimore. My niece had a Halloween wedding and I’m just feeling less achy from trip. My sister’s electric wheel chair stopped at the wedding a nightmare . I’m so happy that they fixed it yesterday. My mom is doing well after bladder cancer surgery.

What a stunning idea – a Halloween wedding, it must have been quite interesting. How embarrassing for your sister to have her wheelchair stop. A blessing it has been fixed for her sake.
Glad to hear that your mum is recovering well after her surgery. Were the surgeons able to remove all of the cancer?

I loved your hair Christine. I wish I could do something like that but my curls and dry hair say NOPE! But the whole coloring is gorgeous! Seriously.

I also hope you feel better. I had something similar two weeks ago. I really found that ginger ale and ginger tea really helped calm my stomach. Also, bone broth. I also get not being able to lay down and “rest”.

My recent Haul: I haven’t received yet but I ordered Guerlain L’Essentiel Natural 16H Wear Foundation, Giorgio Armani Beauty Luminous Silk Foundation and YSL Touche Eclat All in One Glow. I got two OLEHENRIKSEN 3 Little Wonders & O.M.G. Set, Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye & Ultra Facial Deep Moisture Balm, Shideido Color Gel Lip Balm in Juniper and Laura Mercier Stick Gloss in Black Orchid. Makeup wise, I got PMG Blitz Astral in Iconic Illumination and BlitzTrance Lipstick in Flesh 3. Of course I ordered the latter before the recent Divine Rose debacle. I hope I get over it because I really love her stuff. I’m sad too that I am not excited about that palette coming my way.

I have to say that I really love the Shiseido and Laura Mercier lip balms I got. They are super moisturizing and leave similar but beautiful tints. Remind me of Clinique’s Black Honey in terms of color but longer lasting and to me, moisturizing. Cured my chapped lips in two hours. For days I’m working from home, I have these nearby and really enhance on the days I’m wearing no make up.

Weekend, hoping to get my glasses order in and finish decorating for Christmas (hubby is having surgery 1st week in Dec so need to do earlier). I hope to finish up most of my Christmas shopping on line this weekend and be done. I will have over 15 family members visiting this Christmas and we are only getting stuff for the kids but I have a lot prep to do. I seriously need to straighten out my closet because my mom will have a fit!

The highlight of my week was going to an amazing football party at one of my husband’s fellow college alumni. The house was unbelievable. The guest house behind it was over 10K square feet and the main house was twice that size. I really love looking at people’s homes. They did get some tornado damage on the roof and some of the houses in that area really took a hit. I’ve been riding on thankfulness that we didn’t get hit when it touched down in my neighborhood and wrecked a few houses one street over.

Some beautiful goodies you have ordered there – I can see the Flesh 3 lipstick looking good on you.
I hope your husband’s surgery goes well and that he is not in too much pain afterwards. It will be a bit worrying for you both.
15 family members for Christmas = a lot of prep work. We usually have about 10 and that’s enough for me. I like the idea of only having presents for the kids – I tried to do this last year but everyone else didn’t like the sound of it.
You are so lucky to have missed the tornado – they are so hit and miss where they land.
Enjoy your weekend and I hope you finalise your Christmas shopping.

Thank you Sweetheart!

Actually he and I can’t wait for the surgery. He had hernia surgery in January and there wasn’t a hernia! He loves golfing but is in pain. He cannot bend down. Supposedly the relief is immediate. The worst pain is supposed to be from the insidious. Recovery is faster that my rotator cuff surgery this May. I’m only at 65% now. I can finally lift 10 lbs.

My family will help cook. I love cooking for people! We are only doing presents for the kids. My nieces are going to Universal Studios for the first time and we are getting them gift cards and Lanyards. I am trying to de-clutter and don’t need or want anything except getting my health back.

It must be so awful for both of you not to be able to do the things you used to do because of pain and slow recovery, so frustrating too.
It’s a good idea to get your nieces gift cards because then they can pick what they like. And I guess after all you both have been through, getting your health and wellbeing back is more important that any material goods.

?Haul/Rediscoveries: Picked up ABH Foundation on last day of the Big S sale, nabbed the PMG this morning. Glad that stress is over.
?Weekend plans: It’s Birthday weekend for me. Staying in town at a friend’s place and going out to hang with a group of friends. Looking forward to it.
?What was the highlight of your week?: I have two young dogs, lost two of my senior dogs earlier this year.. I now have my oldest, Erin, a BMD and two corgies (a Pembroke, and a Pembroke/Cardigan cross). My Pembroke, Henry, turned one on Wednesday. He’s so fabulous and he fills my heart with happiness.

Love Berners. Not to offend some, but Berners are what Golden Retrievers should be, lol. You know what I mean. Glad that all 4 Swiss mountain dogs are about these days. I’d choose the Entlebucher. Size, you know. With a Pembroke (pronounced Pembrook here) cross Cardigan, what do you get, half a tail?

Lol.. Both of my Corgis have their tails. Henry, the Pembroke, is an import from Ukraine and his tail came with him. I’m glad. It’s glorious and very fox like. And as you know, the Cardis get to keep theirs so breeder asked me if I wanted George’s tail docked or not. I chose not ? G is a blue merle with a stunning ‘fluffer’ coat. He got his mother’s cardi looks (sable merle), and his father’s fluffer gene (Pembroke Tri).

Haul: Marc Jacobs The Bronze Brush (was on sale for 40% off on their site earlier this week and finally decided to pick it up). Rephr P07F brush (new to their concept store and looks lovely), and NARS Skin Deep palette (been wanting it forever and got it with my Ulta points).

Weekend plans: honestly nothing planned. Just a few chores and maybe some early Christmas shopping.

Highlight: baking cookies that everyone in my family actually liked for once. Such picky cookie tastes.

Oh Mellon, you look so cute and ready for mischief!
There is nothing worse (next to a toothache) than a bout of gastric flu. So, lots of commiserations to you Christine. Don’t do too much and focus on getting well. The blog is fine. My son’s family had this last Easter and it was horrible. I hope your husband doesn’t get it, because, quite frankly, there is nothing worse than a sick man………
Haul: Nothing this week.
Rediscoveries: I found my old Lancome Jade Fever palette lurking at the bottom of my quad/quint bag and decided that the gold shade was perfect for what I was looking for- a shimmery white gold shade.
The rest of the colours – light/mid green, an olive green and teal shade was still lovely. I think this was the best of Lancome’s quints.

Weekend Plans
Saturday: Shopping, looking for gifts for Christmas, laundry….
Sunday: Probably some Christmas shopping and looking to find a gift for one of my friend’s up coming birthday.

Highlight of the Week: Lachlan telling me that he wil eat broccoli when he is eighteen…..

I meant to say too, that my birthday is on Wednesday of this week. I am meeting up with my twin sister for lunch and then heading out with the family for dinner. No cooking!

Thank you so much Tropical Cowgirl. Although at the moment Sydney is having enormous air pollution problems from the still raging bushfires.
Winter in Florida would be balmy compared to the northern states, I would think.

Haul/Rediscoveries: My Sephora Insider sale haul-Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips 2 Viva la Vergara lipstick, Marc Jacobs Enamored Not Sorry gloss, Tarte Amazonian Clay Park Ave Princess bronzer, Tarte Amazonian Clay blushes-Dollface, Natural Beauty, Blushing Bride-arrived on my doorstep Friday!
Weekend plans: Worked all day Friday, relaxed on Saturday, did laundry Sunday.
What was the highlight of your week?: Probably the joint birthday party for my uncle and I last Sunday.

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