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OCC Skin: Conceal (Concealer) Review, Photos, Swatches

OCC Skin: Conceal

OCC Skin: Conceal (Concealer)

OCC Skin: Conceal ($20.00 for 8.5 grams) recently launched with twelve shades (which is impressive for a concealer range). There are six yellow-based shades and six red-based shades. Each concealer is packaged in a clear plastic screw-top jar, and inside is the concealer. The concealer is in a hardened block, but it’s creamy to the touch and as you dip your brush in it. The texture isn’t too creamy, which can lead to a lot of settling or sliding around during the day, but it isn’t so dry that it’s difficult to blend out. It has amazing opaque coverage; it will hide just about anything, and it never feels heavy, looks cakey, or requires a lot of product. Just a quick pat of concealer on any area will conceal most imperfections.

Y2 was a good match for me and most of my face; if I want to be really perfect in color, I mix a little of Y1 in, but usually, Y2 is very, very close. I’ve been reaching for this a lot in the past few weeks, because it’s quick, easy to use, and lasts all day. It doesn’t slide around, separate, or crease during the day. I very rarely use concealer, though I’ve been reconsidering as the older I get, the less sleep I get (I wake up 3-4 times a night and get about 3-4 hours total), I have found it has impacted my under-eye areas. I’ve used this underneath the eyes, but I’ve primarily been using this to conceal little imperfections on the skin before running to the store. I love that it looks as natural as my real skin, because I’m not wearing any foundation or tinted moisturizer – just the concealer patted on the areas I needed and out the door.

My preferred application method is definitely fingertips. It warms up the product just a wee bit, and it helps blend the product in effortlessly. I have used OCC’s Concealer Brush (which is what is recommended by the brand), and it works well, but the brush itself sometimes feels too big. I like smaller, more precise brushes for concealer work myself, and then I like a fluffier brush to blend out the concealer (something like MAC’s 217). One thing about application is less is so much more; a little goes a long way–and I’m serious!–use much less than you think. Even if you use fingertips, and you hardly see any on your finger, go with it. You’d be surprised!

I really appreciate OCC’s commitment to their customer base (both professional and consumer) and quality; these concealers took two years to develop to be David’s (the founder) “perfect” concealer. It’s not too creamy, lasts all day long, doesn’t crease, and works even when my skin is a little dry. The coverage is fantastic; totally opaque but can be sheered out if you need lighter coverage.

Shades as described by OCC:

  • R0 is the palest red-based skin tone.
  • R1 is a pale red-based skin tone.
  • R2 is a medium-light red-based skin tone.
  • R3 is a medium-dark red-based skin tone.
  • R4 is a dark red-based skin tone.
  • R5 is the darkest red-based skin tone.
  • Y0 is the palest yellow-based skin tone.
  • Y1 is a pale yellow-based skin tone.
  • Y2 is a medium-light yellow-based skin tone.
  • Y3 is a medium-dark yellow-based skin tone.
  • Y4 is a dark yellow-based skin tone.
  • Y5 is the darkest yellow-based skin tone.

OCC Skin: Conceal (Concealer) Review, Photos, Swatches


OCC Skin: Conceal

OCC Skin: Conceal — Red-Based Shades

OCC Skin: Conceal — Yellow-Based Shades

Bare Skin / OCC Skin: Conceal (underneath eye)

OCC Skin: Conceal — Red-Based Shades

OCC R0 Skin: Conceal

OCC R1 Skin: Conceal

OCC R2 Skin: Conceal

OCC R3 Skin: Conceal

OCC R4 Skin: Conceal

OCC R5 Skin: Conceal

OCC Skin: Conceal — Yellow-Based Shades

OCC Y0 Skin: Conceal

OCC Y1 Skin: Conceal

OCC Y2 Skin: Conceal

OCC Y3 Skin: Conceal

OCC Y4 Skin: Conceal

OCC Y5 Skin: Conceal


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radiofireworks Avatar

Oh man, I’ve just bought an Illamasqua concealer that I’m not massively impressed with, I wish I’d saved my money and bought one of these now because the 0 shade looks like it’d be pale enough for me!

Normajean23 Avatar

When I stopped by the booth at IMATS and saw them and tested them, Y1 was way to light and Y2 was too dark and I wasn’t sure if it would have been worth buying 2 concealers to get my perfect match… and seeing how amazing it looks under the eyes I kinda regret not getting this product…. are there any other products that you find performs the same as this product?

Christine-Temptalia Avatar

 @Normajean23 The only concealers I really use are Cle de Peau’s and this. I like both for different reasons – I keep Cle de Peau in my purse, because it’s in stick-form.  Cle de Peau is much, much creamier. I’d say this will go further re: opacity, too.

annedreshfield Avatar

Oooh, I am SO intrigued by these! I’ve been thinking about trying a new concealer and the review of this sounds stunning. Now, which shade to pick…I’m always so nervous I’ll pick the wrong one! 

