OCC Anita & Sebastian Lip Tars Reviews, Photos, Swatches

OCC Anita Lip Tar
OCC Anita Lip Tar

OCC Anita Lip Tar ($18.00 for 0.33 fl. oz.) is described as a “browned burgundy.” It’s a deep, dark brown with reddish-burgundy undertones; it seems more brown than burgundy to me, but it is certainly a mix of the two. It’s incredibly pigmented, and as is par for the formula, a little goes a very, very long way. It seemed slightly thinner than other Lip Tars, so it was more unforgiving during application.   This shade lasted eight hours on me and continued to linger on as a stain for another two. OCC Black Metal Dahlia is lighter, more cool-toned, less brown. Urban Decay Shame is brighter, redder. MAC Soulfully Rich and MAC Prince Noir are cooler-toned. MAC Chestnut is browner, less red. OCC Black Dahlia is cooler-toned, less brown. See comparison swatches.

Sebastian Lip Tar ($18.00 for 0.33 fl. oz.) is described as a “plum-toned taupe.” It’s exactly that: a mix of gray and beige with a hint of plum. It had opaque color coverage, and again, a little went a long way. It’s certainly an interesting and more unique color (I couldn’t think of any dupes for it, though that doesn’t mean there isn’t something else like it out there–feel free to chime in with a dupe if you have one!). Sebastian wore well for seven hours but didn’t leave behind a stain (which wasn’t surprising, as it is lighter hue).

Both shades will launch at Sephora on August 27th.

P.S. — Please keep an open mind. Just because you don’t like the color(s) or don’t see the point in them, doesn’t mean someone else doesn’t. One person’s everyday color is another person’s once in a blue moon shade–and vice versa. Please be respectful when sharing your opinion. Not liking it on you is one thing, telling others they’re ugly if they wear it is quite different.

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OCC Anita Lip Tar
OCC Anita Lip Tar

OCC Anita Lip Tar
OCC Anita Lip Tar

OCC Anita Lip Tar
OCC Anita Lip Tar

OCC Anita Lip Tar
OCC Anita Lip Tar

OCC Anita Lip Tar
OCC Anita Lip Tar

OCC Anita Lip Tar
OCC Anita Lip Tar

OCC Sebastian Lip Tar
OCC Sebastian Lip Tar

OCC Sebastian Lip Tar
OCC Sebastian Lip Tar

OCC Sebastian Lip Tar
OCC Sebastian Lip Tar

OCC Sebastian Lip Tar
OCC Sebastian Lip Tar

OCC Sebastian Lip Tar
OCC Sebastian Lip Tar

OCC Sebastian Lip Tar
OCC Sebastian Lip Tar

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Ooh, I really love these! I’m not sure why I’m into Sebastian since it would give me major corpse lips, but still. Thanks for the reviews, Christine!

I feel like these would be very hard to pull off. I have to say though, when I saw the swatch of Sebastian, I did think it was a pretty color.

The only thing close to Sebastian that I can think of is Illamasqua Facade. Which, much like this colour I felt oddly drawn to. Seriously though, one looks like dried blood and the other looks like death… I can’t imagine these outside of costume makeup.

I thought the same thing! I’ve lusted after facade for a long time because I think it might be a hit on super pale skin (maybe super deep skins also, anything that allows for a good contrast). Now I can’t decide which of these I want more…

I love the fact that OCC is cruelty-free, and while I like slightly-off-the-mainstream colors at times, these two don’t look at all flattering, to me.
Anita is not so bad – I can see it looking pretty good for fall/winter, on the right skintone, Sebastian just looks horrible.
I mean, WHO looks good with taupe lips?

Sure, but I just can’t imagine whose definition of “good” would translate to “deceased.”
That’s what taupe lips look like on me: death and decay.
Anita, on the other hand, has enough red in it that I can imagine it actually making someone with the right coloring look *healthy.*
It wouldn’t suit me well, I don’t think, but I can see someone else rocking it.

Nothing wrong with you not liking it on yourself – but keep in mind that beauty is very, very much subjective. For instance, there are those who find red lip colors ugly and “trashy,” but the majority certainly loves a red lip. Some love pale beige lips, others hate them. So even if you don’t like it, when you say you can’t imagine anyone looking good in it – you’re imposing your standard and views of beauty on anyone who likes or would wear it.

