OCC Lip Tar / Ready to Wear for Fall 2015

OCC Lip Tar / RTW
OCC Lip Tar / RTW

Lip Tar / RTW ($15.00)

An all-new way to experience LIP TAR, our cult-classic liquid lipstick. Presenting: LIP TAR / RTW! Housed in a cylindrical tube that features a user-friendly doe foot applicator, the same innovative formula and dynamic color of Lip Tar is now combined with an all new, easy-to-use applicator that promises to make this a must-have liquid lipstick that beauty lovers everywhere will keep reaching for! Lip Tar is now ready to wear. 25 SKUs | .14 fl oz/4ml.

  • Anita
  • Sebastian
  • John Doe
  • Hollywood
  • Interlace
  • Anime
  • Strumpet
  • Lydia
  • Narcissus
  • Digitalis
  • Femme
  • Grandma
  • Queen
  • Memento
  • Hush
  • Black Dahlia
  • Black Metal Dahlia
  • Stalker
  • NSFW
  • Vintage
  • Pagan
  • Technopagan
  • Rx
  • Belladonna
  • Hoochie

Availability: August 14th at OCC, Beautylish, and Nordstrom

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OCC Lip Tar / RTW
OCC Lip Tar / RTW

OCC Lip Tar / RTW
OCC Lip Tar / RTW


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EvilsStepQueen Avatar

I work at a little Sephora in Michigan, and you’d be surprised how many people were so scared to try Lip Tars because you needed a brush, or the colors were too wild, or the formula was too powerful. Now OCC is no longer available at Sephora and I’m so sad ๐Ÿ™ I’m excited to see the new products and glad OCC has taken off!

ami_a Avatar

They’re on sale right now at Sephora as they’re on clearance. It;s slim pickings but it’s something in case you want to go look!

Mariella Avatar

The lip tars I tried were a bit of let-down (the long wear I was hoping for simply was not there and the 2-step application and sort of messiness were things I wasn’t wild about). Even so, I am quite looking forward to trying at least one of these

Alex Avatar

I’ve been putting off buying Hush, now I can get it in the user friendly form! However I’ve heard you only need a tiny drop of lip tar to cover your lips, won’t the doe foot put on way too much?

Rachel R. Avatar

With liquid lipsticks, I wipe the doe-foot off on the inside of the bottle neck. Then only a little stays on the doe foot. I’m assuming that would work with lip tars, too. (It’s similar to painting your nails.)

Carrie Avatar

That or I’m wondering if the neck of the bottle won’t purposefully be just a smidge tighten so that you can’t take excess with it? I’m curious about this, but kind of weary if the formula is unchanged, because the one I time I tried one of these I never got the nag of it!

Sarah Avatar

Maybe I’m missing something, but one of the biggest struggles people have with lip tars seems to be overapplying. You barely need any to cover your lips completely. This just feels like a recipe for disaster.

Carrie Avatar

With doe foot applicators, you can just scrap excess product on the inner rim of the tube so it’ll just go back in the container. The other main issue with Lip Tars was that people were nervous about applying with a brush so at least this solves one problem.

Lizzi Avatar

Ooooo! I wish they had done this in the first place!!! And they’re rereleasing belladonna?!? That tube sells for over $100 on ebay. I’ve never been able to get it.

Eli Avatar

As far as I can remember I only needed this teeny-weeny dot to cover my lips and beyond, so a whole doe-foot applicator saturated with the formula seems like a ready-to-wear nightmare to me..

Smidge Avatar

I hope the formula will be more like other liquid lippies (Kat von D’s, etc) and that they’re more user-friendly and dry down to a matte.

Tova J Avatar

Ohhh this is great! Maybe I’ll finally get some of them! I always thought it seemed too much of a process if you wanted to reapply the lip tars when on the go. Also I actually find doe foot applicators the easiest to use, better than lip brushes even (or I just haven’t found the one..)

Mesa Avatar

I mean, I guess I understand the reasoning behind this, but I don’t support it. I love the work of painting on the original lip tars too much!

Mesa Avatar

Ah, good to hear then! Still don’t see this working out too well, though. Unless the doe foot is miniscule in size, you’re gonna have a gigantic mess on your lips. We’ll see!

Monica G. Avatar

Is that true??? oh you made my day Christine! ๐Ÿ˜€ But today on OCCยดs IG page there is a post saying that they are on clearance , I totally freaked out because I love the squeezy tubes! I may be the only soul on the planet that is not excited about this RTW release, not until I get my hands on Technopagan lol

Sonia Avatar

Wait. Does this packaging replace the old packaging? I prefer the tubes. It’s easier to mix shades when it’s packaged in a tube v. doe foot applicator.

Pat Avatar

Changing the packaging and application system is a good start, however I feel the formula is too watery and prone to separating. Hopefully they might fix this one day, they have some great colours too!

Rachel R. Avatar

I think this is a great idea. So many people have trouble applying lip tars. This might help them use less product and have more control. It would be more convenient than carrying around a brush.

Dusty Avatar

I know you won’t know the answer to this but… the SAME formula?! I would think it’s got to be the same colors packed into a base formula of some kind. Because anymore than a drop of Lip Tar makes a gigantic mess. I can’t imagine dipping a doe foot applicator into a tube of Lip Tar and smearing that across your mouth!

Then again, I’m still don’t like this stuff. I’ve only found two good uses for classic Lip Tar: cream blusher and making a gigantic mess.

Jane Avatar

My thoughts exactly. Every time I tried it out I couldn’t get a small enough amount, and I mean I was aiming for pinhead-sized, and it was still just a mess, plus it bled like crazy. Maybe they have a triple-scrubber inside to really strip the product off the applicator. Still, the formula is not for me, even as I applaud their innovation.