Raez Avatar

Instantly intrigued by this concealer. I’ve been looking for one that does double duty–a creamy one for under eyes and one that wont budge on acne scars on my T-zone. I still can’t decide between MAC’s studio sculpt (under eyes) or studio finish (T-zone) as neither of them are quite perfect for double duty! Kind of hoping that this concealer is the lucky ticket, as you describe it to be creamy but long lasting. 
Just a quick question though, would you say that their Y2 is similar or close to MAC’s NC30? 

xamyx Avatar

Which would you suggest for “true” neutral skin? I fall somewhere between NARS Siberia & Deauville, and in MAC NC is too yellow, & NW is too pink. Should I just get a red & a yellow and mix them?

Nymph1816 Avatar

How do you think this would do against a birth mark or tattoo? It’s hard to tell the strength of the concealer because your under eye isn’t bad at all! (is it luck that your eyes aren’t bad, or do you do something? I’ve tried a anti-dark-circle eye cream that… sort of kind of works…)

wwendalynne Avatar

I’m so glad you reviewed these concealers, Christine.  I was on the OCC website the other day and I spotted them and wondered if they were worth a go.  Great to hear the quality is consistent with their other products! 🙂  I’ve been looking for a new concealer and it’s a big challenge for me as getting the right consistency and colour is never easy.  I am a night owl and get very little sleep and the meds I take to control my autoimmune issues has changed my skin, hair/ eyelashes and brows and even the colour under my eyes.  I now how these fairly deep bruise looking under eye circles and no matter what eye products I use, they are still there and believe me, I’ve used plenty of really good quality eye creams.  The problem, I find is concealer almost seems to emphasize them and I think that has a lot to do with texture etc. so I tend to go really light on the concealer side because halfway is better than looking like I have caked it on IMO.  Anyhow, out of sheer desperation, I have recently purchased the very expensive Cle de Peau concealer which should be arriving sometime next week.  I’m hoping it is as good if not better than this product, but I’m very tempted to pick this up as well.  I can see you have very little in the way of discolouration under your eyes, but I like the finish on this concealer which doesn’t LOOK like a concealer.  Great review again and timely.  Thanks so much 🙂

Ani_BEE Avatar

 @wwendalynne I’ve use Amazing Cosmetic Concealer for years now because they are one of the few ranges that has full coverage for my blue circles and pale for my skin tone. I’m always game to try tout new ones for more product and half the price point. *_*

wwendalynne Avatar

 @Ani_BEE Thanks Ani -B 🙂  I actually tried that brand about 3 years ago, I believe and it was simply too dry for me even with a moisturizing eye cream.  It ended up looking patchy, but the coverage was very good..  just wrong texture for my skin.  Concealers are strange that way, I find.

Ani_BEE Avatar

I’m think that R1 would also make a good peach/orange corrector for blue circles. I’ll have to see if I’m a Y0 or Y1 during IMATS as I have to mix the two for airbrush makeup (but I’m cloer to Y0). lol

Miss J Avatar

Thanks for the review and swatches, Christine! I really appreciate your hard work!
1 looks like an almost perfect match. If it was just a bit darker, it’d be perfect, but I can work with it being a little lighter.

Becca @The Beauty Sample Avatar

These actually look incredible. I’ve been using my truty Bobbi BRown concealer for years now, but I feel like lately, I need something a little diferent. I want tsomething a bit more creamy and opaque, so definitely checking thse out. Do they sell in stores anywhere Christine?


I feel like the pale ‘red tones’ are very dark. I have pink/red undertones and R0 would be too light and R1 would be waaaay to dark.

Atanza Avatar

 @MIRIANV Agreed.  I’m an NW25 in MAC, and I don’t think any of these would be a good match.  R0 is too light and R1 is slightly too dark looking.

gilded_lady Avatar

 @Atanza I’m a NW15 in MAC and I still don’t think these would be a good match. the Ro looks like it’d be meant for like NW10! I’d love to check this out, but I’d be weary buying without being able to swatch first.

queen_frostine Avatar

 @MIRIANV I had the same reaction.  The color jump between R0 and R1 seems much more drastic than between Y0 and Y1.  I’m also confused by the fact that R2 looks darker than R3.

artemis Avatar

i noticed that…it’s not fair, they should have made an in-between shade for the red undertoned light people.
such a cute puppy! <3

Agkelos Avatar

Ooh, I wish I can try this out in person before I commit to buy. Concealers are very personal and it’s so hard to color match without trying it on first!

Chelsea Avatar

These look great, but I wish I could try them out first!  R0 looks pretty close (I’m very fair), but I have very neutral undertones, I would likely want to mix the R0 and the Y0.
I also agree with everyone that R1 looks very dark!

