COVERGIRL x Star Wars Collection for September 2015

COVERGIRL x Star Wars Collection
COVERGIRL x Star Wars Collection

Colorlicious Lipstick ($7.99) (Limited Edition)

  • Droid — Gold #40
  • Lilac #20
  • Nude #70
  • Stormtrooper — Dark Purple #50
  • Red #30
  • Silver #10

Star Wars SuperSizer Mascara ($7.49) (Limited Edition)

The SuperSizer is the only mascara with a specialized Lash Styler. With a narrow core and shorter bristles, the Lash Styler allows lashes more direct access to the mascara for explosive first stroke impact. End-look lashes are not only dramatic and more voluminous – but 400% bigger! SuperSizer formula stays flexible long enough to play, sculpt and style lashes corner to corner. The 10 COVERGIRL SuperSizer Mascara are divided into 5 Light Side (Waterproof) and 5 Dark Side (Regular) SKUs and include iconic Star Wars movie lines, unique to their corresponding side.

  • 5 x Light Side (Waterproof): “May The Force Be With You”; “Do, Or Do Not, There Is No Try”; “You’re My Only Hope”; “I Feel The Good In You”; “Luminous Beings Are We”
  • 5 x Dark Side On-Pack Quotes (Regular): “I Will Finish What You Started”; “There Has Been An Awakening”; “Indeed You Are Powerful”; “You Will Meet Your Destiny”; “Immune To The Light”

Star Wars Nail Gloss ($6.99) (Limited Edition)

  • Light
  • Nemesis
  • Red Revenge

Availability: The COVERGIRL Star Wars Makeup Collection will be available online starting September 4th and in mass market, drug and food retailers starting mid-September, while supplies last.

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COVERGIRL x Star Wars Collection
COVERGIRL x Star Wars Collection

COVERGIRL x Star Wars Collection
COVERGIRL x Star Wars Collection

COVERGIRL x Star Wars Collection
COVERGIRL x Star Wars Collection

COVERGIRL x Star Wars Collection
COVERGIRL x Star Wars Collection

COVERGIRL x Star Wars Collection
COVERGIRL x Star Wars Collection

COVERGIRL x Star Wars Collection
COVERGIRL x Star Wars Collection

COVERGIRL x Star Wars Collection
COVERGIRL x Star Wars Collection

COVERGIRL x Star Wars Collection
COVERGIRL x Star Wars Collection

COVERGIRL x Star Wars Collection
COVERGIRL x Star Wars Collection

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How disappointing. This seems like the cheapest way they could have gone about creating the collection. In fact, it’s almost insulting. “Those Star Wars fans will buy anything! Let’s just print phrases on tubes and they’ll buy them all!” Blech.

agreed…they really should have partnered with a line that would have put more thought and quality behind these products. Like, a line that has products that could actually create the advertised looks…

You know there was something underwhelming that was bothering me about this and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. But I think you’ve nailed it. I’ve seen this press release on other blogs and have been reluctant to click on it for this reason… 🙁

I seriously hope the mascara won’t be packaged in such a way that you can’t see which quote you’re buying.

I think they are going to be. They want them to be randomly selected which is awful because I wanted to get the whole collection and if you buy 10 mascaras you could come up with 3 of the same quote or something.

I like the lipsticks, but I agree with Carrie that it’s pretty lazily done. I’m not too peeved as I’m more of a Trekkie than a Star Wars fan, but a lot of these lipsticks could be a cheaper cosplay alternative to things like OCC or Kryolan. I’ll probably buy at least one if not more.

Dang it, Cover Girl, you missed a perfect opportunity here. The tubes should be lightsabers. C’mon, you knew this! Someone in marketing had to have mentioned it.

Seriously! Put more thought into the packaging, that would have been so cool! It just looks like it was rushed? If that’s the best way i can describe it, they could have done so much more. But you know we’re still buying a mascara *sigh* haha.

The promo pic is cool (very MAC-like) but the packaging is meh, looks like they just slapped a Star Wars sticker on it. But there are some unique lippie shades (eyeing the purple and lilac), hope they aren’t too frosty. And yeah, they should’ve been like light sabers, and there should’ve been at least a few different colors for the mascaras. But hey, these are drugstore prices, so their budget was limited. And I sure hope there are enough quantities to go around…..

It’s great that finally somebody did a Star Wars collection, but it could have been done so much better… Who needs another black mascara and red polish?(
I wish another brand released a collection, like MAC or UD, they could be more creative

I really wish this project had been done by MAC, because during this past year, they really HAVE had some great LE collections, ie; Alluring Aquatics, Toledo, Novel Romance.