Nancy T Avatar

Same experience with this stuff as you both have stated ; even a pin-drop spred out in the thinnest possible layer that’s still opaque, inevitability goes into HOT MESS territory!!!

Zoe Avatar

I feel the same way.
The formula is too unforgiving, and I don’t like how OCC blames the bleeding/feathering on people over applying. Even if you use the most minimal amount, the color doesn’t stay put, and fades over time.

Dusty Avatar

Agreed! Lip Tars are one of those products you can usually spot across a room when someone is wearing them too. They bleed, they smear, they look a mess. Even when people show how to “do it right,” I still look at them and think, “but that still looks awful.”

What the hell is so bad about lipstick?! LOL

Celia Avatar

Now if only these were coming out in one of the few shades I don’t own. Haha literally every single one is in my collection already. I for one love getting new lip brushes with Lip Tars in the classic packaging forms, but I do think this will really open Lip Tars up to a new audience. A lot of folks shrink back once they compliment me on an offbeat color choice and I tell them it’s Lip Tar since they’re afraid they can’t apply it cleanly enough. A new version with an applicator should truly ease up the access to the product. And I’m MOST glad that this is a new spin-off product, not a discontinuation of the squeeze tube design. OCC is a pro brand and us pros need the squeeze tube to mix our customs and so do amateurs who just love making their own. So this is a great solution that keeps the tubes around for artists and customization lovers while opening up Lip Tar to those who love liquid lipsticks but have troubles with application.

I’m interested to see how they developed the applicator. A great benefit to the brush in the classic tubes is the precision since you need almost no Lip Tar to do a full lip. The applicator will have to pick up the right amount without overapplying. Will have to pick up some of my favorite/most used shades in the new applicator version to test. Should be fun! See how mixing goes direct from the applicator as well as ombre looks.

Katherine T. Avatar

I am SO happy these are now in easy-to-use form. I bought some lip tars, and while the colors were pretty and the wear was great, it was a pain (and mess) to carry around and apply with a lip brush. I’m a swipe and go kind of girl. Maybe I can just buy some empty lip gloss tubes on internet and stick my existing lip tars in there. And $15 is great price for this, you need so little

Alex Avatar

I’m excited for this too. I like to play around and mix colors sometimes, but the application from the tube will definitely be easier for me. And $15 is a better price.

Justine Avatar

I feel like this is a good idea in theory, but it will be interesting to see how these apply from the tube. The idea of the RTW for the Stained Glosses seems like a much better idea IMO.

WhatICallJess Avatar

That would dish out WAY too much product. Those click pens give you an rather large drop of product to work with. And in that instance you can’t put it back in. At least with these tubes, you can wipe the excess on the inside of the tube mouth so it goes back in.

Nancy T Avatar

Ya know what? I think I am! But only IF this is not the icky, messiness of the original, of which I only own Strumpet. I never use it anymore because of the whole brush thing, and that it doesn’t last all that well on me and bleeds really badly on me, too. So I definitely hope that they have reformulated it to be less runny and that it actually “sets”!

Nuali Avatar

I have Rx, which is the best shade of blue around to me, but having to have a lip brush with you, it is some how a big hassle. Enough that it’s been months since I’ve worn it. Plus this stuff is a nightmare to get out of a brush. I’m so looking forward to this new packaging!!

taite Avatar

ohhh boy i went through a time when i was really into lip tars and i had kind of given up on them because of how inconsistent they can be … they’re tempting me back

Marissa Avatar

i wanted technopagan for so long but the way it applies scared me a little… the fact that is the same formula frightens me, it could be a big yeah or a gigantic mess with that applicator!

Sheb Avatar

The formula of the Lip Tars drives me mental so I would’ve liked to have seen not only more user-friendly packaging but a more user-friendly formula too.

Sad to see OCC has been dropped by Sephora though!

CourtneyK Avatar

This would be an appropriate use of “Shut up and take my money!”

I’m still mad that Sephora won’t stl it in stores anymore.

Chi-Chi Avatar

This is really great news. I love my lip tars, but they are a pain to wear out because if I want to touch up, I have to whip out the brush and a mirror and the tube, and it’s this whole production that I really don’t want to deal with. Especially not in public. So I don’t wear them as often as I would like.

A tube and doefoot applicator would make it so much more portable. Can’t wait to pick up some.

ZG Avatar

i just died and gone to heaven. i’m so glad they changed the packaging. So much easier to use. I am sad about it not appearing in Sephora anymore.

rawortley Avatar

I never understood why people have such a hard time figuring how to apply…and I dont mean that in a rude way because I see alot of people say it. But Ive only ever bought one which was nylon and I just snagged candy yum yum from by request and they said nylon was limited edition also (even though that went on forever, if it ever ended. But I still practically have the whole tube because its not easy to touch up and I figured out Im not to big on liquid brights…I like my brights and bolds matte!

Casey Avatar

So theyre phasing out the old ones that required a brush to apply and replacing them with these? Hopefully they get all the original colors in. Ive tried it in Hush and it was more of a light corally nude pink than i thought. Didnt like it.

ariesbabie Avatar

i’m super bummed that they are not making the other version as well; i was hoping they’d just add the rtw version. i’m very disappointed that the new container is less than half the amount of the older container, but only $3 less. they say that the new containers are way more expensive; so that means we have to cover that cost?!?! >:/ very upset and trying my best to get all i want in the older style, especially since the container will last a lifetime. that teaches me to be frugal and not shop for makeup. i should continue to feed my makeup addiction; i never when something will be discontinued or not offered (i messed up before when sephora stopped carrying a brand i love) oh well. :/

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