Lulle Avatar

The packaging reminds me of theBalm Time Balm concealer.
How does it work with fine lines in the under eye area? Does it settle in them/emphasize them?
You need to get more sleep Christine! You can’t go on forever with 4 hours of sleep per night, it’s just not enough for your body to rest and repair itself. Sleep deprivation will make you sick! If it’s been going on for a while, you should probably talk to your physician about it. Take care!

blueraccoon Avatar

 @Christine (Temptalia) As a long-time insomniac, trust me, I understand – if you don’t want sleeping pills (for which I can’t blame you) have you considered melatonin? It doesn’t work for me personally but a lot of people swear by it. It’s not a drug, really, it basically convinces your body it’s time to sleep. And I’ll shut up now 🙂 (I just have a LOT of experience with insomnia and sleep remedies and things.)

Christine-Temptalia Avatar

 @blueraccoon My parents take melatonin, but it doesn’t seem to do much for me 🙁  
My big problem with sleeping pills is that (last I checked) they all had a tendency to be addictive.  I’m not 100% keen on them to begin with, and then the addictive nature is off-putting.  Do you take anything?  Any good remedies?  My biggest problem is *staying* asleep.  I fall asleep in 15-30 minutes usually, but I’m up every hour or two and we repeat the process.  A good night is waking up around 3am and 6am!

blueraccoon Avatar

 @Christine (Temptalia) *clears throat, puts on Sleep Issues Hat* So. As per my psychiatrist, there are no good long-term sleep remedies. The only one I know of that *isn’t* addictive is Rozerem, which a friend of mine uses and swears by. I have tried, personally, a couple of sleep meds that didn’t work for me and a bunch of benzodiazepenes and other anxiety meds that have a tendency to be sedating. 
It depends on why you can’t sleep – for me, I had problems falling asleep *and* staying asleep, so I would take something to help me conk out and then like half a dose when I woke up at three in the morning. I know a lot of medications that will make you really sleepy (see: seroquel) but if you don’t have anxiety or depression to go along with them they’re probably not things you want to be taking. 
The other thing, too, is that doctors are saying a lot of sleep medications may in fact work on the placebo effect, that they really *don’t* give you much more sleep or better sleep than not taking anything, but people think they do, so it works. I’m not knocking the placebo effect at all: if it works, go for it – but that’s just something to keep in mind. 
There are herbal capsules out there that contain things like melatonin and valerian, which are supposedly sedating, which you can try; I tend to avoid herbal remedies beacuse I’m on other meds and don’t know how they interact. But they can be worth a try. You can also ask your doctor about a short-term prescription for one of the general sleep meds out there; it’s possible you’re just in a bad sleep cycle and once your body gets used to staying asleep all night you’ll do okay once you’re off the meds. So that may be an option, too. 
If you have any other questions about sleep meds, sleep disturbances, or that sort of thing feel free to shoot me an email 🙂 I think I’ve rambled enough in here!

Miss J Avatar

 @Christine (Temptalia) I feel where you are coming from with sleep issues, too. I used to take sleeping pills a lot, but, not even those really did much. They would help me fall asleep, but I would still end up waking up repeatedly. I’ve always had sleep problems for as long as I can remember. I used to get in trouble as a kid for having my light on at night because I was supposed to be sleeping, lol.

Christine-Temptalia Avatar

 @blueraccoon When I had atarax for anxiety, it helped keep me asleep – but only about 30% of the time.  I remember I’d take one before bed for sleep, and then it wouldn’t work when I wanted it to!
Thank you so much! Maybe it’s worth a shot to try them in the short-run to see if it is a bad sleep cycle like you said.

blueraccoon Avatar

 @Christine (Temptalia) The thing about atarax is that it’s actually an antihistamine? So another anti-anxiety med like alprazolam or clonazepam or whatever (one of the azepams) might work a little better. They are addictive, to be sure, but if you only take a small dose for a short while you’ll be fine.

Veronica Avatar

@Christine (Temptalia)
Out of curiosity, have you considered how much exercise/movement you do daily?  I know that sounds odd, but after years of insomnia (exacerbated by my ADHD), I found that the more rigorous my physical schedule was during the day, the easier my body found deep sleep.  This became especially important when I started working night shifts and had to contend with an unnatural sleep cycle.  I still have days where I wake up continuously every few hours, but it has helped to curb the overwhelming tendency of that to occur.
Regarding sleep meds – is the melatonin you’re using sublingual or oral?  For a lot of people, the bioavailability of melatonin is severely contracted by digestion.  It can be hard to find, but there are chewable/soluble tablets that will dissolve in your mouth and absorb into your blood stream through the vessels on your tongue.  The pharmacist who recommended it to me actually stated that he found it worked much better in that form.
The only other OTC drug I can recommend is generic Benadryl (diphenhydramine), which does induce drowsiness in the vast majority of people.  (It’s even sold repackaged as a sleep med in the form of Unisom – which I do not recommend buying because it’s a complete rip off.  They’re charging you extra money for an old drug just because FDA standards require a change in brand name for different applications of a drug.  Just go for the generic.)   However, the problem with Benadryl is that it does have a very long half life – if you take it one day (especially if you double up the dose to 50mg instead of 25mg), you’re going to have to skip the next day because you’ll wake up the third day exhausted and fatigued because you have too much drug in your system.  It does work; it just that you’re limited to an every other day dosage.
On a final note, while I understand your concerns on the addictive quality of sleep meds, I just wanted to point out that almost all medications have the possibility for dependence.  It has more to do with how the individual handles the drug.  (I’ve been working in pharmacy for years, and you would not believe some of the stuff we’ve had to put on tight regulation.)  Which is to say – don’t let the fear of potential addiction necessarily keep you from getting a drug that could help you out.  If you have concerns regarding family history or personal biochemistry, then you can speak to your doctor about that in advance.  Most of them are willing to recommend alternatives or particular meds that are limited in their inability to induce dependence.

