Once you find a favorite product in a category, do you stop looking for better products?

I feel like I stop actively seeking out products in that category; like I’m not driven to find a better match, better formula, etc. and consuming reviews, but if something releases and seems to be well-reviewed, I would be curious and consider trying it, even if what I had was working well for me.

— Christine
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My focus changes on products for new buys, but I do not entirely stop looking. I still consider products which have had very good reviews or are considered a top product by the small handful of people whose opinions I tend to trust. Overall, I am quite happy with the quality and quantity of my stash, so my purchases are very much cherry picking.

I have not purchased a new foundation/base product in some time and been tempted by many, but quite happy with what I have. I am, however, very excited about the upcoming Pat McGrath release to hopefully fill in a gap on a couple of discontinued products in my HG arsenal.

I tried Giorgio Armani Face Fabric stretchable concealer despite thinking TF BTW was pretty much my HG. The GA surpassed the BTW in lightness and blending and is now my HG and I haven’t glanced at another concealer since.

So essentially, I’m always kinda looking, but fussier about what I feel I need to try.

I am not loyal to many things. I like trying new things and there are always new launches. I don’t have to have everything but I certainly don’t stick to just one thing. My collection would be much smaller if I just sticked to that one thing that work but I also find myself going back to my favorites all the time!

And to be clear, I use things like foundation, concealer, mascara, eyeliner and powder up. When I do I try other things. Sometimes I’ll repurchase the same thing. Other times I’ll try something new. Just bc I like something doesn’t mean there aren’t other things I can’t fall in love with! Maybe I’ll like it more. Maybe I’ll like it the same. Fun to try new things!

I always keep my eye on new launches in any category. I figure, just because I’ve found a current favorite doesn’t mean there’s not room for something better to come out. Tastes and needs changes as time goes on and I age.

Not really, I guess because I enjoy makeup. For example, I’ve always been more than happy with the original Urban Decay Primer Potion in its various shades/finishes but it doesn’t stop me trying and buying other eyeshadow primers from time to time. I’ve got some setting powders I like very much but I’m not averse to trying a new one from time to time if it’s got really good reviews. And with other things – concealer is a big one – I’m always on the search for the next great, even better, most wonderful product to launch. With skin care and cosmetics, there are always so many new advances that it’s hard to close my mind, eyes and heart to new things that might come along.

It depends on the product category. I can separate my makeup into three sections:

(1) Fully satisfied and not interested in trying anything else:
Foundation, setting powder, eyeshadow primer, and skin care

(2) Satisfied and not looking, but I could still be lured to buy something new:
Blush, mascara, eyeliner, brow products, concealer, and highlighter

(3) Always on the lookout for “better” products:
Lipstick and eyeshadow

No, because I’m very curious and always thinking “what if the new thing is better?” I wish I had a way of determining if something actually can’t get any better, that would save a lot of experimentation and money!

I don’t stop looking, and that’s how I ended up with a drawer full of almost identical palettes and products! LOL! I must stop now, but with all the sales and specials it’s really hard to say no. Must. Have. Will. Power. 😀

It really depends on the product. For example, I’ve found the absolute, perfect HG blush with NARS Douceur, which has been DCd, but I have several backups, so I don’t actively seek new products. However, I know eventually my stash will run out, so when I crack open my last pan, I’ll have to actively look for an alternative.

When it comes to mascara, I’m far less picky, but I do have a couple I truly prefer: L’Oreal Voluminous & Lancome Hypnose or Definicils. While I have strayed over the years, I’ve always come back to these. I’ve even found some I like more (Borghese & Revlon), but they’ve been DCd…

Foundation is a tricky one, and again, while I’ve found some I absolutely love, I know at some point it will be DCd (Maybelline True Illusion), reformulated/shade range altered (Lancome Teinte Idole), or otherwise not readily available (Max Factor PanStik), so I’m constantly wanting to try new products.

When it comes to contour & highlighter products, I really just love trying new products, and while I do have a few standouts in both, I still get excited to try new things.

With eyeshadow, I make a real effort to reign myself in, or my collection would be more out of control than it is, LOL! I really do try to stick to a handful of brands, only so I’m not tempted to “collect” even more, but every once in a while, I’m swayed. For example, it took several years for me to give myself “permission” to try Melt Cosmetics & ABH eyeshadow, but only because NARS & KvD hadn’t been releasing anything of interest to me, and now that NARS has reformulated, I’ve pretty much lost interest in the brands eyeshadows.

When it comes to lip & brow products, and eyeliner, my priority is pricing. With lip products, I know they’ll go bad long before I make a dent, and eyeliner & brow products are items I do work through quickly, so I like to stick to DS brands. However, I have found my HG brow pencil with NYX Microbrow, but should it be DCd, I know I can replace it with ABH (although I don’t want to pay that much) or LA Girl (although it’s not quite as good).

If it is an HG product, I do stop looking. Now, if that HG item gets DC’ed by the company (shaking my fist at Essence and WnW currently!), that will have me on an active hunt for an equally good replacement for them.
In short; no, not usually.

I’m not necessarily actively looking for better products, I’m just opened to try something else. I’ll repurchase my favorites, but I’ll try new releases when I need to purchase a replacement.

I usually allow one stray from a HG. That stray reminds me why the HG was HG in the first place. The Paula long name TM, the FAB Eye triple duty remedy, the Cosrx low pH cleanser, the Cosrx AHA/BHA toner. Skincare: since I only do light layers, there’s always room to try something and determine if it adds to the routine. Loving the new Purito Centella products. Concealers never satisfy me, so will try any new thing, and mix/layer. Color cosmetics: well they’re color, with infinite permutations, so the drill is to use T’s dupes so as not to have overkill.

Typically, yes and then I’m brand loyal after that for that product, so there’s a good chance an HG product will turn into an HG brand for me. If an HG brand is branching out into other product areas (i.e. Pat McGrath’s latest release of mascara and now foundation), I will be more apt to try their offerings, even if I don’t “need” it before I go looking for the product. I like to keep my buying and shopping
to only HG brands because it makes it easier to shop and then l’m not overwhelmed by the constant barrage of newest and latest.

I don’t need a new foundation but I am really hoping that Pat McGrath’s new release will become my new HG. I am very happy with what I have (and my collection in general) but I am still so excited to try it!

I don’t actively look for something better, but I keep my eyes open and consider new products that come out. There will almost always be something better, eventually. Whether or not I can afford it is another matter.

I feel sometimes it’s not so much that I make a change, they change and I have to go looking. I live off samples for a couple months and then find something even better (like when Dior Show decided to add perfume to all their mascaras, so I found Mr. Big).
But ya, I do get curious when something seems truly great. It’s been really hard to wear all my MAC lipsticks since discovering Pat McGrath!! I think usually I’m faithful to a brand more than one product if they get me to trust them, and I will buy their new stuff but be very hesitant about new brands.

I don’t actively look but if something is getting rave reviews then I’m going to be having a look at it. I love trying new formulas when it’s time to replace an empty product because everything is constantly changing. My aging skin is changing so I have to adjust my makeup and skin products to reflect that.

It’s mixed for me. one one hand once I found something I am happy with Its easier to say no to buying more because I can compare anything new to what I love about that one product, and can tell myself I am currently not feeling a void that needs to be filled so I can do without. At the same time, I think if I see something that looks like it has qualities similar to what I love about the first one (including being the same/similar formula) I will be more tempted to try it.
but I am a creature who likes variety so I do tend to shift between favourites regularly.

I’m not normally looking for better, as I have my favorites. It’s always a pleasant surprise when something IS better though.

I do always check out new stuff though, because it’s fun and exciting.

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