Pacifica Launches 5 Solid Perfumes – Pack ‘n Go!

Many moons ago, I reviewed several Pacifica products, from candles to body butters, and now I’m happy to review their latest product: solid perfumes. At just $8.95 a pop, it makes it easy to collect ’em all (five, that is) or just get your favorite scent. Every girl needs at least one solid perfume, if only for how portable they are. Even with today’s tighter restrictions on traveling, these can help you save some space in your liquids’ bag.

My favorite scent was Spanish Amber, and I found Tibetan Mountain Temple, Avalon Juniper, and Madagascar Spice to all be very spicy/woodsy. Mexican Cocoa is like a spicy chocolate scent; the sweetest of the five available. If you’re all over vanilla and bright floral scents, these might not tickle your fancy. However, when fall rolls around, I always reach for more intense scents like these, so they’re well-timed.

For my animal lovers, heads up! These solid perfumes are 100% organic and vegan. Even the tin they come in is recycleable.

Slip one into your purse for whenever you need a scent pick-me-up!

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Get details on each available scent…

Avalon Juniper – Rich with notes of juniper, grapefruit and heliotrope, Avalon Juniper is the perfect new scent toease you into fall. Thriving in the icy regions of Northern Europe, juniper is considered magical and has been usedthroughout time to usher in and out the months of winter. Tempered with the slight scent of earthy grapefruit and thewatery notes of heliotrope, this blend is a play between light and dark, fire and ice, and the realms of the spiritual andphysical worlds. Icy and fascinating, Avalon Juniper is a perfect winter scent for women and men.

Tibetan Mountain Temple – Smoldering with warmth, this tranquil, incense-like blend is grounded in vetiver andIndonesian patchouli with Chinese ginger sitting lightly in the middle and orange providing expansive lift.

Spanish Amber – Inspired by a scent Pacifica Co-Founder Brook Harvey Taylor discovered in an ancient Madridapothecary, this sexy scent modernizes the old world classic with rosy geranium base notes, sandalwood middle notesand bergamot and elemi swirling on top.

Mexican Cocoa – At the base of this enchanting blend is the dark, rich scent of Mexican chocolate. Rounded out withmild notes of bitter almond, cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla, this longtime Pacifica favorite is now reinterpreted for wearon the body. Its devotees will be thrilled!

Madagascar Spice – Once a coveted aphrodisiac, spicy clove, primarily produced in Madagascar, is the overwhelmingnote in this scent. Sweet orange and just a small touch of black pepper top off the Pacifica classic, originally inspired bythe age-old custom of decorating oranges with cloves at holiday time.

What’s in them: Silky smooth and long-lasting, Pacifica Solid Perfumes are comprised of a 100% organic and vegan, soy and coconut waxbase and Pacifica’s proprietary perfume blends, made with sustainable and safe raw materials. Pacifica’s Solid Perfumes do not contain known carcinogens or toxins such as phthalates or parabens.