The “collectible” mascaras are such a strange way of going about this. I’m a huge Star Wars fan and I don’t think I’ll be picking up more than one (maybe two) of the lipsticks… their Hunger Games collection was way better 🙁

With the exception of the purple, lilac and possibly the silver lippys, this is a major yawn-fest! I am so utterly disappointed and letdown by the straight up lack of creativity in this collection! Especially since I am am a diehard Star Wars fan girl! What? No ultra metallic eyeshadow palettes with thematic shades? No Darth Vader inspired Goth shades like the contour that the model is wearing? Disappointing this is!

I am a huge Star Wars fangirl (even have SW tattoos!) so I was really excited to see this, but also disappointed by the packaging and lack of originality in design and colors. Agree with the others, they really missed such a fantastic opportunity here. I wish this collection had been done by MAC or MUFE or someone a little more HE. Who knows, maybe it will still happen. No one could ever accuse Lucas Arts/Disney of not marketing themselves sufficiently!! lol. I know I’ll buy a few items from it, probably the unique colored lipsticks if you review them and they get a decent grade!

I really want the lipsticks, but I’m sure they’ll sell out in no time flat. The mascaras are really cute, but I’m allergic to their mascaras. I’m not sure if I’ll get one just as a collector piece.

I am a huge Star Wars fan but I agree with the other comments here– this is a huge let down. A Star Wars makeup collaboration could be amazing– cool packaging and colors, and this just seems lazy and cheap. This is going to sound really snobby (I do like drug store brands, really) but I would not have picked Cover Girl as the company to do the collab with. This whole things off to me, and rather hastily done– like someone in the marketing dept suddenly realized there are female fans and called the first brand that came to mind.

But… I will probably buy all of the lipsticks and nail polishes, and at least two of the mascaras. I am a sucker.

I love the idea of adding a gold lipstick on top a red – that could be interesting. The red lipstick looks good. Not being a star wars fan, I wouldn’t buy these products for that reason. I will just wait for the reviews.

I don’t want to sound like a snob, but I would rather that another brand would release a Star Wars makeup collection… not Cover Girl. Maybe I’m wrong, but everything looks so cheap.

love that first promo image , especially the graphic liner .

i’m only intrigued by the purple lippie , but it looks like the shade ‘EMBRACE’ from their previous lip perfection line .

hopefully it’s not too similar since i liked the formula .

Geez, I want to be excited about these (total Star Wars geek, love 4-6, despise 1-3 as crappy treatments of what should have been as awesome as 4-6), but… Erm. Maybe the lilac lippy.

This should have been a UD project. Eyeliners, a variety of mascaras (five of each, all the same formula? Just quotes? Not light sabers, no collectible cards in the backs? So many missed opportunities!), eyeshadows, highlighters. OCD polishes and coordinating lippies! NCLA nail stickers! OPI for their iconic and witty monikers.

Sadly, it looks as if the packaging and product line don’t even measure up to the ad campaign. But maybe we’ll all be pleasantly surprised. I hope so. But this looks like another Hayden Christiansen bout of awfulness.

Why don’t we have Cover Girl here?!?!?!
I really love the Stormtrooper makeup. Nothing I’d wear out, but I might just try to recreate it for fun.
I was surprised they didn’t have eyeshadow palettes to go with the makeup looks.
What I would have bought , if I could, would be the lipsticks, they look like you can have some fun with them.
For those who will buy anything from the collection, I hope the products wil perform well.

I have the red and dark purple lipsticks. And they are both very pigmented. The red is gorgeous and deep with a little silvery shimmer. It goes on very smooth and creamy. The dark purple is indeed dark and gorgeous, but is also very patchy. No shimmer though. I bought the two colors at two different stores (red – CVS, dark purple – Fry’s Supermarket) and at both stores they only carried two lipsticks of the one color. Like each store has a different part of the collection. Since I wanted more colors, I had to order them from Ulta. They’re only selling four of the six (gold, silver, dark purple and lilac) shades online only. I have yet to find the nude (#70) ! I hear Walmart is carrying them online but selling out very fast and Target is selling them in stores only and have seem to be out of stock I’m most areas.

So I purchase all six lipsticks. I am a huge Star Wars fan. I agreed it would have been nice if a higher brand make up line would have picked up the idea. Would have loved to see a more unique packaging. However, I am so pleasantly surprised how good these lipsticks are. I highly recommend them. I Love all six colors. It took me a while to hunt them all down (ten stores later). I can’t wait for the nail polish be out. Happy hunting ladies!

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