I want Temptalia to be a safe place where people can love makeup in all forms and colors – and I want other readers to feel like it’s OK to like something unusual or it’s OK to love what’s popular. That’s why there are so many different brands, products, and shades out there; we don’t have to love them all, but we can acknowledge that there’s a reason they’re made – someone does want them 🙂

What a wonderful and positive attitude, Christine. I completely agree! Everyone’s standards of beauty are different, what I think is beautiful might not be so to someone else, and vice versa. And I think that is one of the great things about humanity – we are all unique. Plus, I’ve seen some girls ROCKING some very unusual lip colors on the street (I’m talking navy, bright teal, yellow…) and although I can’t imagine myself pulling something like that off, those girls looked fabulous.

I’m certainly not implying that I consider anyone who likes a nude lip on herself “stupid,” or lacking in taste.
I just don’t happen to like that look, personally, and won’t wear it.
It shouldn’t hurt anyone’s feelings that I, a total stranger, don’t care for a color she may love – that’s my *opinion* only, and I’m certainly not the Makeup Law.
If I offended anyone, I certainly apologize for doing so, and everyone is welcome to hate the reds, bright pinks, plums, and purples that I personally love on me, and others..

“I just can’t imagine whose definition of “good” would translate to “deceased.””
Mine does. I hate how rosy my lips are – they overpower every dramatic eye look. Also, I always wanted to be a zombie.

MUAs who do more stage make up and things would love it, as well as people who use it for mixing. People who just like alternative style, people who want something for halloween/cosplay…

I totally agree. I think Sebastian would make a wonderful base color for mixing custom shades. It might be nice for toning down some of the “louder” Lip Tar shades.

I do! I actually had a lipstick ages ago that was very similar, just not quite as grey. It was some random off-brand, and I wore it all the time. It also made a great base for lipgloss. Needless to say, I think I need to break down and order Sebastien, along with a few others I’ve been contemplating…

Those descriptions are quite apt. However, I LOVE them because of that!

The Anita color is super vampy, I would totally rock it with paired down sexy eyes all through Fall. Sebastian is an interesting color. I might not wear it on its own, but with Dekadent (the purple gloss from the collection) it could make a really pretty plummy color.

Anita is very wearable, IMO. Vampy lip colors are great for the fall. It may be too much for some of us fair folk, but a brownish burgundy would look incredible on darker skin tones.

I find Sebastian fascinating. Not sure if I’d wear it on my own, I could see it being a very interesting base to work with. It actually looks like it wears similar to a more opaque version of how Bobbi Brown’s Black Pearl lipgloss looks on me.

Both are very nice but too brown to be in my taste… Do you think they can be compared respectively with Nyx round lipstick in “Decadent” and illamasqua lipgloss in Facade?

Christine, have you ever thought about doing a post where you show how the more interesting lip tar colors can be mixed to make shades that would appeal to a larger group of people? I think people forget that these are made to be mixed so that you can create your own unique colors. It would really showcase why it is important to have such “unflattering” colors in the range.

Sebastian is quite similar to Illamasqua’s Datura which was a limited edition release in 2011. I absolutely adore it. Since I dyed my hair pink it’s really difficult to find interesting edgy colours that don’t clash horribly. I used to love wearing bright purples and oranges and very vampy colours but now find that they’re too much with a neon pink hairstyle, but Sebastian is super beautiful. It might have to be my first lip tar!

Seeing Sebastian, all I can think of is “the Emperor has no clothes”. In some thread here last week, I think I commented on how much nicer virtually every woman (young or old) looks with something approaching natural colour in her lips than she does with a nude lip. It may well be a function of my advanced age but I really do think colour looks better than “uncolour” – beige, nude, milky, flesh toned, taupe…. If the purpose of makeup is to look nicer, prettier (I know it’s not always the purpose for some folks who are creative and looking for that rather than “enhancement”), I’ve gotta agree with Carla, who posted earlier. And I know it’s only makeup – I love how Wayne Goss always says that if you’re not happy with a look, so what – it’s only makeup and you can wash it off – but I just had to get that off my chest.

I really love out there colors, and there are tons of people who can pull them off – just not me unfortunately 🙁 I really like Sebastian, I’m thinking maybe it could be a good dupe for LC’s Chinchilla.

I was going to say the same thing. Lime crime chinchilla is extremely similar and is my FAVORITE color to wear on my skin tone (cool/neutral). At first I thought “cadaver” omg this looks crazy! And then I realized how unconventionally gorgeous the color was and it looked actually ethereal on me. If you give it a couple of chances, these grayish tones actually do work very well!

I guess I’m in the minority but I adore Sebastian. 🙂 I think it would look really cool on ivory skin. Maybe I like the corpse lip look? lol!

Anita is beautiful! Wow, that is a really great fall color. I imagine you could pull off Sebastian with a more purple or more pinky lipgloss over it or another lip tar mixed it. I love the undertone of it…

Anita is beautiful on you!