Christine-Temptalia Avatar

I definitely have – even when exercise has been 45-1hr of cardio-based activity (e.g. tennis) and I feel like I worked out hard (for me)… sleep was the same. It was the first thing my doctor told me to try.  We got off track with tennis over the past month because of various personal events and the like, but I’d say we were going steadily for about 6-8 weeks and no sleep improvements. Hoping to get back to playing for exercise’s sake soon, though 🙂
Melatonin doesn’t work well for me, but it also gives me bad dreams, which is why I don’t like taking it. I usually fall asleep within 15-30 minutes, so I don’t need anything to make me drowsy so much as I need something to keep me asleep!
Thanks for the advice about benadryl!  Good to know that you can’t do it back-to-back.
Oh – definitely – lots of [prescription] drugs can be addictive. (I also don’t drink or smoke.) I only take one drug everyday (birth control), but otherwise I only take drugs when necessary – like antibiotics, pain killers (usually only for migraines or I get really clumsy, LOL), etc. I would say it’s a personal comfort-level/philosophy more than anything else 🙂
Thank you!

Kafka Avatar

 @Christine (Temptalia)  As a fellow insomniac, I sympathize. My mother sounds like you; she can’t stay asleep and her body only seems to need about 3-4 hrs of sleep a night. All of us in the family refuse to take anything addictive. But my mother takes Alteril which has melatonin, L- tryphtophan & some other things. It helps her *stay* asleep for a whopping total of maybe 6 hrs. LOL. Perhaps the addition of the other things would counter the melatonin effects on you? Before that, she was taking generic Benadryl for the reasons Veronica mentioned.  
     My sister who also has some sleep issues takes Desyrel (generic name Trazadone) which is theoretically first an anti-depressant and then a sleep aid. She doesn’t have depression at all, but her doctor of 10 yrs prescribed it to help her sleep since it is not addictive. Me? I’ve tried it all and nothing helps. I’ve even been to sleep doctors; my circadium rhythm has been screwed up since childhood in addition to the insomnia, and my body also metabolises drugs/medications in a weird way. But you may want to look into Trazadone. BTW, I cannot get over how amazing the skin under your eyes looks. I remember those days! LOL. Now, at my age, my sleeplessness *really* shows; with every hour I don’t sleep, another line seems extra emphasized. 

Quinctia Avatar

 @Christine (Temptalia) What size melatonin pills did you try?  I’ve seen everything from 1 – 10mg.  I’ve actually been taking the 10mg pills for awhile (well, I was taking 2x 5mg ones before I found the larger pill) and they’ve worked pretty well for me.
Also, I’ve found podcasts are good for putting me to sleep, so I got a newer gen ipod nano, clip it to my sleep shirt, and let it drone on into my ears.  It works if you can listen lightly enough to not disturb anyone else in the room.

xamyx Avatar

@Christine (Temptalia) If this blog is any indication of the amount of time, effort, & energy you put into everything you do, then I’d put my money on anxiety. If I know I have deadlines, or things that *have* to be done, I find that I have trouble staying asleep as well. It may be a good idea to take a step or two back, and try relaxing. I know that’s probably easier said than done, as it seems you also thrive on having a full plate (I’m the same-I always have to be doing *something*). It’s a complete paradox, but if you want to avoid meds, take some more time for yourself. As much as your loyal readers love your work, I’m sure they care more about you, and want you to take care of your health. I hope this makes sense.

