OCC Skin: Conceal (Concealer) Review, Photos, Swatches

OCC Skin: Conceal

OCC Skin: Conceal (Concealer)

OCC Skin: Conceal ($20.00 for 8.5 grams) recently launched with twelve shades (which is impressive for a concealer range). There are six yellow-based shades and six red-based shades. Each concealer is packaged in a clear plastic screw-top jar, and inside is the concealer. The concealer is in a hardened block, but it’s creamy to the touch and as you dip your brush in it. The texture isn’t too creamy, which can lead to a lot of settling or sliding around during the day, but it isn’t so dry that it’s difficult to blend out. It has amazing opaque coverage; it will hide just about anything, and it never feels heavy, looks cakey, or requires a lot of product. Just a quick pat of concealer on any area will conceal most imperfections.

Y2 was a good match for me and most of my face; if I want to be really perfect in color, I mix a little of Y1 in, but usually, Y2 is very, very close. I’ve been reaching for this a lot in the past few weeks, because it’s quick, easy to use, and lasts all day. It doesn’t slide around, separate, or crease during the day. I very rarely use concealer, though I’ve been reconsidering as the older I get, the less sleep I get (I wake up 3-4 times a night and get about 3-4 hours total), I have found it has impacted my under-eye areas. I’ve used this underneath the eyes, but I’ve primarily been using this to conceal little imperfections on the skin before running to the store. I love that it looks as natural as my real skin, because I’m not wearing any foundation or tinted moisturizer – just the concealer patted on the areas I needed and out the door.

My preferred application method is definitely fingertips. It warms up the product just a wee bit, and it helps blend the product in effortlessly. I have used OCC’s Concealer Brush (which is what is recommended by the brand), and it works well, but the brush itself sometimes feels too big. I like smaller, more precise brushes for concealer work myself, and then I like a fluffier brush to blend out the concealer (something like MAC’s 217). One thing about application is less is so much more; a little goes a long way–and I’m serious!–use much less than you think. Even if you use fingertips, and you hardly see any on your finger, go with it. You’d be surprised!

I really appreciate OCC’s commitment to their customer base (both professional and consumer) and quality; these concealers took two years to develop to be David’s (the founder) “perfect” concealer. It’s not too creamy, lasts all day long, doesn’t crease, and works even when my skin is a little dry. The coverage is fantastic; totally opaque but can be sheered out if you need lighter coverage.

Shades as described by OCC:

  • R0 is the palest red-based skin tone.
  • R1 is a pale red-based skin tone.
  • R2 is a medium-light red-based skin tone.
  • R3 is a medium-dark red-based skin tone.
  • R4 is a dark red-based skin tone.
  • R5 is the darkest red-based skin tone.
  • Y0 is the palest yellow-based skin tone.
  • Y1 is a pale yellow-based skin tone.
  • Y2 is a medium-light yellow-based skin tone.
  • Y3 is a medium-dark yellow-based skin tone.
  • Y4 is a dark yellow-based skin tone.
  • Y5 is the darkest yellow-based skin tone.

OCC Skin: Conceal (Concealer) Review, Photos, Swatches

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OCC Skin: Conceal

OCC Skin: Conceal — Red-Based Shades

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Bare Skin / OCC Skin: Conceal (underneath eye)

OCC Skin: Conceal — Red-Based Shades

OCC R0 Skin: Conceal

OCC R1 Skin: Conceal

OCC R2 Skin: Conceal

OCC R3 Skin: Conceal

OCC R4 Skin: Conceal

OCC R5 Skin: Conceal

OCC Skin: Conceal — Yellow-Based Shades

OCC Y0 Skin: Conceal

OCC Y1 Skin: Conceal

OCC Y2 Skin: Conceal

OCC Y3 Skin: Conceal

OCC Y4 Skin: Conceal

OCC Y5 Skin: Conceal