Argh, I really need to order some of these, because I want Sebastian like nobody’s business. I just hate ordering online. Sigh.

Me too… I only buy online as a last resort, and only if I *really* want a product. I’ve been wanting to try these since Black Dahlia was released, but I have so many vampier shades, I didn’t find the hassle worth it. Sebastian, however, is truly unique, and it could very well be that elusive HG nude I’ve been hunting for. I think I’m just going to go for it, and order the others I’ve been wanting.

Both are very interesting colors! I think Sebastian would be more wearable if some pink was added to it. I think one of the new Lancôme rouge in love lipsticks #292 cocoa couture is a possible dupe for Anita but a bit browner.

I was not expecting to like Sebastian, but I really do. I’m cool-toned enough that I can pull off almost any purple/lavender color, so a taupe lip tar is strangely tempting!

Depending on how much you apply, they can be. I would say that after two or so hours, they’re very close to being kiss-proof and will definitely last through food/drink.

“Please keep an open mind. Just because you don’t like the color(s) or don’t see the point in them, doesn’t mean someone else doesn’t. One person’s everyday color is another person’s once in a blue moon shade–and vice versa. Please be respectful when sharing your opinion. Not liking it on you is one thing, telling others they’re ugly if they wear it is quite different.”


I could imagine Antia mixed with just a clear gloss bringing an nice hint of colour to the lips 🙂 I also could think of using Sebastian mixed with foundation as a contour shade… Just me? Okay 🙂
Or are they too sicky? (I’ve never used a lip tar since they are not sold in Germany…) 🙁

They can be used on the face too 🙂 Reader @Dusty I believe uses them on cheeks more so than lips as he doesn’t care for them as a lip product!

I actually like Sebastian *shrugs* I don’t particularly care for the way it looks in the full face picture (it looks a bit darker here? could be just me though lol), but I actually really love the way it looks just swatched on your lips. I think it could be really flattering mixed with a clear gloss and/or on someone with a paler complexion. Just because it won’t work alone/unmixed on a majority of skin tones doesn’t mean it won’t still be gorgeous on others 😀

It’s kind of odd, I thought that both of these looked really great in the close up shots, but in the whole face shots something just turned off for me with both shades (and it’s rare that I think you don’t work a color, Christine!). I think it’s that the finish of them both looks odd from far away, like it takes all definition away from your lips. Still, they’re both definitely interesting colors and I think that there are people out there who could really pull them off.

I like both of these, though I know I could never wear Sebastian because I would look dead. I agree with the poster who thought it looked great swatched on your lips, but not as much in the full face shot (nothing against you, of course! Just commenting how different things can look up close vs far away). I think Sebastian could be great as a mixing lip tar, though, or on someone with the right skin tone. Anita is a also gorgeous, but I’m afraid of wearing something so vampy!

Wow. I haven’t been wow’ed by many lip colours as of late, but I *HAVE* to get Sebastian. I probably won’t be brave enough to wear it out, but I would love to just parade around the house with that lip colour. Something also tells me that I might be able to pull it off. *cracks open piggy bank*

I was just looking through my nude/beige lippies and came across The Body Shop #10, which is quite similar to Sebastian, only a bit lighter/pinker, which may make it a bit more “wearable” for some.

I have a taupe-y lipstick from Burberry (No 26 Nude Cashmere). It’s a little browner than Sebastian and I love it to death…!!!on me, it’s pure taupe, especially now that I’m very tanned after my summer vacation. I don’t see all the drama with Sebastian and taupe lips really!!!!! if I could, I would be all over Sebastian but OCC isn’t sold where I live.

I wonder if I could pull off Sebastian. I have been meaning to try a lip tar and everyone’s raves are convincing me to pick one up. These look absolutely beautiful on you Christine!

Sebastian’s surprisingly wearable on its own, and I honestly think that’d be very useful for mixing. I’m not fond of wearing lip tars alone, but that might go on my Sephora want list just as a mix-in!

Oh snap, “Anita” looks like something I’d want to wear in high school, but mom probably wouldn’t let me. So of course, I need it. Also, because it shares my name.

Many of my neutral or nude lipsticks pull way too warm on me — I think I may get Sebastian and use it to try to change the tone of some of those colors. For some reason, lip colors with taupe undertones work very well with my coloring. Thanks for the reviews and swatches!!

Sebastian looks amazing on pale complexions for setting off bright hair colors and dramatic eye looks. Also, you can do really ethereal fantasy looks with it. It’s not for people who like the same old reds, pinks, and nudes. It’s an adventurous shade for people who think outside the box of traditional looks. Don’t knock it until you rock it.

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