Veronica Avatar

Oh dear, I really hope I didn’t come across as condescending with that note on addiction, as that wasn’t my intention, and I apologize if I did!  I just wanted to clarify that some meds pick up a bad reputation due to highly publicized cases of certain demographics abusing them.  (I’m actually pretty cautious with drug intake myself, despite being a pre-pharm major.)
I hope you do figure out something for your sleep problems, though.  🙁

radiofireworks Avatar

 @Christine (Temptalia) Hi Christine, I know you said you’d rather stay off drugs, but have you ever considered trazodone? It’s actually an antidepressant (I’m prescribed it for anxiety, for which it works AMAZINGLY well), but it’s often prescribed as a sleep aid too in lower doses. The great thing about it is that it has a really short half life inside the body, so you don’t have to take it every day the way you do with other antidepressant-type medications, and it’s nowhere near as physiologically addictive as other anti-anxiety medications such as benzos.

wwendalynne Avatar

 @Christine (Temptalia)  Just to stick my 2 cents in..  and because I am a lifelong insomniac myself:  physically tiring exercise only made me worse.  No herbal treatments have ever worked.  Anti-axiety meds (ativan) made me more anxious and are addictive.  Due to my other health issues, my doctors finally forced me to look at anti-depressants.  I’m not a depressed person so I railed against the idea, but in the end was convinced based on info from specialist. Some AD meds are also prescribed for anxiety issues and your sleep patterns are very similar to mine.  I simply cannot stay asleep.  In any event, I am now on Cymbalta and it took me about 10 days to get used to the med and I was pretty much out of it and got more sleep probably than I have in my entire life.  LoL.  Anyway, I am now accustomed to the drug and I do not experience any side effects and my sleep patterns, while not perfect, are definitely improved and I am now getting about 5 to 6 hours sleep instead of 2 or 3.  That being said, when I was your age, I just accepted it and coped and my auto-immune issues are really the catalyst which made me address the issue since the doctors believe there is some connection.  Don’t freak, insomnia isn’t a symptom of autoimmune illness.  I was already genetically predisposed.  Either way, good luck!  I feel your pain sistah 🙂

yellowlantern Avatar

Could you compare these to some other concealers on the market? I’m curious to know how you would compare these in terms of coverage, blendability, etc. to other concealers like studio finish concealer and Cle de Peau’s concealer? 
I’m about to repurchase Cle de Peau’s so I’m curious to see if you have any thoughts about how the two formulas differ?
Thanks a bunch for any thoughts you (or anyone else) have on the matter!

yellowlantern Avatar

 @Christine (Temptalia) Thank you for your response! I think I’ll consider this a contender even though I’m not crazy about products that come in pots. 🙂

Christine-Temptalia Avatar

 @Cel I do – I don’t think I said I didn’t! I always try to get 8 hours and give myself at least that long to sleep. I’m not going to bed at 3AM and getting up at 5AM. I go to bed around 11PM and wake up whenever my body naturally says, “That’s it, you’re done.”

Christine-Temptalia Avatar

 @cchloe Sorry! I must have had them switched when they were in a row (I put them in numerical order, but of course, I messed up per usual, LOL!). R2 is definitely lighter than R3! Thanks again for letting me know, and I’m SO so sorry for being such an idiot and not seeing it!

cynthia Avatar

I appreciate that OCC took time and effort to include darker shades. Sadly, that’s not something that I have come to expect even though I should.

Makeupfancy Avatar

I want to try these so so bad! If I had a good creme product that covers my redness but doesn’t look like makeup and lasts all day on my oily skin, I’d be set for life. I’m just worried about finding the right shade since I’d buy online.. I’m cursed when it comes to buying the wrong foundation/concealer shade 🙁
Thanks so much for the swatches/review!!

Haezel Avatar

Have you tried the Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer? How does this compare? Also, what is the difference between using a yellow or red based?

Andrea Avatar

I was looking at these just yesterday and wondering how good they were!! Funny you would review them the day after, thanks dude! xP 
Do you think R1 would be the best for deep undereye circles on NC15 skin? I’m not sure. >.< 

LJ777 Avatar

Considering how little sleep you get, you absolutely cannot tell from the photo of your bare eyes – how do not have blue/grey/purple patches there?! They look like you’ve had your beauty sleep for sure, I’m so envious! I’m only 21 but I have horrible purple/grey blotches under my tear duct area because of sleep problems. I don’t take pills either, I went on a CBT course and it actually helped me a lot in terms of sleep psychology, sleep ‘hygiene’ as they like to call it, breathing exercises and so on. I’d definitely recommend something similar to anyone with sleep trouble.

Christine-Temptalia Avatar

 @LJ777 Genetics! My mom is an INSOMNIAC. I don’t even know IF she sleeps sometimes, but you could never tell.  My sister, on the other hand, has a pretty awful sleep schedule and it definitely shows underneath the eyes.  I’ve only started to really notice some under-eye darkening in the past two years I’d say.  Like it was never an issue for me personally but they have started to bother me more. 
I’ll definitely see if there’s a CBT course that I could take! Thank you!

artemis Avatar

 @Christine (Temptalia) you’re so lucky :O i’ve always had them, very bad  ones 🙁 hereditary.
i will have to raise a ton of money for surgery :/

AletheaSilvestre Avatar

 @Christine (Temptalia) I’ve also suffered from insomnia all my life, and so has my mom – however, I have been trying acupuncture for the last few weeks, with amazing results. I thought I should share that. 🙂 GL

Veronica Avatar

I really like the look of these – very thick and opaque, which I need for my dark circles.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like they have the color I need, but I hope they work out for other people who have trouble finding a good match!

