Open Letters, Vol. 002: Write Yours!

Open Letters

We’ve done this before (see volume one), and I loved how it went last year so let’s try it again! πŸ™‚ Β An open letter is something that is written to a specific person/brand but is posted for the public to see, hence why it’s open. Β Sometimes they’re uplifting, thank you-esque notes, other times they’re more critical. Β Feel free to write as many as you want — I have always found writing cathartic, and you never know, you might find a reader or two who understands your perspective.

I’ve written a few myself…

Dear Guerlain,

Thank you for creating beautiful and creative powder products with design and quality in mind. Β I love that most of your designs go all the way through, and they’re functional and pretty look at. Β I’d also like to put in a request for more Rouge Gs but even more important than that is refills, please! Β Those cases shouldn’t be tossed. Β [Editor’s Note: Β I actually requested the same thing last year…]

Dear Illamasqua,

How is your Nail Varnish formula so spectacular? Β I absolutely love the formula and wear–like iron! Β I hope you’re able to bring more of your color range to the states, because there are so many more colors and shades that we’d love to try without having to order overseas.

Dear MAC,

My mom used to tell me, “Quality over quantity.” Β It’s not always a statement I follow well, though I do try to slow it down and remember to put quality first when I remember! Β I’m not opposed to regular launches and more than just the expected seasonal collections. Β I just think that with 40-50 collections per year, you might be stretching yourself thin. Β Between the quick sell outs/low product stock, last minute launch changes, and some product flops this year, I’d love to see more edited collections that really bring us the best in trends and classics.

Dear Urban Decay,

You can do a really amazing palette, but sometimes it feels like too many repeats or more recently, too Β many palettes one after another. Β  I loved the idea behind the 15th Anniversary Palette, where we saw new and exclusive shades–except that many of them were repeated in subsequent palettes released just a a month or two later. Β I’d also like to say I am in the camp of the Book of Shadows palettes are just too big! Β They feel bulky, heavy, and I’d rather have a slimmer palette like the Naked palette, which is more travel friendly.