Veronica Shaw Avatar

Paraffinum Liquidum is a grade of Mineral Oil, which isn’t always derived from Petroleum, so I’m sure OCC wouldn’t make this claim knowingly if the source was petroleum derived. There are also different grades (i.e. what’s used for automotive industries isn’t the same as what’s used for food and cosmetics). HTH!

xamyx Avatar

@Veronica Shaw If I may ask, what other sources is mineral oil derived from? Everything I’ve read points to petroleum, so I’m very curious, as I try to stay away from mineral oils & parabens as much as possible when it comes to products I apply to my face. TIA.

Chasity Avatar

 @xamyx  @Veronica 
Actually Paraffinum Liquidum is a petroleum by-product. It’s not a grade of mineral oil it is the name used by chemists and the scientific community for mineral oil kind of like sodium bicarbonate is also baking soda. All mineral is derived from petroleum but there are indeed different grades. 

Kafka Avatar

Christine, would you (or anyone) happen to know how these compare in terms of texture, coverage and look to either MUFE’s Lift Concealer or to NARS’? I was planning on getting NARS’ duo in Custard & Ginger, after having had a Sephora MUA use Custard on me. (Custard for under the eyes, Ginger for imperfections.) I really liked its opaqueness and feel, but I don’t have extensive experience with concealers to know how that compares to others out there or to the the OCC one you’re describing. Currently, I’m using MUFE but I don’t like it very much.

Christine-Temptalia Avatar

 @Kafka Since lift is in a tube, it’s wayyy creamier, so it can be sheered out a lot and may settle into lines depending on how much you use/your skin type. This is a lot stiffer – like a pot of butter almost. It is totally blendable and doesn’t drag on the skin, but it starts off with a stiffer texture.  I would say the texture would be more comparable to NARS, since it has a similar packaging method (in wells), but I haven’t tried NARS’ concealer in a long time.

Kafka Avatar

 @Christine (Temptalia)  Thank you! I’m such a novice with concealers that perhaps you can explain a bit further about textural issus. Your comment about MUFE’s Lift being “creamier” really threw me. The way everyone says “creamier” (like when raving about Cle de Peau’s concealer) would seem to make “creamier” sound like the best thing of all but your comments up above make me think it’s not always a good thing? Shouldn’t creamier things be less likely to emphasize lines or dark circles because they’re *more* blendable?  I definitely don’t want something that settles within the lines or seems to highlight them, which is something I sometimes fear the Lift does. Is the MUFE Lift just not a good type of “creamy” concealer or am I actually looking for something else without knowing enough to explain it? What do you think of it? And how do you think it falls on the opaqueness spectrum? To my novice eyes, it seems like it doesn’t seem to have a lot of opaqueness, at least not as compared to the NARS one. 
      I’ve used a MAC concealer in the past that came in a pot and that was *very* stiff and hard to blend. It dragged and pulled in a terrible way. I want to stay away from anything like that again.  Sorry for the plethora of questions and my utter ignorance in all this. I’m just trying to assess how all these things compare, esp. as I’m hesitant about venturing into a new brand like OCC and buying something sight unseen. If MUFE’s Lift is a *good* example of what a creamy concealer does, then maybe I would be better off with either the OCC or the NARS; otherwise, maybe I should see what all the Cle de Peau fuss is about. Hope that makes sense.      

Christine-Temptalia Avatar

 @Kafka Creamier concealers take longer to set, so they tend to settle into lines before you’re even out the door.  Sometimes a creamier concealer is fine for awhile but tends to migrate/move as you wear it – kind of like an eyeliner that’s TOO creamy might be a dream to apply but end up halfway across your face a few hours later.
Cle de Peau is going to be between NARS/OCC/MAC (the potted one; they have others that are more like liquid) and MUFE Lift in terms of creaminess. I don’t remember having issues when I’ve used MUFE LIft in the past, but it has been awhile and I couldn’t find a review by me on it (which usually helps to refresh my memory!).
OCC is totally opaque. Brooke (SayAnythingBrooke) on YouTube did this crazy video where she hid an entire sunburn with this stuff. 
I have heard some readers say OCC doesn’t take returns on used stuff – I just read their policy and it seemed like you could return anything for any reason within 14 days, and after that, only if it was unused.
With concealer, I’d want a good return policy since it’s not just formula but shade you have to figure out…  

Kafka Avatar

@Christine (Temptalia) You’re an angel! You have no idea HOW helpful this has been. Finally, it all makes sense!! Thank you a thousand times over. xoxo

maureenmojen Avatar

 @Christine (Temptalia) boo that is disappointing about the return policy! I am very pale with “neutral” undertones so I would have to try to know if 1. the palest shade is pale enough and 2. if either the red-based or yellow-based shade would be best, not to mention testing the product’s formula! Oh well, I hardly ever wear concealer, usually just ysl touch eclat if anything; hopefully by the time I’m actually looking to buy concealer OCC will have changed their return policy.

mairynB Avatar

The difference between R0 and R1 is insane :O I think there should have been a red-toned shade equivalent to Y1.I’ll probably end up getting Y1 despite being red-toned…

ElleEss Avatar

Y0 looks definitely up my alley. I was going to try MUFE full coverage concealer for facial blemishes but I quite like the look of these, and the fact they work under the eye as well.

sss215 Avatar

I saw these at their store and I didn’t see my shade right off. Im sure these are made for mixing, so once I figure it out, I’m going to need two. I also need to see if they are for oily skin. Thanks for posting!

ViolaNilsson Avatar

Gosh I’m so excited for these! Thanks for the awesome review! 😀 I’ll probably buy the Y1 and Y0! Great to see a concealer that have an aweosme colour range, and goes really pale!

kate Avatar

Great Post Christine! so something occurred to me. You know how you use the freckle on your lip as a guide to the opacity of lip products? well you should totally do the same with the freckle on your nose! I’m not saying i think you should hide your adorable nose freckle, but it would be a great visual guide for the sheerness or opacity of a concealer. <3

alisa Avatar

sayanythingbrooke on youtube actually did a really great test on the opacity of these by showing viewers how they fully covered not only a pretty good blemish she had but also a full on sun burn/tan lines she had on her blended perfectly. Not that it wouldnt be great to see Christine show us more on these products, but just letting you know of what I had seen 😉

Claicami Avatar

Thanks christine for your great posts! Do you know what would be the equivalent for bobbi brown creamy concealer kit (duo concealer) in warm beige? Im asking due to the fact that were we live we do not have such brands 🙁 and therefore i can only buy them over the internet or when i go abroad!

dpplgngr Avatar

Wonderful post, I was really looking forward to your review of these! There are so many options, but I would love to see OCC make even more since I don’t think the palest ones would be light enough for me. Maybe they could try something like with they do with lip tars by having a pure white, yellow, red, etc. to mix your own. 

dpplgngr Avatar

Wonderful post, I was really looking forward to your review of these! There are so many options, but I would love to see OCC make even more since I don’t think the palest ones would be light enough for me. Maybe they could try something like with they do with lip tars by having a pure white, yellow, red, etc. to mix your own. 

Stevia Avatar

Hi, which concealer would you recommend as a color corrector for NC20? I noticed some of these have the classic peachy shade… Others not so much. Or would you recommend me to try the bobbi brown color corrector one, and then use this as the concealer?

Cat Ray Avatar

These look really awesome. I only wish they were in a store where I could test them on the skin, as I’m not exactly sure which shade would be best.

uniqlos Avatar

What would be a good color for Asian, NC 30 skin? Presumably the yellow based ones? Or is red better for under eye and yellow to naturalize redness in the face?

Anna Avatar

I’m really pale (think lighter than any Mac foundation) and have cool undertones, and I’m wondering if R0 would work or if it would be too dark?

AmyHe Avatar

@Christine (Temptalia) Thanks! I’m lighter than any MAC foundation and seem to only be able to use Graftobian’s cream foundation in Porcelain so I hope a mixture of R0 and Y1 is light enough for me.

Sarah Avatar

How do you think these would do on acne scars?
After finally breaking down and purchasing a clarisonic, I broke out terribly, worse than I ever have in my whole life and it stuck around for months. I went from mostly clear skin to just disaster. It’s most clearly now but have been left with horrific acne scars on my pale skin and as a teenager I’m obviously really self conscious about them. Of all the concealers and foundations I’ve tried nothing will cover their angry red color. 
I wear a nc15 in mac studio sculpt, how do you think y1 would do?
Much appreciation for your help Christine, I may not comment very often but I check your blog all the time.

Christine-Temptalia Avatar

Yes, I think these would work well over acne scars! It’s very opaque without being heavy.
I think Y1 would work. Y2 is a good match for me at NC30 and Y1 was really light on me!
Thank you, Sarah! Good luck!

Savannah95 Avatar

I know this is a long shot, but I used Benefit Boi-ing Concealer in shade 2 (medium), I think Y1 would be the best match for me, but I was wondering what you think. Thanks Christine! 

CNo64 Avatar

I’d love to try these, as soon as I use up my Tarte concealer, but I’m having trouble determining the right shade for my NW15 skin. The yellow-based shades actually kind of look like they might be a better match, but my skin has such definite pink undertones that the thought of wearing anything that’s billed as “yellow-based” makes me veddy uneasy.

tamara Avatar

It’s really nice that they have divided concealers into two tones but I think the difference between let’s say R1 and R2 or Y1 and Y2 are huge! I’d have to buy two concealers to get my shade 🙁

Samia1 Avatar

Hi this is Elura. How you doing? I am confuse with pick a shade for me will you please help me. I have medium dark skin tone mac NC42 or NC44. I do not know which shade I should pick foe me should I go for Y3 or Y4 please help me. Thank you.

CNo64 Avatar

 @Samia1  @Christine (Temptalia) I *definitely* want to buy this concealer, but I’m having an awful time trying to decide if R0 or R1 would be best for my NW15 skin.

occlover Avatar

please help me Christine! I am a MAC NC 42 and i cannot decide if i should buy Y3 or Y4 in this concealer. YOu dont know how much i would appreciate it if you could help me out! Thanks:)

CNo64 Avatar

@jtle2003, I completely agree. I’m NW15, and I’m wishing there were an R0.5. As itis, I may resort to buying both R0 and R1, and mixing them.That’ll make it a bit pricey, but if the raves I’ve heard about these concealers are true, it will be totally worth it!First, I need to use up my Tarte concealer, though …

Kiki Avatar

Hello. I have a Mac nw20 so I guess I would need a R1 but I was wondering if is true that if I have a red based skin tone and wanted to cancel out redness, because my sking is really pink, I should get a yellow based foundation. Because I have a mac concealer in nc20 and it seems to work ok and that is what a Mac counter lady suggested. But here the yellow tones seem very yellow.

Marcie Avatar

Hi Christine, thank you for the review! I’ve actually looked at all the comments and have seen that you’ve recommended Y3 for NC42 and you use Y2 for NC30. I’m an NC40, do you think the Y3 would be noticeably darker? I know it’s hard to say, but I still figured I would try asking haha. Thanks 🙂

Micci Avatar

hello! :] mind if i ask what skin type you have? i have combination skin-oily skin and im not sure if i should get this or the pro long wear concealer. thank you 😀

shabz ali Avatar

hey christine,

thanks for the awesome review. im a heavy concealer user. i dont leave home without it.. i have such dark circles. right now i use NC35 from Mac PRolongwear. what color do u recommend to use thats a close match to the NC35. can u please help me.. thank u so much..

Jasmine Avatar

Hi! I have yellow undertones and medium to light (leaning more on medium) skin. Which two concealers do you recommend I buy for mixing together? Oh and does this concealer accentuate pores? Thanks a bunch!

Demi Avatar

Hi, Christine!! I’m very interested in trying this product, but unfortunately I’m not quite sure which is my perfect match. I’d really appreciate it if you can possibly help me decide which is right for me? I wear MAC’s Matchmaster Foundation #7 (I guess my foundation otherwise would be NW43 if that would help). Sorry if you have already answered this question for someone with the same skin tone as me! Your help would be greatly appreciated. Very nice review btw 🙂

queenielizzie Avatar

I finally went to the store to try this and I’m so disappointed that they don’t have a good match for me! I’m in between Y2 and Y3…I really had such hopes for this after your review. I’m almost tempted to get both and mix them, but Ouch! That would be a hit to the wallet(not to mention it seems like too much effort) I’m probably taking this harder than is reasonable but, I am so bummed out!

Cintia Avatar

Do you know about OCC’s return policy? I am confused with the info on their website. First they say “If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, simply ship it back to us with a copy…” But on the next paragraph it says “Because we do not accept returns on used merchandise, you can rest assured that we would of course not have used product on hand to reship.”

So if you buy a product but it doesn’t work for you or it’s not the right shade, can you return it or not? Maybe my brain is fried, but I’m confused. Any ideas? 🙂

Gladys L. Avatar

Would you please kindly recommend a shade for my under-eye concealing purpose? I am an Asian using NC25-30 foundation by MAC, and my under-eye dark circle is not bluish, rather purple. As people say under-eye area needs a shade or 2 lighter than the original skin tone, should I buy 2 shades and mix them or follow the general Y2 rule? The color appear very yellow, but isn’t dark circle needing some peachy color? Should I be comfortable with the yellow line for this particular purpose?

Also, what do you think about this product against MAC highlighter or moisturecover? Those MA here love using moisturecover usually, sometimes even the highlighter, but I recall one of them is obviously has a peachy touch to it.

Margo Avatar

Hi Christine! I’m running out of my MAC concealer in NW15 and I’m interested in this one. What shade would you recommend for me? I have pale skin with somewhat neutral undertones, but leaning more on the pink side.

Alma Avatar

Hi Christine! Thanks for the great post and swatches! Do you think Y2 would be a good match if I use MAC Select Cover Up in the shade NC42? Thanks in advance!

Jenny Avatar

Hi Christine! Thanks for the great post and swatches! I am in the market for a better under eye concealer and I think I”m NC 20-25. I am using the Benefit Bo-ing Concealer in #2 for Light-Medium and I find that it is a bit too orangey for my skin and doesn’t brighten up the under eye area as much as I want to. Do you think Y1 or Y2 would be better for me? And do you think I should go with the OCCs or something else for better coverage? Thanks!

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